The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe


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The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe is a Chinese fantasy fiction containing themes of cultivation, Sages, Demons, Sorcerers, and Chinese Ancestors. Minghe, reincarnated from an IT nerd in the modern world, sets his mind to change his history and create another legend in Untainted Land. No one knows how many secrets he has or how powerful he is. What will happen in this afterlife of his? How can he pursue the power of the Origin in order to change his history? Discover all the answers in this book.

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k8J2H9tmN7Gf8Jk2dotcom rated it
February 26, 2018
Status: c15
Not much spoiler here, however I have spoiler tag just to be safe. This review = 10/10 help for you if you are looking into this novel.


Are you tired of reading the same novel over and over again? If you are than this is the perfect novel for you


  • The MC cultivates thousands of years in one paragraph.
  • No hardcore cultivation grind that all the other novels have. (EX. True Martial World, Martial world, etc, any novel you pick from this site.)
  • MC has significant impact right off the bat. You kind of want the MC of all novels to have an impact in their world, that is the reason you read that particular book. The MC cultivates and hardcore grinds to get higher rank and face higher rank enemies to take over the planet or galaxy or even the universe so they can have impact. In a scene cultivation = impact and impact = reason you read novel which means that this novel is perfect for you. (Our novel doesn't focus on cultivation rather the impact of cultivation.)
  • Novel does not focus on cultivation. The novel focuses on:
    • Primordial setting -- This novels takes place right after the big bang that started the universe. Strong clans are forming here such as dragon clan, beast clan, kyline clan as of chapter 15. The novel is really a competition between existences to see who reaches higher first and who benefits most.
    • Competing with other primordial soon-to-be-sages. You can feel the rush as their are 8-10 or possibly more existences like the MC with the same cultivation. Each of them can rank up and they all do rank up exactly at the same time as when MC leveled up or is leveling up. So you can feel the impending doom when one of them has higher cultivation than MC.
    • MC keeps everything hidden. He knows that if the secrets about what he has gets out he would be flooded with troubles. MC doesn't have any allies as of chapter 15 so he can't afford to make enemies yet. MC is playing the long game.
  • MC understands what will happen in the future, however this is good. Most of the time with other novels when MC gets reincarnated into the past its extremely boring as the readers know exactly what happened. However, with our novel you only know that their will be a war or certain characters are meant to be sages. This is basically the information MC uses to his advantage. The MC however doesn't have knowledge of where treasures are hidden or the exact time wars will occur. He actually sped up the first war by releasing anonymously his cultivation method
  • MC likes to take advantages of opportunities such as war to steal stuff anonymously from the big clans because they have large reserves. He also goes through dead bodies so he can take the useful stuff from it and dump the rest.


  • None as of chapter 15.
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WellWisher rated it
March 31, 2018
Status: c81
As someone not well-versed with any Chinese mythology I really don't know how I came to love this novel.

Maybe it is because of the strange world we find our protagonist in or the gods and goddesses that come from legend brought to life by the writer's imagination. It could also be our main character own will to fight against the heavens to change his fate...

Yes, his is a story about a normal human reincarnating as a primordial god with the foreknowledge of the future events that lead to the destruction... more>> of the heavens.

I do not how this inheritance defines him and I do not know what he will attain using this knowledge but I believe he is going to be one badass god... <<less
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Jamond Aroth
Jamond Aroth rated it
March 1, 2018
Status: c3
This is one of the worst novels I've ever had the misfortune to read. I could have more fun looking up new words in a dictionary than I had reading this. The writing is horribly bland, the author doesn't explain things very well, and the first few chapters are devoted to the character's OP start, which is handled poorly.
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Quxe rated it
May 17, 2018
Status: c150
I have forced myself to read through 150 chapters of this abomination. It is possibly the worst translated novel on QI. The plot is non existent, there have been no long term goals set from what I've read, the amount of character development in this novel is 0. EVERY person in this novel is one dimensional, the author explains nothing which is not helped by the translation barely able to pass as English - the first 10 chapters or so are info dumps about useless shit, who cares about Postcelestial... more>> supreme spiritual treasures or whatever the f*ck they're called in the first 10 chapters. I'm fairly sure the author of this novel had a decent idea for a novel, start at the "peak" of a world and surpass sh*t or whatever, but it's just executed horribly.

Do not read. <<less
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WagKalimutan rated it
September 7, 2018
Status: c200
At start the novel is confusing but you can get the gist out of it.. I like this novel.. It's entertaining twists of history about the primordial era.. Martial arts, magic, super power etc. The MC is strong but not OP.. I like the restrictions of characters.. It's super awesome.. the more you read, the more you will be drawn.. It's simple but deep.. it's deep because it portrayed all kinds historical religion about the primordial era.. The author mix all up and made a many in one story with... more>> different myths and beliefs about the beginning of the world.. 10/10 in my opinion so far.. <<less
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wesely1996 rated it
April 9, 2018
Status: c99
it could use a bit of work with the wording in a few places and I think you need to be familiar with chinese lore to be able to truly enjoy it

but the overall story and character development is good, it is constantly interesting and the time skips are well done, I believe the lack of explanations are intentional as it would make the story too long and too drie
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Kurobito rated it
March 1, 2018
Status: --
Never have I ever rated a c-novel as 1 star only but, here it is. The story summary was a thumb's up as I expect something great out of it but when I actually get on board of the story... My god was it horribly written. It was as if I'm just a bystander in the story and not participating in any of mc's adventures. In addition, there were a whole lot of things that was not given any explanation and I am blur af. Over exaggeration everywhere to the... more>> point that all my ten fingers can't even count the numbers. Overall, it was bland that only make me feel my life outside this novel is even better. <<less
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Lemonadez rated it
February 26, 2018
Status: --
It confusing as crap. A guy from Modern world reincarnated back to past. then start cultivation pangu / nuwa gods era. Then wtf Mazinger pop up out of nowhere. Master yoda Light Saber -, 0..

This is like Sci-Fi + Cultivation Gods..

I dont know but this story he reincardnated in Primordial era.. I dont know how Robot was ever created before life. It was said that he cant cultivate then million of years time skip.. he get powerful without any information.

Minghe reincarnated to Untainted Land (Primordial Era) where he cant... more>> cultivate -> then Millions of years time skip (that right he was alone there) -> then Six Path + Mazinger + Cosmic level... <<less
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Lawkz rated it
January 10, 2019
Status: c360
Much better than most cultivation novels. Although if you're looking for a "MC is a super talented underdog and bad guy fights him because he wants to r*pe MC's girl" kind of novel, just look around and you'll find 12 of those in under 5 minutes.
Although the exposition is pretty bad, the "mechanics" (like how the powers work) aren't explained very well and the chinese mythology nonsense is annoying, it's not bad enough for me to remove one of the stars.
The translation is quite inconsistent though, for example... more>> there's a part where he keeps writing chaos as "Choas" over and over again in the same paragraph, so read prepared for TL to go full ret*rd from time to time.

Something that always bothered me in cultivation novels is what I call "god fight", when two or more god-like characters are fighting it's quite boring, but the authors never seem to realize it and seem to think "i need to write more fights" when it's often just never ending descriptions of special moves and magic treasures and, while I'm reading, I'm always thinking "the novel would me much more fun if he just removed this part". This novel doesn't do that, fights often only include the parts that matter and the novel focuses on what the various characters are thinking.
Oh right, I find god fights to be boring because it's just too much for my suspension of disbelief, like saying "mr. Villain is going to destroy the world", I don't feel any threat, it's such a big scale that I become desensitized to it and I can't take it seriously anymore to a point where "mr. Villain is going to kill that old lady in the neighborhood that gave you a piece of candy that one time" is much more intense.

I'm going to explain my complaints that I mentioned at the beginning, the author often just dumps exposition on you and the novel is based off a bunch of chinese myths although I know pretty much nothing about those I'm still able to have fun reading, there's also a bunch of "mechanics" like karma for example, the author doesn't really explain how it works properly and while I kinda get it, since there hasn't been many examples of the consequences of it, my understanding is quite vague, the same goes for formations.

Moving on, I have a complaint, but it's more a complaint about chinese culture in general than it's about this novel. Simply put: THAT'S NOT HOW NAMES WORK C*NT. This novel has a guy called "Honored lord of origin" and he's often mentioned as just Origin, demonstrating just how dumb that name is. There's also a bunch of things related to heaven and earth that have heaven and earth in the name which is, once again, completely bonkers. The worst offender has to be the cultivation levels, you got golden immortal, and then primordial unity (sometimes translated just as taiyi I think) golden immortal, and then zenith heaven (da luo) golden immortal and then zenith heaven golden immortal of origin and then you'd think they'd just move on from this golden immortal nonsense then, but no, the next one is something like zenith heaven golden immortal of fate of origin, I'm not sure, and me not being sure just helps to prove my point, it gives me anxiety just thinking about these names.

Edit: Almost forgot, the novel could use some romance and MC's modern knowledge is pretty much completely set aside from the get go, so the novel description has pretty much no useful information for you. <<less
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Pravesh rated it
September 23, 2018
Status: c418
Its really a good novel. However, I would recommend to beginners to not start with this novel. You might feel its difficult to understand because the author doesn't explain novice stuff which you can see from the small number of chapters comparative to most xianxia novel. Do come and read this after you have some experience reading like Renegade Immortal, A record of a Mortal's Journey to Immortality, Warlock of Magus World, I Shall Seal the Heavens, Desolate Era etc.
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bhankit rated it
July 2, 2018
Status: c250
It is a bit confusing at the start but keeping up with it, the plot and story gradually clears up. It also features chinese mythology very well which is used by lots of CN writers. The story basically follows the same way as in myths with addition of the MC. It is more like MC transmigrated into the mythological world as one of the major characters.
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ShEsHy rated it
June 21, 2018
Status: c236
So, just caught up, and I can honestly describe the novel in one word: Huh?

The story is pretty good, and I like the MC, but either the translation or the writing is awful. Frequent his/her and singular/plural swaps, and translating of everything. I could swear that there was a person's name in an info dump that was listed as "Treasure" something, not to mention that there's a big character in the novel with the name Primordial Lord Of Origin (or something like that, there are tons of random name... more>> and term changes throughout). Not a title, a name.

TL;DR good story, terrible writing or translation (I'd rank it as slightly more comprehensible than MTL in the early chapters) and editing, though it does get much better later on. Still, that doesn't make the early chapters any more coherent. <<less
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Mangikop rated it
May 8, 2018
Status: c147
I think most who are willing to give this novel a try, will continue to read.

It has lots of info dumps about magical items and cultivation, but it is bearable because the quality of the plot and the rationality of the characters. You rarely find an MC that is as reasonable as this.

The MC is powerful but there are still characters as strong or stronger than the MC.

His power advances quickly because of time skips, you don't need to read uninsteresting stuffs about him struggling to become a powerhouse from... more>> an underdog. He also doesn't need an arrogant young master to force him to become powerful.

The MC is in control of his actions, the plot does not force him to do what is not consistent with his character. <<less
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mashqi rated it
March 8, 2018
Status: c35
To be honest I think we should give time to this novel. At first when I read it, it can get kinda boring but I was interested with the settings and how MC is a higher being. Then the story starts to get interesting when the first cultivation tribulation start where MC start to flex his muscle. So for reader out there, I recommend that you read the novel until around chapter 15. And for those you complain about time skip, please see the context of MC where he is... more>> consider as one of the first being that born in that world. I mean the human is not even created yet, so for this higher being, a few thousands years is consider as just a few years. <<less
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drollawake rated it
March 8, 2018
Status: v7c1
The beginning chapters are a big hot mess but it does get better. Overall, the execution remains pretty bad and I would deduct another star for the translated version. However, I loved the plot so much I've finished reading the second last volume of the raws (not MTL but I can read Chinese slowly). And it's less than 500 chapters in total!

Apart from Chinese mythology, I believe the novel takes very heavily from the characters and events described in the 16th century novel Investiture of the Gods (Fengshen Yanyi).

The premise... more>> here is that the MC gets to time travel back to the time of creation while having memories of a past life participating in the creation myths of China. Cultivation to the highest realm depends not only comprehension of divine laws but also on merit earned from helping to fulfill the plans of the Way of Heaven (i.e. Milestones/key events in the creation myths). As a time traveler, he will obviously take advantage of his foreknowledge to set into motion plans to earn more merit in advance and prevent others from scheming against him as they did in the past. If you want a scheming MC that is the mastermind of a lot of things behind the scene, then this is it.

Like Plundering the Dao of Heaven and ISSTH, karma and luck is an important part of the story. Fortunes are bestowed and taken when karma is reaped, foiling and aiding schemes at key moments.

What's also cool is the huge amount of references incorporated in the story. What's not cool for English readers is the sheer amount, especially stuff that's hard to find an English wikipedia article on (e.g. Jieyin is Amitabha but that I found that from Chinese sources). It doesn't help that the translation/edit does not do the subject matter justice (e.g. Nuwa's name got butchered). The required footnotes are usually non-existent and it also shows up in many awkward word choices. It's hard for readers get up to speed with the references, much less immersed in the story, when you are that overwhelmed. The novel starts off terribly with an info dump that lasts for chapters. Throughout the novel, the focus on re-telling the creation myth also means that we get many chapters of events unfolding that don't seem relevant to the MC. Although necessary to give some context to the MC's actions, it feels too long at times and I believe a segment of readers will definitely be put off by this. Later in the story, the author likes to pad with montages of reactions by important figures although to be fair it is not as annoying as generic face-slapping scenes.

Ignoring the info-dump chapters, I found the last arc I've read so far, the investiture of gods arc, to be the worst despite having a satisfying resolution. It felt like the most needlessly long arc, where the spotlight on some (but not all) side characters seemed unwarranted and dragged things out. It seems like the author felt compelled to include everything that took place in the novel it was based on. At least with the prior arc, Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors, there was a structure to the narrative that made it easier to identify what I could skip. <<less
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optjam rated it
June 13, 2019
Status: c125

Not sure why all the bad reviews for this one. It is more of a 4.5 than a 5 for me, but I wanted to offset the bad reviews.

This novel is different from the typical ones you see on here. It focuses more the world-building along with the many different characters. You will feel a little lost at first, but the novel fleshes out the characters well and explains itself thoroughly.

I would also recommend reading Seeking the Flying Sword Path novel along with this one. It seems that the... more>> characters in these two novels relate in a way. I read STFSP first before this novel and it is fun to see characters relate to the novels even though they are written by two different novelists.

The MC is very different from the typical gung-ho one. He is calculative, yet not heartless. He is all about benefiting himself, but he does not stoop to trickery. What a refreshing MC. I would recommend anyone read this novel if they are looking for something new. Always fun to read about an MC who is OP, but they are also not the strongest. That they always work towards the peak. All the small things matter, and this novel does it right. One of my new favorite reads so far. <<less
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allentey rated it
October 7, 2018
Status: Completed
Honestly, this story is not good for a begginer. The author treat u like a veteren in reading xianxia novel. Some of the term is not explain fully. Nonetheless, the story is good enough. But early chapter is fill with world buiding, and some historical fact (except buddha is a women in novel). The ending is rushed, but better than open ending on some of the chinese novel.
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Ixcez rated it
June 2, 2018
Status: --
Weirdly enough I find myself drawn back to reading this one.

First of this story is pretty much the creation story from chinese myths except that MC somehow reincarnated into this world as one of the first entities comming into being in this newly born universe.

If you know the myth then the plot is fairly known since the story up to c200ish simply follows it with some small twists. Like how Minghe in the myth is not one of the major players but here he is the story doesn’t change much... more>> however since by the ”will of the heaven” every thing is pretty much already set in stone how everything will turn out.

So to some degree this is basically a novel about chinese myths with a modern twist.

The down side however is that the story because of this has no real ”superise” since everything is mostly already decided how it will end

The author also likes to summarize most stuff and frankly out of the 200ish chapters I’ve read perhaps 150 of them are info dumps and summaries. It could have probably easy have been at least 4-5 times as many chapters if the author didn’t do this. However the author seems to want to go through the whole creation myth and not leave anything out while other authors simply pick a small part of the myth as their setting.

Overall for me it is interesting since I get to know something about the chinese myth, while not 100% faithful to the myths my understanding is that it so far follows the general trend. <<less
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sleib rated it
April 21, 2018
Status: c200
MC is too empty. The only thing that defines him is that he wants to be stronger... the end. If author showed that he truly loved and cared for someone, that would make this novel much much better. A good female lead would give this novel good balance.
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Vex rated it
March 4, 2018
Status: c27
I was expecting something better after the synopsis.

But this story is a mess. The author assumes that everyone reading this story is well versed with Chinese Mythology and all its characters and their respective history.

And here he goes wrong. Half of the time it's almost impossible to understand, who the character is and why did he do so? To the ppl who are well versed in it, they might find it easy and even interesting. But as far as I have seen its an headache.

Secondly is the execution of story... more>> itself. The whole thing is like a bland summary. It's boring and it's disappointing.

For example the war if three tribes. The author could have added more action or atleast made them more interactive. But at the the end the whole war seemed like an afterthought.

Even fights are meh. I am not expecting something as exaggerated as xianxia's with their super skills, but atleast some proper description.

Translator is okay. They do have a good track record, so no problem here.

Character progression is forced and thin. Plus long time skips which basically ignore everything.

It will be great to see MC interact with more people. But it's still early so can't comment here.

Well that's for now.

Vex <<less
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