The Magus Era


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Long ago, there were people who stood upon the earth with their heads held high. They never bowed to anyone because of their indomitable spirit. They were capable of controlling wind and lightning, and conquering dragons and serpents. They seemed strong enough to split the earth and shatter the stars with their fists. They traveled throughout the land and called themselves Magi. Eventually, one of them would become a Supreme Magus! These men are the ancestors of human beings. Their blood is what we all share today.

Qing Long is the former strongest man in the world. He traveled through space and time and was reborn as Ji Hao in the Fire Crow Clan of the Southern Wasteland. It’s a complicated world. Forces from both inside and outside of the clan want this young and talented boy to die. Under great pressure, Ji Hao makes a deal with a mysterious man, who resides in his spiritual space, never showing his real face. He gains two drops of blood from a dragon and phoenix. Afterwards, Ji Hao becomes increasingly more powerful.

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71 Reviews

May 18, 2016
Status: c125
At first it was kind of decent remind me of a certain novel (Perfect World). The savage way of living and the simple plot looks decent
but as the chapters goes by the annoying copy paste scene starting to appear. What do I mean copy paste? It is when a scene that has happen in the past chapters appear in the latest chapter. It is so similar that the only changes are the place and some minor characters added.

What is more depressing is the never ending cornered MC. The annoying... more>> family of MC especially his father who keep on ignoring obvious thing which could have avoided various tragedy but because his father keep on insisting of the clan's priority now his clan is clearly disappearing and slowly gotten destroyed which is clearly can be avoided if he take actions. (So much for a Legendary leader)

What I like about this novel is:

MC little army of mystics, The Tree Man. The stone man. The nymph and so on.
MC little adventure every know and then (MC is still 10 yrs old)
OP MC is already common so its not really worth mentioning.

How the Enemies died brutally, but some things also quit disappointing how that annoying girl died so easily in 1 hit after all her plots and attempt to kill MC and His father


What I hate about this novel is:

The MC encounter powerful people befriend them and then left MC side. Seriously what's the point? Appearing before MC and then after they leave MC is then put into a life and death situation. (This has became a copy paste so expect a lot of scene with this sort of plot)

MC meet a girl same age but much stronger than MC and the girls father was the ruler of there place, and made MC her man servant. And what happen next? They got almost annihilated. The prostrating part MC got blamed? Seriously who is in there right mind blamed a 10 yrs old kid? At this point I already feel like not reading at all. Imagine after all MC effort saving the little girl when he return he saw his father got beaten up and his mother almost dying (its not really surprising since like I said the copy paste plot this is not the first time MC sees his father and mother got beaten)

After This the girl and the mysterious old man went back, Surprisingly not a single reward for MC! They just gone left disappear!

MC is always get cornered and often almost died. The obvious Enemy has never been punish, The father of MC always insist not to take action although he already know who the mastermind is.
As a result they are cornered again.

They send MC to get help, I was like WTH!? MC is just happily traveling and encounter another random thugs and beat the crap out of mc?

You see it once, Twice and in the 3rd time it got annoying, Father and Mother got beaten badly, MC and family always got cornered. Plot please move on with the copy paste sitting!

The new scene where MC ask for help, I no longer look forward to it
Reading almost 100 chapters of this with the repetitive scene which is like copy paste. Can you blame me if I don't expect anything new?


Well when I read this it remind me of the novel Perfect world but sadly it was world apart, my bad for expecting to much.

MC journey is really harsh, yeah brutally harsh. I still read it but maybe once a month if I ran out of novel to read. Like I said this novel is not something which you well look forward to for the next chapter.

Warning: For some odd reason the author love to see woman as s*aves in this novel. Most of the time Woman are seen as s*ave and some even put prices on them. <<less
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Mar 28, 2016
Status: --
Reviewed at 70 chapters, rated 4.

Cruel stone age, ruthless genius, plus the power of nature made up this novel. Okay, well, the title was “The Magus Era”, and there’s plenty of interesting depictions of “magic”, but IMO, that was not what stood out here.

To begin with, the world setting was an ancient civilization where people sacrifice people in sacred ceremonies and ens*ave their enemies. Within that setting grew the unscrupulous MC who despite having the capability to restrain himself in front of his parents or in public, but was... more>> someone who kept grudge and won’t let off his enemies easily. Beside him, there’s few “human” characters that stood out except some annoying enemies, but there were stones, trees, crows... which I wish the author could elaborate further or at least give them a bit more screen time.

All in all, I think “The Magus Era” has great potential, worthy of at least 4 stars; though with the large amount of violence and cliche enemies’ characteristics, I’m a bit wary to give it 5 stars as of yet.

In regard to earlier reviewer comments about “no plot”, “contradicting” and “no sense”...I beg to differ. From the beginning till the latest chapter, there was clear plot and it was quite consistent. The MC character too was obviously set as genius, willful, and ruthless, though he didn’t always showcase it as he respected his parents very much and knew enough to act in accordance with circumstances. I suspect some of the prior reviews was written when the translation was still unedited, and if so, then that might be how it was. However, I read the translation after editors covered it, so I’d like to clear the air. Although there were some mess at earlier chapters, but they were cleared up in the later chapters. <<less
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May 01, 2016
Status: --
There are refreshing unusual elements to this (especially cultivation and worldbuilding) and I really appreciate novels where protagonists have the conviction to kill the enemy who later may prove dangerous to them and their family and friends, BUT, sometimes this novel makes me sick, because it contains:

-Rampant s*avery, encouraged and celebrated

-Senseless slaughter where thousands are killed again and again and again and you just stop caring

... more>> -Key characters and key enemies get BLATANT plot armor and escape death to come back again and again, while THOUSANDS of their companions die

-Sometimes the jump of a fairly weak person who can’t fly is measured in meters, sometimes in MILES. Sometimes someone's arrow pierces a tree, sometimes the same person's arrow blows up a mountain. Effects of speed and strength seem completely arbitrary (I think the author is actually slightly mentally ill)

There are people who claim it’s good because it’s “chaotic”. There are good novels with chaotic worlds/protagonists out there, but this one isn’t chaotic, it’s simply random half the time, and making something up as you go is not cool or unusual. It’s lazy and disrespectful to readers AND to the novel but everyone’s tastes are different, so enjoy. <<less
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Aug 07, 2016
Status: c201
This story is really a pain in the ass. First, its clear that the author is paid by word instead of quality. Each chapter starts like old dragon ball episodes, with a review of the last chapter. The MC is reincarnated, but this premise holds no ground or anything. After he is reincarnated he has an absolutely OP spirit inside him that always complains about making one mistake. The MC never asks him what is that mistake, for f*ck sake, he is not even questioning his presence inside him. Also... more>> the MC parents are morons, he somehow is able to

speak, walk, use magic attacks

The logic is completely f*cked up. Don't read it. This is just my advice. <<less
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Mar 09, 2018
Status: c1049
tl:dr Nothing matters, MC constantly grow stronger, but it doesn't matter.

Sometimes Ji Hao (Name of the MC) will easily beat someone way stronger than himself, which shouldn't happen, then later when he's literally millions of times stronger he can't beat someone weaker than before. Also he has tons of OP treasures, he gets one that can even completely reflect the attacks of a being that created an entire world (basically the same as Pan Gu from chinese mythology) and take 0 damage. Later some weakling that couldn't even hurt a... more>> hair of this Pan Gu level being somehow beat MC up and the mirror isn't even half as effective, this happens a lot of times. And later all of a sudden even though this OP treasure that already improved, and MC is literally millions of times more powerful than before, the effect of the OP treasure is weaker. (Of course it should've never been so s*upidly OP in the first place, and it's still way too powerful. But it's just s*upid for it to randomly be more or less powerful "as the plot call for it".)

It's also very annoying, all the enemies always do anything possible to harm MC, even if they surrender they will attack MC and anyone close to him else given the chance, but MC almost always spare them. It's s*upid that they all constantly try to attack MC in the first place, but since that's the case, it's even more s*upid for MC to constantly let them live.

Speaking of which, this novel could pretty much have been over before it even started if not for

MC's super OP teacher and his brothers (and their on teacher as well) could've basically saved the world from day 1, but they just decide not to and follow some random shitty rule, and whatever the f*ck. Basically all the problems are allowed to happen by them even though they could solve it in a day if they wanted to. They just randomly decide to give out some punishments every now and then, and then let the bad guys continue doing whatever they want (including breaking the same rules these guys follow) and getting away mostly scot-free.

MC never does anything that they haven't thought of doing themselves, it's just that they don't do it without coming up with an excuse so they won't "lose face" as they are too proud and it's too "shameful" or whatever. It gets more and more s*upid throughout the novel.


On top of how s*upid and annoyingly contrived the story is, the translation is also meh. It's readable, but annoying—and sometimes time-consuming as there will be similar spelled/sounding words, but they will not make any sense until you realise that there's an error.

Well, at least it's not MTL, since then there wouldn't be any spelling errors and WRONG words... Pffft

Anyway, I ended up reading 1k+ chapters and despite the review I plan to finish the novel, which I generally don't do, even for novels that are way better or less bad. The answer to this is that while there's a lot of chapters and such, there are some good points (which do make it even more disappointing how the author completely ruin it by the BS), but most of the faults of the plot happen during the fight scenes and such, that are usually 3 chapter long fillers more or less, so you can simply read a couple of words of the sentences, skim read a bit, and skip through the entire chapters until the novel go back to other things.

So basically, the novel is garbage overall, but if you ignore a lot of it and try to not think too much—then it's not too bad of a read, but my rating is still 1 (over time it went from 4 all the way down to 1, as I kept lowering the rating by a star—one by one—every couple of hundred of chapters I read) since the novel should've been much better but just keep on disappointing me over and over again. (Though I've rated worse novels higher, usually 2-3 stars since I don't have any high expectations for tr*sh novels in the first place.) <<less
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May 16, 2016
Status: c123
Hello fellow Wuxia Fans,

this time I present you an unique experience. "The Magus Era" is a novel about a reincarnated boy that seeks to overcome his past lifes archievements. He is thrown into a world of martial lore, a world that has not developed the same as ours, since the strong always opressed the weak and since being strong meant being able to annihilate clans and enemys in the thousands and since this world contains billions over billions of people and many many times more the landmass our earth... more>> has.. Well since this is the case he is satisfied in defending his family and those who do not wish to bring harm to his clan and friends.

This world has an asian setting. It includes all dark sides of the occult as it contains the light sites as well. It's based on the principal that souls contain energy - as much as they were able to cultivate while alive. It includes abilities that only exist in our world as theory and fantastic versions of that as well. It contains dragons, monsters, rare treasures.

Our MC is pretty mighty - overshadowing his peers. Yet in this world - there are things surpassing him. He hopes to overcome these differences and to restore some "might" to his clan - since they are opressed by a far bigger clan and only old glory, a strong bloodline and they totem animal the firecrows keep them being able to overcome complete supression. It is not easy to counter the sheming their enemy do in order to gain what is left of their posessions and in the end to cripple the clan forever.

This story is told by a levelheaded voice in a cold manner, yet the many fantastic encounters colour this world. If you can't take this story, because you fathom our modern moral archievments you shouldn't. Yet this is not a fairy tale. And I never read wuxia because I enjoy fairy tales. ^^ Heroic stories are many fold - but I enjoy this colosseum. <<less
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May 03, 2017
Status: c162
Well I started reading this novel because it was on qidian international. I like the idea of magus/mages/magi and I thought the cultivation system was different. The story starts with a typical reincarnation plot, but that's quickly forgotten. The world building is rather interesting and the world is a very brutal and a harsh place with s*ave labor and human sacrifices, but I feel that the MC just can't get a break. The plot keeps pouring crap over his head atleast once per chapter, he never gets a breather.

Writing Style:

Poorly... more>> written, with information and sentences getting repeated over and over. There's no philosophies, poetry or anything artistic in any shade, which could be interesting to ponder over or atleast enhance the reading experience.

MC and Side Characters:

I honestly don't like the MC's personality much. He's cloned from a typical brutal/cold/intelligent xianxia MC template, there's not even 1 gram of originality in his character. And frankly I don't feel any connection with him at all. The only reason I'm still reading this novel is for the world building and fantastical creatures.

There hasn't been anything that vaguely resembles a stable side character with a decent personality, they're all redundant and 2 dimensional none of which adds to the progression of the story or the mc's character progression (the only character i've grown to like a little, is Man Man, eventhough I didn't like her at first).

Antagonist race:

In the early prologue we get a glimt of the 3 eyed race, and it could've been an interesting foreshadowing of things to come. But ever since we've gotten introduced to their race/clan i've been asking my self: How come a human powerhouse/nation hasn't completely eradicated their entire race? They're all cruel and are born with a royal/noble stick up their butt. They feel every race besides their own are 'barbarians' and it seems like everywhere in the world (so far) they're villains and tyrants, all with an immense god complex. Why let such a potentially dangerous race grow in size and power, when they clearly have nothing positive in mind for humans and other races?


The good: A pretty interesting universe/world, different cultivation system, a realistic dog eat dog world setting.

The bad: Uninspired/unoriginal and hard to like MC, boring 2d side characters with little to no personality, incredibly annoying and arrogant 3 eyed antagonist race (which imo doesn't make sense that it hasn't been eradicated in it's entirety yet), also the story is poorly written and sentences/information keeps getting regurgitated over and over. All in all i've given it a rating of 2-2.5 stars (could get lower if no interesting characters get introduced soon, or if the MC's personality stays the same) <<less
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Apr 25, 2017
Status: c253
interesting setting, a lot of potential but written horribly with lots of flaws.

His power level seems to

always be obscure, the MC himself seems to be all over the place that you feel disconnected on what the MC is really all about, the army system where you can become an advisor to the emperor as long as you kill enough enemies is pretty s*upid. And army that lets them do what ever they want... this is just lazy writing.

The only thing that this novel has got going for it is... more>> the interesting world (but only on the surface) and it is not cultivation focused. It is unfortunate that he neither explores any of the new places in depth nor does he enjoy any of his rewards. (ie, he has to move every time he gets a reward.. wtf, gets new s*aves can't play with them and move to midland, get free stores, have to go fight in the army.)

This is really hard to read through. I rarely give out 1 star but... this is one will be it. <<less
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Jun 14, 2016
Status: c90

Started off decent, with a somewhat OP MC, and his powerful friends. Then, out of nowhere, the MC literally becomes someone's b*tch! Ii is as if all the MC's prior accomplishments did not matter, and then he became a servant. With the combination of the MC becoming a chump all of a sudden, and the many times the same enemies somehow managed to cheat death, I could not continue reading anymore.

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Feb 05, 2016
Status: --
Author writes contradicting sh*t and stuff that makes absolutely no sense. MC is supposedly super strong and a genius but in reality he’s a ret*rd dunno how he could have been the strongest in his past life with his IQ he should have died by the age of 5. Only read up to chapter 22 but the author and wannabe genius MC are killing what could have been a good novel
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Mar 28, 2016
Status: c164
When I read some reviews I thought that this novel would be just some low level story, but I was pleasantly surprised. The world and its magic are very interesting and mysterious. MC is quit likable, but you must know that though MC was strongest in previous world, in current world his previous powers would be no better than child’s. Cultivators in this world are mages, but there are many types of them and they use different elements, powers of nature. Powers of these mages are kinda similar to shamans, witch doctors or druids, while some of them are like warriors of fire, archers with attribute of wind and etc. There are also some interesting intelligent creatures like stone man, tree man, jungle nymph and even robot like moving metal machines. Those who like xianxia and action fantasy should definitely read this.


P.S. Main lead starts his path to OPness from ch.56

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Jun 12, 2017
Status: c454
Ok, I'm rating this a 5 because of my enjoyment and interest.

This novel is crazy and way over the top, and though it was a little rough the first 100-200 chapters, it's gotten a lot more interesting to me. So yeah, if you mind crazy power levels, numbers, and distances, like miles/kms in the blink of an eye, this probably won't be for you. Some very slight spoilers below.

Anyway, the story up until now has been the MC building his power, allies, and influence. Unlike most Xianxia that have a... more>> MC solo or with very few companions vs the world, large scale battles (War) play a huge role atm. Eventually the MC gets a master and disciple brothers/sisters, which is definitely something I've been really enjoying and haven't seen much of in other Xianxia... I like it.

It's somewhat of a brutal story and not too lighthearted. Life is relatively primal and savage, with s*avery and death as a norm, but there are many hints that point in the direction of sooo much more. The MC has more unique abilities compared to nearly everyone around him, and his friends are also pretty unique and interesting as well. Though he's more powerful, they develop with him and aren't just useless side characters, which also applies to several other characters, something that isn't really a norm in these kinds of novels. The MCs companions and their ACTUAL usefulness is something you rarely see in Xianxia and is another thing I've really enjoyed.

It's fun and interesting, especially if you can get past the starting phase of the novel, as it gets progressively better imo, albeit a little more crazy with the scale of things. This novel is definitely better than a lot of Xuanhuan/Xianxia stuff on here, which is surprising considering the ratings. Give it a chance, it's honestly not that bad. <<less
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Nana (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
Nana (ノ◕
Jun 30, 2016
Status: c112
I'm going to stop reading this series.. I feel like a M every time I read this! So many hurts!

At first it still your typical reincarnated story, a genius child in a clan, but the clan itself is divided, the siblings try to grab the power from the clan leader, etc. But then the translator still feel that the MC is not miserable enough, author keep pouring problems upon MC like confetti.
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May 16, 2016
Status: c124
Starts somewhat slow and there are things may piss people off such as the celebration of s*avery and how the deaths of many is belittled and some r*pe here and there. However, this actually properly portraits ancient times, so I got over that after after reading it for some chapters. I personally find that this novel has great potential especially after the MC meets Man Man. If you get past the stuff I mentioned then you'll find it is pretty good.
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Dec 18, 2017
Status: c200
Chapter 200


I just couldn't keep reading it... the MC and the side characters are just two-dimensional... I don't see any kind of development for any of them, I thought Man Man would have change or something after what she experienced but she is the same as always.

... more>> yes, the MC got some new friends but they don't have nothing special about them, having a bipolar "vampire" of life and fatty chef don't make them special, more like they just became generic...

and my major problem is the MC, he just.... it has been 200 chapters and he is still the same as he was 199 chapters ago, there is not development. I thought he might learn something when he went to the center of the world, when we finally got some school Arc.... but no, a dude from a minor world who was reincarnated into a higher world is getting his d*ck s**ked by many professors who have lived for thousands of years in that higher world, what the f*ck is that shit? and he already became better than many teachers in all the subjects in less than a year?

I have nothing against OP characters but that is some bullshit, that is something that is build upon, not something that you just gain in a couple chapters.

Chapter 100

Well at least now we have a more stable story, and a possible Harem member. the story was good so far and all but I still see it as a "normal" novel that you can read while you wait for more chapters to come up from your favorite novels. and that is good because that means I'm not saying that is tr*sh, at least now I believe it deserves 3 stars.

but of course If I only gave it 3 stars, is because there is still some elements that bother me, and most of them came up after chapter 50... some of them might be spoiler so I'm just going to put the tag just in case


First of all, these damn Chinese novels and their f*cking proportions off the charts.... men who are f*cking giants.... and to be able to travels miles in a single step... we are not even half way through the story and this is already happening lol

Well besides that, I saw some people on the comments of Qidian complaining about how strong Man Man is but well she was nurtured before birth with treasures who are probably higher or equal to the treasure Ji Shu used to win Against Ji Xia.... but of course there is something here that bothers me.... Man Man is suppose to be super important, and some of the bodyguards on the mansion are suppose to be stronger than Ji Xia and even Ji Zhuo.... also Ying Yan was suppose to be or almost a Magus King yet he was killed so easily... yes I can also said that it was easy because of the Blood Moon formation but then why the f*ck didn't Du Luo used that against the Fire Crow Tribe?

and for f*ck sake thanks god that bit*h Jiang Yao is dead, she was as annoying as team rocket coming back every f*cking time in Pokemon, just f*cking stop. also she claimed she loved his son but if I don't remembered correctly, she tried to use him as a shield when Ji Hao tried to kill her for the first time and also at that moment she could have used the life-saving treasure.... something here doesn't add up...... and Di Luo isn't anything better, he should learn from his brother to not stick his d*ck on a crazy b*tch.

btw I like Man Man, the scenes with her and the MC reminded me a lot of when Rudeus was "reforming" Eris from her violent personality (Mushoku Tensei)


that's it for now, I will come back after another 100 chapters

Chapter 50

So I finally reached chapter 50, for now my rating is about 2.5, it haven't increased that much but each little change matters.

at least we get to know a little bit of the MC's parents, I like the fact that is different than in others novels because in here the mother is the ruthless one while the father is the "kind" one.

but I have 3 problems for the moment.

1- All the enemies are the same plain s*upid generic Chinese Novels' antagonists.

2- I still haven't see any special about the MC, the same with the enemies, he is generic so far.

3- lack of consistency between the chapters. I don't like that every time there is something going on at the end of a chapter, then the next chapter it is just brush aside like it wasn't important and just skip a couple hours later. Yes, there are sometimes in which is necessary like when there is a couple days or more time skip or when there is nothing important going on, but is literally every chapter, it ends in a way and the next chapter begins in another way, is like the Author is expecting us to fill out the blanks, is like is giving me a sandwich without the bread.

for example, in chapter 48 when Ji Zhuo told Ji Xia that the MC was much better than him as a leader, I wanted to read next chapter too see Ji Zhuo reaction to that statement. was he proud? happy? embarrassed? I went to look up for the next chapter and then we just skipped all of that conversation, then chapter begins to a couple hours later. and this is just an example of many others, this happens in almost every chapter.

Chapter 10

I have read 10 chapters, and I'm giving it 2/5 stars.

Please before you start complaining, this is just a small review, this is not my ultimatum, I won't decide if I will keep reading or drop it until I'm at least 100 chapters in.

So far is confusing, I mean, I get what is going on, I can clearly understand it but I don't like the way the story is presenting it.

for example we don't know from where is the old man inside the MC's, we don't really know his age (only that he is more than 10 years old), all the characters (including the MC) are so far really bland, with nothing unique about them, etc etc.

I think the problem with the beginning is that the Author wanted to rush all the childhood and just get into action, which is wrong! even if it takes about 20-30 chapters, it would have been better if we were show how he grew, the discord between the two factions, how he met the friends in the forest and all that stuff instead of rushing all the way to teen age. right now the foundation of the story is really weak because of the Author skipping all of those small details.

well liked I said this was just a small review, I will keep reading and change my review in 50 chapters, see ya later. <<less
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Sep 11, 2017
Status: c249
If you like a MC who is supressed by all kind of other people, all the fu**ing time, then I recommend you to read this novel. As of c249, this is one of the most boring novels I've seen. Fight after fight, war after war, about 20th war already, you wait with expectations that our MC shows something, I don't know - his great prowess, more cool nature magic or blood-boiling fights, yet our MC is like a side-story character who in most cases contributes nothing to the situation, gets... more>> beaten, relies on his great uncles or first-time great characters who fight with his enemies for a longer time than he himself.

And people out there told me it gets better after first 100-200 chapters. Hell no, it gets worse with the addition of all the filler-like characters that got introduced as new little friends of our Ji Hao. As if Man Man and her annoying character wasn't enough. Poor Ji Hao appears less frequently now.

LITERALLY no exciting moments in the novel, last one was some talk about Dao around c200 that took one or two paragraphs. This is pure bullsh*t I'm done with this story. <<less
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May 25, 2016
Status: c132
Pretty good. All the negative reviews here are way off the mark. This story, if I had to put a rough mark on it. I'd say it's slightly worse than ATG. It's written in a similar style to ATG in terms of setting/characters talking/reactions and has a similar tone. The setting is pretty interesting though and really abuses Chinese loving super huge numbers. "He jumped a hundred miles away and punched. The punch created a crater hundreds of miles radius." which is always lols. The janky translating is kind of... more>> meh, but that's just nitpicking. <<less
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Apr 03, 2016
Status: --
Setting wise, makenai89 review is not far off the mark. It kinda feels like a mixture of druid and Aztec/Maya/Ancient Central American culture in that ritual human sacrifice is practiced in the MCs tribe incorporated into a magic system similar to that of the Albion druids. Additionally, there are elements of advanced technologies and possible futuristic-societies within a still somewhat tribal world (I will elaborate on this a bit in the spoiler section) ; likewise, tribal in-/out-fighting is as much a [main] theme of The Magus Era as magic and... more>> cultivation is. Our MC is born within a massive jungle that spans a large portion of the continent he lives in; within this jungle, societies are druidic/tribal ~ outside the jungle is still anyone’s guess.


That said, the MC did have to fight giant metallic spider automatons and one of his enemies kept calling our MC and his tribe and jungle primitive/backwards etc. which leads me to believe that there are advanced cultures within this world.


Things to know: The MC was reincarnated from the modern world (literally Earth) where he was the supreme figure on Earth after he had created the Nine Secret Words technique that allowed him to strengthen his body and soul. After reincarnating, within his tribe he was considered to be a prodigy not seen in a thousand years. I should point out however that the story/narration pretty much just glosses over this. Immediately after the prologue, we time skip to a fairly mature Ji Hao ~ his youth was pretty much not mentioned in the novel except to say that he was a genius within the tribe (unlike most Xianxia ~ which was somewhat refreshing)

Likewise, Ji Hao is NOT a know it all reincarnated MC but he does have the mentality of a grown man despite being a child still


It doesn’t specify his age but it does say that he is a child ~ and in lieu of how mature he acts around everyone ~ likewise everyone thinks that it’s normal... I kinda think that he is around 9-13 years old). That said, he is no idiot either and his decisions are not as brainless as Melfer described. Keep in mind that the translator didn’t edit the series until recently. Prior to which ~ reading this novel was horrendous!!!


Lastly, my personal attraction to this novel is large; I really really do enjoy it. it’s very action packed which can make it very confusing if the translation is not steady (which it more or less is now). The MC trains fairly quickly after a certain event within the story which I personally felt was somewhat thrown at us (from a readers’ perspective). Generally speaking, introductions don’t exist in this novel; essentially, the author throws us into the fray and ~ that’s it. Surprisingly imo... this actually kinda works. I don’t have to bother with reading the typical Xianxia trope introduction which I’ve already read a million times and instead I’m given the story right away (or just about). I honestly don’t understand what people mean (in the reviews) when they say that there is no plot ~ it’s as clear as day to me: Ji Hao wants to protect his family within his tribe ~ his family AND his tribe is being torn apart by in-fighting... will say nothing more

In any case, imo it’s a very very good read; not the best granted but I still give it 4.5/5 for pure enjoyment.

[EDIT: July 18, 2016: I'm still reading TME but my love for the series is waning. Tbh, I really don't know why... {minor spoiler alert} after Ji Hao left his tribe (he'd obviously do this eventually), it seems that the story lost something... idk.. anyways, if ever you've experienced a change in setting within a story (e.g. the Tianyuan arc in TMW or the ocean exploration arcs in Stellar Transformations... it's kinda the same; the story just doesn't have the same pull/feeling anymore unfortunately. Accordingly, my enjoyment of it is only about 3 or 3.5/5 now] <<less
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Aug 17, 2019
Status: Complete
I've completed it. It's a very slow read.

There are no character development in any of the characters.

There is no relationship progression between him and anyone else.

... more>> His "harem" consists of two women. Now, the thought of being intimate with these women, makes the MC feel disgusted. So he refuses to even really touch them outside of just holding their hands.

While the physical looks of the two women in his alleged harem aren't described..... the author does go into detail describing just how beautiful and handsome certain guys are.

There are no side stories that allow us to see the characters have fun or joke around. It's just main plot from beginning to end... it wouldn't be so bad, but the main plot is somewhat boring.

Some wuxia.. you can read and find yourself getting lost in the storytelling. Time will just fly by. This wuxia, it's difficult to get lost in the storytelling. Time goes by slow when reading it.

I regret picking up this wuxia. I'm outraged that this wuxia doesn't have a shonen tag. Because the relationship between the two women (his alleged harem) and the MC.. never progresses beyond the initial phase. <<less
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Queen of Sheba
Queen of She
Sep 06, 2017
Status: c600
Exceptionally true to self. Magus Era is perhaps one of the harshest cultivation worlds ever crafted by an author. It's a world that has succeeded in completely cleansing away all the sugar coating. Leaving behind the darkness of humanity behind in its wake. From ens*avement of those perceived as lesser, to standard objectification of women, to conflicts with any deemed as xeno. It's all there, anything questionable, that exist in real life, but may be omitted in the fantastical realms of xianxia, and wuxia, all of it is tightly packed... more>> into this astonishing piece of work. Subtly, and in some cases, crudely, blended in amongst the plot.

The protagonist isn't like most others, he has adapted to his environment. Blood rituals? Normal. Human sacrifice? Nothing wrong with that! Killing folks for disobedience? Common. Dehumanising anyone whom isn't 'pure' human? Of course that's the standard.

Above all else, there's heart to the story. Rich, vibrant, and overflowing. It Just feels as if the author has poured his heart out into this novel, creating a unique masterpiece for the ages.

The only negative is his relationship with a brutish little girl, but on the plus side, he tames her in the end as well.

Highly recommended. <<less
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