The S-rank Dragon Decided to Become a Mascot


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Among dragons, the strongest dragon cried. F*ck.

I found myself transmigrated into a modern fantasy novel. As an S-rank boss monster, a dragon.

Being a dragon might seem like a decent transmigration, but this monster dies in the prologue. After fighting with the protagonist for several days, no less.

In short, I’m screwed. How can I beat the main character of a modern fantasy?

But I have to survive. Like any possessed individual, the will to survive surged within me.

With the mindset of holding onto a rope, I looked at my skills. Then, a four-letter word caught my eye.

[Polymorph] Excited, I looked into the explanation, only to find out that polymorphing is only possible into a hatchling. Why can’t I become human?

If you’re a dragon, shouldn’t you be able to transform into a beautiful appearance to charm people around, looking all pretty and holy?

Well, at least it’s probably easier to move around than a giant body. Let’s look on the bright side.

So, I tried using polymorph, and it was incredibly cute! It could easily pass as the novel’s mascot! With just a few cute gestures, it seemed like it could completely charm all the characters inside the modern fantasy novel!

Wait, this wasn’t so bad. Rather than being a stranger, isn’t it better to be a small and cute creature?

And so, I decided to become the protagonist’s companion monster.

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S급 드래곤은 마스코트가 되기로 했다
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Dec 12, 2023
Status: --
4.5 rounded up. due to this series checking few tropes I enjoy, this review is very biased.

this story is a cute one telling the life of ML and his pet dragon FL. I think it's more of a fantasy slice of life fluff than action or romance. honestly, you might be disappointed if you come here expecting romance (I put romance in the genre only because this is tagged as ropan, if not I'll probably put romantic subplot in the tags).

I particularly like how this novel is a 'transmigration into a novel with no romance but after MC transmigrated, there is romance'.

... more>>

the original novel our MC transmigrated into is called Return of the Hunter Who Died 999 Times. a male MC devastating tragedy revenge story. the protagonist ML, an F-rank hunter, entered the tower and suddenly a bug occurred. he couldn't get out and every time he died, he regressed to the day he entered the 1st floor. he spent years inside the tower to clear it and get out.

In the original story, he regressed 999 times, killed the dragon boss monster then went out. he kept himself low-key despite already becoming an S-rank due to his regressions, but then his friend died taking an attack for him and he vowed revenge.

I don't mind the usual 'transmigrated into a romance novel' trope with an og!FL, but I actually prefer it if there's no og!FL, and only when MC transmigrated or reincarnated that the genre changes (something like I Will Just Stick to the Main Character & A Fake Holy Mother in the Zombie Apocalypse).

I barely saw novels like this, which is why this novel caught my eye when I accidentally stumbled upon it.


other things I like about this story is:

  • human x non-human. there are many non-human female lead shapeshifters, yes, but what I particularly prefer is human (ML) x non-human (FL). nevermind this, this one is my personal preference.
  • MC's true identity and the secret behind her transmigration. regarding transmigration stories... I always felt slightly iffy with them, because sometimes I wondered about the fate of the original owner of the body and kind of feel bad for their family. that's why depending on the plot, I usually prefer if the body they possessed turned out to be their original body... and this story is actually in that category. I haven't gone as far but I believe MC's memory was tempered.
the fluffy cohabitation started early, but as I said above, this is more of slice-of-life, slow bonding between our kinda protective MC and depressed ML.

MC only turning into human way way later.


since now it's only the beginning, it might be very subtle, but don't you guys feel that MC accepted her life as a dragon very easily? she complained she didn't care if it's romance fantasy or modern fantasy as long as she doesn't need to work. she accepted her life as a mascot and ML's pet. that's actually the reason why she can't become human. she has no desire to become one. she feels her life as a hatchling is good enough.

another thing, usually when non-human FL could change to human they rarely went back to their non-human form, but FL here actually went back a lot. and the small drops of romance afterwards are pretty cute.

for example, when FL wanted to live separately, but ML didn't understand why they needed to, FL insisted that there's only one bed there and she's human now, ordinary people didn't sleep closely on the same bed together and ML was like: do we really need to live like ordinary people? lmao, the excerpt afterwards was: [ According to him, there was no need for an S-rank Awakened and an S-rank Dragon to live like ordinary people. ]

another time, when ML realised his feelings for FL, he saw her as a human lazily cocooning herself with a blanket, and he just put his head on her neck without context. FL was so shocked and inwardly was like 'If you buried your face in fur before, shouldn't you be burying your face in hair now? Who just buries their face in someone's neck! You fool!'

just small bits but I found it very adorable.


I haven't read until the end, but up until now, I enjoyed it very much. <<less
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