After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up


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Shi An is the last Abyss Dragon in the world. Since he was bored, he decided to go into a deep sleep while hugging his treasures. After fifty thousand years of satisfying slumber, Shi An opened his eyes only to discover that he had become a weak human with short hands and legs.

He glanced down at his mysteriously downsized body and then lifted his head to look around his empty cave. “……” Where is my powerful and majestic body? My big tail? Most importantly, where are my treasures?!

After thousands of years of hard work, sleeping just once has sent me to square one.


In the year 2202, the conflicts between humans and monsters are becoming more and more intense. Although the monsters are strong, the fantastical species that used to rule the continent have all but disappeared.

Shi An, the Shi family’s youngest son, is Mage Academy’s infamous mage who has no magic power. Each student’s magic power is measured at the beginning of the school year. Shi An looked at the three destroyed magic detection equipment and innocently asked, “Eh? Are these equipment’s quality not very good?”

During actual combat training, low-ranked monsters fled before Shi An could get close. Shi An looked at their fleeing figures and innocently exclaimed, “Yay, lucky!”

Everyone else was speechless. “……?” I believe I am dreaming.


Mu Heng——human species’ strongest mage——is the only remaining human who bears the noble dragon slayer bloodline.

He coldly and arrogantly said, “Dragons? Extinction is their best outcome.”

A long time later, Mu Heng turned his head back to look at the dragon cub reclining on the piles of treasure. Mu Heng withdrew his gaze and leisurely asked, “Are there any other jobs? I want a well-paid one.”

Extinction is out of the question now. As a matter of fact, I can only earn more money so that I won’t get kicked out of bed at night.

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After the Abyssal Dragon Awakens
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5 Reviews

New Morfzine
Oct 25, 2021
Status: Completed
It's a pretty straightforward story about a dragon that have just woke up after thousands of years trying to take back his treasure. A fun and easy read with a bit of twist near the end. If you read this for the magic academy, please prepared to disappointed cuz MC don't care about human stuffs nor did he try to understand it (except if the said human is his treasure *cough* ML *cough*) but it doesn't mean it was ignored for most of the stories, there will be some interesting... more>> stuff too with the school element.

Okay, so I found out that this author style is making their story focused on MC and ML only BUT, this doesn't mean other characters is 2d, other character have their own motives and background though implicit. It's just feels like author just don't bother making them or just lazy to make the novel longer rather than not being able to make it lol (not exactly a bad thing)

MC is a simple and might looks dumb to outsider but if it's about the thing he cared about AKA his treasure, he can be a badass genius (as a dragon he has good memories, but he has high pride as a dragon, so basically only doing the stuff he interested in). ML is the typical iceberg but beautiful type, he fight for his sense of duty/family tradition, but actually has no loyalty whatsoever to the government nor the organization

you can clearly see this when they do something to MC.... ah yes, this author is not afraid on showing cruelty so when MC or ML got mad you can guess what will happens next...


There's only one thing that I'm a bit peeved about which is

the author kinda tease us with mpreg I mean (MC and ML is the last of their kind + mc's estrus + there probably won't be any creatures stronger than the 2 of them which raise the question who will keep the world safe when the two of them died) and they KNOW what they are doing, that one extra chapter fools us thinking MC will pop out some eggs, but nope, that's just MC lying cuz he ate to much ice cream (well I guess it kinda make sense cuz MC and ML doesn't really care about the world, they might destroy the government in the future for fun if they got too bored)

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New Reichie
Oct 17, 2021
Status: Completed
Cute story. The relationship between MC and ML is not as complicated at it seems as the novel favours lightheartedness with regards to relationship. They are very sweet and their interactions make me want to reread this. It's relatively short compared to what I expected of the length of a book with this kind of background but it's very character focused (?), it doesn't make it bad though. Easy to MTL and read.
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Oct 07, 2021
Status: Completed
After the Abyss dragon woke up (while I personally call it How to tame the dragon (dark version) ) is like a dark fantasy with a drop of blood. Kidding, considering this is Sangwo, there'll be more than just a drop :'D And if you're new to Sangwo, welcome, you found an author who likes to write pretty bloody stories and write them beautifully, so even if someone's head will be ripped off you might end up saying "hmm, that was poetic". This time they dipped their fingers in... more>> a fanatsy section.

Unlike several previous novels, the latest Dragon has a more humorous and lighter tone, despite ripped limbs, some people driven mad and one baked undead horse. Most of it is projected through non-conforming actions of the main character - Shi An. They also stepped away from the few previous works and had enough homage to s*x scenes in this one in its' later parts (so I doubt the "shounen ai" tag atm). But I enjoyed it thoroughly.

The story. Shi An as one of the Abyss Dragons fell asleep for thousand of years. Basically it's his only hobby after playing with his treasures. When he woke up he found out that he is in this pale and weak body. Where are the inderstructible scales? Where is his might? It was all gone, as his cave and treasures. Who has done it? Was not clear at the beginning. So Shi An had a simple plan: 1) get his strength back; 2) get his treasure back; 3) and go back to the Abyss and continue sleeping. How to succeed in the first point Shi An figured out when he witnessed the crack. As the history of humans goes, once upon in time people sealed the Abyss and in thousands of years that followed the magic species that were rampant before slowly died and became extinct. But from time to time a crack appeared in the seal and that crack, if given time, could grow, more poisonous gas that the Abyss was filled with would leak. But not only. It could give the monsters lurking in the Abyss a chance to enter the human realm. Same goes for our MC, through that tiny crack he felt the long lost strength and that's how he got the idea how to get his strength back. But also got his first mascot, a demon bug. For everyone else he was a talentless legitimate child of a Shi family, that everyone scorned, since in this world your worth is measured by how gifted in magic you are. So no one thought that a boy who looked so harmless would end up near cracks not because he had bad luck or he was plotted against, but because the strength of the Abyss channeled through those cracks filled him with strength. And he originally was the dragon who is on a top of a food chain pyramid. This is how they met with Mu Heng, not once. And this is how Mu Heng thought about Shi An at first too - harmless, soft boy that needs to be protected. Shi An was pretty ok with this disguise, no one believed that he had some sudden magic awakening anyway, so he used his new follower (the bug) to help him find new treasures, old treasures, find the cracks etc. While everyone thought he had bad luck and barely survived the calamities. This is how you follow Shi An's path and change, he didn't change much, just allowed one dragon slayer into his life and not as a beautiful creature that should be forever sealed and enjoyed, but as a partner. You will also find out who is behind the conspiracy of Shi An entering a human body, how loud Shi An screamed when he found out that his treasures were stolen and what color are his new scales.

The characters. Shi. An. Is. A. Dragon. Don't forget it while reading, because some of his actions you might think are quite cruel and don't follow the MC route you're used to. But fret not. Author managed to really make him really conforming to his nature. He doesn't give a damn about humans, who lives or who dies. He does remember the goodness, but he can be cruel, depending on who and the situation. He is not an idiot, he uses his disguise well, he knows that while he is weak and can't trust people it's better to follow this weak persona. Especially when most of the time he is followed by a dragon slayer.

Mu Heng is the last dragon slayer in this world on the opposite to Shi An who is the last dragon. His character is cold, he works in a bureau and most of his job is exterminating dark creatures and fixing the cracks. He is the strongest human. At first he just wanted to protect Shi An who looked like someone who is easily bullied, but later had no idea why they resonated so much (you'll know when you finish reading), yet he wanted to make Shi An his own. Mu Heng is more on a silent side that conceals his manic personality. For the longest of times he could control everything, but not his ever-growing love for Shi An. And thus he knew to slowly enter Shi An's world, make him lose his vigillance before the capture.

Shi An in the relationship is more on the unknowing side (again, he's a dragon, what does he know about feelings or other things when he never loved), at first for him Mu Heng was just a shiny human who was so beautiful that it was worthy of collecting, but later his feelings changed. Mu Heng figured out his feelings much earlier, so his soft attack was slow and thorough, like any good hunter he knew that patience was everything and it will pay off.

The humorous part of the story is more of like a black humor. For example like Shi An uses a bone of undead horse as a torch, while riding the same horse like it's no biggie. Or he asks people to leave and save others and his fellow students are grateful, while Shi An's thoughts are not on how dignified his action is, but that he doesn't need witnesses to how he is going to kill everyone and he doesn't want to blow up his cover. How Mu Heng for the longest time when not knowing that Shi An was the dragon wanted to chop dragon's head and make a decoration out of it. And there are many more examples like that.

It's really an easy story and I enjoyed following it. This interesting mix of things :D If you feel like picking up, give it a try. <<less
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Oct 14, 2021
Status: Completed
So hilariously entertaining. A lazy extremely overpowered, somehow really innocent MC x also overpowered, cold, but kinda crazy ML. They're a match made in heaven for each other!

It's a really fun story of the MC murdering people, taking back his treasure, and kiss kiss falling in love along the way. The story is generally lighthearted in tone with gold comedic moments, but there is plenty of descriptions of graphic violence.

I'd also say the pacing is great--doesn't drag. The whole central plot about who exactly brought MC out of the abyss,... more>> however, is the LEAST interesting part about the story. Quite predictable and a lil cliche. My only other criticism is that the relationship dynamic is also tad bit too similar to the other's other work, "After an Infinite Flow Player Retires." Both cast an OP lazy MC with a crazy, obsessed OP ML. If you've read that, then you're going to find Abyss Dragon kind of a boring read.

HOWEVER! I still recommend the story because the book really shines with the hilarious cat and mouse, subterfuge and overt flirting between the MC and ML, who ostensibly should be enemies (dragon x dragon slayer) but fall madly in love haha. <<less
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Oct 06, 2021
Status: c40
So far so good but seeing the glimpse of the next chapters in jjwc, the succeeding stories don't suit my taste so will drop temporarily.

It is a little hilarious but some are predictable so it isn't funny any more. Also, I dislike how MC is being looked down even until the current chapter where I am reading. It's good to be low key but he should act like a mediocre instead.8

There are lots of MC n ML interaction too but I prefer plot based novels. The story can be... more>> cute but lacks a little depth.8 <<less
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