My Dad is Too Strong


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The Return of the Heavenly Demon!

I promised myself to live ordinarily for the rest of my life…….

“Please be my father until I graduate.”

He suddenly gained a daughter out of nowhere.

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아빠가 너무 강함
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13 Reviews

Jan 12, 2021
Status: c14
I love these kind of stories, and when I caught up with the translation of this novel, I started reading the translated chapters of the manhwa adaptation as well. My Dad Is Too Strong falls into a category of novels where the main protagonist is seemingly invincible but also extremely lowkey. In stories like these, the charm comes from watching the main character interact with the other people that they come across and how they try to live normal lives (but fail at times of course). At the time of... more>> writing this review, we are still very early into the translation but despite that, I really enjoy how the author has portrayed the MC's transition into normal life and developed his character. <<less
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Mar 29, 2021
Status: --
What I like the most is that MC is committed to being a civil servant after returning. Unlike other MCs that returns to the past or reincarnations, they usually return to being a battle junky as it's in their instincts to fight like they say they want to live a normal life but ended up fighting left and right but our MC is different. MC only moves behind the shadows and moves only when the hunters are incapable of dealing with it. Although MC moves out of necessity he doesn't... more>> fully involves himself either in the operations and doesn't garner the attention of the masses becoming a celebrity. He's true to his intent on being normal.

There's a review that says that MC is looks fake as he's like a robot, I beg to differ. MC is someone who lived for thousands of years as well as countless death and rebirth. He's also already comparable to a God in terms of power. You can't expect someone who lived like that to become someone still full of emotions. That kind of experience would make one's emotion numb. The character developments in this story is about him regaining emotions through creating his current family. Think of it as his emotions only have 1% left but is slowly regaining them as he live a mundane life with his family. There are also subtle show of emotions occasionally like when he saved his daughter. Although he didn't feel anything when he knew she was in danger, he felt relieved when he saved her and that she's safe.

The only problem I had was the lack of scene for the first daughter. Pretty much Byul (star) should be the one on the cover rather than the high school girl since she has more screen time that the first daughter. <<less
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Jun 30, 2021
Status: --
This story is well written and the translation is very good for a KR novel. I like the interactions between the characters as well, but damn am I tired of this “live normally” trope.

Like, seriously dude, just live comfortably in a low key way and don’t try to pretend to be an average human. If he just said “yea I’m decently strong but I don’t want to be a hunter” 99% off the story would disappear. Lots of Asian novels have this psychotic obsession with pretending to be “normal” and... more>> it drives me up the wall. Pretending hasn’t stopped any of the troubles from appearing, why bother in the first place. <<less
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Feb 08, 2021
Status: c117
This novel is good. The MC is overpowered and is hiding his abilities but of course there are several incidents that made him reveal his powers. He just wants to lay low and live a peaceful life since he already experienced harsh life in Murim.

What I just don't like in this novel is the harem part.... more>>

I mean the MC is not a playboy by any means but girls just flock to him like flies, even his "daughter" likes him though probably it's not in romantic way but THERE is a nuance since the daughter said something along the lines of 'please do not add more women' and 'I will never marry anyone, I will always live with you'. If the "daughter" is a kid then it's cute but she's freaking 17! I know that she had a traumatic pass but girl your almost crossing the line.

The number one annoying fly for me is Cha Ye-jin who has a one-sided love for MC and who likes to stick to MC very much and also she misunderstands the MC so much and is having delusions that MC likes her and wants to go to a date with her when MC just wants to help her and they meet mostly for work. She is disappointed when what she thought was a date was just a meetup for professional reasons and makes the MC go out with her for dinner when it's her fault for misunderstanding in the first place. Then the next most annoying character is Cha Ye-jin's sister who is narcissistic or conceited and who sees MC as a rival to her sister's affection but then when MC helped her because of humanity she said something like, "So you're aiming for me? I'm sorry sir but you're not my type." Or "I'm sorry you're cool but not my type...". These sisters really have an illness on their brain both are delusional.

Literally 98% of the female side characters who MC helped or inadvertently helped or exposed his powers to simped him. I'm sure as the story progresses there will be more female characters simping for him.


As for the "pets" the MC acquired, I like all of them. The only thing I just don't like are the other females except for Moon Ae-kyung (?) or one of the top female hunters in Korea and Lee Min-ji. <<less
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Jan 21, 2021
Status: --
This novel is great, but we need the translator to upload chapters regularly or at least make a mass release every once in a while.

I read the novel til the last chapter and the went to read its manhwa adaption, it wasn't as satisfying as the novel for me (I'm a little biased toward novels more than adapted versions) and I feel like MC in the manhwa is written as though he is a fool.
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Oct 22, 2021
Status: Completed
Warning:- This is mostly a slice of life, and most of the time not an action manga. Do not come into this expecting much action.

MC is essentially a OP benovolent elder transmigrated onto Earth. While Low key, he doesnt mind helping from time to time when people need it, while caring of the various entities that come under his wing. Essentially becoming somewhat of a father figure / overseer of Earth.

It is slow, and the story is consisting of some of his personal experiences and details the growth and episodes... more>> that the people under his care experience.

However, the episodic nature of the later chapters sometimes get relatively frustrating as we dont really see the full events happening play out. <<less
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Mar 17, 2021
Status: --
The idea behind this novel of an overpowered protoganist who has to take care of his niece and co worker is not bad but the execution is lacking in quality. First of all it is impossible to have an emotional connection with the MC because no one on earth has gone through what he has gone through. It than becomes the task of the writer to create this emotional connection and honestly the writer fails very badly at this point. He succeeds with the niece and the co worker but... more>> the MC is a failure. The main reason for that is that author did not give the MC any relatable emotions/feelings, the MC has blunted his own feelings too much so there is nothing to relate to. And even though there are reasons for that those doesn't make the MC any more relatable. I'm guessing that later on the MC gets his emotions back but because he hid his emotions too much at the beginning everything that happens to help his recovery will feel fake because the MC it too much of a robot in the beginning. In other words the writer has gone too far with giving the MC a miserable background which makes the MC look fake or at least not someone who could have originated from earth. People will always show emotions, and even if you try to hide your real feelings you will still put up a play/performance by displaying other emotions because that is something humans around you are sensitive to so you have to keep up appearances to hide your real feelings. This is the part that makes the MC feel fake, he doesn't display any emotion at all. <<less
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Jan 16, 2021
Status: c14
Thank you so much to the translator for translating & uploading this novel. I really love the manwha adaptation of this but never expected there's gonna be a novel 😭 thank you sooooo much 🤧🤧💕
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Incompetence Hunter
Oct 10, 2021
Status: c30
"This is so dumb." Is my last thought before I quit the novel.

The protagonist is a generic lowkey showoff. He profess that he'd like to be lowkey, but the world and his idiot ball conspires to let him show-off. The author will literally ignore any consistency or common sense to make him show off. There is no world or story. Everything just revolves around making him show off. He isn't so much a character as a show-off machine. His decisions are nonsensical, and are just excuses to lead him into... more>> showing off.

Oh yeah. There is some generic hunter and dungeon background settings too. <<less
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Jul 12, 2021
Status: c20

First of all its nothing new. Plot is all cliché like

  1. MC getting killed in an accident by truck-kun. Then him being transmigrated into another world.
  2. MC reaching the pinnacle of power in another world.
  3. Then suddenly MC comes back to earth (There was no reason given for this). But only 1 day passed on earth.
  4. Suddenly MC get a daughter, now he has to take care of her.
  5. MC is insanely strong but he wants to live a normal life.
  6. And of course Dungeons story arcs.
Beginning of novel is all rushed. Like getting discharged from... more>> hospital so easily, acceptance of daughter so easily was another thing that irks me. So far story is kinda dull, Maybe later chapters would be exciting. Translation is good through. <<less
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Mar 15, 2021
Status: c18
I like it. The only issue I really have with it is the upload time. I don't particularly like waiting a month for a chapter but, eh.
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Mar 13, 2021
Status: c17
One thing I would say about this novel is that I cannot think anybody would dislike it. It might be not your preference, but you cannot give unfavorable impression on it.

The starting point is pretty much a generic return-type storyline, but how the main character interacts with the new (which also the old) world give particular a fresh vibe of a story. Light and warm, yet sometime with dark and powerful sidekick.

The manhwa adaptation also a great read.
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Oct 28, 2022
Status: c18
So my review is probably biased since I just finished reading kidnapped dragons which follows a similar concept where an overpowered broken person is taking care of kids/kid under them. Kidnapped dragons had the main character being broken really well thought out and it focused while having fight scenes mainly on his relationship with the ones in his care and how he grew to love them and them to trust him, which I was expecting something similar after reading the synopsis of this book but his relationship with his daughter... more>> in 18 chapters feels really like a sub-plot. The daughter gets introduced in one chapter and in that same chapter we have her get distressed at the MC creating a contract for their relationship, she then doesn't come up again until after a female co-worker stalk (cough) follows him home so he invites her inside for dinner (Which is either a major cultural difference or forcing the plot along to invite someone who secretly followed you home) where the daughter is jealous. In my opinion this type of scene came way too early, we need to have their relationship develop a bit further to have her be so attached to her father. Then she is just gone for like 10 chapters... The story focuses completely on his job and him with that female co-worker and after she is finally re-introduced its just because she needs tuition money which is a plot device for him to go out with a fake identity and kill a strong enemy. Overall the main focus of this story has nothing to do with the daughter despite the title and is focused on the dads work life. Since the above is just my personal bias against this story doing a s*upid generic op protag rather than focusing on the relationship I'm not changing the rating for it, although it is the reason I'm dropping this.

I gave this 3 stars since overall its just not written that well in my opinion. In terms of character development the author isn't able to make their emotions flow out properly in a way that is pleasing to read, for example the daughter just trauma dumps after he pays her tuition and we get lines about how mc's brother was abusive but this isn't a good way to disclose this in my opinion. Its better to have her be very reluctant to be near MC at first due to the trauma and have her slowly get closer through events like this and then after their relationship is built up enough for the audience to care we get a nice her pov where we can see her side where it starts by talking about her being reluctant due to the abuse but having to live somewhere to her being surprised at him being nice but still defensive to opening up to him. With the MC there is also a lot of poorly designed parts of his character, how he doesn't care since its not part of daily life but its half-hearted because the author keeps making him move for unnecessary things so the plot progresses. I think its more important to show the MC doing something like not helping the female co-worker because it wouldn't be under normal life, this shows that he is merely imitating a normal life and thats his goal. Him instantly switching to helping her because why not just makes his character shallow since he knows its not normal for his position to help her yet he is still does it. Overall theres just a lot of minor things like this where the characters feel flawed and not well thought out along with how the author set up a great plot for a heartwarming family bond and then sidelines it and focuses on some s*upid generic op protag <<less
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