The Record of Unusual Creatures


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Hao Ren (literally means “good man”), as his Chinese name suggested, is a good man, and his ideal was to live a restful, comfortable life as a landlord. At least that was his plan before a couple of abnormal creatures rented his house.

A remote, outdated big apartment, a bunch of rather abnormal non-human creatures, and a labor contract from the “god”, the three factors combined lead him to be the busiest landlord and most supernatural “babysitter”. The story of the most complicated, erratic and abnormal landlord and tenants started from here.

“Ever since I put my fingerprint on the labor contract, I knew I was roped into something terrible…”

As a person who is down-to-earth as well as a good Samaritan, Hao Ren desires to live the rest of his life as a benevolent landlord. Stumbling into a curious yet mysterious lady, he began his journey of “collecting” abnormal and supernatural tenants.

His life only became more chaotic when he receives a labor contract from “God”. Discover the many races, myths and worlds that lie beyond what humans define as normal! This bizarre fantasy full of fun is sure to bring you on a crazy rollercoaster of emotions!

Associated Names
One entry per line
Abnormal Creature Memoirs
Dị thường sinh vật kiến văn lục
Fantastic Creatures' Travelogue
Ijou Seibutsu Kenbunroku
Yichang Shengwu Jianwenlu
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tuna1279 rated it
March 31, 2017
Status: c600
Looking at all the negative reviews for this novel makes me really sad that no one actually knows about this novel and the author's previous. I will give some things to expect from this novel.

Tags currently missing: Transporting between different world[B]S[/B], Aliens, Interstellar travel (Yes, you will travel to space in another world), Mass destruction weapon, Detective, Mystery, Demon, Mermaid, Apocalypse, Star war, Science fiction.

The pacing for this author is kinda slow at first but as things start to progress, what we will encounter increases in scale (from person, different... more>> race to different civilization to interstellar civilization and interworld civilization). A single event in this novel can lead to many hints and questions to the mysteries surrounding the world.

The Hilling Empire mentioned is also a title of the author's previous work. It is about the revival of the empire that rules across galaxies and worlds. The MC is an emperor of that empire and his slice of life involves saving the worlds from destruction in many scales. This is also a different type of fanfiction as it also involves some worlds that we know (World of Warcraft, StarCraft, To Aru Majutsu no Index, Fate Stay Night and many different anime worlds)

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Tearcity rated it
June 30, 2018
Status: c1773
This book is considered a masterpiace of lightnovel on every possible chinese websites, I've finished reading it with the madarin version so believe me when I say that I get why on this website it has low rating. In the beginning it's just too "light" to be even considered as a lightnovel, the lack of substance is very obvious, like the lack of charaters' backround, their desigh "what! A vampire girl, what the hell is this!?" There's a saying in chinese lightnovel world "In the end of a novel, one... more>> must fill the holes that once digged" and this auther has done it splendidly, I wish I could tell you more about this novel but that would be a spoiler. It will get better and better and better. <<less
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keklel rated it
January 3, 2017
Status: c2
Oh god I couldnt stand how boring it was.

1st chapter: MC sits around in a park doing nothing.

2nd chapter: a potential tenant finds the MC and rides a bus with the MC and is apparently ret*rded.

... more>> ...

I heard a lot of very good things about this novel and it has a very high rating on Chinese websites so most Chinese readers probably agree that it's well written, interesting etc.

I personally thought it was too boring and couldn't stand it. I'll put it on my "to read" list and read it once I get bored enough one day maybe. <<less
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OmegaDion rated it
January 29, 2017
Status: c11
I really don't mind how the novel is written and all its plothole. What I only mind about is how enjoyable the novel is when reading and this one fits it. People have different taste so yeah, some may not or may like this novel. Though the translator might need an editor/proofreader.

Overall, fantastic read.
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KanameShiro rated it
June 18, 2018
Status: c300
The summary's a lil misleading by saying Hao Ren is a good man. He's not a good man considering he cusses alot, complains about every little thing, demeans his tenants like Lily and Vivian, and he also acts as if he's an entitled millenial. He's an annoying little shit. The author keeps on emphasizing how good a man he is but he really isn't.

Stort-wise it's ok, good enough to kill time. Character (except for MC) were interesting and fun. They have colorful personalities and are NOT annoying like the as*hole... more>> MC. <<less
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SayMrrp rated it
December 28, 2017
Status: c102
The slice-of-life tag is strong in this novel. Even if there's action, I feel that it's overshadowed.

Characters are funny, but not too interesting. MC's weak, but powering up gradually. He's not a wimp, but I feel that his intelligence has been lowered on purpose for comedy. Maybe other characters too...

The comedy is probably the most important part of the novel so far. Almost every chapter has to have something funny in it. If you don't like the type of comedy in the novel, it's probably not worth reading for you.

Finally,... more>> I'm just glad that this didn't become a harem novel. I think that the author posted a note mentioning that romance would be late and the novel wouldn't be a harem novel with a bunch of supernatural lolis and stuff like that. Bless the author.

I didn't give it 5 stars (yet?) because it's just starting out and hasn't truly attracted my attention yet. Has potential, but I'm waiting for it to hopefully become really entertaining. <<less
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Magicflier rated it
October 7, 2019
Status: c1435
This whole novel is basically a grand sci-fi shounen with fantastical elements.

It starts off slow, and things only start from a small scale. As you continue to read, the scale continues to jump levels. When you make more and more discoveries as the story goes on, things fit so well like you're putting the pieces of a puzzle together. If I were to say what direction the novel truly focuses on, it would be world travel to various kinds of civilizations (medieval periods, futuristic settings). It has it's own portion... more>> of drama, but comedy/adventure would be the most prominent genres for this novel. I would include action but the battles tend to end pretty quickly, because the protagonist continues to grow as an overpowered being throughout his adventures.

As for those who wonder if there are any romance, it does drop hints of romance starting from chapter 600, so you won't find anything obvious before then.


Romance starts to show big signs from chapter 1200, but truly blooms starting from the arc with the war against the chaos on the Planet Collow.

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xchronicles rated it
September 19, 2019
Status: c813
Similar to other reviews, I’m quite disappointed that such a masterpiece was buried and not popular although I quite understand.

First few chapters was quite boring, confusing and kinda mishmash. One second it’s supernatural with wolves and vampires and the other second it’s sci-fi and a goddess appeared.

For at least 100 to 150 chapters or so, the MC is soooo annoying, annoying, dumb and ignorant. I was tempted to quit reading because of this but what had me going is the comedic interactions of Vivian, Lily, MDT and sometimes the Goddess.

and... more>> it’s so worth it!!!!

I don’t know when but it actually gets better! The adventure, world building, the plot, the characters specially the MC and few mysteries.

What I like the most is the different civilization’s story and the characters. Each one is alive and has their own personality. <<less
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Mangikop rated it
February 16, 2018
Status: c133
I'll rate it 5, but as of now, this novel is lacking background characters, which makes it less entertaining. There's no one to comment or retort. There's only four people speaking to each other in one big world.

~after reading 100+ chapters~

What I meant is; all characters are weirdos, there is no one normal among them.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Pavilion rated it
February 14, 2022
Status: Completed
It's pretty straightforward, the humor is little childish but damn if it still wasn't a really good book.

Plot and progression was on the slow side, sure. But when it all ended it had me genuinely wishing there had still been more.

Think of "Record of Unusual Creatures" as a slice of life book first, adventure story second. All things in it are rather heartwarming even though the general plotline and things our main character discovers in his job are rather grim.

I really liked how the scale of things in the book... more>> constantly got bigger, how the setting always widened after every 'case' our space detective/landlord MC completed, yet still how everything was very 'grounded' and grassroots. It gave rather realistic vibe to this silly story.

5/5. I could not binge read this but I still loved every second spent on this book. My only advice for potential readers is to not treat this as some hotblooded action or crazily stimulating book- you'll only end up disappointed. This is just a slightly silly novel with semi-serious plotline behind it, that merely happens to be longer than average. <<less
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Daresan rated it
August 22, 2020
Status: c110
Dont bother with this one if you are not fan of slice of life. Its so boring and MC is such an idiot that you will end up hating it. Dont be decieved like me by the flowery words of other reviewers here even though it is well recieved in china this story is too boring I tried to read it as much as I can and managed to read till 110 chapters but slice of life is too strong I cant bring myself to continue it. Comedy is fine... more>> but I dont know I like more serious ones rather than happy go lucky one.

All the tags might make it seem interesting but it is not its chore to read. <<less
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cloud28884 rated it
November 21, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel is a hidden gem indeed. It starts in slow pace (that may get you kinda want to drop it), but keeps hanging on because it will gets better...

The story revolves around Hao Ren (good man indeed) a landlord and his tenant of unusual creatures / otherwordling (werehusky, vampire, demon, siren, etc). His adventure starts when he meets Lily the werehusky and became inspector of Goddes Raven 12345 (i like the number indeed). And boy... his adventure is really2 great story indeed. Its not like a typical wuxia/xianxia novel... more>> because MC does not cultivate, but the story development is so great (so many mysteries, several clues find here and there that keeps connected, gradually the mystery revealed until the final thruth and final battle)


Pro :

  • The warmth story of family like relationship with the tenants
  • The adventure development in the universe (the author really has prepare a very2 great story plot indeed, the clues here and there becomes connected until the final thruth in the end....)
  • The character development especially the MC that maturing after his otherwordly experience
  • A relatively good comedic story

Con :

  • Slow pace and rather boring in the beginning
  • Not sure its con or not, but the fighting mainly use high tech weapon and lack of offensive divine ability
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AtnShadid rated it
November 4, 2020
Status: c45
So he encounters supernatural stuff in the middle of the night, and the girl supposed to rent his apartment turned out to be a wolf. It's all good till now except when she pulls out on renting the apartment he actually keeps her? Okay.

The story keeps going, and it's extremely boring imo. All this Vampire/wolf fighting is s*upid and repetitive.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
fireutsie rated it
March 14, 2020
Status: Completed
The reason why I like this novel is because it touches on alien civilizations. The mc's job is to explore the universe, prevent planet wide extinctions, save alien species and give them a new home if needed, and archive lost alien civilizations (those that did not get saved and got destroyed).

It starts slow, the characters keep their archetypes throughout the story, some of the things are a bit annoying. And yet, despite all of that, I really like it. I wish there were more novels with a genre like this.

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
anotherpumpkin rated it
March 20, 2017
Status: --
It is an amazing novel with a boring beginning. The story is far more than slice-to-life. It portrays many different fantastic worlds, races and myths. The novel reveals this grand framework by discovering an ancient mystery which concerns the fate of two universes entangled.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
BeeShelf rated it
March 16, 2016
Status: --
Ha the story is developing nicely and the light novel is different from the ones I usually read #noRebirth #noTeleportingToAnotherWorld #IhopeThereWontBeAnyHarem and the MC is normal guy, who lives a very mundane life. And the rest you READ hha It seems there is a comedy tag, but the story is not that.... Well, it is quite light-hearted novel, I'm also anticipating how this'll end, although its only starting. Hmm I smell Tragic end from this light novel, I hope not

Better yet keep reading L (*.*) ~
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Roleris rated it
November 15, 2021
Status: Completed
This was a great read. Yes, the start is kinda slow, but as the story goes on the characters that were randomly introduced get fleshed out and the story ramps up in basically every way, except the slice of life stuff.

This more "scientific" kind of way of portraying Gods is really refreshing, just like how Cultivation Chat Room is refreshing take on cultivation novels. And the mystery getting solved bit by bit, changing the conclusion so far every step of the way, while at the start having no idea that... more>> the mystery even exists was so satisfying.

There aren't many plot holes, and even those that are are quite minor, and the unsolved/unexplained mysteries gives me hope that there may be more novels to come that would explore this world.

There were of course some slumps where the story was padded with too much environment descriptions or what not, but it rarely ever felt like there was just filler. The only kinda disappointing bit was the romance, it was so minimal that it might have not existed at all.

9/10 for me, but 5 star here because I hope more people read it. <<less
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fangyuan rated it
April 22, 2020
Status: Completed
Probably one of my favorite Chinese novels. It feels like a mix of Space Dandy and Cultivation Chat Group. While I can understand why some people equate slow pacing to 'boring', I personally enjoy the pacing as it helps to dictate my reading tempo. I don't think the novel is suitable for those who expect action 24/7.

MC is not as OP and bright as everyone expects from an MC in cultivation novel because this novel is not a cultivation novel (duh). You do get to see MC and his casts... more>> gradually grow stronger and mature as they go through multiple missions.

Other stuffs to mention:

  1. There is a reason why 10.000 years is repeatedly mentioned (contrary to what a reviewer said)
  2. The buildup of the entire novel is really good as almost all, if not all, arcs pushes the story forward
  3. Late romance and that's fine because it is not necessary to the plot (but a nice bonus to have)
  4. World building is nice
  5. Ending is not the best but it's not bad
  6. Read the manhwa or animation to get visuals of the core characters
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
bkwrm rated it
April 1, 2020
Status: c1773
Yes this is finally fully translated, and I absolutely loved reading it. The humor mostly relies on people acting oddball or tweaking genre/character stereotypes, which I always find fun. And all the characters are great, they all have a distinct personality that doesn't feel like someone went down a list making check marks. It's also extremely refreshing that the MC isn't angsty, badass, obviously self insert, or naive.

A few things to keep in mind while reading:

-This isn't a Japanese light novel. There's next to no romance at all,... more>> and there's no harem whatsoever. In fact the plot constantly leads to situations that would lead have girls falling for the lead in a typical LN and this novel doesn't take that road. It's great and doesn't feel missing at all. The little romance there was I thought was handled quite well. -The MC isn't a do gooder or action hero. Most of the story is just finding out what the heck is going on in each situation. He's an investigator that only gets involved when a civilization itself is threatened. Think Star Trek.

-The landlord bit is ditched relatively quickly. Yeah he still technically is, but they become his team instead of tenants. Mostly because they're bored and his trips are exciting.

-Sure the plot kind of meanders and drags sometimes, but I think that's just the nature of 1773 freaking chapters.

-The time scale is a bit wonky. 10000 years is thrown about constantly and doesn't always make sense. Minor quibble.

-Rollie is perfect.

Honestly after finishing it, my only real complaint is that it ends a bit abruptly. There's no epilogue or a few days later or anything, just the plot resolution and bam that's it. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
yamibae rated it
March 8, 2020
Status: Completed
So far a good novel, the MC has a good personality and the supporting characters are good as well though they seem too naive to be as old as they're stated to be. Another issue is probably just me but it's highly annoying to read about Xiling Empire and how powerful they are considering in the other novel by the Author, the MC became the Emperor and was OP from the start...


Lots of human worship later on which makes little sense to me when comparing against other races and... more>> beings, it was as if every Earthly "God" was considered backwards compared to the current humans and we're talking about some of them having literal separate dimensions and magic. Don't care if it was once or twice but it's almost a constantly prevailing theme as the MC deals with otherworld creatures and it's the most s*upid sh*t ever, it totally breaks the immersion the moment you think about things so you need to suspend your disbelief, at least it's not china worship....

[EDIT 2]

The ending is average if not terrible imo, it ends very abrutly without the main issues being solved. Sure they kill the big bad guy but I was more interested in what happens AFTER that. Nothing happens after and it ends on a big feelgood proposal cliffhanger to me. No after story, no time skips, no elaboration, no closing loose ends. Just ends. Absolutely unacceptable... <<less
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