Sword of Daybreaker


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Gawain is dead and was transmigrated, but there was a slight problem during the process.
After floating for more than a hundred thousand years on a different continent, he felt that he might need a body to become a complete transmigrator, but he did not expect that…

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Límíng Zhī Jiàn
Sword of Dawn
Sword of Dawnbreaker
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criticalmind rated it
August 14, 2019
Status: c600
An awesome novel. One of my favourites ever since I started reading it on lnmtl. It's a kingdom building novel where the MC becoes a duke and starts reforming his territory with universal education, science and abolishing s*avery etc. At the same time, he's fighting against evil cults, the church, various nobles and preparing for armageddon (Read the story for more details). It reminds me quite a bit of Release that witch except for the lack of romance and the fact that most of the rules of science are not... more>> the same and have to be rediscovered.

The MC is likeable, actually uses whatever knowledge he has. He's not completely OP and depends on a large number of people. He uses his brain far more often than his predecessor's supposedly legendary strength.

The other characters are memorable and well developed. There are a few 'genius' characters who turn his ideas into reality and even improve upon them quite a bit. The antagonists are quite smart. Their actions are more or less logical and they actually win some of the time.

TL;DR An awesome, must read, kingdom building, tech building, political and action novel with a lot happening and a well written cast of characters. <<less
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LuNaTiC rated it
October 22, 2019
Status: c650
It is a great Kingdom Building, Sci-FY, Technological Development, Fantasy, Fiction, Drama Novel.

An awesome novel. One of my favorites.

The author is ingenious, creative and brilliant.

... more>> This novel is quite similar to the infamous RTW. But both books are different in essence.

RTW (release the witch) looks like a Kingdom Building novel whereas it is actually a juvenile's world revolution. RTW has a simple linear story line.

In contrast, SOTD (Sword of Day-breaker/Dawn) is both kingdom building and some sort of world revolution. At first glance this book looks like a simple story but later on this become much more complex.

"Technological Development promotes Industrial Revolution and Industrial Revolution promotes Social Development." Basically this is MC's motto.

The world structure of the novel is different from Earth's world. So MC cannot implement his Earth knowledge & technology blindly in this world. MC just can't copy paste everything. What he can do is to utilize IDEA or CONCEPT of different sectors. He can improvise things at best. Author's writing is shine brilliantly in this area. Author writes very creatively & excellently about the technological creativity & innovation, the transition from Earth technology to Magical technology and also implementation this technology to this world and the changes & consequences of this changes.

What I most like about this novel is MC's take on world social structure. Author describes in a great detail about the Middle Age time period like common people's ignorance, s*aves lifeless lives etc. Social situations of the world. The author describe very well about people resistant to new changes, ideas and social changes.

What I most like that MC never underestimate this world's Indigenous People. He tries to use various people's talent properly & effectively. MC is clever & smart. He knows very well that he is neither omnipotent nor center of the world. He is a simple catalyst for changes. MC is very foresighted. He properly uses his advanced technology to invaded other areas to achieve his long-term purposes.

Funny thing is that this world already has many advance technology & knowledge.


MC is very careful about bringing various changes around him. He is sure about the reverse affect which various changes can bring. MC has wanted to bring various social structural changes but sometimes failed for various reasons.

The writing is very fluid and interesting. The story development is smooth. Surprisingly novel's flavor is mixed (Western, Japanese, Chinese). The MC's starting point and world building is quite unique.

There is no romance at all.

Character development is bit lacking.

Like every other Chinese novels Author & MC is on vi*gra but a lesser one. Things developed quickly but still on a likable space. At list better than RTW.

@ review is really great & very much spot on. {Thanks Man. I started reading this book because of your review.}

It's an amazing read. I am in love with this book (so I may be biased).

But I think it is much better than others Chinese novels. It should get much more limelight & attention.

I personally think that this novel is a must read. <<less
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tallrice rated it
May 29, 2020
Status: c105
It's a pretty good reincarnating, world-building series.

Has a reincarnator who goes and introduces modern tech into a magi-medieval setting. It has great world building and attention to how society works.

Pretty solid approach to feudal society with a well articulated Marxist outlook

... more>> Much of this is propped up by his Marxist approach to history and society - how he analyses his nobles, repression of serfs and tradesman, and the liberation under the enlightened autocratic Duke who is our MC who leads the first stage socialist revolution.

Boring comedy 90% of the time

The comedy can be quite wonderful at specific points when it draws out a character trait, and yet, 90% of the time, it's like an annoying fly buzzing around, since he keeps on repeating the same old jokes over and over again. It's rare that a conversation goes by without the MC thinking or talking about how the speaker deserves a beating... the schtick gets boring fast...

This humour is probably not so accidental, as the holier-than-thou and flawless MC is strong in this one...

The holier-than-thou OP MC

The MC is another wish fulfilment protagonist. You can bet that 90% of the cast of characters this reincarnator/ancient hero/satellite-god meets are downtrodden hot girls, half his age, who he rescues from feudal prejudice and liberates like the other serfs. The fact that there's no romance is sort of irrelevant... the author is much more happy to be every girl's idol than to actually create an actual relationship, which would have at least required some human drama and emotion...

Which isn't to say that the MC as a kind of benevolent father figure is all bad. He is not always right (just always credited and worshiped) and always makes times to listen to the great ideas of his young girl geniuses and grizzled men retainers, who come up with a lot of the specifics to make the MC's plagiarisms a reality. Just... well, it's a sign of lacking emotional development in a character...

Instead of an emotionally developed MC, the kicks come from everyone praising him as his big fanbase of worshipful (and hot) crouching tigers from the proletariat have all been saved by his genius, modern insights and... elementary education!

Magitech and universal education!

Elementary education is pretty fun, and is part of what makes world building so great. There's a lot of really solid social thought, a big emphasis of the importance of math and literacy and new inventions that take the best of modern Earth and magical runes.

Magi-tech, the inner workings of it, is another part of this series that shines, since the author isn't afraid to fuse magic with math and come up with unique ideas for this alternate world's tech.

... and there's fanboying of Cai Guoqiang and Art... but who doesn't like gunpowder and explosions?

Autocratic state... without the bad sides, in fact, what bad sides? Nothing ever goes wrong.

On the other hand, my more cynical self sees a lot of this and notes how much of it is based on ignoring any kind of problem that could happen.

The author himself will frequently interject at how lucky the MC is... the plot armour is all over the place. Whether it's the people he meets, his thrice blessed identities, his immediate social standing even as he steps out of the coffin, the fact that each of his retainers more genius than the next and each downtrodden and in need of saving.

And this carries over to the society he builds. No social issues. Which is great for him, since I doubt authorities in China would look kindly on political issues arising in an autocratic socialist state... We essentially we have a cult of the personality that's all happy-go-lucky without any self-interested middle managers over-reporting, thought police, no one cares that nobody has intellectual property, and they still all work hard for the fearless leader because they're just grateful they aren't s*aves anymore.

This is a super religious world, stressed many times over by the author, but all the people in Gawain's territory are just serfs, so they don't care about religion and don't mind that Gawain isn't religious. In fact, the high priests don't care, because Gawain isn't part of the dark cults, the religions' enemies.

There's not even issues on a social level... I mean, he befriends a (loli) thief in the first chapter, and, of course, the thief adores this atypical noble... instead of, y'know, making off with his gold stamp after chapter 5...

There's just no tension anywhere... Nothing that can go well goes bad. There's no struggle or unexpected circumstance. The MC 'ingeniously' predicts what will happen, and so does it happen... whether it even made sense that way or not.

It's ironic to me that the author is so great at analysing the evils of feudalism and other societies, but is totally happy with not introducing any challenges or hurdles to his MC's society... some of it might be explained by his faith in his socialist backdrop, but it goes beyond that. It's a wish fulfilment that he can reincarnate and have nothing go wrong... due to luck, as the author himself states many a time...

Instead of adding depth to his society building by demonstrating and using the MC and retainers ideas to overcome challenges, he just basically assumes the premise that the MC can do no evil.

Tedious detail, stating instead of showing ideas, and lack of human drama

One more warning though, the series can be tedious, both because the comedy is often flat and boring, and because the author goes off on tangents on details of his technology. This is probably the point that most separates this novel from RTW, it sacrifices drama for detail, often through long expositions.

Unfortunately, particularly with the comedic punches of most conversations, the author just doesn't bother weaving worldbuilding into drama and action, it's all written out in big essays stating and not showing... This is my fundamental for giving this a 3 instead of 4 stars.

I am quite honestly confused about whether I like Sword of Daybreaker or not. At times, I love it, at times I feel like yawning and falling asleep, while at other times I am rolling my eyes and cursing the ideological backdrop... I highly recommend it for those who like territory management and would like a gritty view of feudal fantasy society. It's not for people who are put off by chauvinism or lots of boring details. <<less
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fireutsie rated it
April 22, 2020
Status: c890
TL;DR: Highly recommended for people who have the patience to enjoy a highly detailed kingdom building novel. Especially if you liked Release That Witch which is somewhat similar to this novel. It goes in deeper about the details, philosophy, schemes, politics and inventions than RTW. Which has resulted into less battles.

This novel is more about kingdom building and less about war. The novel goes in deep about politics, public opinion, religious belief, scheming and society. We get a thorough explanation about not only how he invents and implement things but... more>> also why he does it.

As others have said, it is similar to Release That Witch. However in my opinion it is also different in a way that it manages to not be called Release That Which 2.0. This novel takes place in the universe of "The Record of Unusual Creatures", once you reach the later chapters (600+) and uncover some answers, you will see that the overarching plot is very different than that of RTW. And how he handles his "opponents" is also very different. The few battles and showoffs the MC has are all well written and hyped up, which offsets this issue somewhat.

Compared to RTW I would say that this novel goes in deeper into the technicalities and philosophy. Less adventuring and conquering. More thinking, talking, drawing up plans and scheming. And boy does our MC scheme well, his plans are several moves ahead of his enemies and allies. There are also some really formidable enemies as well as competent enemy leaders. A lot more factions compared to RTW.

The inventions too have issues due to the physics of the universe working differently. So the MC could not implement his ideas directly and has to rely on competent allies and subordinates to solve things. The biggest difference perhaps is that the MC isn't the only one with talented people, his enemies also have talented people and are progressing while he is trying to get his stuff together.

As of right now there has also not been any signs of romance. Which is kinda expected because our mc's mind got a little bit warped by his reincarnation procedure. This also leads to certain very interesting and hilarious things later on.

The are few "battles" however the buildup is good. There are plenty of mysteries the MC has to solve. But he doesn't do it alone since he has to rule over his lands and work. So he makes allies, friends and subordinates who can help him solve the mysteries. He does step in occasionally but he is mostly not on the frontlines or in direct command.

I think it is a very well done kingdom building novel. Some people might find it slow, however I really like this slow paced way of planning things out and going into detail about stuff other novels skip in order to fit in more fighting and adventuring. <<less
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apsisodia rated it
June 20, 2020
Status: c900
(4.5 out of 5) (ignore my mistakes, I'm still learning English)

One of the most underrated novel on this site. Slow but very good Kingdom building novel.

Some people are saying that it is a copy of Release that witch and thus rating it so low because of this. Sure in the beginning some plots are similar to RTW but the story it entirely different from RTW. I too like RTW but in my opinion Sword of Daybreaker is far better than RTW.

Guys if you like RTW or kingdome building... more>> novels, give it a chance. Only lacking things in this novel is romance. <<less
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AvERaGeNP rated it
April 16, 2020
Status: c102
MC is doing a lot of things in these 100 worth of chapters but not once it is mentioned what his driving force or ambition is. Why is he still maintaining his facade? Is his intention for building up his territory for the sole purpose of hiding his identity? Why is he head strong about being the beacon of light against the dark force. Such massive responsibility all just to cover up his little facade? But if that was the case wouldn't it be better just go with the cover... more>> 'I just share resemblance? ' Or maybe change his get-up after abandoning the three stooges? Also I don't think he would take on so much responsibility just because he got soft for them in a month or so. That is quite unrealistic as well. Lets say if he does want to protect them then I think there are 100s of ways of doing so without literally initiating a dukedom building. The way everything is going on just seems like 'go with the flow' writing.

Though that is one part of novel I couldn't stomach and is sole reason for deducting 1 star I have to say world building is quite nice and the approach the author is taking on to introduce knowledge from earth is really different. Characters have thoughts and doesn't cater solely to MC. When MC shares knowledge of earth technology they build their own interpretation on it thus improving upon it. Main Character doesn't seem to think his ideas are above rest, he actually listens to others and gives them credit if they can outwit him or put forward innovative ideas. I love that it doesn't lower side characters IQ just to make protagonist shine brighter. I think for these 100 chapters 4 star is justified especially since author forgot to mention the protagonists reasoning for this whole ordeal. <<less
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March 11, 2020
Status: --
Having read ahead, this is literally RTW. Seriously, I'm not even kidding, this is almost a carbon copy.

  • Reincarnated Chinese keyboard warrior with mysterious memory to remember all sorts of blueprints (at least a decent explanation was given)
  • Awakens in the body of a noble
  • Distant underdeveloped territory
  • Recruits a shadow step capable half elf, a research mage and another capable mage who only does fire magic
  • Develops magic engines to develop territory
  • Battles evil cults and evil church
  • Apparently big war with demon like monsters happened and will happen again
  • Invents magic laser.
Well you get the... more>> point. So leaving it at 4 stars for now <<less
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Sircus rated it
February 2, 2020
Status: c638
The story is fresh for me, the setting is good. However while I like kingdom building it´s hardly "new" or particularly exciting to read about. It´s been done a 1000 times before. The background plot surrounding the "kingdom building" is much more interesting. Worth checking out.
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