Sword of Daybreaker


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Gawain is dead and was transmigrated, but there was a slight problem during the process.
After floating for more than a hundred thousand years on a different continent, he felt that he might need a body to become a complete transmigrator, but he did not expect that…

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Sword of Daybreak
The Sword of Dawn
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criticalmind rated it
August 14, 2019
Status: c600
An awesome novel. One of my favourites ever since I started reading it on lnmtl. It's a kingdom building novel where the MC becoes a duke and starts reforming his territory with universal education, science and abolishing slavery etc. At the same time, he's fighting against evil cults, the church, various nobles and preparing for armageddon (Read the story for more details). It reminds me quite a bit of Release that witch except for the lack of romance and the fact that most of the rules of science are not... more>> the same and have to be rediscovered.

The MC is likeable, actually uses whatever knowledge he has. He's not completely OP and depends on a large number of people. He uses his brain far more often than his predecessor's supposedly legendary strength.

The other characters are memorable and well developed. There are a few 'genius' characters who turn his ideas into reality and even improve upon them quite a bit. The antagonists are quite smart. Their actions are more or less logical and they actually win some of the time.

TL;DR An awesome, must read, kingdom building, tech building, political and action novel with a lot happening and a well written cast of characters. <<less
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LuNaTiC rated it
October 22, 2019
Status: c650
It is a great Kingdom Building, Sci-FY, Technological Development, Fantasy, Fiction, Drama Novel.

An awesome novel. One of my favorites.

The author is ingenious, creative and brilliant.

... more>> This novel is quite similar to the infamous RTW. But both books are different in essence.

RTW (release the witch) looks like a Kingdom Building novel whereas it is actually a juvenile's world revolution. RTW has a simple linear story line.

In contrast, SOTD (Sword of Day-breaker/Dawn) is both kingdom building and some sort of world revolution. At first glance this book looks like a simple story but later on this become much more complex.

"Technological Development promotes Industrial Revolution and Industrial Revolution promotes Social Development." Basically this is MC's motto.

The world structure of the novel is different from Earth's world. So MC cannot implement his Earth knowledge & technology blindly in this world. MC just can't copy paste everything. What he can do is to utilize IDEA or CONCEPT of different sectors. He can improvise things at best. Author's writing is shine brilliantly in this area. Author writes very creatively & excellently about the technological creativity & innovation, the transition from Earth technology to Magical technology and also implementation this technology to this world and the changes & consequences of this changes.

What I most like about this novel is MC's take on world social structure. Author describes in a great detail about the Middle Age time period like common people's ignorance, slaves lifeless lives etc. Social situations of the world. The author describe very well about people resistant to new changes, ideas and social changes.

What I most like that MC never underestimate this world's Indigenous People. He tries to use various people's talent properly & effectively. MC is clever & smart. He knows very well that he is neither omnipotent nor center of the world. He is a simple catalyst for changes. MC is very foresighted. He properly uses his advanced technology to invaded other areas to achieve his long-term purposes.

Funny thing is that this world already has many advance technology & knowledge.


MC is very careful about bringing various changes around him. He is sure about the reverse affect which various changes can bring. MC has wanted to bring various social structural changes but sometimes failed for various reasons.

The writing is very fluid and interesting. The story development is smooth. Surprisingly novel's flavor is mixed (Western, Japanese, Chinese). The MC's starting point and world building is quite unique.

There is no romance at all.

Character development is bit lacking.

Like every other Chinese novels Author & MC is on vi*gra but a lesser one. Things developed quickly but still on a likable space. At list better than RTW.

@ review is really great & very much spot on. {Thanks Man. I started reading this book because of your review.}

It's an amazing read. I am in love with this book (so I may be biased).

But I think it is much better than others Chinese novels. It should get much more limelight & attention.

I personally think that this novel is a must read. <<less
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