The Promotion Record of A Crown Princess


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Occupational Analysis of “Crown Princess”:

Number One: Promotion prospects are bleak, Crown Princess—Empress—Empress Dowager, the time between each is vast, and difficulty is extremely high.

Number Two: No guarantees of continuous labor, not to mention the lack of insurance, you can be dismissed at any time, furthermore you will no longer be able to start another career!

Number Three: The nature of the job is dangerous, at any time there is the danger of death, if the Crown Prince isn’t able to ascend as emperor, you will fall out of luck together with him, if the crown prince ascends as emperor, you have to be careful as to not unluckily fall alone.

Number Four: Moonlighting as a s*x worker, though the intensity of the job is unlikely to be very big, however, there is no power to select the service partner.

To summarize, the job of Crown Princess isn’t particularly a good job, no prospects, large stress, and the manual labor is intense……

Okay, in fact that was just a flood of words, a simple summary is:

This is a story about a “woman’s” struggles in the harem……

At the same time, it is also about a “man’s” sufferings in the harem……

Associated Names
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Go Princess Go
Thái Tử Phi Thăng Chức Ký
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Awesome Sauce
Awesome Sauce
August 19, 2016
Status: --
I was cringing the whole time reading this (only few chapters out right now).

Wait, hear me out.

I've read a decent amount of historical Chinese novels, and something I've always been wondering about is: how do those who've transmigrated from the modern era rapidly adapt to the more ancient society's rigid etiquette?

Finally, we have here a novel that has bypassed this plot hole. This beautiful girl now has a male soul, naturally he knows nothing on how to act as a woman, even more so as a crown princess who's being... more>> watched very carefully as every action and every word is analyzed. Thus, it was hard to read because of how uncomfortable he made me feel -- because he's doing it wrong! And it's so refreshing. He's actually kinda cute, with his ignorance. I can't wait to see how our MC will actually become a princess in heart and in mind, or if he retains his male mindset and perverted tendencies. (4/5) <<less
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alexfilia rated it
August 13, 2017
Status: c6
The MC is a man that got tranferred into the body of the unwanted crown princess whose hubby wants his brother's wife

Its a funny read since the MC is a troll and likes looking at pretty girls... this novel even has a tv drama addaptation
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Zefelina rated it
August 29, 2016
Status: c3
Quite a fun novel about a guy who dies (?) and is placed into a body of a girl (Crown Princess). So far what I like the best is the attitude: he doesn't panic, rage, scream or do any of those things that would usually be people's normal reactions to suddenly switching genders. Instead, he laments not being able to enjoy the ''sweet flowers'' that suddenly surround him cause he also became one.

I believe that this novel has a drama adaptation (Go, Princess, Go!) which was released in 2015 if... more>> I am not mistaken. It is also very fun so if someone wants to enjoy and see how a similar story develops, you can also watch it. It is more of a comedy than historical drama. <<less
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Fathom rated it
August 18, 2016
Status: c2
Truly hilarious! I was somehow expecting an elegant love story with the regular run of the mill political infighting of a crown prince's harem and throne. Instead, it's about a pervy guy that has transmigrated into the crown princess. Too bad there aren't more chapters yet, but I'll be eagerly reading this series as soon as the next chapter releases. The crown prince seems like a real jerk so far, so it'll be a treat to see how the MC will manipulate everyone around him with his sarcastic wit and... more>> blasé about love attitude. At this point I don't expect much in the romance department. Too bad it's not yaoi though, but it's similar enough because the MC's mind is still his old pervy self. <<less
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MisheruBookish rated it
August 17, 2016
Status: --
Its interesting. Its disorienting at first because of the gender bender thing but it gets better later on. I've read other historical gender like chu wang fei, to be a virtuous wife, mistaken marriage novels and et al. And must say this is a first for its different start and cause of transmigration. I'm still holding back with the rating because I cant say for now if the plot is well established and if the characters' disposition and personality suit m taste. Well, I'll expect a lot in this WN... more>> please continue to translate this and thank you for your hardwork. :D <<less
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Tachi Works
Biah_belle rated it
August 18, 2016
Status: c3
Just read it XD

The female lead is hilarious, running into men's washrooms and checking out their sizes before realizing she drunk an dicless. Then her attack/escape/feign ignorance list of options come out and I could die.
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Accellia rated it
March 4, 2020
Status: c90
This review will be long and mixed with comparison to drama.

It's the best in its way.

MC is smart and consistent to logic. I love how the author keep portraying MC male soul. It's funny when their (I'm sorry I can't choose between he/she so I use neutral term) playboy act is shown eventhough they are female now, kinda get GxG vibe here and there :D

... more>> It also has character development in MC. You can see later that their female side will be blended in.

So this novel portrays the struggle of gender change the best, but only in MC mind, as MC physical act is fluently portray soft ancient woman. Author avoided this plot hole by telling MC is training for several months to be a graceful elegant empress, but no detailed explanation. Why?

Because this novel is heavily political.

To the point romance will be put to the last here because it's also layered with betrayal.

So for you who watch the drama, and read this because of the romance in drama... Prepared to be disappointed, okay. Because the romance in drama, I can accept Qi Sheng (ML) reason, and somehow I can forgive him. But in novel... He is too bullshit, he is too jerk, to the point that I can't any reason author will be saying can save him, eventhough the reason might be the same in drama. Here is why:

  1. QS betrayed MC once. In a way that MC almost lost their life when MC is trying to trust him m for the first time. The betrayal is already bad start, but almost losing life is too fatal.
  2. If QS trying to seek forgiveness or trying get MC trust after that, or talking to MC, it might be okay. But NO. After that, QS move always dangerous to MC and MC's family. I know it's for political stability, for the sake of MC too (bcs he MIGHT be in love with MC and he wants MC is safe from any direction, MC own family included), but when you see it from MC point, it's too deadly, you can't help to fully distrust QS like MC did. That's why any QS romantic pursuing act is failed.
  3. After MC telling about his soul is a male, and MC (looks like) give up on against QS, he is still testing MC. It's understandable since MC not trusting him before. But... Hey. MC, with male pride in his soul, telling you about his gender change, then willing to be under you... Is it not enough? It might be illogical but if QS stitch the hints about his weird act, MC being male is believable. And you still not trust MC is on ur side and still testing them in dangerous way?
  4. Jiang Shi. QS took advantage of her to the fullest. I know Jiang Shi get benefit too, she can get close to QS, the man she loves. But QS as the one in upper hand, he can do anything other that that. And QS use her for MC... really... Too scum. At first I hate her, but QS is the one controlling her, so QS is the one that should be hated the most. Somehow I also felt sorry for her... She is fall in love with the wrong person...
  5. QS always subdue MC by force in bed. I know in ancient times it might be a common thing, but subdue MC by force, not long after MC gave birth and telling him about he is male in soul... And it seems like he is in love with MC no matter the gender of MC soul, but by force, even when he still didn't know that MC isn't fully woman... I can't see love at all.
  6. Also, if in later chapter QS pretend he almost dead like in drama... The more reason to hate him.

All that detail isn't portrayed much in drama, that's why I can forgive QI Sheng in drama. His jerk move isn't heavy in drama.

Even after I detailed of how much I hate the ML aka QI Sheng, I still love him and this novel. Idk why.......

Oh. I also disappointed that their child didn't get much screen time... This novel need some sweetness from cute baby...


For anyone who comment, hey MC just accept ML and be woman fully, you are already woman in body anyway, what's the use of going against it? Have some consideration and rethink about it please. Gender change is not easy. Even in our reality like transgender or anyone who feels different gender perspective from their body, is really difficult to accept. How about MC gender change by force like this? MC needs time. Like I said earlier, MC female and male soul will be blended. MC will still thinking with heavy logic from male view, but also from female view, also aware that they are now woman, plus trying using their feeling... :3 <<less
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Sinking Ship
Sinking Ship rated it
January 30, 2020
Status: c111
If you read this story expecting the typical c-romance-novel "domineering CEO type falls in love for the first time" plotline you will be sorely disappointed. The main character and the male character with the most screen time (the crown prince and later emperor Qi Sheng) are all but enemies. In the early chapters, there are some "wacky hijinks" where the MC runs around to a brothel and other, similar, things but don't be fooled by those few light-hearted chapters because at the end of the day the story is very... more>> much a serious palace drama and those chapters only serve to introduce us to the main political players in the dynasty the MC finds herself transmigrated to.

To know what kind of novel this is all you really have to do is look at the title. "The Promotion Record of a Crown Princess". Read those words and understand them if you don't want to feel disappointed by the direction the story goes in later chapters. For a crown princess in an imperial China setting to be promoted, what needs to happen? The current emperor needs to either die or be deposed and then the crown princess is "promoted" to the empress. Most people seem to be on board with that idea. But you have to look a little further to know what to expect from the story. How does an empress get "promoted" again after being lifted up from "crown princess"? Well, she has to have a male heir (not necessarily born by her but one has to exist) and then the current emperor (her nominal husband remember) has to either die or be deposed and in that way the empress will be "promoted" to empress dowager.

If you keep your eyes on the prize and read the story with those things in mind - it's an enjoyable palace drama. But if you read it expecting a typical vanilla romance between the main character and the ostensible male lead... you're gonna be disappointed.

edit: Having now read to chapter 111 I stand by the entirety of the review I wrote at c70 but I would like to add an addendum: All that stuff I said above is still true but

your disappointment will only have to last up to chapter 110. After that, the vanilla romance finally begins.

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Starvenus rated it
November 11, 2018
Status: Completed
It’s a satisfying gender bender historical story for me.

The story started quite abrupt with the way we suddenly were presented with a guy soul flying with Heavenly Lord to find him a new body to occupy.

He himself didn’t realize that the Lord meant to give him a women body. He feels so miserable since he is surrounded with beauties in a harem but he can’t do anything about it cause he is one himself being a Crown Princess.

Not to mention he is caught in awkward situation as her husband, the... more>> Crown Prince loves a woman who is the wife of his fifth brother (Prince). The woman loves the Crown Prince too. The fifth Prince loves the woman too. So it’s a love square. Crown Princess loves the Crown Prince. Crown Prince and fifth Prince love the same woman. The woman loves the Crown Prince. And she is the wife of the fifth Prince. Yea so mess up.

The story has a good amount of comedies mix in it which I like so we don’t get bored with the heavy politics stories. Through out the story the comedy is kept up good to lighten the mood a bit surrounding the real story of the novel.

It reminds me a lot of To Be Virtuous Wife but add a touch of comedy in it and the original soul is a guy.

Definitely worth to read for people who likes historical female transmigration/reincarnation story. <<less
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Aspasya rated it
July 20, 2018
Status: --
I thought this novel is a comedy from the early chapters, but I was wrong it became so serious and a bit complicated through the end, the story is non cliche, it was a good read but not really enjoyable... full of heartache T_T and when things got a bit better it ends just like that... where's my fluff?? T_T
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Nom de Plume
Nom de Plume rated it
March 13, 2020
Status: c94
The characters are interesting and the drama is deep.

Read this if you like to be tortured with unknown character motivations and bet on who actually has sincere feelings.

The main character is not s*upid, but will struggle to understand the other characters alongside the reader. At least the main character has sufficient reason to not trust people enough to just be honest with each other.
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qirong rated it
January 13, 2020
Status: c71
The MC in this is AMAZING. So cunning and strong! Lu Li, her maid, is also absolutely amazing. Lu Li is ranked as one of my favourite characters not just in this novel, but of c-novels in general.

The ML is a scumbag, but I like scumbags so I was fine with that except for one thing he did.

The first half of the novel is hilarious and also very interesting, a good read in general. In later chapters it has gotten a bit darker, though, at least for the characters I... more>> care about.

A lot of people seem to be a bit confused towards the MC, as in what her character is, because at times she acts naive or dumb, but honestly - what you think you know, she always does, at any point.


There is a point where I noticed the comments kept going "does the ML like her not!" and then they went "MC, the ML loves u that's why he's acting like this!" and back again in the next chapter.

The whole time the MC really acted like she was oblivious, and didn't understand the romantic undertines. In the end, she knew exactly what he was doing, - no matter whether he likes her or not, he has other priorities.


Anyway, don't expect a silly and loving development for them, or for the MC to be the oblivious cherished character. You will just be confused and disappointed...

Leading to confused and disappointed, there's the ML, which I must admit is extremely secondary to me next to the MC and my goddess Lv Li.


He is very scheming and selfish, and several times he has the MC which is always stressful. At the start when he learnt she was a fake and it seemed like they were going to become partners in crime I extremely fooled - well, fool me twice shame on me.

I still didn't care because my focus is the MC, and their interactions were funny anyway.

Still, after he came for Lu Li and tried to have her killed everything changed.

First off, the part where he had the MC call herself a woman and she cried for the first time in novel was absolutely horrifying.

Then he tried to kill Lu Li, my fave, so me not caring for him ended and turned into hate. His actions after that were worse and worse - trying to r*pe the MC to humiliate her taking the cake.

The MC has also clearly begun to sink further into despair after Lu Li left, first I feel because of that last step of having to succumb and say she was a woman, but also because she is alone with no one to trust.

At this point she is very alone and losing it and it can be seen in numerous ways. Without Lu Li here it's also way harder to look past it.

Anyway the ML is dead to me.

Remember how the first time they slept together the MC called out "Lu Li, let's go to sleep" first? next time let it rly be her pls 🙏

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Duchessme rated it
June 19, 2019
Status: c25
It was a fantastic story. Looks like romance won't be involved with the "crown princess". Wonder how will he help the crown prince ascend as an emperor and obtain his white moonlight Zhang Wangfei...
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
chocolatechipcookie rated it
December 17, 2018
Status: --
I likes the MC and the story except for the fact that !SPOILER ALERT! She ended up with

... more>>

The f*cking shitty crown prince like wtf, I honestly shipped her with that Chu guy, the second ml, in also the drama and I thought that they would end up together but no. Crown Prince was so awful and didn't deserve MC that I went as far as to think the MC should just go with the evil 2ndML instead. 2ndML's ending was just awful and I really felt sorry, ML should just suffer


I'm so frustrated of the Crown Prince <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Humbledaisy rated it
January 20, 2018
Status: c16
Originally, I stumbled into reading this novel. I had no expectations so when the heroine's inner monologues began - I burst out laughing. Finally, a transmigrator who tells it like it is (or might be) and didn't settle complacently into life in the past.

The plot is that of a modern playboy who travels back in time - to find out he's now living the life of an unloved princess consort. Imagine the joys of discovering you were now living in a household of beautiful women - without the wherewithal to... more>> do anything about it. Or does he/she?

The author portrays the standard side characters in a palace novel - the concubines, the second leads, eunuchs, the other princes and a Dowager Empress - but gives them a sharply funny twist. I'm enjoying the plot so far and Our Hero-in-the-Heroine's-Body's proactive nature. He/She isn't going to just let things happen to him/her! Only, they never quite end up like he/she hopes... ha!

The humor is a bit bawdy but as many people are seeking it out because of the flirtatious drama version, Go Princess Go, I don't think that's a problem. Looking forward to seeing how it all turns out! <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Maiasia rated it
September 24, 2017
Status: c9
First and foremost, LMAO! Omg that ending of chapter nine! Freaking hilarious! Anyways, down to business. I thoroughly enjoyed both translations of this novel. It drew me into the story deep enough that if there were any mistakes, I didn't really care about it. This novel is about a man who transmigrated into the body of an unloved consort princess in the middle of a love square, where she wasn't the one being fought for. Though inside the body of a woman, the MC still mantain his masculine thoughts and... more>> spends a great deal of his time checking out the beauties in the harem. As of yet there isn't enough chapters to really gauge the scope of the plot but so far for what is there I am thouroughly enjoying it and looking forward for more updates. Good job team. You folks are doing an awesome job! <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
hiryukaede rated it
June 11, 2020
Status: Completed
The story totally good!!! The MC really awesome and hillarius!.

Inthe beginning story, we will find the ML totally jerk, (couse its based on view from mc). But don't worry, ML only sleep with the MC, never with any other woman, and also, they are very sweet together, I only can say, the ML very loyal, even though, he a jerk sometimes, but everything he do, have a reason on it.

The MC, she really great, funny, smart, and amazing as well, he not fall for ML straight away, I just... more>> can say, its very realistic.. But, also can be make us depresed too,.. sigh, the politics between them, totally make us feel upside-down, to heavy!.. but then, the ending, totally sweet, they are together more than 20 years, and ML only have MC become his Empress, till the end, with all their children (T-T)... How sweet, recomendid to someone who want read heavy plot abaut politic, sceme, with loyal strong couple inside,... <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
December 8, 2019
Status: --
I loooooooooooooooooooved this story. Hilarious, lovely, and tragic.
I hope that don't drop the translate

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
July 17, 2019
Status: --
I think this novel is a really fun read! And I laughed all the way through it, very very funny. The language and style the author used in this novel is definitely very charming. Love FL and MC. Good for the author and translator.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
aliceV rated it
September 26, 2019
Status: c40
I really like this author, after all I am fan of her stories. Like her another stories, there is no backstabbing plot. The MC too is bright, smart, really humorous. Great one to relax.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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