Fugui Ronghua


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N/A“Yesterday I asked my husband: What would you do if you transmigrate into an ancient woman?

Answer: adapt to society, integrate to the new life.

Ask: Even give birth to children?

Answer: Of course, in order to survive anything would do, don’t you think only woman could adapt easily.

Ask: what if in a rich family with multiple wives and one husband?

Answer: The answer is the same as above, can endure it physiologically let alone psychologically, to be in love with ancient stud horse is looking for fault yourself, it couldn’t be better just to enjoy the riches that you have, no need to work like ox and horse like this life.

I didn’t expect my husband to be this swift and fierce, I hugged and kissed him wildly several times!”

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New Galba1157 rated it
May 18, 2020
Status: c20
Fugui Ronghua is well written short novel. Felt like a dairy from point of female lead (or male lead- it is gender bender so). To her mother-in-law, he/she was “easy to raise” and knows how to enjoy life. Which I agree. Male was okay. If there will be extras about children it will be wonderful.
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New Vanlatte rated it
May 17, 2020
Status: Completed
This one is interesting. Although too short for me. 4.5 stars, but I really like it, so it's round up.

This is not heavy drama. Well, I think it'll be heavy if the MC did not act as she was. But she was just so smart..??

Btw, it's just sad that it ends like that... I want to know how ML settled later in his life. 'tho I hope for romance to bloom, is it too far fetched? I think ML truly loved MC later in the novel, but MC seemed to... more>> think 'There's no way a man in this era truly love just one person'?? It was his mindset since he had been reborn, I guess.

All in all, this is a good, light, and refreshing novel. <<less
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RozenKristal rated it
July 10, 2018
Status: Completed
I read quite a wide range of genres, romance, xianxia, historical warfare, some econ novels as well; so I'm not really biased to reading gender bender only. Urg, let cut it short, I'm the current translator for this novel and you can think I am an expert of this niche as I read/skim through probably 100 or 200 of this genre. The majority of them are [email protected], as they are projection of idiotic authors' fantasy. Many novels would just rant on and on how smooth MCs' skin or how perfect... more>> the body ratio is. Then all the numerous inhuman qualities/skills that MC have. The amount of sh*t that I had to wade through to find gems like Fugui Ronghua, niu fei (this one is golden, too bad it is qidian), or reborn as love rival was huge. Still, there are nice classic out there that is totally worth reading.

Edit: I hope you guys will give it a fair review after reading at least 5 chapters, not just giving it a 1* after reading the prologue.


Enough ranting, this novel is very short, as you can see. 18 chapters and 2 extras. The novel is written in the first person, from the MC's perspective. It is like a diary from the beginning of transmigration toward end of her family life. It talks of life as a rich lady, of a furen in a young household in which the husband is a naive and unambitious gongzi, and of how the MC manages what many ladies at the time can't, to have a calm and unchaotic harem while gaining the respect of MC's husband.

I really like the MC's characters. If you identify yourself as a bisexual or at least be flexible with your imagination, then I think you will have no trouble understanding the MC's train of thoughts and actions. I think MC's is a realist. She knows what she has to do in order to survive the shackle of a male dominant society. Instead of trying to suicide, or looking for ways to gain back male body, all MC does is adjust, be best at what she learned, and by not chasing after love, love has come circle around to chase after her.

If you think Su Jian is the best female MC in romance, then Nan Er is the best and most realistic gender bender MC.

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earlgreyt rated it
April 5, 2020
Status: Completed
A very interesting and peaceful story about a modern man transmigrated into the body of an ancient historical woman.

The MC is very admirable and on the surface, the story is about living life to the fullest ("make lemonade from lemons" if you will). No matter what, the MC's goal is to live in zen, happy and with comfort, a very much "pursuit of self-happiness", so it doesn't bother the MC at all that he has to live in an arranged marriage life of an ancient woman who has no power... more>> to do anything for herself.

I say "on the surface" because even despite the "positive" message in this novel, there is an undertone of dissatisfaction and condescension.

The MC condescends the "jealous female characters" who "lose their noble bearing" or "turn into obsessive/crazy people" around him. Yet, he fails to realize that his composure in the first place, was because of his mindset as a transmigrated person.

He can be "above" the household politics, roll his eyes at the antics of the women around him fighting for their husband's favor, because he has his past life's experience.

He knows, intrinsically, that his worth is not dependent on the amount of children he gives birth to, the gender of his children, and whether or not his husband cares for him. Because he was once a modern person. This is his "plot armor."

The ancient women around him in the harem don't have any of those things.

They were taught from young that their only purpose is to give birth to sons, to gain power through gaining their husband's affection, in fact, ancient women were not encouraged to go outside, to explore or broaden their horizons, were not taught how to think critically, or to find their happiness from hobbies and goals not related getting a husband-- no, those were men's pursuits.

Funny how MC used to be a man.

So ultimately, the story failed to give me any feelings of fluff.

Rather, it was a strangely tragic and pitiful portrayal of how a single person tried to live a comfortable, self-deceptive life depending on minute physical comforts such as, "the food is good, the living is luxurious, and it's like I'm on vacation~... oh but wait, this vacation is kind of lasting a really long time and there's not much to do~~" while being forced to self-rationalize into a happy life focused on raising children and "making peace with the harem" with only one or two chances to see the outside world in a lifetime. <<less
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rainydayromantic rated it
March 30, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel gives a peaceful feeling. Not much happens, not much feelings, but still an ok short story to pass the time.

HOWEVER- I do find it kind of annoying that MC is so unperturbed and her life is so smooth. I get the feeling that the core message of the story is: because she used to be a man she knows how to be a better ancient wife than a normal woman... how irritating.
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MotivationDonkey rated it
April 5, 2020
Status: c20
The concept and promise of a drama-free story are what pulled me in, but I had to force myself to finish it. After a few chapters I was getting quite bored by the MC's robotic yet judgemental attitude. The only character with any development is the husband, and it seemed like all; the others only existed to prop up the MC.

Overall I was very disappointed :\
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Recca201 rated it
November 15, 2018
Status: Completed
I have read the raws of this novel completely. It really is short, but I'm very satisfied with the story. The MC (bisexual male turned female) feels so much like Qu Qing Ju in To Be A Virtuous Wife. He, or rather she, was able to maintain an inner detachment emotionally after being married to an ancient period man, knowing that it is best to live happily in satisfaction than fight for affection and live in endless troubles. The narration gives off a distant feel, almost like smoothing over major... more>> plots, like when he realized 'he' turned into a 'she', there's not much drama presented, letting the reader attribute it to the easily adapting and bisexual nature of the MC. Nevertheless, it did not give off a contradictory effect on me. Usually I would indignantly complain at how easily 'she' adapted to it, but surprisingly I did not? Perhaps because the MC is very matured, as if 'she' experienced a lot of waves in life, and it is only natural that she is able to accept and adapt to the reality?

She have that feel of being the only one sane in the room filled with drunkards, like having leisurely fun watching at how others behave.

The ML is also surprisingly relatable. He is unlike the sly and cunnning male lead in TBAVW, he is initially a young, naive, and sympathetic boy who easily gives in to sentiments. I love how the novel captures the character development of the male lead, slowly growing into a mature, stable and faithful husband.

In any case I really really liked it. The narration is similar to To Be A Virtuous Wife and also with Our Second Master. They all have a detached narration style that raises nostalgic sentiments. <<less
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emmyazzy rated it
November 3, 2019
Status: Completed
It is a great short story. Though, I would warn everyone who is reading that it is not a ‘romantic’ genre at all. This is because in my opinion, the female lead has never loved her husband at all. This novel is a novel where it explains how the female lead live through her life living in a historical setting.

I think it is rather realistic in a sense that at that time it is a norm that males can have many wives and concubines. Therefore, from the start, the female... more>> lead has never cared about who she is marrying nor loved her husband. She lived through her life with a selfish attitude which is quite admirable to me. Because if you don’t love, you won’t care much and you won’t be in pain. She focused her attention on her own life and her children which is very obvious seeing the fact that she only draws her children and never really draw her husband unless he asked her to.

Well for the male lead, which is the husband, I would say he is rather naive and a bit stupid in my opinion. Then again, it is also relatable at that day and age that they can have many wives and that their wives will ‘love’ him. I found him naive because of the mistakes he has made thinking that her love with her cousin can last forever at that time so he should take up the responsibility and many more other examples. I found him stupid because even from his extra where we see his point of view. He never realised that the female lead never loved him and instead he still admire her and love her even more and the fact that it is never too late because he still has his wife. Which well, that love will never come because she never loved him. Then again, he deserves that treatment.

The novel’s writing itself is a slice of life style. However, it may be a bit brief and it just runs through how the female lead lives through her life and how she doesn’t care about the male lead. Therefore, this writing style may be likeable to some n some may not like this.

In conclusion, I think it is a great read for a short story where you just want to read something short and interesting. However, if you wish to read something romantic I don’t think this novel is for you as the Male lead has concubines and his love is not “only” until later. <<less
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blankjasy99 rated it
April 1, 2020
Status: c20
I like how short, sweet, and more realistic this novel is. Within 20 chapters, you get all you need in an ancient novel. There are not prolonged revenge plot that takes 100 chapters to complete. Also unlike other transmigration novels, there is not a revenge plot one after another. In those novels, it makes me wonder if there was an excess of female (like how is it that all the female characters crave to be in the ML bed. Are there limited male availability (?))

Of course, the main lead... more>> in this novel is a bit lack, but truth be told, when are they not? Female lead novels usually have a lacking male partner, but at least this male lead is just incompetent, not annoying. With a background ML (one that is easily forgotten), it just allows us to enjoy the FL's interactions with her children and flowers (servants).

To sum it up, I really enjoyed this novel. Although the characters are not created to make you feel connected and heated up on every issue, the lightness makes the story easier to read and (in my opinion) more enjoyable. No need to be an emotional trainwreck for each chapter. Just a simple smile is enough. :) <<less
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BillionJellyfish rated it
May 8, 2020
Status: Completed
There is NO ROMANCE, I repeat, NO ROMANCE.

For those of you expecting to see a gender bender with romance this is NOT it!


Once upon a time, the MC was a married man with a loving wife and a cute son. The MC climbed the corporate ladder, dealt with office politics, and fulfilled his role as a filial son and son-in-law. Until one day he transmigrated into the body of a wealthy young girl in ancient times. From living as a three year-old girl to becoming a young wife, the MC... more>> took everything in stride. Because of his previous hectic lifestyle, in this new life, the MC's goal is to raise his sons well and live a leisurely life.

MC: a male turned female after transmigration, very pragmatic, a virtuous wife

ML: a stud house, idealistic, incompetent and unqualified as a husband and father


Because the MC was once a man, he understands why men of ancient China would play around and have multiple beauties serving him and so on. With this understanding, the MC's attitude is completely indifferent to his husband's concubines and strictly follows the feudal rules/customs that is expected of him. The MC truly displays the meaning of a virtuous wife. While the ML does not deserve the MC at all. Not only does the ML find other concubines/lovers to be infatuated with, but the ML also doesn't care for the MC during his (now her) multiple pregnancies. The ML was literally away doing other stuff when the MC was pregnant twice!

At one point, when the ML stopped taking in concubines and is treating the MC better, he had the audacity to say that he will protect the MC and their sons from the concubine's evil scheming. The ML said this even though he allowed the evil concubine to remain living in the same family as them! WO PEI! (I really want to spit at the ML for his uselessness.) The ML is not only idealistic, he is incompetent and unqualified as a husband and father.



As expected of an ancient China theme, the MC needs to deal with family politics, the ML's concubines, and giving birth to/raising sons. From beginning to end, the MC NEVER, and I repeat, NEVER fell in love with the ML. As for whether or not the ML fell in love with the MC, that is very debatable. This novel portrays a fairly accurate life of a married woman in ancient China, given that the woman marries into a wealthy family and has an idealistic husband like the MC. There are heavy emphasis on feudal ideas and customs, which makes this story more poignant compared to other ancient China themed novels. <<less
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Serisenki rated it
May 7, 2020
Status: Completed
A highly recommended novel to run away from a heavy scheming one. I have read almost all novels with Ancient-china theme and tired of them until I found this hidden fresh light gem. The story is light less scheming and easy to read. Overall it's a good novel and worth to read.
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Orange Oranges
Orange Oranges rated it
May 3, 2020
Status: Completed
This was a good read. Not too in-depth but was a fast read. If you are like me, you can finish it under 2 hours.

The MC is a male who transmigrated to a body of young girl in ancient time. Due to his disposition, he knew there is nothing he could do but to accept life as it is. Try to live it as best as he could. I like the MC, and he is very similar to the MC in The Virtuous Wife. He is just enjoying life and... more>> loves his sons. Because of woman's standing in society at that time, he tries to make the best of it. I like that, why bother yourself with something like gaining attention from a stud horse male? Is a man like that really worth your time?

Some might find the MC too detached, and it's true. But what do you expect from someone who has had a better life before? He is forced into this life and can't change it. He might as well enjoy what he has. I like the MC's cool headedness. I never do like stud horse male lead. You do get to see another side of of MC after the birth of his sons. MC really loves his sons.

Following is a spoiler to some story detail, and why I like the MC the way he is.


Even if the ML do fall in love with the MC after marriage, it doesn't change the way he acted before. Men of time time will always be like a stud horse male. You might find one that breaks from the mold. But during that time, it was socially acceptable and expected of men to take many wife's and concubines. I don't except him to change, but the MC have no need to wait in him.


Also, the reason why I have been using the male pronoun for the MC is because he identify as male. He might have a female body, but he is still the man he was from modern time. You often get to see how he thinks of his current disposition and the others around him. Through those thoughts, you can see he still think the same way. His thoughts and action aren't force and flows well. <<less
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TiredIsAPersonality rated it
April 29, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel is kinda monotonous. I feel like I sat through applied physics lecture for an hour. The story has enough plot but the way it flows is boring. Translation work is excellent though gotta give it to translator who works hard

There are tons for excellent novels which have lesser overall rating than this one I am surprised this was 4.4 which was the first thing that lead me to start this in the first place. Now I feel I should give those lower rating novels a chance because they... more>> maybe better than this one <<less
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wndzzz rated it
April 19, 2020
Status: Completed
I gave 5 stars for the translator. For the story, maybe it’s a 4. It’s not the mushy romance story but it’s definitely a good read. Learning to be realistic and depending on oneself without losing kindness. Thanks for this!
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Randomness rated it
January 4, 2019
Status: Completed
I MTL this novel after reading translator's comment and I gotta admit, this novel deserve the glowing reviews.


Some might think that the MC is Mary Su (and she kinda is) but at least MC is very likeable.

And if you think ML is stupid for settling for MC's 'fake' love, then you also must consider their time period's culture and necessity.

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Kei-Em03 rated it
May 3, 2020
Status: Completed
I love these kind of stories. Its very relaxing. Many might find it monotonousbecause there was not much angst, or intrigue here, but if you are looking for something relaxing this is just perfect.

Its a very refreshing perspective.

... more>>

I feel bad for the life he left behind. Especially the silly son who was only a few years old.

I like that he transmigrated to a 3yr old girl instead of a grown up. It is indeed a good age to be transmigrated into. Though it makes you wonder what happened to the little girl.

It was good that from the beginning, it was instantly mentioned that he was bisexual. Because if he was straight and was okay with marrying a man, I wouldnt believe that.

It was good that from the get-go, his character was set up as a simplistic man who just wanted a break from working and trying to make ends meet since he came from a middle class family and didnt really get to have a rich and carefree life. He was not an ambitious man who would like to strive to be known in the ancient world. He was like a salted fish lol🤭🤭

I didnt like ML but I dont hate him. If he still pursued that brothel woman and took her home, I would definitely hate him, but he didnt get to do that. I get the character of the ML being a carefree man and all that, and the understanding shown by the MC, since if he was a man, he'd be like him. It was mentioned from the start that he was like him, carefree with s*x and all as well, before he was married.

I love how he was sooo hands on with their son. Especially the paintings since there was no other way to have a picture. How he sees thing as they are even be rational at all times. I like the rationality very much, it kept things from being annoying.

I love that MC and MIL get along and that MC is treated well from beginning to end.

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