Fugui Ronghua


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“Yesterday I asked my husband: What would you do if you transmigrate into an ancient woman?

Answer: adapt to society, integrate to the new life.

Ask: Even give birth to children?

Answer: Of course, in order to survive anything would do, don’t you think only woman could adapt easily.

Ask: what if in a rich family with multiple wives and one husband?

Answer: The answer is the same as above, can endure it physiologically let alone psychologically, to be in love with ancient stud horse is looking for fault yourself, it couldn’t be better just to enjoy the riches that you have, no need to work like ox and horse like this life.

I didn’t expect my husband to be this swift and fierce, I hugged and kissed him wildly several times!”

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47 Reviews

New Aki-no-hikar
Nov 23, 2023
Status: --
Decent novel, I enjoyed the lowstakes drama and the ease of reading, the translation was very well done. But I did not appreciate the mysoginistic attitude of the main character, even after transmigrating into a woman, he's all like "oh I don't daughters because I don't understand women, oh I don't want my sons to be raised with too much feminine energy, oh I guess I will give my maids to my husband to tumble, they like each other anyway, I don't need to ask I'll just order it done"... more>> like, bro, we are not so different from men that you have to treat us like we are a separate species. <<less
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Apr 05, 2020
Status: Completed
A very interesting and peaceful story about a modern man transmigrated into the body of an ancient historical woman.

The MC is very admirable and on the surface, the story is about living life to the fullest ("make lemonade from lemons" if you will). No matter what, the MC's goal is to live in zen, happy and with comfort, a very much "pursuit of self-happiness", so it doesn't bother the MC at all that he has to live in an arranged marriage life of an ancient woman who has no power... more>> to do anything for herself.

I say "on the surface" because even despite the "positive" message in this novel, there is an undertone of dissatisfaction and condescension.

The MC condescends the "jealous female characters" who "lose their noble bearing" or "turn into obsessive/crazy people" around him. Yet, he fails to realize that his composure in the first place, was because of his mindset as a transmigrated person.

He can be "above" the household politics, roll his eyes at the antics of the women around him fighting for their husband's favor, because he has his past life's experience.

He knows, intrinsically, that his worth is not dependent on the amount of children he gives birth to, the gender of his children, and whether or not his husband cares for him. Because he was once a modern person. This is his "plot armor."

The ancient women around him in the harem don't have any of those things.

They were taught from young that their only purpose is to give birth to sons, to gain power through gaining their husband's affection, in fact, ancient women were not encouraged to go outside, to explore or broaden their horizons, were not taught how to think critically, or to find their happiness from hobbies and goals not related getting a husband-- no, those were men's pursuits.

Funny how MC used to be a man.

So ultimately, the story failed to give me any feelings of fluff.

Rather, it was a strangely tragic and pitiful portrayal of how a single person tried to live a comfortable, self-deceptive life depending on minute physical comforts such as, "the food is good, the living is luxurious, and it's like I'm on vacation~... oh but wait, this vacation is kind of lasting a really long time and there's not much to do~~" while being forced to self-rationalize into a happy life focused on raising children and "making peace with the harem" with only one or two chances to see the outside world in a lifetime. <<less
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Jul 10, 2018
Status: Completed
I read quite a wide range of genres, romance, xianxia, historical warfare, some econ novels as well; so I'm not really biased to reading gender bender only. Urg, let cut it short, I'm the current translator for this novel and you can think I am an expert of this niche as I read/skim through probably 100 or 200 of this genre. The majority of them are cr@p, as they are projection of idiotic authors' fantasy. Many novels would just rant on and on how smooth MCs' skin or how perfect... more>> the body ratio is. Then all the numerous inhuman qualities/skills that MC have. The amount of sh*t that I had to wade through to find gems like Fugui Ronghua, niu fei (this one is golden, too bad it is qidian), or reborn as love rival was huge. Still, there are nice classic out there that is totally worth reading.

Edit: I hope you guys will give it a fair review after reading at least 5 chapters, not just giving it a 1* after reading the prologue.


Enough ranting, this novel is very short, as you can see. 18 chapters and 2 extras. The novel is written in the first person, from the MC's perspective. It is like a diary from the beginning of transmigration toward end of her family life. It talks of life as a rich lady, of a furen in a young household in which the husband is a naive and unambitious gongzi, and of how the MC manages what many ladies at the time can't, to have a calm and unchaotic harem while gaining the respect of MC's husband.

I really like the MC's characters. If you identify yourself as a bis*xual or at least be flexible with your imagination, then I think you will have no trouble understanding the MC's train of thoughts and actions. I think MC's is a realist. She knows what she has to do in order to survive the shackle of a male dominant society. Instead of trying to su*cide, or looking for ways to gain back male body, all MC does is adjust, be best at what she learned, and by not chasing after love, love has come circle around to chase after her.

If you think Su Jian is the best female MC in romance, then Nan Er is the best and most realistic gender bender MC.

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Mar 30, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel gives a peaceful feeling. Not much happens, not much feelings, but still an ok short story to pass the time.

HOWEVER- I do find it kind of annoying that MC is so unperturbed and her life is so smooth. I get the feeling that the core message of the story is: because she used to be a man she knows how to be a better ancient wife than a normal woman... how irritating.
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Jan 24, 2021
Status: c20
I hate the MC. I know, I know, it's an historical novel so chauvinism is common, but the "modern man" MC is actually a biggest chauvinist than anyone else including any period man. This review will refer to MC as "he/him" because, through the entire novel, he thinks of himself as a man, up to the very end.

... more>>
  1. Women are best as decoration.
  2. Women are extremely sentimental and impossible to understand, the biggest example MC thinks about through the novel repeatedly is a relative of his crying over fallen flowers.
  3. It's best to have sons because it's impossible to bring up daughters that have any good sense. Of course, the story rewards MC by giving him three extremely talented sons and no daughters.
  4. This is more the own narrative's fault rather than MC, since MC doesn't choose this, but in the story, good behavior is rewarded by sons, women who don't know their place get daughters.
  5. Miscarriages are caused by pregnant women having a bad temper, which the story's own narrative support.
  6. Men feeling love is abnormal, women fall in love, men only want to collect s*x partners. In fact, MC ridicules his husband in his heart for falling in love with MC.
  7. MC likes a side concubine because she's 'authentic' despite insisting that being attacked to a man makes you suffer. The moment that concubine understands the situation and starts behaving more like MC, the MC despises her, so he's also hypocritical on top. Of course, the story proves MC right because that concubine turns out to have actually gone crazy.

This is not a romance novel. MC never, at any point of the novel, loves his husband, nor did he love his wife before transmigrating. He only loves his children. His husband's love for MC is completely onesided. MC adapts well to the whole "it's better to not love your husband" setting because he doesn't love anyone. MC doesn't "triumph against the odds" with his modern mentality, there are never any odds against him. MC:

  1. Gets transmigrated to a woman, but isn't even remotely troubled by it nor even about having to sleep with men because he's bis**ual
  2. Transmigrates young, so no need to deal with any of the body's past mistakes
  3. Is born in a wealthy family
  4. Extremely good looking
  5. Healthy body, gives birth to three kids without having a single issue
  6. Gets married to a handsome, wealthy man with concubines but that, at this point, no longer cares about them
  7. Gives birth to one son after the other
  8. Since the husband isn't particularly ambitious, they never step into any muddy political waters nor is the family under any risk
  9. Never has to deal with any disadvantageous position: gets the first di son of the family, first male grandchild, literally no one else has sons in that family except her older sister in law and it takes her like ten years, all his kids are geniuses in different fields, husband is interested in multiple women at the start but never brings any of them home against MC's will, and ends up completely in love with MC and touching no other women.

The MC is a greater chauvinist than her husband (for example husband does believe that 1 men can be in love 2 women (particularly his wife, who he considers a woman) can be sensible and intelligent 3 feels pity for women in disadvantageous situations (unless MC who always think the woman is to blame every time, and of course the story proves him right). And the story rewards MC with his perfect lifestyle, while trapping his husband in a loveless marriage.

The MC doesn't adapt to a sexist society, MC was sexist before he even transmigrated, and simply remains so.


The translation is good, I'd have given it a better score for that reason alone, but this novel has enough glowing reviews so I've decided to focus on the story itself. <<less
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Jun 22, 2020
Status: --
This novel follows the story of modern day man who basically had reached the pinnacle of his life, so to say, before transmigating into the life of 3-old-years little girl in ancient China. He had what seemed to be a loving wife, a small son and a successful profissional career.

One day, his wife, who has been reading a few harem novels, basically asks him "What would you do if you became a woman in a harem?", and he answers "Well, I'd adapt to it and do what is expected of... more>> me to have a peaceful life." They laughed and went to sleep.

Then, as if some sort of divine entity heard the entire exchange and thought "Oh yeah? Let's see if you really can do it, then.", the next day, that man found himself in the body of this little girl, in a setting where he'd become one of the women of a small young master's harem.

That divinity would also be very disappointed, because the man indeed does exactly as he said he would, and he does it a bit too well.

Since this novel has this many good reviews, it should be okay to talk a little badly about it, hmm?

Let us start with the characters. There isn't much to see here, honestly, which is... normally fine, considering the lenght of the novel, but I digress.

Let's start by our MC. It's a long read, so be aware.


He has a very clear advantage when he transmigates: He has the experiences of an already fullfilling lifetime under his belt. He doesn't feel anything about sharing his partner with a harem because he expected it to happen, he knows his husband will seek other women and even wholeheartdly accepts it because he knows it's the customs he must abide by now in this new life, so he doesn't even fall in love with that guy. He also knows he won't be able to pursue a different style of life simply because he's a woman, and during that moment of History women simply weren't allowed to do anything that wasn't related to children and the house, nor he cares about any of it. Why should him? He already had found love and success in his last life, and for that reason he can distance himself and think condescenly about others around him and hoo boy, he is pretty condescing. I don't think it was the intention of the author, but that's how the MC comes off to me.

So, like earlgreyt said, it's easier for him to not be bothered about what social norms related to his new life mean. He knows he doesn't amount to just that, because he just had a very good life in that sense, which is a very different experience other women, and specifically women who are part of a harem, have. I won't delve too deep into it because the mentioned user already wrote about it.

Even so, I just can't help but think, isn't this MC a bit too distanced and wishy washy about his own situation? He had a good life, and then suddenly everything was taken from him. Suddenly, he is a woman in setting that is going to oppress him for a lifetime, he knows this too well and even so, he doesn't care. He doesn't feel strongly about almost nothing in his life and that makes me wonder how the hell he even managed to fall in love with someone and muster enough willpower to be succesful in his work on his last life, because he has absolutely no ambition or drive, like at all. That, honestly, makes a very boring protagonist for me.

At most, he loves his children, that I could tell, at least.

Our apathetic MC feels displaced and distanced from his life since the beginning, when he is a 3 years old little girl, to the end of the story, when he's already an adult woman with three children.

Nothing, absolutely nothing in this new life of his is enough to change how he thinks, as if all of this is just a very long game of acting a role. While his new life isn't particularly dramatic, it also shouldn't have been such a unremarkale experience that he just... passed through it, right? At most, there is one single event that causes him to act more strongly, but that's it.

If you were expecting some character growth, don't look for it in here.

Maybe it is so because he, indeed, had a lucky life, or as lucky as a woman's life in those times could be.

He transmigated in a wealthy family and was well taken of. He was wed as The Wife (and not a concubine) to another wealthy family, and to a, actually, pretty decent man and partner, considering the time period (more about this coming next). He had a shitton of sons, and so was automatically favored on top of already being The Madam, even if his husband hadn't helplessly fallen in love with him. He had what every woman in that time period dreamt of.

A lot of people here are saying he had a good life because he was smart, but I seriously disagree. He barely schemed, like at all. (Try to use celery as a contraceptive, I dare you. People in ancient times might have, indeed, used it, but its effectiveness isn't even half of what this story claims it to be) The story is pretty bad about showing us him scheming to protect himself and his children, and ya know what? That's completely okay, that's not what this story is about. Just don't go saying he had a good life purely because of smarts, when most of it was due to pure, dumb luck.

The most scheming with actual results he does is getting rid of one of the concubines when he thinks she's going to harm him or his children. That's it. Anything else he does is acting polite to the people around him and perfectly fullfilling his duties as a wife and mother while being wishy washy about everything else.

All in all, this MC is a perfect, dry robot without ambition or drive, and he doesn't change for the duration of the plot one single bit. He's honestly a boring and bland character to follow and, in my opinion, that's the biggest sin.

The funny thing? He was a man in his past, never able to actually live his second life and never understood the sufferings of women in those times even while living in the skin of one, he himself, somehow becomes the perfect wife. Lmao the irony.


That was a big write up, but that's mostly because my biggest problem with this story was the MC.

Now, to the ML.


The ML is a little bit more interesting. He starts as rightneous type of sorts, feels he needs to save every girl he comes across, so to say, and is quite a bit naive. ML is also a romantic person, in particular after he falls in love.

He is the product of his time and culture, so of course he thinks it's okay to build a harem and sleep with different women, but he treats the MC well... even better than most of his peers would treat their wives, even. As I said before, he doesn't beat the MC, he hears all of MC's opinions, gives him as much freedom as a woman could have during that period, doesn't show jealously wantonly and doesn't seem to make unreasonable requests of the MC. That treatment just gets even better as he starts to legit fall in love with the MC. You could say, he considers the MC as his equal in that sense, and that's really a rare thing for ancient China relationships, and unfortunately even today you'd have a hard time finding someone like that.

For his time, he is pretty open minded.

You still won't love him at the start, because he does mistakes and his naive personality causes some trouble, in particular when compared to our perfect MC. The way this story is written also doesn't help his case, honestly. We can only see what MC thinks of him because of the first person PoV and he barely gets any dialogue.

He's still the best character in this novel, in my opinion, simply because he grows quite a bit from his naivete and matures, even though the MC always thinks of him so condescenly (which affects our opinion of him because of unreliable narrator) he still manages to glow through it.

Still, because of the way this story is written, we still don't get to get a good feel for his character, which is a pity. Outside one small extra, he simply doesn't a lot of moments to show off his personality to us without having to go through MC's lens.


As for the other characters, they are... sorta there? If not even the ML gets a lot of showtime, don't expect the side characters to get anything worthwhile, honestly. Sometimes, some drama related to them happens, but none of that matters because the MC himself ignored it.

It's fine, because not every story needs drama, and it is refreshing to read something completely drama-free sometimes. It can be fun seeing the MC completely ignore that drama-bait, in a meta level.

This story simply doesn't have much happening in it, though, and I honestly couldn't feel the fluffy a few people are talking about in here.

Now that we reached this point, let's talk about the writing style, because I feel it is one of the reasons I simply didn't feel anything about the story, besides my problems with the MC.

In my opinion, it's a quite dry. There are no particular details or interesting passages, and the writing style isn't very descriptive of people or scenarios. Dialogues between character are only occasional and short. Some said it reminds you of a diary and I say it's a pretty good comparision, structure-wise. Most of it is either description of things MC did, or what MC thinks about X or Y situation/person.

It also has a problem of tell, don't show. It tells us the MC does a lot of things, but it never really shows us any examples of those, like having the MC actually interact with his children more, instead of telling us he interacts a lot with them.

This writing makes scenes that were supposed to be 'fluffy', like the sending letters with the kids part, feel robotic. Things that were supposed to show us MC's feelings are merely descriptive of his actions (like the letters), while others go into a big text wall telling us how MC thinks said [insert character name here] is [insert adjective], normally in a jugdmental manner.

It leaves us basically no way for us to tell how the other character themselves are feeling, or how they actually are.

All we know is how the MC sees the other characters, and that takes away a lot of potential the story this could have.

I might sound very harsh in this review, but I'll still give it 3 stars. It does have, maybe even unintended, interesting concepts, like the fact the MC never really falls in love with the ML, or the irony that someone like the MC is considered perfect wifey material lmao.

It also has some solid understanding of its setting. Its explaining of some spects of ancient China is nicely done, for example.

For as much as I seem to love to hate on MC, I'll tell ya all one thing: I really appreciate how down to Earth he is, specially when he's thinking of his children's future. It does make me appreciate that MC does indeed feels strongly about his buns. It's rare to find MCs who are this pragmatic, I just hoped it didn't come at cost of the emotional core of the story, because honestly, other than some appreciation for the above facts, I didn't really feel anything for this story.

It's rational to the core and fairly forgetable because of that.

Should you read this? Eh, it's a short and easy to read story, with a few interesting concepts. I say, give it a try. <<less
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Apr 05, 2020
Status: c20
The concept and promise of a drama-free story are what pulled me in, but I had to force myself to finish it. After a few chapters I was getting quite bored by the MC's robotic yet judgemental attitude. The only character with any development is the husband, and it seemed like all; the others only existed to prop up the MC.

Overall I was very disappointed :\
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nov 15, 2018
Status: Completed
I have read the raws of this novel completely. It really is short, but I'm very satisfied with the story. The MC (bis*xual male turned female) feels so much like Qu Qing Ju in To Be A Virtuous Wife. He, or rather she, was able to maintain an inner detachment emotionally after being married to an ancient period man, knowing that it is best to live happily in satisfaction than fight for affection and live in endless troubles. The narration gives off a distant feel, almost like smoothing over major... more>> plots, like when he realized 'he' turned into a 'she', there's not much drama presented, letting the reader attribute it to the easily adapting and bis*xual nature of the MC. Nevertheless, it did not give off a contradictory effect on me. Usually I would indignantly complain at how easily 'she' adapted to it, but surprisingly I did not? Perhaps because the MC is very matured, as if 'she' experienced a lot of waves in life, and it is only natural that she is able to accept and adapt to the reality?

She have that feel of being the only one sane in the room filled with drunkards, like having leisurely fun watching at how others behave.

The ML is also surprisingly relatable. He is unlike the sly and cunnning male lead in TBAVW, he is initially a young, naive, and sympathetic boy who easily gives in to sentiments. I love how the novel captures the character development of the male lead, slowly growing into a mature, stable and faithful husband.

In any case I really really liked it. The narration is similar to To Be A Virtuous Wife and also with Our Second Master. They all have a detached narration style that raises nostalgic sentiments. <<less
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Nov 03, 2019
Status: Completed
It is a great short story. Though, I would warn everyone who is reading that it is not a ‘romantic’ genre at all. This is because in my opinion, the female lead has never loved her husband at all. This novel is a novel where it explains how the female lead live through her life living in a historical setting.

I think it is rather realistic in a sense that at that time it is a norm that males can have many wives and concubines. Therefore, from the start, the female... more>> lead has never cared about who she is marrying nor loved her husband. She lived through her life with a selfish attitude which is quite admirable to me. Because if you don’t love, you won’t care much and you won’t be in pain. She focused her attention on her own life and her children which is very obvious seeing the fact that she only draws her children and never really draw her husband unless he asked her to.

Well for the male lead, which is the husband, I would say he is rather naive and a bit s*upid in my opinion. Then again, it is also relatable at that day and age that they can have many wives and that their wives will ‘love’ him. I found him naive because of the mistakes he has made thinking that her love with her cousin can last forever at that time so he should take up the responsibility and many more other examples. I found him s*upid because even from his extra where we see his point of view. He never realised that the female lead never loved him and instead he still admire her and love her even more and the fact that it is never too late because he still has his wife. Which well, that love will never come because she never loved him. Then again, he deserves that treatment.

The novel’s writing itself is a slice of life style. However, it may be a bit brief and it just runs through how the female lead lives through her life and how she doesn’t care about the male lead. Therefore, this writing style may be likeable to some n some may not like this.

In conclusion, I think it is a great read for a short story where you just want to read something short and interesting. However, if you wish to read something romantic I don’t think this novel is for you as the Male lead has concubines and his love is not “only” until later. <<less
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May 03, 2020
Status: Completed
I love these kind of stories. Its very relaxing. Many might find it monotonousbecause there was not much angst, or intrigue here, but if you are looking for something relaxing this is just perfect.

Its a very refreshing perspective.

... more>>

I feel bad for the life he left behind. Especially the silly son who was only a few years old.

I like that he transmigrated to a 3yr old girl instead of a grown up. It is indeed a good age to be transmigrated into. Though it makes you wonder what happened to the little girl.

It was good that from the beginning, it was instantly mentioned that he was bis**ual. Because if he was straight and was okay with marrying a man, I wouldnt believe that.

It was good that from the get-go, his character was set up as a simplistic man who just wanted a break from working and trying to make ends meet since he came from a middle class family and didnt really get to have a rich and carefree life. He was not an ambitious man who would like to strive to be known in the ancient world. He was like a salted fish lol??

I didnt like ML but I dont hate him. If he still pursued that brothel woman and took her home, I would definitely hate him, but he didnt get to do that. I get the character of the ML being a carefree man and all that, and the understanding shown by the MC, since if he was a man, he'd be like him. It was mentioned from the start that he was like him, carefree with s*x and all as well, before he was married.

I love how he was sooo hands on with their son. Especially the paintings since there was no other way to have a picture. How he sees thing as they are even be rational at all times. I like the rationality very much, it kept things from being annoying.

I love that MC and MIL get along and that MC is treated well from beginning to end.

7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 17, 2020
Status: Completed
This one is interesting. Although too short for me. 4.5 stars, but I really like it, so it's round up.

This is not heavy drama. Well, I think it'll be heavy if the MC did not act as she was. But she was just so smart..??

Btw, it's just sad that it ends like that... I want to know how ML settled later in his life. 'tho I hope for romance to bloom, is it too far fetched? I think ML truly loved MC later in the novel, but MC seemed to... more>> think 'There's no way a man in this era truly love just one person'?? It was his mindset since he had been reborn, I guess.

All in all, this is a good, light, and refreshing novel. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 30, 2021
Status: c20
I really like this dynamic where MC never actually fell in love with ML. MC only ever took note of or interfered with the ML if it's smt that could negatively affect him (MC).

... more>>

He (MC) mostly just tolerated him (ML) like a sugar daddy/baby relationship.

And it made sense, as the MC was much older than the ML when he transmigrated and mostly saw the ML as a wet-behind-the-ears, new adult/boy toy and not as an equal.


Instead, the MC's true happiness and love were directed towards their children.

And the MC never quite felt like a woman to me, even after he transmigrated into a woman. He seemed pretty much the same, pre and post transmigration, where only his situation was different, so I felt like he kept his original, male-oriented mindset, that he could've only acquired in a society that created and influenced the values and distinction between gender roles. It's mostly showcased in how he viewed himself ("I am a man at heart") and other females around him and never changed in the story. So, I can't really say "he" ever really becomes a "she". <<less
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Jul 16, 2020
Status: Completed
I always being heartbroken seeing a woman share her husband

Even though the story is a happy ending, the FMC is at peace sharing her husband, I don't

I can't relate, but waiting for enlightment

Finally, I saw the end, yeah..... My curiosity paid
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Apr 29, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel is kinda monotonous. I feel like I sat through applied physics lecture for an hour. The story has enough plot but the way it flows is boring. Translation work is excellent though gotta give it to translator who works hard

There are tons for excellent novels which have lesser overall rating than this one I am surprised this was 4.4 which was the first thing that lead me to start this in the first place. Now I feel I should give those lower rating novels a chance because they... more>> maybe better than this one <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Apr 01, 2020
Status: c20
I like how short, sweet, and more realistic this novel is. Within 20 chapters, you get all you need in an ancient novel. There are not prolonged revenge plot that takes 100 chapters to complete. Also unlike other transmigration novels, there is not a revenge plot one after another. In those novels, it makes me wonder if there was an excess of female (like how is it that all the female characters crave to be in the ML bed. Are there limited male availability (?))

Of course, the main lead... more>> in this novel is a bit lack, but truth be told, when are they not? Female lead novels usually have a lacking male partner, but at least this male lead is just incompetent, not annoying. With a background ML (one that is easily forgotten), it just allows us to enjoy the FL's interactions with her children and flowers (servants).

To sum it up, I really enjoyed this novel. Although the characters are not created to make you feel connected and heated up on every issue, the lightness makes the story easier to read and (in my opinion) more enjoyable. No need to be an emotional trainwreck for each chapter. Just a simple smile is enough. :) <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dec 09, 2020
Status: Completed
I feel bad for the husband. He is a nice man although is still very childish right now, but when he become mature later he will understand that his wife has only platonic feeling to him and he'll bound to be very disappointed upon learning it. He think his wife as a perfect person already.

But I like him as a nice stud. Not many men could appreciate a wise wife like her. Most of them are a jerks. I like how detached the MC towards the male. I think it's... more>> good for her not to focus on love and harem. When the ML are going to school for 1 year but unwilling to leave the pregnan's MC, she realised that he loves her already. But she still has no feeling whatsoever. She even glad that he will be going for a year for her to give birth, rear a child and recuperate her body well without him stri up a trouble lol.

I think her life is really nice. She don't have to worry about money and she have everything served by the servant, she's being doted by her in laws. And there is no vicious character who scheming her. She's not in love to her husband so, she never feel jealous whatsover. So yeah, her life is really peaceful and happy.

This is the problem with a guy's soul inside of Nan er. That's why she couldn't get fully & passionately love the husband as a women does. Thankfully the husband also really love to have this kind of mild and respectful relationship. And it's admirable of him to not taken another "young and new" concubine. I guess he really love her. <<less
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Nov 07, 2020
Status: c20
Ancient China sucks! Who's with me?!

Honestly, I was uncomfortable in the first chapter knowing that the protagonist was bis**ual, as I mostly don't read something like this, but it told that he was married to a woman, then ok ok, as long it doesn't detail his experiences with his past experiences plus no detailed bed scene.

... more>>

Rambling words with a spoiler:

FL was clearheaded through all her time in second life, not falling in love with the ML, which is something to admire to the author that he wrote it this way, FL living a good life, not in deep love. Even if he didn't take another concubine for seven years because he fell in love with FL's good character* that was shown through her actions. The author didn't make the FL be head over heels in love with the ML because of how good is ML to her from his actions like we usually meet, for FL it was an understanding relationship between her and ML.

Usually, in Ancient China novels there is handsome ML and mary sue FL and some concubine that appears from ML's childhood or concubines that ML took a liking to them, then FL charms ML and he falls in love, the concubine's plot against FL but ML comes as a prince and saves FL, the concubines are banished or executed*ouch. In this novel, it existed rationality and showed ancient china's morals which even though I don't like most of them, but the fact that FL went till the end in her second life making it a good life for me it was a nice adventure road plus with her children too.


4 star. I don't like ML, if it weren't for FL who changed him (who is kinda mary sueyish, but not that exaggerated) the ML from a lustful, brat guy to a matured ML then ugh. It's the ML's flaws that I don't like at all, they were sinful.

P.S.: Bed scenes but not detailed.

Good night. <<less
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Dec 16, 2020
Status: c20

A short story of a man who travelled back to ancient times to become a little girl, who slowly grew up to become a wife that conforms to the standards of that time, which enables her to freely enjoy her life and the love of her family while becoming a sort-of model among the wives and mothers in those times. I enjoyed this so much that I already read this three times as of writing this review. Overall rating: 4.1.

Not much is described in the story's setting. What was most described was the attitude and standing of women during the ancient times. Different scenarios showed and/or hinted the view of a woman as a kid, a legal daughter, a side daughter, a student, a wife, a mother, a mother-in-law, a sister, a sister-in-law, a master, a concubine, a servant, a prostitute, and a grandmother. It's my first time reading this type of story, and as a woman, I was fascinated to the point of repeatedly reading this like spring water (you've got to excuse me on this).

I'm kinda at a lost on how I'll view the MC. I like the MC a lot for his or her (let's stick with her) adaptability and steady personality - if she chose to do it, she will do it well and without reserves. I am just a bit appalled and confused by her sort of "unserious yet serious" mindset - it seems like she treats every scenario lightheartedly in a sense that she just goes with the flow, yet everything is within her expectations like she earnestly guided the events towards her chosen conclusion. The scenarios regarding ML visiting the prostitute and ML travelling with Concubine Sun are some examples of why I feel like so. I don't know if she's a master planner or it's just luck, or maybe in between.

But I can't oppose to the fact that the MC is too good in this story - kinda like mary sue in some way but not really. With this type of MC, usually all other characters are too bland, just to elaborate MC's brilliance. Though they are bland in some degrees, especially that easily influenced ML, some women characters portray a trait that is distinct to them, which makes them shine in some way in comparison to the MC.


Take the eldest sister-in-law for example. She was introduced as one of the model ladies in the city with a great future, but because of the expectations from being the eldest son's wife, she changed her mentality and tried to compete with MC. Her grievance and jealousy caused by the norms of their society can't be depicted nor empathized by the MC. At most, she can sympathize and comprehend her pain, as elaborated by her monologue, but she cannot feel nor act upon it due to her own circumstances. In this aspect, she became more important in the theme than MC herself.


As for the ML, don't bother with him - he's too childish and easily guided. I get that he's being shaped by the MC to her "ideal" husband but as a late teenager in ancient times who normally completed his education and already had a job at that age, he's too soft for my liking. In a way he's more realistic as a person than MC in terms of the values and influences brought by those times, but... hah... still don't like him. So don't look forward to him, even his children are better than him in understanding life and society.

As for the translation quality, it's a job well done, especially those footnotes in the end of the every chapter. Thank you very much!

Have fun reading!
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Dec 14, 2020
Status: Completed
I usually don't like gender bender novel type much but somehow I really enjoy this story.

Let's start with MC:

... more>>

MC reminds me of Qu Qing Ju from "To Be a Virtous Wife". Both are very logical person who don't easily give their heart to others, especially men in an ancient times who mostly couldn't love one person in his lifetime.

But it's reasonable for MC to be a logical woman because he was once a man from a modern era. He used to be a player before settling down with his wife so he understand the most what the men are thinking. Initially, he's a bis*xual so he could love both men or women without a hitch. But he still chooses to treat ML as a lover or companion instead and doesn't dare to give him his heart till the end.

Maybe because of that, MC could be a perfect wife and loved dearly by his husband and also his in laws. He could manage the household well and he chooses to educate his children by himself because he couldn't do it in his pervious life due to his busy life.

And when there is no love, there would be no jealousy. That's why he could be so generous towards his husband's concubines. I think if he loves ML, things will be different and he couldn't avoid heartache along the way. So it's a good thing that he doesn't love ML.

But still I think MC is too logical. He calmly accept that he transmigrated to ancient era and he only feel a bit melancholic when he remembered his wife and son. Then he easily moved on and lived her new life well. It makes senses if he doesn't really love his wife that much but he must be love his son dearly. So seeing how calm MC was, I feel it's a bit unrealistic.

And don't forget the reason of his transmigration. I think it's ridiculous and make me feel pity for MC.


Next, about ML:


Many dislikes ML because he often has a change of heart and sometimes neglects MC especially when he is pregnant with his son. But I feel he's more realistic than some omnipotent male lead who doesn't have any flaw.

He's not some prince who will fight for the throne someday. He's noble but because he's a second son, he won't inherit his family's household in the future so he must pave his own way. I love that he has many flaws but he learns from his mistake and becomes more mature.

But I still dislike one point about him. I don't like how he's so partial towards his other concubines and sparks their jealousy towards MC. Since he took them as his concubine, he obliged to treat them fairly, not just take care of their outward necessities but also take care of their hearts. I know this is normal in ancient times but as a woman, I still don't like it.

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May 08, 2020
Status: Completed
There is NO ROMANCE, I repeat, NO ROMANCE.

For those of you expecting to see a gender bender with romance this is NOT it!


Once upon a time, the MC was a married man with a loving wife and a cute son. The MC climbed the corporate ladder, dealt with office politics, and fulfilled his role as a filial son and son-in-law. Until one day he transmigrated into the body of a wealthy young girl in ancient times. From living as a three year-old girl to becoming a young wife, the MC... more>> took everything in stride. Because of his previous hectic lifestyle, in this new life, the MC's goal is to raise his sons well and live a leisurely life.

MC: a male turned female after transmigration, very pragmatic, a virtuous wife

ML: a stud house, idealistic, incompetent and unqualified as a husband and father


Because the MC was once a man, he understands why men of ancient China would play around and have multiple beauties serving him and so on. With this understanding, the MC's attitude is completely indifferent to his husband's concubines and strictly follows the feudal rules/customs that is expected of him. The MC truly displays the meaning of a virtuous wife. While the ML does not deserve the MC at all. Not only does the ML find other concubines/lovers to be infatuated with, but the ML also doesn't care for the MC during his (now her) multiple pregnancies. The ML was literally away doing other stuff when the MC was pregnant twice!

At one point, when the ML stopped taking in concubines and is treating the MC better, he had the audacity to say that he will protect the MC and their sons from the concubine's evil scheming. The ML said this even though he allowed the evil concubine to remain living in the same family as them! WO PEI! (I really want to spit at the ML for his uselessness.) The ML is not only idealistic, he is incompetent and unqualified as a husband and father.



As expected of an ancient China theme, the MC needs to deal with family politics, the ML's concubines, and giving birth to/raising sons. From beginning to end, the MC NEVER, and I repeat, NEVER fell in love with the ML. As for whether or not the ML fell in love with the MC, that is very debatable. This novel portrays a fairly accurate life of a married woman in ancient China, given that the woman marries into a wealthy family and has an idealistic husband like the MC. There are heavy emphasis on feudal ideas and customs, which makes this story more poignant compared to other ancient China themed novels. <<less
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Sep 17, 2023
Status: Completed
I enjoyed this slice-of-life story. Its hard to say what its focus is. Main character is a man who transmigrates to a woman but he still considers himself as a bis*xual man. His thoughts are of a male perspective which is interesting. His goal is to just live well.

Its a short novel but really good.
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