Your Highness, I Know My Wrongs


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In her last life Lin Shan couldn’t even pass the Civil Service Exam for a government job, but in this life she has been promoted to become the, “Female,” Prince Consort. What happened? Let’s find out.

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spectrearc rated it
June 10, 2016
Status: c73
I've finished reading the raws of this novel.

You know how some novels leave you with a feeling of satisfaction at its conclusion, a feeling that 'wow this was a great novel'? This isn't one of those novels.

... more>>

The premise of the novel was supposed to be comedy, and some romance, but the author decided to swap to palace intrigue midway through the novel, and he's pretty bad at writing it.
- The love triangle basically gets resolved, but not in a satisfactory way
- The ending of the novel was very rushed, and many plot points were not resolved properly
- The later part of the novel was extremely rushed, and swings almost incoherently from event to event
- Multiple inconceivable plot twists are introduced later into the novel, and its clear that the author suddenly had a change of viewpoint in how he wanted to write the novel
- The 'comedy' part of the novel, which was quite well written, disappears towards the end of the novel
Some examples
> What the hell happened to the first prince after his plot failed?
> The author decided to finish the plot within 1 chapter, and basically pulled things out of his arse to resolve it
> Why the hell did the 3rd prince wait until the 2nd last chapter to avenge his parents and not act before then?
> The other dude in the love triangle and the king basically... disappear after the plot point is resolved; what the heck?
> The MC is completely and utterly incompetent, same goes for her maid. If you've read to be a virtuous wife and expect a similar MC, go elsewhere.

I would have given it 1 star if not for the fact that the front portion of the novel is relatively readable, while the end is a complete mess. I would not have started reading this novel had I known how it had ended. <<less
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Mikleo rated it
June 12, 2016
Status: --
LMFAO! This novel has one of the most interesting MCs out there. She's also one of the funniest MCs that I've ever encountered.

Basically, the Female MC transmigrated into the body of the 'son' (or a girl disguised as a boy) of a high ranking official. What's interesting about this story is the MC. She's not your typical 'World-Shaking-Beauty' that you often encounter in Ancient Romance Novels. No, she's quite average looking, leaning a bit on the pretty side. She's also not the typical 'Gentle-Lovable-Female-MC', more like 'Funny-Greedy-Adorable-Female-MC'.

The only thing... more>> I didn't like at the moment is the interaction of the Female Lead and the True Male Lead. Don't get me wrong, they're cute in their own way but her interaction with the Supposedly Second Male Lead (Actually, I don't know for sure if that person will be the Second Male Lead) is much more funnier and explosive. I guess I'm suffering from another Second-Male-Lead Syndrome again.

I guess I boarded the wrong ship again.

Anyways, it's only still the early parts of the novel. That's why I'm hoping for more interactions between the True Male Lead and the Female MC.

Kudos to the translators and editors! I hope this novel will be translated till the end! <<less
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TheDarkLink rated it
July 11, 2017
Status: Completed
After binge reading this story in two days, I am surprised at the low rating. Just because a story is not your favorite genre/style doesn't mean it deserves a one star rating. Looking at those who gave low ratings and only read a few chapters makes me sad. And so, for the sake of the translator, Grace, and my own sanity, I will be attempting my first NU review (please treat me well). MC -> Lin Shan.

Purpose of the story:

... more>>

(Romance Comedy) The story was written to be lighthearted, a fluffy tale that frequently brought a smile to my face. You'll find yourself laughing at some of the ridiculous antics of the MC (Main Character). It's a beautiful romance between one man, and one woman, who stay faithful to each other 'til the end, which is rare to find these days with so many harem novels out there. It begins when Lin Shan transmigrates to another world and is forced to marry a Princess as a man...




5/5 The main character is adorable. She stays faithful to her man, even when there are so many hot guys out there. I approve. She loves money about as much as Meng Hao, and will do some pretty stupid stuff sometimes to get it. For those of you who don't like her actions, please reflect on your younger years and ask yourself, "Was I any wiser?" No. No you weren't. Don't expect every character in every novel you read to be a genius. Chances are, you aren't.

As for other characters, the Male Lead is wonderful and incredibly caring. He's also a virgin and acts insanely cute/jealous when MC is involved. Some people are concerned about Lin Shan's wife, but I really enjoyed reading about their interactions (remember, story is partly comedy too).




4.5/5 I found no plot holes in this story, except for how at the end, Lian Feng who is supposed to be a pro at martial arts didn't notice they were tailed by two people who wanted their treasure. The author likes to drop a lot of bombs near the end, I could clearly tell he/she wanted to add more complexity to the story, but since it doesn't take away from the reading experience, it's OK in my book.



5/5 As a native English speaker, the story was very readable. No errors whatsoever in grammar or whatever. Only suggestion is to add links to the footnotes instead of using asterisks.

Overall: 5/5
All in all it was a good story. It's not about a cheat MC with OP skills and plot armor who beats every single person going against him. It's not about a cultivating genius who outsmarts, outmaneuvers everyone using his 300 point IQ. It's a beautiful love story of a regular girl, and her man, and it brought a smile to my face.

@translator, thank you so much for translating this! ;) <<less
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chan88 rated it
July 28, 2016
Status: --
I read the entire novel as well. There's actually different versions. If you scroll to the bottom of this link, you can find a different ending. I think this is the published version or something. http://91baby. Mama. Cn/thread-767985-3-1. HtML

It starts from: "


This story is quite good. Lin Shan is shameless and adorable. There are also a lot of intimate scenes. I would recommend it if you like comedy and romance!
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Llamia rated it
May 31, 2016
Status: c13
This is very funny. The MC is a gender-bent woman who is very shameless. She looks at everything and sees dollar signs. She's also not below ogling over beautiful men. This is good if you want a new type of female MC.
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Shio rated it
May 22, 2016
Status: c12
Every chapter of this novel is golden. It's really funny.

Born with a weak body, our female MC was raised as a male in hope to make her health better. No one beside the MC's parents knew that our MC is a female, including the Great Emperor. It's not a problem since the disguise could be taken off after she reach her 18th birthday. There's no problem at all, until the marriage decree from the palace came out to marry her with the Imperial Princess.

So now you got our greedy, lecherous... more>> MC (prince consort), trying her best to kept her identity as a male and avoid beheading. It's a refreshing read. <<less
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alexfilia rated it
August 20, 2017
Status: --
Well the MC pretends to be a male due to some illines... problem is the emperor marries her to his spoiled daughter :D.... another problem is she catches the attention of the crown prince.... oh and if we didnt have enough problems the Princess gets kidnapped XD
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kalp456 rated it
January 4, 2017
Status: c53

I came for laughs and gigs but stopped due to frustration. Reason? Princess Du Ming Yue. She was kidnapped by a thief the main lead knew a while back. I don't really know if he's handsome or what but she kidnapped the princess, a person said to be more beautiful than the MC. So, I skimmed through the chapters until the 81th chapter since that's the only chapters when the princess appeared again. She last appeared at 50 something chapter.
I dropped the story. The main reason is because of sh*tty Stockholm Syndrome. The thief and the princess got married. The second reason is because of the current life of the princess. From riches to rags. The third reason is because, if I'm not mistaken, the thief is not handsome (?). Beauty and the beast, true version. The fourth reason is the past life of the princess. Love-heart broken cycle then stockholm syndrome. F*ck this! This is not funny!!!!!!

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MukuruA rated it
January 5, 2017
Status: Completed
This is amazing!! Ended, and completely filled with sugar, fluff, light politics, and more! Meet your handsome male protagonist - the drool-worthy, s*xy-bodied, cold-on-outside-but-warm-inside Lian Feng!! Your female protagonist may be the common world-traveling, money-grubbing pretty woman (not to be read as petty), but she has a heart of gold and is also very devoted to just the main male. Very, very devoted! She reminds me of Zhu Yao. This is a must read, and definitely worth your time.
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BillionJellyfish rated it
January 22, 2018
Status: Completed
1. This is a light novel with a silly MC, so don't come reading this with high expectations. There may be serious moments, but the story is mostly one with a comedic undertone.

2. The plot flows well. The story is basically situated around how the MC does her best to keep her real gender from being known to how the MC plans to escape from the palace and live a normal life, so it's pretty entertaining.


So you probably noticed by now, but I rated this 5-star cause I just really like the ML hahahah... XD <<less
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Alina Moktan
Alina Moktan rated it
October 6, 2017
Status: --
One of best comedy Crossdressing. MC a honest straight funny personality. I love all characters and their interact. MC is obsessive with money. She is money grabber. ML is pure man who haven't touched girl and don't know anything about relationships. They are cute couple
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dysry rated it
May 7, 2016
Status: --
The MC reincarnates as a girl who's forced to live as a Prince Consort due to an Imperial decree and needs to hide her gender to stay alive. Fortunately her wife has no interest in her, and she spends most of her time with various male leads. The female lead is cowardly, greedy and not too bright - all the makings of a 2-3 star comedy, where there are heaps of forced scenarios and awkward situations that lack common sense, but is still enjoyable enough (seriously, if you're a prince... more>> consort, why would you lust after a golden sword, or act so brazenly when your life is at stake).

It's the type of story that can very easily be turned into a drama and isn't a bad read if you don't expect too much. <<less
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Anks rated it
October 31, 2017
Status: c95
Light and fluffy, with some twist and turns. Don't take it too seriously, and you're in for a fun ride.

The MC, Lin Shan, is really funny with her modern mindset, obsessed with dramas. And the ML is dependable and super hot. There are lot of mysteries surrounding the male lead, which will keep you guessing. One really good thing about the book is the unwavering devotion between the lead couple.

Loved the book and really laughed a lot. I have only taken out 1 star from my original intened '4... more>> stars', because I felt the ending is a bit rushed. A lot of major incidents have been glossed over and simply narrated rather than shown. <<less
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Eizu rated it
March 14, 2017
Status: c95
This story is memorable, especially the first part.

The story's strong points is the mc's sense of humor. You got to hand it to her, she's living confidently sometimes with or without common sense. This left me an impression, because usually a #transmigration story will give you a new life with cheats and OP, but this one she wasn't even gifted a gift but was sent as a Prince Consort to a scary Palace. It's more like a curse dude.

... more>>

I was waiting for her cheats, but there never was. I mean she almost died a couple of times.... There was this one time that she was scared that it would rain, and then it did rain.... actually it was a storm... so yeah I guess what she whispers would come true. LMAO


At first I didn't want to read this because the I read that she was a pervert and a greedy girl. Ha.... But what the heck. It's only 95 chapters. (Lol) What's there to lose?

Expect to read a stupid story, with a mixture of sweet and sour and a bit of heart string pulling here and there.

If you like these stories:
-Jiang Hu’s Road is Curved
-My Disciple Died Yet Again
-Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost
... Then you'd probably love this too! Plus the guys are hot :D

Last Chapter:

It's the end.... T.T it was so nice reading this. Thank you for translating!!!

Lin Shan will never know the conspiracy her brother and crown prince made her believe (or maybe not...) I don't even know if those are true or made up. But the palace isn't really their place.

I'm happy for the ending but some parts were quite rushed.

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lumiere rated it
April 6, 2016
Status: --
Oh my god!!! This is soo funny, I couldn’t stop laughing!! This is about a female who got transported into the body of the “second son” of the prime ministre. Only the son is actually a woman! And the story continue on! I really recommend this ♥♥
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Matpatpat rated it
January 19, 2018
Status: Completed
The story is funny with an interesting plot and good characters. Though it gets serious it never really goes off the rails like other novels. Not a favorite story but not a hated one either. Comfortably in the middle.
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Nelhiro rated it
December 21, 2017
Status: c95
Here so many things happen, it's funny how it ends, the twists that make the plot so charming (●'∀ `●)
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Aris12 rated it
October 5, 2017
Status: Completed
Great funny novel satisfying novel I love this novel funny and comedy genre. I can't stop 😂 reading this novel. MC is so funny you can't help but love her. And ML react about her gender 😂. They are cute couple
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snow27 rated it
August 16, 2017
Status: Completed
An entertaining read and humorous with a dose of romance and reversed harem setting. Ending felt rushed and simply wrapped up which may leave readers to crave for more but it's still a happy ending nonetheless. There were parts that the author did not go through in details in regards to the succession of the new emperor and other various characters. In fact, I'd like to read more on Du Hao after the end of the story. Even so it was still a good read filled with humor and mostly... more>> PG romance (though almost at the end there was *cough* of 1 short paragraph lol... Anyway, I managed to finish it in 3 days by binge reading it. Most chapters have cliffhangers so I'm glad I found this to have been completed.. It was nicely translated as well. Thank the kind hearted and generous translator who took so much effort and time into translating and editing this novel. Very much appreciated. 🙆😘👍 <<less
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KKristen rated it
August 8, 2017
Status: Completed
A funny read. Even though it's more than 95 chapters, the pacing makes it easy to read quickly (I finished it in a day). If you're looking for a light-hearted, cross-dressing, historical-fantasy, comedic romance, this may be the story for you.


Due to a superstition, a young girl from a prestigious family is raised as a male. Her true gender can only be revealed after her 16th birthday... But before she even has the chance to live her life as a woman, the Emperor decrees that she needs to marry his... more>> daughter!

This is the body our female main character from the modern era is reborn in. Suddenly transported to an ancient era and faced with the choice of boobs or death... she chooses to live without boobs! Our hapless heroine-turned-husband struggles to survive her new life as a Prince Consort.


Like many reviewers have said, the ending to this story felt a little rushed. However, it had a strong start and cast of characters, so I still think you should give it a chance.

It also has all the fun moments that accompany most cross-dressing stories. You know the ones I mean... (The ones that make the poor male leads question their s*xuality...)

The main character isn't very bright, but she's not stupid. She's just an average modern girl, who happens to be a little too chatty and a money-grubber. I didn't like or dislike her. However, the main male lead's personality makes up for her flaws. He's VERY endearing.

If you don't mind dense-but-funny heroines and enjoy similar stories like Sansheng Wangchuan Wu Shang, Meow Meow Meow, Heavy-Sweetness Ash-Like Frost, or even My Disciple Died Yet Again, you will still enjoy this. <<less
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