The Only Normal Human In The Universe


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As a hamster spirit that has been cultivated for thousands of years, An Yan’s greatest wish was to succeed in his transformation.

However, when he was just one step away from his transformation, he somehow crossed over to the interstellar age and became the only human who could maintain his normal form.

In response, An Yan just wanted to cry out in his heart, “Who is the demon?”

However, becoming a human being wasn’t that bad.

He was making potions, making a lot of money, abusing scum, and living a prosperous life.

But then, he turned back into a hamster!

An Yan: Squeak?

Cheng Yi: This hamster is so cute; it’s perfect for roasting.

An Yan: Squeak?!

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The Only Normal Human In The Interstellar
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New solivagantsoul rated it
June 22, 2022
Status: --
its an alright story. good even.

common tropes but well written.

i did like the story but I also skipped quite some chapters-i wasn't in the mood. the MC is really cute and talented etc but I would have preferred a more badass and sharp MC... my fault for not checking the tags well.
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Julia Ackerman
New Julia Ackerman rated it
June 17, 2022
Status: c66

The story starts in a very interesting way, the MC doesn't have much common sense as he was a hamster spirit before and only has a few memories of the original. But he's still not an idiot and I like his character, although his IQ drops a bit when he's in ML.

The ML is super strong and rich, a little perverted and possessive, acts really cute in front of the MC and their interactions are really cool.

I'd give it a 4/5 for having some unreal things that don't make much sense and aren't my taste, but I will give it 5 stars for other positive reasons like the quick postage of the chapters, the good translation and because of our so lovely MC, who is a pharmaceutical genius.

Know that the story is very simple, has simple intrigues, simple solutions and is a cute, fun novel and for those who don't want too much complication in the plot.

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Salted Eggie
Salted Eggie rated it
June 12, 2022
Status: Completed
First of all, so freaking cute. Everything about MC is cute lol.

So MC is quite naive, smart when needed (not too smart) and kinda white lotus little bit?

ML is half cold but not rude and pay for gratitude. The only reverse scale is smone harm MC.

... more>> Their family is good. Too good. The villain solve easily. Not much drama.

Actually I read until ch 191 using raw but on the information it said to be 190 + 5 extra. I did tried to find other raw but it yield the same. There is too many questions that remain unanswered which I'm really curious


The most I want to know is did Yang Yang and Gu Qing got together? And how Gu Qing fall in love? What there is in the raw but it still unsettled.

Second, what bout Zhou Xinxin? Got punished?

Third, how about the potion access? I mean does they told the world? Or remain secret?Do the make other animal mecha?

There is too many questions


But its just a nice little novel if you wanna relax and I recommend. Not much drama yet not too boring (actually at first its kinda boring but it improve) <<less
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