The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen Who Will Become the Source of Tragedy Will Devote Herself for the Sake of the People


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At the age of eight, I realised I had reincarnated as the nefarious last boss of an otome game, Queen Pryde. Her fighting strength is high because she’s the last boss who will fight with the capture target, and her superior cunning wits make her the most powerful first princess in a matriarchal country. Since she brings misfortune to all that surrounds her, what awaits is a future of ruination! …really, wouldn’t it be better if I died?

In this case, I’ll avoid destruction from the capture target and freely use my authority and cheat abilities to save everyone!

–Canes Venetici

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Higeki no Genkyou tonaru Saikyou Gedou Rasubosu Joou wa Tami no Tame ni Tsukushimasu
The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen: From Villainess to Savior (LN)
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18 Reviews

New juniorjawz
Sep 04, 2023
Status: ln v4
Just read the LN.

First 2 volume covers the main casts of Pride, Tiara, Stale and Arthur meeting each other and building their relationships among each other while helping important people out that are possible 'love interest', including the ones I've named that is within her kingdom.

Then the next 2 volume focuses on the love interest outside of her kingdom, while becoming a prelude to a war arc in Vol 5.

I'm waiting for official Vol 5 release this December in the meantime. It's an enjoyable story. A little slow at times,... more>> but if you're looking for strong character interactions you'll find a few here which made me enjoy all 4 Volumes even though the MC is a Mary Su.

Author nailed in making me feel for each love interests in the first 2 Volumes. Not so much for Vol 3 & 4, but in return we get to see MC becoming more and more closer to her villainous side and that's exciting too.

Don't expect too much action. Even though our MC is essentially Joanne Wick in this story, she'll solve most of her problems by talking. She only brings out the gun in Vol 1 to actually kill people but didn't do it in Vol 2, while it's non-existent in 3 & 4. Whether she'll bring it back for Vol 5 is just a matter of waiting. <<less
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Jun 04, 2020
Status: c886
TLDR: SKIP SKIP HARD. This clocks in at 2 million plus words, that's 4 times the size of war and peace for an otome game novel and it's still not done

p.s. Should be 2 stars but can't edit the rating

Translation 5/5 (3/5 for the MTL difficult but readable)

... more>> Writing 3/5 Thought's are organized well but excessively verbose and redundant. Is the author paid by the word?

Characters: 2/5 They're rather maudlin and have a great deal of trouble seeing plot elements right in front of them. They're also rather immersion breaking

plot: 2/5 stretched way too thin. It would be great in a book 1/10th the size

World building: 1/5 it's got that whole isekai medieval world with modern Japanese amenities going on.

I really wanted to like this, I mean look at that cover. Unfortunately it just doesn't have much to do with this book.

Easiest way to understand the problems (it's only ch 19/886)

The queen mother ditched the MC till her sisters debut (sister age 6/ MC age 8.5) because she foresaw she would be a monster. One "Oh My what did I do?" scene and a timeskip with a note their now a happy family. WTF??? She has a mental age of 19-26 at this point, memories of an actual loving family and the author elides over the reconciliation process???

This is what's called Isekai dense!!!

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Jun 03, 2020
Status: c20
I read the manga and decided to read the novel since I liked so much!

This translation site is terrible... visually busy, hard to access the chapters.... So bad that I couldn't read it.

So I decided to Google translate the raw and I can say is worth reading.

A little slow paced but cute. I recommend it as a light reading ?
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Jun 05, 2020
Status: c15
I really like this series! Keep up the great translation~

I love how we can see it from the capture target's perspective as well! Can't wait for the future updates~ Looking forward for it!

Typical isekai accident but the character developments are astounding~ They really bring out the transition between game-mode villainess and the isekaid villainess well and I love how realistic the isekaid villainess is. She is the most human like character and I love it! Even the firstly introduced capture target, I love how his perspective on the people around... more>> him and how he behaves is actually matching up with his personality set in this isekai world and the game-world except his goal. This is because the one who captured him is different who is not the heroine but the villainess~

Love it and can't wait for the next update~ <<less
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Jan 29, 2022
Status: c41
This is prolly the best of your typical evil villain otome game-sekai? Or at least better version of that Katarina Hametsu Flag. Oh and manga version better imo.

Side chara have actual back story, feelings, and priorities. They're not just there to wag their tails because MC said something nice once, like she needs to work to gain their trust. Actual magic/super power system that's important to the story and not exist to be mentioned once everh full moon, and decent excuse to explain why MC can 'see' into thw future.

And... more>> the best thing is they actually showed how evil MC is suppsed to be, which is very rare. Usually they just mention 'hey she is supposed to be evil, source? Trust me'. You can see how everyone actually feared her. <<less
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Nov 12, 2020
Status: c25
This novel falls under the category of “Read If You’re Bored.”

Reincarnated into a villainess of an otome game. FL tries to do better.

The annoying thing is her lack of self awareness. She doesn’t understand that her actions are the things that are influencing the changes in the story. She’s not too sharp. Continues to be fatalistic.


I’ll continue to read it cuz I’m bored.

No real attachment to any male leads yet.

At chapter 25, it’s still pretty early on in the story.

A good couple of years away from the “main” storyline of the otome game


Quick word about the site hosting the translations: I appreciate the time the TL is putting into translating this novel. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the translation. The site hosting it is annoyingly and weirdly formatted. Too many distracting texts of different fonts and sizes scattered around, making it hard to just zone out and read. Maybe the TL/whoever owns the site is experimenting with HTML and CSS by themselves. :Shrug:

(I would have given this a 3/5 but I accidentally rated it as 4 and couldn’t change it for some reason!!)
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Leona Melody3
Leona Melody
Jun 03, 2020
Status: c15
I like it, it has a nice story and a good hearted protagonist. It can get a bit similar to others if you've read any otome game novels, but if you're a sucker for those kinds of stories like I am, then you'll find this is an enjoyable read.
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Feb 06, 2022
Status: c41
So far, I love it. I love the manga version too. Waiting for more!

Honestly, reading the comments didn't stop me from reading it.

Indeed there are some parts that are pretty confusing but I read a lot of stories (wattpad) or Fanfics even novels and mangas that I somehow understand the flow of the story.

... more>> Intermission chapters are also pretty much okay since it explain some parts of the story (wonder why some readers haven't thought that intermission is very crucial to the main story)

About her actions like for example her lack of Self-Awareness is also okay... indeed her character is a final boss but please think she was once an ordinary girl who remembered her past life playing the game.

I feel like she would have a dense personality rather than lack of awareness.

She is trying her best not to become the Pryde in the game.. there was only one thing I'm confuse...


Why do the capture targets dream about the wrongdoings of Pryde in the game to them??

For what purpose??

Then woke up and forget about it.


That's the only thing I'm confuse about.

Her emotions are everywhere ??

Yeah I admit that its pretty annoying but given that she had memories of the game while trying to retain her own? I'd be pretty much do what she did.

She didn't know hat her actions give much influence the plot? Yes her current actions pretty much give influence to the original plot of the game and she's probably not aware of it but take note that she has her fears of becoming the "Pryde" of the game rather than hers even though it already different from the original.

I guess that's it. <<less
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Jul 20, 2020
Status: c19
Ok. Why did I give it such poor evaluation in such initial stage of reading it? I went through the raws after reading the avaliable chaps translated (and the translator Eunie is good, I love the things she translates. It's just this story in particular that is quite unbereable) but really, so boring and confusing, especially when you have to read it using google. I really wanted to know if the story got any better.

If this was just not my cup of tea, I wouldn't have bothered making a review... more>> but I guess the potential readers are in need of some words from a person who tried.

At first I read "In this case, I’ll avoid destruction from the capture target and freely use my authority and cheat abilities to save everyone!" and thought : Cool!

For someone who read The Last Boss Witch Will Keep Her Past Self’s Crush Until Her Dying Day, I was happy to see another last boss protagonist using her OP powers for good. But... it didn't happen. I mean, the only thing she ever does is reminisce on the chara's story (like, all the time. repeatedly. to the point you are ripping the pillows cuz you just want the story to progress). Annnnnnd, its quite difficult to understand her train of thoughts, since her emotions are everywhere... EVERYWHERE. And everything makes her shed bloody tears of bitterness.

Girl!! You are the last boss, goddamnit, just get your s... tuff together!!

She never tries to analyze anything in front of her face or think logically using her memories as a basis. No, she tries to depend on the memories (while drowning in the feels), and me... who went through the angst of "My fiancee is in love with my little sister" and cried and loved so much... COULD NOT HANDLE THIS!!

I can't feel bad for her. Past the third chapter I was just dettached emotionally from any chara., and that just put an ending to my liking.

Goodluck to the corageous who manage to stick til the end (600 chapters... really, I wonder if it would get better beyond chapter 200, but I just can't do it anymore). <<less
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May 21, 2020
Status: c15
The story is boring; it seems I'm testing with the cover art and the synopsis, but the writing itself is boring passive Japanese garbage.

All they do is think, thoughts, it's annoying. You can go through a bunch of chapters, and the characters don't do anything but think—flashbacks thoughts holy crap what a drag.

Don't bother its super passive Japanese is tr*sh. Interesting idea boring execution.
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Jul 07, 2023
Status: c48
I've tried to love this story, but it is hard.

I first started with the manga adaptation, which I believe to be absolutely fantastic, a solid 5/5. It has awesome (and very expressive) art, a really fluid and organic narration, really cute characters (both visually and personality-wise), and a simple yet light-hearted fantasy plot.

A strong FMC in a story that doesn't really focus on romance is also really welcomed for my part, and she is actually the princess and not some disoriented girl who got isekai'd early into her body! Her... more>> sister is also a cinnamon roll, and not secretly a "pretends-to-be-good" evildoer, as usual. That's definitely a plus in my book.

I loved it so much that I instantaneously went to binge-read the novel, back when the novel was not ahead of the manga.

The writing was... peculiar though.

The author likes to show multiple POVs and express each character's emotions through a plethora of short sentences and anaphoras... Maybe too much.

The chapters, which are already short, make little progress in the actual plot, and the pacing of the story gets lost among the changes of POV and the both extensive but also fleeting portrayal of emotions, which I'm sure is meaningful to the story, but it just gets hard to read.


It doesn't help that the author literally goes back in time several chapters to show the story from another perspective, which is thankfully not an issue in the manga.


I have to give this novel a 3/5 rating, despite how much I love its simple premise.

I recently came back to see how this story was doing and found out that both the manga and the novel translation are in an indefinite hiatus.

I've read all the currently translated chapters, but I can't bring myself to read the mtl nor recommend the novel to anyone else, and the manga has too few chapters to be a good read. It's a shame.

At least the anime adaptation is looking good, it might be what this story needs to better itself. <<less
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Oct 28, 2022
Status: c394
what I really hate about this website every good novels always have bots give low rating and put hi number chapter read that does not exist and rant random stuff. not reading anything at all.

for example the guy above put 800 chapter that did not exist and say something only bad thing about the novel not reading what is the novel all about, or he read fake novel from other sources that stealing from original author and make their own chapter for bait. (im talking about you read wn... more>> website).

i don't want to give spoiler this novel is really good, brave female MC with cute little sister and good line up side characters.

the novel is not about breaking bad flag but changing the future, if this not convinced you yet. read the manga then get hook because how good it's and stuck with us because the english translations stop force to read the raw novel.............. <<less
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Mar 15, 2023
Status: ln v2 43%
I don't understand the rating for this thing. I barely got through vol 1. By ~43% of vol 2 I think I'm going to have to drop. This is quite rare for me. I usually am able to at least get through 2-3 volumes of even garbage. But this isn't even entertaining. It's both hackneyed and just... boring. The MC is a Mary Sue that basically sits there crushing her bad end flags while repetitively (and inexplicably) believing that she didn't. Then it switches to the viewpoint of the character... more>> that she helped in that arc, who sits there and gushes about how awesome she is for 1-2 chapters. They are now a devout follower and worshipper. That's it.

The main upsides are honestly getting to see how the story normally was with the standard villainess. Some of the things she does are actually downright cruel. And honestly it would be an entertaining work if she was actually continuously fighting her innate inclinations... ie having internal struggles and actual deliberation. But she really isn't. The worldbuilding sucks

This is kind of a bootleg "My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending" (which itself isn't exactly stellar), so this deserves a fairly low rating from me. <<less
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Jul 02, 2022
Status: v2
TL;DR : Alright, not great. Works better as a manga where the fluff is more evident and the action is more interesting.

I read the official release by seven seas which is quite high quality.

So the female lead was a truly horrendous person, until she is reincarnated/switched by a Japanese person. There is room in the story for this being part of the original female lead's power so that she actually is the original villain maybe.

Our new plucky lead begins by avoiding death flags, which I like and is gratifying, but... more>> by the second volume she already got rid of most of them so the story is basically about how the overpowered female lead helps different people increasing the number of her fans and her good name. Fortunately, not every person she helps joins her harem.

There is an element of extreme denseness where the FL refuses to accept her own attractiveness and the very obvious harem she constructed as well as the fact she seems to have successfully changed the future. At this point, there doesn't seem to be any reason to assume there is any force that will try to "correct the story". I don't like it, but it is par for the course for the genre.

The main draw to this for me would be the fluff, especially between the sisters. The people she gets to help and their stories aren't very cliche, but they are also not very well written. I would say below average. Since the story isn't very deep, the manga doesn't miss on anything, but the good art gives it an extra layer the actual novel doesn't have.

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Jan 12, 2022
Status: --
Really not worth reading such a long ass story cause the plot has been stretched to death unnecessarily.

The manga has a much better pacing and the pretty characters are a bonus. Honestly this is at best a 2.4 star story.
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Dec 04, 2021
Status: --
Read the manga and that's all I can honestly judge on and be the reason of the 4 stars.

Ngl would consider reading this for the manga if this didn't have a million chapters and is still on going. I thought it would end relatively quickly since the plot didn't feel like it needed to be this long

... more>>

since the manga's pacing was great along with the characters (though they are cliche, it's not painfully cliche) I wanted to give the novel a try. But seeing it has a million chapters.... This already screams too stretched out.

imo otome game plot lines like these feels like u can end it relatively quick. Like the main driving point of this story is the fact that MC is in an otome game and she meets the male leads of said otome game (and do cool sh*t in between). bu*t why the f*ck is the story a million chapters and still not finished. Did the otome game MC played not finish after ending up with a male lead?? I especially liked how MC can vividly see what the villainess did as her pre-recognition. And I wanted to see how that inner conflict of hers will end.

And I'd rather not say anything else except that I trust the reviews and my judgement

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May 24, 2021
Status: c41

Note, skip chapter 31 until 38 including the intermission between them, it is useless to read, it conveys no new information, it is but a flashback, all I get from that 6 chapters can be summed up as :

Pryde is amazing (like it hasn't been conveyed by previous chapter

Seriously though, this author has a bad case of unnecessary tangent or confusing labelling (though that might fall to the translator), you know how the much chapter needed for the manga to explained the content of chapter 31-38? 1 and a half chapters, that's how much unnecessary words containing useless information (why would we need Arthur's mother name if he's going to call her 'mother" why do we need Arthur reasoning again when Pryde already said it "he felt grief over this incident and resolved to become knight's again"

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Mar 30, 2021
Status: c40
relationship is on that bakarina's level. No romance so far.

protag also fight and stand by herself.

but but buttt. Everyone instantly respect and devote their life to her. It would not be strange if she has some kind of brainwashing power.

this novel also like to praise protag in POV chapters that goes on and on. 'She's our lord and savior' level.

"The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen got circlejerk by capture target"
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