I Will Quietly Disappear


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I was reincarnated into a ducal military household that held the protection of the country on its shoulders. I, who had possessed clairvoyance, saw a fragmentary future. Thus I knew that I possessed no combat prowess. It was my younger brother who had, and because of that, this would create an unnecessary fight for successor…

“If I don’t have it then it can’t be helped,” before any needless conflict arise, I thought to run away from home, but…

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I Will Go and Disappear Obediently
Watashi wa Otonashiku Kiesaru Koto ni Shimasu
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PersonaJXT rated it
September 15, 2018
Status: c68
I've read up to c68/68 as of 09/14/18 and will be reviewing as such. The story is as of yet unfinished, with no end in sight.

I'll first note that the writing is full of mistakes, both in terms of grammar and in spelling. There's a lot of homophone type errors (来ます vs 着ます) and lots of dropped particles. The author hasn't gone back to correct anything, which is telling about the amount of effort the author puts into the story. It's a hobby and nothing more.

The writing is rambling and... more>> there's a lot of back and forth time jumps from different perspectives, which is a favored technique of amateurs before they realize how jarring it is and how little it adds. Sometimes a character will think something, followed by the character saying literally the exact same thing the next paragraph. Economy of words is a thing that the author clearly doesn't understand. The chapters are short and updates slow, with the first chapter published towards the beginning of 2016 and only 68 short-ish chapters in 2018. The first major story arc was finally finished around chapter 60, though the author then decided to rehash the same events over and over from different perspectives so I hesitate to give an actual number.

Lucie as a character is rather dull. Her first instinct to a possible horrible future is to run away, ignoring all possible other more logical routes (such as just relinquishing her claim, if need be). She then spends all the rest of the chapters making connections that would just make it harder to accomplish her goal. She doesn't really do anything to advance her goal either, mostly spending her time obeying her family and studying. The one time she really went out of her way to do something didn't even have anything to really do with her goal, though it did advance the plot in an interesting direction.

The plot itself is slow and plodding. Both in story and in real time. As mentioned, it's taken about 60 chapters for the first story arc to complete. That's 60/68 chapters in over two years for one story arc. Given the short-ish chapters and the long breaks of writing every so often, it's unlikely the story will ever get anywhere. The story also loves to rehash the same events from different perspectives, often without any real payoff and in a strange order instead of one that makes sense. I worry that the story will ever finish given how off the cuff the writing seems at times and the slow rate of anything actually happening.

That said, the reveal at around chapter 60 does interest me quite a bit. Lucie's abilities and her interaction with both the antagonist and the plot related being sound very interesting and stopped me from dropping the story entirely, even with the constant retreading of events. I feel the author has some good ideas, but just fails in execution. It's not what I would call bad, but it smells entirely of an amateur both in wording and technique. Interesting though, and I did end up reading to the current chapter.

I took a look at the translation and it looks confused. I'll go out on a limb and assume Gugel Translations uses Google Translate, which really shows. The raw Japanese itself has a lot of mistakes, which I can't imagine helps machine translation much at all either. Not recommended on the basis that I'll never recommend any machine translation. The poor writing certainly doesn't help the MTL effort either.

All in all, I can't recommend this story. It's too slow to update and the author doesn't seem terribly invested. The plot has some interesting points, but events take place at a snails pace and the execution leaves much to be desired. 2/5 for me. <<less
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August 6, 2018
Status: c6
It’s okay, I’m just not sure why she can’t just decline the position. She’s taking about running away or faking her death, but why? Unless it’s been mentioned earlier and I forgot....

So far this isn’t a very memorable story.
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shelwyn rated it
July 9, 2018
Status: c12
I'm so unhappy. I look forward to a next chapter and we get failing filler. The story is only 12 chapters in and the author is writing garbage filler already. From other peoples perspectives we get a bunch of tr*sh that's useless. I'm so unhappy I start to look forward to the next chapter and the author has an autism flare and he stops the main story line for word padding chapters. Omake on the 3rd chapter. Now that's bad writing wow.

The story is mediocre. Another of the generic avoid... more>> the bad ending kinds where someone useless the the first life suddenly becomes mildly less useless because of an adults mind in a child.

The dialogue is incoherent babble, characters are introduced and you have no idea who's talking. Its horrid to read. <<less
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June 4, 2017
Status: c10
Until c10, this story is... mediocre

Not bad, but there is nothing that distinguish this from dozens other "I'm-reincarnated-lets-avoid-the-bad-end/path/situation"...

Rating withhold since 10 ch might not be enough to judge a slow novel, but I'm leaving for now
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