The Marquis Is Innocent


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Wei Shao’s part.

At first, Marquis of Yan, Wei Shao, was advised to marry the Qiao’s daughter : “The Qiao’s family has been in the Eastern County for three generations, although declining, but deeply honored, like the hundred-foot insects that die but not stiff. My Lord is majestic and powerful. The family of Qiao has begged the Lord, so why not take the daughter of the Qiao family and use her?”

Later, Wei Shao finally understood and hit his own face. It’s hurt, really hurt.

Xiao Qiao’s part.

Hmm, men are indeed cheap bones. The Emperor is the same.


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The Prisoner of Beauty
烽火红绡 (drama)
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7 Reviews

Oct 11, 2022
Status: Completed
Love Love Love the MC, she knows that no one would treat her like a decent human being cuz she is a women and acts in a way that will be favorable to her and her family. I love that she wants her older sister to live a life of happiness with a man her sister loved nd thus sacrifices herself in marriage with ML... also cuz she knew her og fiance was also tr*shbit*h from her previous life so she tells her sis to run away nd marries scum... more>> ML instead.

Now onto ML...... he did not plan to keep her as a wife for a long time, he did not plan to treat her well neither did he plan to be respectful to her when they got married. nd I know what ya'll will say, like their families are enemies, but dude his grandma wanted him to marry her to end this enmity so either he should have refused if he didnt like it, or should have treated her with some respect atleast. Also no he wasnt forced to marry her bcauz of his grandma, he is a MAN, he is the marquis, the head of the household he can always refuse but he didnt cuz he did not take this marriage seriously nd was thinking of divorce in future for them.

We can see him being slightly good to her cuz she really pretty nd thats the only reason why he go to her room and take care of her needs sometimes. In the past life we can see that he did not care abt MC's sis cuz she was not that pretty nd witty like MC nd just let her be abused by his mom nd his dumb childhood friend who wants to marry him who also kills MC's sis in 1st life. He is only thinking of having s*x with her nd thats it, again cuz she really pretty, he thinks even though her family is his enemy, atleast they sent a pretty wife for him to enjoy (barf). So he thinks its his sole right to f*ck her cuz that is the only thing she can be useful for.

when they start having s*x he literally does not leave her nd does it everyday, like u guys do realize that they r not in love nd she is not enjoying it sometimes, but cant speak up. She has to tolerate his nasty mother's antics cuz she hates her as her family is the cause of death of ML's dad nd elder bro (enmity). Even though she has nothing to do with it, she has to tolerate these nasty ppl cuz they consider her as enemy, even though she had no power to resist this marriage. He only uses her to relieve his lust nd occasionally will consider her feelings when he is in good mood. When his mood is bad he will make sure to make her life worse. He gets jealous easily nd tries to force himself onto her when he knows that his cousin bro kinda likes her which is not her fault at all.

When he kinda considers divorcing her when her family again betrays him, I think it was actually a bit ok for him to think like that. But I still dont like him tho, it feels like he doesnt care much abt his daughter nd is like good to her only cuz the MC asks him to. Later when he becomes emperor, even his grandma is wanting a son from her. Idk how to say it, but like he doesnt love his daughter that much but he also doesnt hate her.


He also becomes emperor in 1st life and is super depressed cuz he is really close to his grandma, but she dies from poisoning nd he forever blames his then wife MC's sister for her death as, if she had been more attentive, his granny wouldnt have died. He ignores her nd hates her for this reason nd also lets his friend who is empress, kill MC's sis when he becomes emperor. He just becomes indifferent to everything that he doesnt even care abt his concubines fighting. YES he has concubines cuz he is apparently emotionally dead nd will sleep with any women that is offered to him cuz he is depressed. He literally does not repent his wife that is MC's sis death ever. I love the fact that the person who kills him is the MC's sister's lover who she runs away with in 2nd life nd lives a happy life. He kills him as he made his sweetheart live in such misery.

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Oct 09, 2022
Status: Completed
3.5 stars

The MC is a heartstrong resolute woman. She knows her boundaries and she has great emotional control. She does whatever she can with her limited resources. I like her.

The ML is just a big mass of male ego. He only sees her worth as someone who is pleasing to the eye - someone he can release his lust on. His immediate reaction after seeing someone treat MC well is that he will exercise his "husband rights" a.k.a. Commit sexual acts towards our MC. He treats her like air on... more>> normal days and but becomes possessive the moment another male appreciates MC. Our MC thinks the same. This is from ch49: "she felt that she was a plaything of Wei Shao who was just named as his wife."


ch62: This scumbag is really hateful. He attempted to [email protected] MC just because another man coveted her?! If MC was not brave enough to scold and slap him she would have been r*ped. It's not even MC's fault that other men have improper thoughts about her, but this ML just puts the blame on her head. I would also like to add that before they had proper s3x, ML attempted to [email protected] her twice first. It's just something happened that stopped him from continuing his horrible actions.

ch92: ML is still far from being an acceptable husband. 9/10 of his interactions with MC are still just to have s3x and it's not always enjoyable for MC. There's still no groveling.

ch97: ML fckd her in her sleep. She was blackout drunk and he just couldn't control his lust. Wtf.

For the remaining 10% of the story, he finally became a good husband. He finally recognized his mistakes and learned from them.


I am looking forward to the groveling moments of ML. I hope I don't get disappointed. The groveling is minimal. The only moment I could think of is him riding his horse in heavy rain to catch up with MC who got sooooo disappointed of him. The romance is a little depressing, ngl. It's because although MC has feelings for ML, she is somehow stuck in the marriage forced by her circumstances. On the other hand, ML's hate for the Qiao family is also understandable (his actions towards MC are uncalled for though). Their relationship gets better after every hurdle, but it still leaves you with a feeling that there's still a piece of bone stuck in your throat. Putting aside the romance, MC and the other supporting characters are worth reading for though. <<less
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Wang Feng
Wang Feng
Oct 20, 2022
Status: Completed
Peng lai ke novels ain't for light novel lovers. This one is a deep plot + lil meat. (Yes, there's meat lol) There's lot of angst between the leads as the plot is enemy to lovers. It's a gem for those who like heavy plot + slow burn romance + meat. Give it a try. Don't let the low rating miss this gem.

... more>>

FL is from modern-day but didn't quite matters in the novel (actually not quite sure cause I've read this novel a long time ago) . She was pierced by her fiance in her previous life. She rebirth to before everything happens. Her knowledge of future events becomes her golden finger. Thus, tried to avoid the tragic end.

ML is quite powerful but he listened to his grandma. Grandma is the matchmaker indirectly. She's good. She doesn't treat the FL badly even though she's from the family of her husband's killer. ML is a jerk at the beginning. Because of the family feud, both the leads were first suspicious of each other then accepting of each other and love. The plot of wars and romance are all balanced out.

Character growth of the ML is done beautifully. First, he treats the FL like she owed all his family's feud. Then, accepting her and falling for her. But still he wants her to do whatever he wanted. It's like doing a favour for her for falling in love with her. Then, he saw the difference when FL is with him and when FL is with her family members. Thus, apologies to her and call himself a jerk. Lol And pampered her afterwards.

The extras are also interesting.

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Oct 15, 2022
Status: Completed
It’s a 3.5

I agree with previous reviewer: the ML is really unlikable. He is barely better than scummy bastard ML. However the FL is very likable. I only managed to finish the novel for her. The romance is really unpalatable. Sometimes I wonder if their romance was born because of Stockholm syndrome... The FL is quick witted and also very kind. Her love for her female cousin is admirable.
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Oct 08, 2022
Status: c171
Thanks to the translator for picking up this novel. It has one of the best character growth of an ML in an ancient China setting. I loved the FL who was intelligent, knew when to bend and kept her emotions in check. Though the story is from the FL's point of view, I loved the ML because he really grows as the novel progresses, and by the end is one of the best husband one can have.
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Feb 15, 2023
Status: c101
Since the English translation (the better translator) for this novel is unfinished, I don't know how the 3rd half will be like. From what I have read so far, the novel is good. I really like it and it is an enjoyable read. The plot keeps me interested. It's been a while since I've read anything that has to do with enemies becoming lovers.

MC is a transmigratory soul who retains all memories of the previous owner's life who gets a reset of knowing how the future will be like, which... more>> is to her advantage, but also to her disadvantage. Her character is known to be very beautiful and I'm talking about how a war can start for her just because of how beautiful she is. Our MC incidentally gets pulled into an arranged marriage with ML and from here she tries to save herself and her family. I love how even though she is hated by her husband and her mother-in-law, she is smart enough to rely on Mrs. Xu, the head grandma to help her (not everyone is bad!) making her pretty witty.

Due to a tragic past, our ML was forced to led an army at a young age. This causes him to become a strong and cold marquis whose name is known everywhere. He has dreams and ambitions. His past gets him tied in an arranged marriage with our MC. Although, MC is really beautiful, ML doesn't let her beauty bury the hatred that he has for her family. He did not plan to have anything to do with the MC in the first place, but the things that his mom does causes him to spend more time with her. Mind you, there's a lot of s*x in this novel. ML is a virgin and he's been abstaining for the longest time. Once he slept with MC, it was over LOL. Over time, you can see that he slowly starts to treat MC with more care and affection.

If MC was ruthless, she could have used her beauty to wrap ML around her little finger. Alot of commenters said that ML was a jerk. Yes, he can be a jerk at times, but he has his own reasons, and he was battling with himself and his growing feelings for her. He does protect her and make sure that she's not wrongly accused, which is A+ in my book. MC is not without fault here too. I would say that both have their own fault. ML for being unable to see her goodness and just letting the past grudge go, and MC for knowing about the future and thinking that nothing about him will change and is afraid to break his walls.

One thing I would like to see, or hope is them letting all their burdens go and just freely love each other.

I do miss all the beginning parts when ML and MC were bringing petty troubles to each other, but I also like seeing them change towards one another.

I would say do give this novel a try. <<less
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Feb 10, 2023
Status: Completed
Translator, thanks for working so hard on this novel! It's a good translation. Highly recommended.

This novel was pretty good. I would give it a B-, 3.5 stars. The plot was interesting, but I wasn't attached to the characters. The MC was a Mary Sue. I don't think there was anything very remarkable about her. Yes, she was an admirable woman-- but so are the other heroines of CN novels. She's smart and beautiful... just like the other ones. I don't know why she falls in love with the ML.

The ML... more>> was a jerk and unlikeable-- but not a monster like some of the other reviewers would have you believe. Let's say you were forced to marry into a family that caused the murder of your dad and your brother. Wouldn't you be a bit ticked off too? On top of that, he felt manipulated and tricked. So he felt extra resentful.


In chapter 127, I think, he talks about how he thinks his wife is a honey trap. That her family sent her because she's beautiful in order to manipulate her. It makes him extra angry because he knows he has fallen for her. He's angry at himself for falling for her, but he takes it out on her because he's emotionally stunted. And also a jerk.

So, yeah, he's a jerk. I don't approve, but I see where he's coming from. What I don't understand is why the two fell in love. That part is underdeveloped. Why does he love her?

Yes, there's a lot of s*x. All I can think is that maybe the author wanted it to be a metaphor for the ML's feelings towards the MC, and for the relationship. At first he is brutish. Later, he progressively becomes more tender.

I thought the villain was the most interesting. He started out as a lovesick weakling. Then he became a heroic king. Finally, he became a ruthless scum. His ending was just tragic and pathetic.

The book gets more fluffy and sweet towards the end. The side stories were okay. There's one where the ML gets turned into a cat, but the ending was unsatisfying. <<less
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