Spring Banquet


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Li Huaiyu, the princess of Danyang, who was arrogant and domineering and hurt the ruler and the opposition for eight years, was gone. On the day of the new emperor’s ascension to the throne, Qiqiao bleeds and dies in terrible conditions.

Hundreds of officials celebrated and all applauded: evil is rewarded! Good death!

However, during the first seven days, Princess Danyang resurrected her body and became the fourth lady of the White House.

What? Is this Miss Bai Si a fool? Defenseless? Still stealing from relatives?

Huaiyu took the case: “It’s really unreasonable!”

Fighting ingenuity is a blockbuster, and there are thousands of people helping each other. With the Princess of Danyang, are you afraid this fool’s fate won’t change?

But who can tell you, on the wall, why you pressed Ziyang Jun Jiang Xuanjin?

“Have you ever loved someone?”

“You loved me.”

“How do you love?”

“At first, I tried every means to stun her.”

In the end, I tried everything I could, just wishing that she would succeed.

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Krypton rated it
May 9, 2021
Status: Completed
This is one of the best novels out there, the MC and ML are enemies due to a misunderstanding. ML is righteous so he was used by his enemy without him knowing and you really can't blame him because the MC does act as a villain as a front to help the emperor which is her brother.

After MC got rebirth and they got together the ML is such a Tsundere but very possesive in a way that it's so cute because he's jealous but he won't show it cause he's... more>> shy 🤣.. arghhh on top of that MC is shameless so whenever they have sweet scene ML always blushes and got angry while the MC keeps on laughing and teasing him without taking responsibility so he will always punish her with *coughs* I JUST REALLY LOVE THE STORY AND I DON'T THINK THE LOW RATING IS SOMETHING THAT YOU CAN USE AS A BASIS. IT DOES NOT DESERVE THE LOW RATING AT ALL!!!

I'm sad when they got separated because ML knew who she really is and was so angry but still possesive of her lols, MC has her own people she wants to protect so when it comes to choosing she stand with those loyal to her. ML is just MAD for quite some time but is still very much inlove with her, in fact he defy the ROYAL EDICT FOR ANOTHER MARRIAGE TOWARDS THE NO. 1 BEAUTY OF THE CAPITAL for her even if MC wanted to have a divorce already because their family is already aware of everything and got a conflict with each other. (I'm saying this bcoz take note: the family of ML has been very loyal to the monarch ever since so the fact that he choose the FL and refuse the emperor is already showing how he's into her... in short, He became enemies with the Monarch for MC)

Anyways there are a few times where I think ML is really not deserving of MC because of their misunderstanding, but if you would try to understand his personality and how he shows his sincerity to MC even loving her and almost begging her after knowing she is pregnant with the 2nd ML.


ITS THE ML'S CHILD WITH MC of course! HE JUST GOT ANOTHER MISUNDERSTANDING AGAIN BUT EVEN AFTER THAT HE CRIED AND BEG MC ASKING HER WHERE IS HE NOT BETTER THAN THE OTHER GUY. He's also pleading for her to lie to him that he's the father of the child because he cannot accept the fact that MC had the child when they were still together *but of course that's because that ur child duh!*


Honestly try it guys!! I keep on laughing, crying and screaming because of all of the fluffy scene and heart wrenching scenes.! I can even say this can be compared to the Malicious Empress for being 1 of the best stories out there <<less
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