Who Cares


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In her previous life, she treated her mother-in-law like her own mother, treated her husband with respect and affection, devoted herself to her stepson and stepdaughter, and looking back at herself, Guan Suyi had a clear conscience. But in the end, she was ruined, exiled, and died alone. When she was about to die, Guan Suyi summed up her tragedy with one phrase: doing too much and saying too little.

After rebirth, she decided to say nothing, put on the hypocritical face of a good wife and mother, strive for the reputation of a gentle and virtuous character, bury all the enemies in the pit, and ask them to be grateful and remember her as their benefactor for the rest of their lives.

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Ai Shei Shei
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New Akima rated it
June 24, 2022
Status: c202
I just tried to read the first few chapters because I was attracted to Lazy or "come what may" mindset of a protagonist at the moment. Some reviews were bad but after reading it I actually got hooked by the plots.

Its a good story where the ML almost missed her FL and what ML regrets the most was its because of his decree that the FL almost got away.

I like how FL faced her destiny, although she was rebirthed she still didn't got away from her fate and have to... more>> go along with her life but not without having a plan.

The title who cares can also mean that she can be whatever she wants or wants to do. <<less
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New Honeycomb rated it
June 23, 2022
Status: Completed
OMG!!! This is soooo goooood. I was hesitant cause the synopsis make it sounds like it has too much angst and I thought the ex-husband was as the ML. But spoiler alert! He’s not! N I love the ML. He’s ruthless yet also so naive and the FL is perfect 🤩 100/10 would recommend
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miu rated it
March 31, 2022
Status: Completed

I was a bit hesitant after reading some of the reviews but decided to try it anyways. And I was not disappointed! I've read a lot of CN and this is one of them where I went and MTL the rest of the chapters because it was so good. This is different from all the other revenge/second chance novels and the villains were annoying but they were also cleaned up and the main ones dragged on a bit but not too much. So I don't really understand some of the critical comments on a few of the reviews here. First off, this is a Chinese novel. The author and people are Chinese and with an ancient way of thinking. If you can't understand why people in different cultures do things then don't read these types of novels. Don't bash on a novel just because you have your own biases and ignore the writing and storytelling of the author. The ex-husband is scum, yes, but that's how the author intents to write him so you rate it badly for the author making you hate a character you're supposed to hate? Just because you don't like a character then they don't get to have emotions like regret and hope and their own POV?

The ML and MC are very cute together and the ML is pretty likable. He has reasons for the way he did things and they make sense. I disagree with one of the reviews saying their relationship is disgusting and sickening. It is actually very cute and the ML is very loyal and tries to do everything without hurting the MC.

I also disagree with comments saying the MC did nothing and stopped caring about her past enemies. The MC didn't do nothing. In fact, when she got reborn she refused to get married but it wasn't her fault that the emperor bestowed her a marriage decree and ofc she can't refuse. Not in this type of ancient culture. She didn't want to care about her past enemies because when she died, she already matured and wanted to live her life again as freely as she could. She didn't want to get caught up in revenge. Her saying "who cares" meant she didn't want to waste all her energy again doing the same things she did for other people in the past just to end up as a stepping stone for everyone else.

Also, the setting is very important. This is set right after a huge war in which thousands of people had died. The emperor just established power and is looking to centralize control and rebuild the population. A lot of weight is put on laws and talent. There is a lot of text on Confucianism and Legalism ways of thinking and how to balance those to benefit the people.

Overall it was a very enjoyable read and if you like these mature kinds of novels that tries to stay in-line with how the way of thinking was back then, then you'll probably enjoy this.

Spoiler summary:

In the first chapter, you find out MC is married to a widow who has a daughter and son with a mother-in-law. She tries to do her best as a step-mother but her step-kids hate her and her husband is always morning for his dead wife. MC's family is a Confucius family and she is taught to be morally righteous so everything she does is to be benevolent and abiding by the rules. It doesn't go well for her and she ends up exiled by her husband to a remote place after being framed. Later, her stepson finds her and tells her the shocking secret that his mother (the dead wife) was actually not dead. Instead, the ex-wife faked her death so she can pretend to be the twin sister and get married into the palace as a concubine. She threw away her husband and kids for fame and glory. The husband and daughter knows this but still helps the ex-wife secretly and that's one of the reasons why the MC had so many stumbles in life. The stepson realizes that the MC is the only one who truly cared about his future and he went to see her because he was later tricked and got his legs broken. So he came to repent but at this time, the MC was already tired of everything. She ends up wasting away and thus gets reborn back to before she got married.

After getting reborn, she is determined not to marry into the same family. But something happens where she had to come out and defended her grandpa in front of other scholars. Her family is a Confucius thinking family and at this time, there were a lot of different schools of thoughts. One of them was Legalism. Confucianism emphasis respect to family and filial piety while Legalism emphasis respect to laws. She argued against the scholars of Legalism and won. The emperor (ML) was secretly watching and found her and her family to be very talented. So he wanted to bring her into the palace and also promote her father and grandpa to high-ranking officials. At this time he didn't have a lot of feelings for her but just thought she was dazzling and smart. He was going to give her a high title as well, but one of his concubine, the ex-wife who faked her death so she could enter the palace, found out about this and after finding out the MC was better than her, asked her daughter (from her ex-husband) to have her ex-husband remarry the MC as to prevent her from going to the palace. So the daughter made a fuss and the ex-husband, thinking that they can use a mother, tried to ask for marriage but was rejected. He then went to the emperor asking for a marriage decree and the emperor, also being guilty that he took his wife, agreed hoping he can move on. There is a conspiracy with how the ex-wife entered the palace but it gets resolved later in the novel. So with the marriage decree, the MC had to marry as the same as in her old life. After realizing this, she adjust her way of thinking and instead, becomes calm and decides she can still live peacefully as long as she herself only does the things she wants to on the higher moral ground. That way no one can question her or force her. She also knows that the husband will never touch her since he is still in love with his ex-wife.

Almost half of the novel is about her married life and how she made different decisions from her past life to prevent the past from repeating. Very soon she'll meet the emperor, who is disguised, and this time attract his attention with her way of thinking. He first admires her, then falls for her, and has a lot of heartache over thinking how s*upid he was that he gave her away. The emperor is very open-minded and has a tragic past that makes him sympathize with the common people. He eventually pursues her after realizing she has no feelings for her current husband and determining she is going to divorce eventually and remarry him. Ofc, he wouldn't be so bold if she also isn't as bold. Even though she says she won't marry him, she doesn't reject him either because deep down she also falls for him.

When she finally gets divorced, the rest of the novel is about her and the emperor and how she establishes control in the back palace. There are a few conspiracies here that get tidied up and you don't really see the ex-husband and her stepkids anymore but that makes sense since she's no longer married there.

And there is a bonus storyline at the very end. A few chapters are dedicated to a different timeline in which the ex-husband is the one that gets reborn and the MC has been married for 4 years, right before the time she was exiled in the first life. The ex-husband tries to keep the MC since he fell for her in the last timeline (in which the MC was reborn) but eventually fails. I'm not sure why the author even brought him back but probably to tell us that his fate with the MC, no matter how many timelines, won't work out. I also think it's another way to show a different side to how the MC and ML will meet since she meets with the emperor again and eventually marries him again. At first I thought it was how the MC and ex-husband get together but it's really just another dogfood being shoved into our faces of the MC and ML (emperor) which I happily accept.

This is a quick summary but I highly recommend reading the first few chapters and if you like it, then you'll like the rest of the novel. The MC also goes through a character change and realize she shouldn't be so passive. The ML also solves his own inner demons with the MC's help and everything is well written.

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Ochads rated it
March 28, 2022
Status: --
I love this story with a very good start but hate the middle. I know FL goes back in time and many of its past regrets are dealt with quite satisfactorily to its foes. It's also great that the antagonists of the past have improved a bit in this timeline. I may hate the FL husband but I also hate FL in the middle of the story. And even more I hate the author's ML that is emperor. I just wanna say Fxxk.

It's disgusting to read an ex-husband's love story... more>> with his ex-wife. But it's even more disgusting to read FL's love story with the emperor. Sickening. <<less
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applefish rated it
April 30, 2022
Status: --
FL is a longwinded blowhard. ML makes me uncomfortable. Rather than have them warm up to each other through clever banter, FL just drones on and on like a textbook. I don't know what either sees in the other. The thing with the FL's husband's ex-wife doesn't make sense to me; it only makes me dislike the ML more.

I'm surprised. In the author's other story about raising a dog, I loved the FL a lot, but this FL is so boring and pedantic. It's mean to say but... no wonder... more>> no one except her parents like her? She's no fun. Like, she describes her parents dunking her in ice water during winter and shows off how scarred her arms are because of their upbringing, as if it's a good thing.

That made me feel that her ungrateful stepson might have been more reasonable than he's given credit for. Ruining her life like he did is too much, but seeing as how she idolizes abuse, she reminds me of parents like the ones from Sky Castle who drive their children into living hells all for the sake of test scores. She's all work and no play. Of course the stepson would hate her. <<less
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annhsu0222 rated it
April 20, 2022
Status: c57
Insane. Actual insanity.



    • the MC is level-headed, while the description made it seem as if she just let everyone do whatever, she does have everything under control. She seems to be able to think her way and plan her way out of most things
    • translator is doing an amazing job, like the amount of effort invested into trying to help the reader understand what the characters debate about when it's super philosophical. I have no doubt a pain to translate and include an explanation for the sayings. Seriously props to the translator.
    • the ML does not abuse his authority to do anything to the MC and is not petty or narrow-minded, for me I just dislike when the ML is at a higher authority than the MC but that's really my problem
    • the villainess actually has brains? Kinda? It does feels like she just keeps driving herself into a corner and before she realized it, she had no way to escape, honestly, her past does explains her actions though
    • novel is logical and almost everyone have a reason as to why they act the way they do
    • favourite character is def the maids
    • the MC was reborn instead of being a transmigrated person which I deeply appreciate


    • MC's appearance is praised to the high heavens lol, like I'm kinda tired of a beautiful MC, can't she just be plain or something else idk, but then I'll probably have to fight every CN novel author lmao
    • ML is at a higher power than MC, I just dislike uneven power dynamics
    • I want the villainess to be even smarter and hide her tracks better
    • my god the original husband makes me so frustrated, like he seriously lacks a brain, I really wonder how he became a general
    • the qin-went-mute-for-love-guy, like yes let me guilt my significant other into breaking social norms and marrying me. Though you can argue they already had these feelings for each other, and the guy is just encouraging the girl into feeling bad enough to brave the social norm but honestly idk I just find it guilt trippy but yea

I was going insane cuz I cannot believe the villainess actually planned the life saving grace thing lol like damn they really planned that far back I wonder if she had someone transmigrated into her how the author would change the narrative around but yea


this is the longest review I've written lol but as with everything take it with a grain of salt, ultimately I would recommend it. Honestly though, I wish the MC could continue to stay in her position and suppress her first husband and their family. Just live life lesuirely and detached from the main family and maybe occasionally debate with the emperor or something but I guess a MC isn't complete without an amazing love
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drollawake rated it
March 5, 2022
Status: --
Really, she decided to say nothing? Then why am I seeing chapter after chapter of extended monologues? At this point the main difference between this and the usual harem infighting novel is that the MC steamrolls everyone with a gigantic wall of text instead of having snappy back-and-forths. And to that, I have same sentiment as the translated title: who cares?
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nopeitynopenope rated it
June 2, 2022
Status: c103
I don’t really like the ML, the villains are worth their dislike, the MC and her family are lovely especially her hilarious grandfather, and the use of philosophy is excellent. I also want to say in response to another review the translation is accurate and well done and the title is correctly translated.
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CaliforniaMaki rated it
March 5, 2022
Status: Completed
100% GEM!! Wth are these low ratings??! Should be 6+ ☆!! Man, I thought I was just going to get the usual revenge story but this novel has so many layers that I really enjoyed sinking into! (MTL's to complete 70-80% can't understand the philosophical discussion)

This CN delves into the FL's transformation from her tragic past to a heroic, independent and inspiring woman! As what the others have said, the philosophical discussions is heavily brewing in the background, so the CN does get pretty heavy with the discussions on... more>> Confucianism, Legalism and other schools of thought. The Translator is doing a very great job in including this in her notes. Though, I don't understand much but I felt that the author did a great job of conveying humanity and soul in this novel. As such that the characters are brought to life. There are no 2d characters in this novel. You get to sympathize, emphatize and feel a rush of vindication at them. The CHARACTER GROWTH of the MCs and even the extras are well written. And as I've always said, when side characters have growth, a novel is a gem!

And the ML 🥺 It's so rare to read an ML that's not an iceberg and has EQ. But here there is CONSENT and he RESPECTS the FL! Just read it and you'll know it. He's just so good and his character growth really puts a tear in my eyes! 😭 Their flirty banters and just how the author conveyed their love story makes me feel warm 😊

I just can't get enough of this CN! I don't really understand if the philosophical discussions are on point but CNs that give valuable lessons and make me appreciate the mysteries of life are always 100% GEM! Honestly, I'm so glad to have read this. *Kowtows to author* <<less
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Kaylee rated it
February 4, 2022
Status: Completed
A lot of philosophies talk.

MC rebirthed. Succeeded in preventing her family's misfortune and demise, and dodging the marriage scheme of her previous husband's family. Then stopped caring with her previous enemies resulted in a marriage decree with her previous husband. Pretty s*upid. But she retaliated and stopped being brainless, solved all the problems.

The author wrote less on the characters' relationship, her enemies, conflict and more on philosophy.

Conveniently both MC and ML never slept with their spouses. It's maiden bg thing lol
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kyrez rated it
May 22, 2022
Status: Completed
There are many opinions regarding this novel. I read the reviews before reading, and was actually quite hesitant to proceed.

The beginning can be said to be confusing for me. Lots of philosophical debate.. But the translator did a really good job. 🏆👍🏻 No doubt, this is actually a romance novel. ML & FL are entangled quite deeply. And ML was the first to fall in love.


ML's perfunctory attitude towards FL in the beginning really made me gritted my teeth. I was sure it's gonna be a big mistake. So I was satisfied when FL was furious when she knew the truth (from ML's own mouth at that)..


FL is sassy and savvy.. She was raised by a strict scholarly family. But the family is tight-knit and loyal.. She's also stubborn to the bone..


Now the ML.. He can be quite egoistic, I don't think it's entirely from him being an emperor (cos he was still learning to be one).. But more because he was raised by a pack of wolf.. So his thinking is like those of a predator.. He locked on his prey proudly, never giving her the chance to escape..

Also, since he's quite new at his job (in governing his people, be an emperor etc.), he can be said to be innocent, naive, yet vigorous.. He's actually humble in his effort to learn more so he can build a strong empire..

I find it quite surprising that I can accept ML's setting (and his idiotic mistakes).. The author did a good job building his growth in characters..


Suddenly, the extras (fanwai) came.. And I find myself appreciating their love story in the main plot, as the extra plot is quite gloomy and bloody..

but I understand that different circumstances and environment influenced their thoughts and behaviours.. Thus with different life trajectories, they became different people.. Though I'm very happy that both plots (main & extra) have a HE^^


All in all, I'm glad I read this. I really enjoyed it and wish there are more to read~ ⛅️🌈
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18Yuki rated it
March 8, 2022
Status: c168
... I lost everything I just typed in one unwanted refresh. The eloquence gained after reading this novel blinked out of existence.


- Good:

... more>> MC's actions have well founded and significant effects on her society. The contrast of women's lives before and after her rebirth as well as what we more commonly associate with historically (women obey husband/son, stay in boudoirs, 4 virtues etc).

MC is wise and measured, ML is imperfect in a good way. Side characters have own thoughts and helps convey ancient way of thinking vs Mc/modern way.

Diversity in types of female characters and roles, eg Female generals, typical princesses, talents and literati.

Character growth is more prominent in villains compared to MC/ML and MC won't hate just because of her past life

For example the MC's stepdaughter, she's only 13 and the MC while she doesn't like her, she won't do something like arbitrarily ruin the girl's future just because of what happened in her past life. Had the MC remained with her exhusband in this life instead of the ML the MC would likely have arranged a proper marriage, using her status as part of the Guan family, and future for her even if they won't be super close. The stepdaughter grew to respect MC and isn't as dull or indecisive as her brother.


- Bad:

Villains that won't die and stay dead. For all that it's true to MC's character and status, it gets annoying and old, very quickly.

Repetitive face slapping. One after another...

MC's mother really doesn't fit into her family. She has similarity to her daughter and no relationship with her husband (MC father) or MC grandfather. Her role is just for one line to the likes of, 'the concept of what women's virtues (obey husband/son, be virtuous, stay at home etc) are have existed before [villainess] wrote the book'.

Feels heavy to read, not just because of the philosophical debates but because there was little breathing space between unhappy events. The MC was understandably not in the happiest mindset after her rebirth but the times where she would express joy or have something joyful happening are too few and far between. I would love it if there were more descriptions of her day to day life that didn't involve debates, stepchildren, politics and schemes. Maybe a shopping trip or painting session or just something lighter and care free. Even after she got with the ML she was burdened.

The whole thing with the husband's first wife is s*upid. That's all I'm gonna say.


Good read, but not an easy one. If you're expecting smooth sailing... uh, halfway there. <<less
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judeiiro rated it
December 30, 2021
Status: c130
I think it's a pretty nice read so far!

MC gets a second chance at life and she decides to live for herself this time round! There's a lot of face slaps and letting the villains trip over their own goofs, proving that MC is doing things for their benefit but they're too blind to appreciate her efforts (at least what little effort she can be bothered to bless them with) xD I like that MC gets to solve most of her heartaches from her previous life and not avoid them... more>> like most second chance/reincarnation novels I've read.


unfortunately, MC couldn't prevent her younger sister-in-law's death (dystocia) like in her previous life because


SIL's death (poisoning) is a scheme made by ML's foreign enemies


fortunately, SIL's child is saved! yay! also yay for unbrainwashing MC's stepdaughter and exhusband! even though it's too late for the ex to repair their relationship, at least he's sober and aware of his scheming "lovely" wife :)

on another unfortunate note, her stepson is only just opening his eyes to the goodness of MC after being dumb and joining his mother's team lol hopefully he stays sober long enough to not bother MC


Sometimes reading this novel gets a bit tedious/tiring since it's a lot of face slaps and conflict. It's satisfying when MC wins and the villains tumble over their own decisions but it tends to feel endless (¯∇¯٥)

Romance is mm... so-so at the moment. ML is quite adorable at times (a lot of times, actually). I like his personality in here! Not perfect, with a lot of scars and needs more braincells when he sees MC, definitely wants to hold MC in the palm of his hands but knows MC loves her freedom _ (:3" /_) _

though I didn't like it when ML went and returned the scheming wife back to the ex (it's a complicated situation lol), that move did make MC leave the ex and let her live her own life (more or less at least)

... which opens up opportunities for ML to be her man ✧ (•˓◞•̀) ML's scheming side doesn't really sit well with me but I generally don't prefer scheming characters so... personal pref I guess?

ML is so deeply in love with MC and MC is just getting tiny pangs of missing ML on rare occasions lol

i skipped ahead and apparently MC is pregnant at c160 (or around there) so they get married somewhere in between here and there xD <<less
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May 19, 2022
Status: --
This isn't a review, I just want to comment that the title is translated incorrectly.

The title actually means Love Who? or if you really insist on accuracy, Love Who Who? but that doesn't make as much sense in English.

From my understanding, this title can't possibly be construed to other interpretations because the characters it's made up of are very simple.

So if just the title or the translator's name (which is likely the incorrect translation of 'this venerable one is bored' - I say likely because I have incountered this incorrect... more>> translation on a since-removed bad translation of a popular novel before, so it's likely) is taken to be any indicator of the novel's translation quality, this probably will not be a worthwhile read. <<less
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April 27, 2022
Status: --
Pretty interesting. Like many webnovels the problem I have is the ML.

... more>>

I'm still in the middle of it but taking your friend's wife once under any condition is a bit disgusting. Contemplating doing it a second time? Feeling righteous about it? After you decreed the marriage in the first place? Lmao Is this forbidden romance? Is that an appeal to some?

I'm at chapter 62 where it's revealed that there was some type of trick and as I said the ML is feeling self-righteous but I don't understand how you whitewash this a second time? If MC enters the palace as Empress or concubine (which she does not even seem to want -- why author??) won't there be some type of scrutiny? The same guy had one wife die and a 'twin' enter while the divorced wife also enters. I don't believe the trick will be so terrible that the ML doesn't seem disgusting.


So far a 4 star downgraded to a 3. <<less
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idledaydreamerreader rated it
April 16, 2022
Status: Completed
I love the historical novels by this author, first with Why Harem Intrigue When You Can Just Raise A Dog and the other one, The Yandere Came At Night. Both this novel Who Cares and WHIWYCJRAD is more of mature readers while the latter for younger readers. The FLs in both novels are level headed, considering their ages are also older than most heroines being in their pre teens. FL here is highly educated, beautiful, opinionated and she voices out her thoughts expressing herself well virtuously and loyal to her... more>> family and country. We have Ms Little Perfect here, which is almost a cookie cutter lead character for most novels. However, what makes this novel shine is the ML.

ML is not like those dark, intelligent, capable, quiet, brooding, possessive and all powerful male character with tragic past like in most other novels. Wait, wait, wait up... let me take back. ML is dark and exotic (different ethnic group, non Han Chinese), all powerful (well, he’s the emperor), capable (took over country), brooding (males with tragic past tend to brood), possessive (umm, mission to steal FL from her husband...), intelligent (self educated non Han Chinese). So I just contradicted myself.

What I’m trying to describe this great potentially one of my most favorite ML, is that this ML can be a bubbling fool in front of the FL, his exotic and brooding became comedic tone when he hid himself to watch FL from afar, his capabilities was thrown off, exposed and backfired with FL intelligence. FL has no martial arts capabilities or gold finger to magically heal anyone, but she unknowingly helped ML

inner demons and change the way he think for governing. All these ML credits to FL, appreciating her goodness. ML is not quiet or only show his funny side exclusively to FL, but for a non educated male, he can fluently express himself, grateful for being reprimanded and willing to change to better himself.
He even explained himself why he is chasing after her. Their banter during his expression of love is funny. When he tried to gain sympathy, she scolded him of trying to having ulterior motives. When she scolded him, he won’t just swoop down to kiss her to bend to his will. Instead, he will reason out. He gave FL the respect as an equal, treating her as his advisor. ML even told FL the way she behaved differently with him is because she knew that he would not do anything to her. He was the one to give insights on FL feelings towards him instead of using wiles or demands.


Typically in most second chance novels, the husbands tend to try to win the favor back and the FL will soften towards them and actually end up back. Here the husband is the 2nd ML.

The main antagonists are relatable but written to be unlikable with their desire of power, using their abilities and try to push against conventions towards females. No one truly wants to be oppressed by higher power and those in high power fights to maintain power to protect their loved ones.

I will try not to disclose any more spoilers but this book is definitely worth the time to be reread, just like the other authors works. The extras is also wonderfully written from a different aspect. <<less
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Mehmeh713 rated it
February 8, 2022
Status: Completed
Very satisfying read with a very interesting perspective. It's about an FL that's reborn and a new tribal emperor (jiuli) that conquered the mainland and the Han race. It's cool because there's the sense that the emperor is almost building the country from the ground up. Most historical reads are about long established dynasties but here, the jiuli emperor has to completely establish a new framework to run his empire. He's definitely very strong and intelligent but he's handicapped in that he's never studied how to rule or the intricacies... more>> of court and navigating different powers and influences, so there's that development as he gradually stabilizes his conquered territory.

The romance is very sweet to me. It kind of felt like both of them found a true salvation in each other. ML with his lack of understanding of certain concepts plus his heartbreaking background and FL with her identity as a female handicapping her despite her being very intelligent and with her shitty marriage. FL helped t enlighten ML alot along the way and then he winded up falling for her. He supported and protected her and enabled her to live life more freely and happily despite her own scars from her past life. in their relationship, both of them really brought out the best aspects of the other. I think one big plus point is that while the ML is definitely great, he's not all powerful and infinitely perfect and FL really helped him out both in governance and with his emotional issues (as compared to other novels where MLs are super perfect and everything they set out to do is perfect. I mean I like capable MLs but it's nice that FL really brings something to the relationship other than just being ML's loved one).

Characters: Other than FL and ML, I think the supporting characters were really well done (especially FL's first husband's fam). I think it was cool that despite their horrid treatment of her in her 1st and 2nd life, FL protected herself but at the same time, treated them fairly and some of them truly managed to change. Except FL's 1st husband... such a detestable man. Weak selfish mopey and super easy to manipulate


in their 1st life, he misunderstood her despite her efforts to raise his kids well, didn't give her family any help (or begrudgingly gave her a few bucks and made her feel like a beggar), r*ped her when he was drunk and then secretly caused her abortion. Like why didn't he think about the fact that HE was the one who wanted to marry her in the first place.

In their 2nd life, FL clearly shows him how harmful his indulging behavior is to his children and he recognizes it but still winds up relenting to his children's dumb whims (and then FL cleans up after his shit). He apologizes to FL time and again for misunderstanding her or treating her unfairly, and then goes and repeats his crappy conduct. Like he clearly knows that he shouldn't take in a concubine, but then is easily swayed by his ex MIL to do so despite the fact that he knows it's really rude to his wife and it's also ridiculous because at this point he knows that his wife is raising his kids well. So like what's the damned point in bringing in the concubine?? He knows that his kids shouldn't be raised under the concubine anyway? Later on when the Ye clan gets into trouble, he insists on sheltering them and is basically only saved because of FL. His s*upidity is seriously never ending and his weakness would have screwed his own family over if not for FL being around.

After he's out and recognizes that he wants to be with FL but his shitty first wife reappears, he has a happy reunion with ye Zhen and his kids and avoids thinking about what will happen to FL with his behavior. he only thinks about it because his daughter forces the issue. Even then, for his kids' sake, he decides that he will keep FL but give her a lower position (can't really understand the MTL but she wouldn't be his main wife) and then justifies it by saying her title is still higher so it's ok. He'll just keep his first wife in a corner and get FL preggos so she can't leave.

disgusting. He supposedly now 'loves' FL and he KNOWS that he's let her down AGAIN and AGAIN and he knows that she basically saved his family but he completely will not give her what she deserves within his own capabilities. Like just a s*upid title as his main wife. He one sidedly decides to demote her for his children's future but then justifies it to himself by saying that she has a title (which has NOTHING to do with him) so it's ok. So it's ok to be unfair to her and the future children that he wants to have with her? At the very least, if he prioritized her, perhaps his crappy weepy behavior would be more forgivable but nope, even when he supposedly loves her now, he still doesn't care to give her the honor that she clearly deserves and that he can give if he wants to. He also doesn't seem to consider the fact that even if he gave FL the main wife position, given her previous conduct with his kids, wouldn't she still give them the best life and ensure their futures??

FL didn't leave when his family was in trouble, but he can't at least give her the best of what he can give? Even his crappy idea of impregnating her to get her to stay was laughable and despicable. He basically left her alone on her wedding night and every night after and after he repented, he knows she doesn't want to be close to him so he wants to force her to stay with him and deal with the house for him while he just enjoys the good treatment but gives nothing in return? So his idea of loving her and wanting to live a good life with her was purely forcefully getting her pregnant against her will so she wouldn't leave him and then keeping her in the same house with his first wife and crappy concubines but leaving her to deal with the mess and clean it up while he just sits back and enjoys. Even if yes she can deal with it, but since he loves her, why can't he give her support and care and try to give her the best life he can give?

Seriously such a despicable weak useless selfish person.


he doesn't really take away from the story but urgh I really dislike his character!! <<less
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silent hobby
silent hobby rated it
January 22, 2022
Status: Completed
It is a good story and I think it deserved at least 4 stars or more.

When a new empire was starting to govern its people, there were many things to sort out. The court and the emperor should decided the law and the system. Our MC, Guan Suyi was descendant of the famous Confucius’s scholar. She wanted to save her family’s poor fate in her rebirth. When she made her family shine, the emperor attracted to her smart brain and stubborn personality.

There were some discussions about Confucius and others, that’s... more>> why it make me dizzy because I mtl it and I deserved to get headache. If you have patience, waiting for the translator is wiser.

Well, it is a good read and you should give a try. <<less
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Eeria rated it
January 12, 2022
Status: Completed
Loved the story! The author wrote two perpectives for the ending which was interesting. There are also a lot of thoughts about different philosophies: confucianism, legalism, mohism, etc. I was mtl the story so couldn't get all subtleties. Still the overall story is easy to understand if mtled. The FL is really smart but too good at enduring. I really felt bad for her in her initial life. There is also a lot of face slapping and those are satisfying. The ML is alright. He made major mistakes which made... more>> me questioned his IQ strongly but redeem himself well later on. Still not among my favorites ml. Translator did a great job and can't wait to read the chapters properly translated. <<less
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tasukenme rated it
June 3, 2022
Status: Completed
Luckily I found this story😅 the title is really simple make me don’t want to read it. Also there are some reviews that make me had a second thought. Love both the story and extra because they are together in both lifetime. But there are flaw in some plot because perhaps author forget... no details in some part and also the characters that had been forgotten 🤣
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janetinglehinds rated it
May 26, 2022
Status: c90
This novel is well written and well translated. However, I cannot move past the ML's behavior towards the FL. Personally, I think it is very selfish and at some points, sickening. I understand that some readers find their relationship romantic, which is good if that's your cup of tea.

... more>>

He didn't steal the first wife, ok fine. Why not resolve the misunderstanding that lasted for years? If you were going to be the emperor and know how much one of your closest friends loved this woman, why not let her die for real? Instead, you kept her in the palace and pampered her for what? Marquis Zhao is much better off without that friendship.



Marquis Zhao did not deserve the FL and we can all agree on that. The kids are all bad as children live what they learn. I don't even care that the FL divorced Marquis Zhao, but the emperor is too disgusting in my opinion.


But, if you can ignore the disgusting ML, then it is really a great novel—5 stars for everything except the coupling. <<less
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May 23, 2022
Status: c15
Just went in and I am feeling quite sick of the live story.

MC rebirthed but still got married to the scum husband due to ML. The scum husband family is so sickening I can't bear to read more.
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