Pampered Into Being The Empress


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The story between a super tsundere and ruthless emperor vs a soft and tender scheming beauty.

Rong Xi is the daughter of a convicted official. After entering the palace, she concealed her beautiful appearance and became the maidservant of the Fourth Prince.

Fourth Prince Mu Huai was born as fair as jade and as refreshing as the breeze in the moonlight, yet he is a cripple in a wheelchair, making him violent and withdrawn.

All the palace servants tremble in fear before him and none dare to serve him. Rong Xi, this person with a good temper and unyielding patience was pushed out instead.

One month later, the Fourth Prince allowed Rong Xi to sit on his lap, shocking everyone in the palace.

Six months later, the Fourth Prince’s legs were healed, and he entered the Eastern Palace to become the Crown Prince, yet Rong Xi died.

While Mu Huai did not reveal any sadness, his hair turned white overnight.


The Emperor Mu Huai died early in his previous life and never married. Before he passed away, he made the deceased daughter of the Rong Family as Empress, and specially ordered his younger brother to bury her with him in the imperial mausoleum.

After rebirth, Mu Huai returned to the day before Rong Xi died and was able to make up his past life’s regret, saving the person in his heart.

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18 Reviews

Jan 25, 2021
Status: Completed
I read up to translator's chapter 21, then MTL'd the rest. The FL, Rong Xi, is a plain hardworking maid working in the imperial harem. She is smart, composed, careful and competent. After the death of her master, the FL is assigned to serve the ML, Fourth Prince Mu Huai. The ML is foul-tempered, aggressive, violent, and wheel-chair bound.

Major spoilers below.

The FL is actually the most beautiful woman but uses makeup to hide her appearance and protect herself, and the ML is recovering from his poison and regains his ability to use his legs. Both are virgins. After being poisoned by an aphrodisiac, they realize each other's secret, and the ML and FL decided to start an intimate relationship as master and maid.

At one point, the FL is killed and the ML lives another decade as a lonely, regretful, powerful Emperor. When he is reborn to his younger self, he immediately saves the FL, loves her wholeheartedly, and fixes the court/country with his prior experience. My small problem with this middle story arc is that the FL becomes a crying, sobbing, emotional pregnancy-brain mess, at the same time the story switches mainly to the ML's viewpoint and constant descriptions of the FL's beauty. This is jarring because the novel started with the emphasis on the FL's cautious, competent personality, and then switches to her external astonishing beauty.

The final story arc is more like a regular imperial harem story. The FL is the beautiful, beloved Empress, the ML wants no other females, and it's a happy ending for them and the country. The supporting characters were good. I especially liked that the FL's brother was okay. Villains are dealt with quickly, and the face slapping is satisfactory.

Similar stories where the ML is reborn are "Tyrannical Wang's Beloved Wife" (heavier storyline) and "Everyone But Me is Reborn" (lighter storyline). In all 3 novels, the reborn ML is driven by desperation over the FL's early death to make amends and save/dote on her in his new life.

Overall, the translation was excellent and I'd recommend it, if you can overlook the inconsistencies in the FL's personality

once the ML is reborn and her beauty is revealed.

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Mar 09, 2021
Status: Dropped
Beginning was enjoyable and five stars-worthy, but most of the dramatic tension dissipated after ML's rebirth.

It didn't occur to me until a little ways into said rebirth, but FL was 100% fridged. It's hard to tell at first because the early part of the novel is disguises FL as the main character, but don't be mistaken, she's really a plot device meant to add to ML's character development and stimulate him to be better. Her character development is inconsistent and her unique qualities fall to the wayside post-rebirth. She becomes... more>> a pretty flower sitting off to the side while ML goes and does the big important ~man~ things. A rebirth story centered around the ML is a really interesting idea, I just wish the heroine wasn't turned into a sacrificial lamb used to service his growth. It's frustrating how the author bends and manipulates her personality to accommodate whatever happens to complement ML at that particular point in his journey.

I don't not recommend this storyqualitatively, the translation is great, the story isn't bad, and I think there are people who would enjoy this—but it's more of an indulgent read that should probably be taken with a huge grain of salt. I was probably was just caught off guard since the beginning started off so strong.

(Fridging is a term derived from western comics subculture used to by critics to discuss instances of female characters being injured, r*ped, killed, or depowered in some way for the sake of the hero's journey and to trigger his 'protective' traits. They are not fully developed in their own right and tend to be one-dimensional.)

Trigger warning for gore and violence. <<less
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Sep 30, 2021
Status: c60
This is another case of me not being able to tolerate the ml. I can tolerate stuff like non-con s*x in the beginning of the story as it's actually quite normal in that time period. I tolerated the ml's as*hole attitude before he was reborn because I was promised his attitude would get better and it did, slightly. That was my impression until around chapter 60, he promised that he would treat her better but as I see it, his attitude almost completely reverts to how he was before rebirth,... more>> with like a smidge bit of difference. "Tsundere" is what's used to describe him but I question if he truly harbors affection for the FL or he just lusts for her beauty. Although the FL's younger brother is no angel either, he does have a point of the ML being scum. Even when he get's attracted to FL and have the urge to perform s*xual interc**rse with her, he blames it all on how beautiful she is. Quite the scum reaction if you ask me. No wonder the FL thinks she has to use s*x in order to ask for favors from the ML considering how things often end up. FL does something the ML doesn't? Threaten FL with s*xual activities. ML becomes a vinegar jar? Threaten FL with s*xual activities to keep her attention. FL want to please the ML? Do s*xual favors. I'm not going to get into how the FL's personality seems to just turn into some flirtatious crybaby because it's not something that I necessarily dislike about this novel, although I certainly don't like her either. Maybe this novel is actually pretty decent it is just not my cup of tea seeing as how a bunch of other people seem to like it a lot. Whoever reads this review of mine can just take it with a grain of salt, after all, this is just a biased review and what I like and dislike might be different from what you dislike and like. As for me, I'm going to stop reading this and go look for some fluff novels to cleanse my palette. <<less
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Feb 10, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel deserves at least a 4.5+ stars. I bet that it's only this low because the first 24/25 chapters are the ML's first life, and peeps are impatient.

I really love how the author made this into 2 arcs (1st life and 2nd life). It magnifies the lingering regret that the ML has.

Also, the FL is awesome. Her character development is slow and steady and you can really see her insecurity (which ancient Chinese women in the imperial harem had) disappear. You can really feel the payoff when she truly... more>> falls in love with the ML. Overall, this has to be one of the best reincarnation novels in this genre that I've read.

(Also, if you're impatient, the MTL is okay to read.) <<less
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Mar 06, 2021
Status: --
Rating this 3.5 stars because the beginning of the novel was great and ML was enjoyable but the FL...... ... more>>

the FL became the epitome of a marysue. The author made it seem like she presented a soft exterior but inside she's strong because of her experiences. But all she did was be jealous and cry up until the very end of the novel. She showed no growth after becoming the empress she only got more insecure and teary eyed. The ML showed a lot more growth he acknowledged his shortcomings and tried to fix it for her but it all seemed like it was in vain


If you're looking for a story where the FL holds her own and has a mature relationship with the ML you won't find that here. <<less
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Apr 05, 2021
Status: c50
YESSS!!! Another gem in 2021.

I freaking love this novel ❤❤❤

FL died in the first arc and ML regretted it.

After ML reborn he immediately try to find FL before she is killed. However many of FL trusted people died because of her. I cannot wait how the story will be going on forward.

Thank you translation team for choosing this novel, what a wonderful story.
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Feb 22, 2021
Status: --
I only got so far into this story before having to stop. There's some serious non-con between the ML and the FL when she's still his servant. It may be in line with the time period, but it's still extremely unpleasant to read. She is clearly unwilling when he orders her to have s*x with him. Sure, he offers her an out, but it's pretty clear that h ... more>>

She is clearly unwilling when he orders her to have s*x with him. Sure, he offers her an out, but it's pretty clear that he wouldn't really accept a no at that point. That's r*pe. The way it is romanticized even while she's crying and shaking is pretty freaking gross.


I won't give a numbered rating, especially since I stopped reading pretty early. It's up to you whether you're still interested in the story after reading my review. <<less
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Jan 02, 2021
Status: --
I never wrote a review before no matter how great the novel is, and even to my fave novels, but I feel like I'm compelled to write one for this novel because PIBTE deserves atleast 4/up rating and I don't want other readers to missed reading this one because of the low rating.

Since I don't write reviews, please forgive me if I'm bad at it lol.

So this is a Rebirth novel.

*Not sure but I think this is the first rebirth novel that I read that showed the first life, because... more>> usually you'll only get a glimpse from the first life then the novel will solely focus on the after rebirth life of the MC but this novel narrates the beginning (life before rebirth) until the very end where they'll have their happy ending.

What I like it the most was you don't need to wait until the end before the villains get punished. Its like they'll get their retribution after maybe 3 chapters after they were introduced as villains.


The ML is a cruel prince but is helpless when it comes to the FL (because he doesn't want to live again without her).

I can't really describe the FL since for me she's just mediocre, I mean she's not a bad character but not great either.

Im really bad at this lol but my point is don't let the low rating discourage you. Try to read the summary or search for spoilers so you'll know if its your cup of tea.

Xoxo <<less
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Mar 19, 2021
Status: c43
Omg so far this book is so cute!!! I love how the author subtly allows for the leads to grow and understand each other in a way that’s natural and not forced. I personally am not a fan of books that are filled with brutal schemes and politics but the way the author balances the harem politics + actual politics with sweet interactions between the two leads makes this book worth reading! Can’t wait for the rest of the chapters!
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Dec 27, 2020
Status: c10
So far so good, actually, it looked way too good for a 3.7* rated little novel. The writing is definitely better than most 4* above, the choices of words aren't braincell killing machine, and the translator is definitely intelligent. Of course, the original author must be intelligent themselves.

The male lead definitely have his attitude but thank god it's not overbearing for me, as a reader. In a sea of cliché, albeit in the same recipe, the male lead here is new flavored fish.

The female lead is the most important. All... more>> I can say is that she's definitely not braindead and that I love her.

Both main characters have reasonable personalities and I'm loving them and the story just because of them. The plot just became the added bonus.

All in all, definitely worth a 5* even though it's just still (currently as I'm writing this) 10 chapters thus far. Thank you TL for giving us this goodie! <<less
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Dec 03, 2020
Status: c10
So far so good. This time its the man that transmigrates which is a novel twist for me at least (I usually read female transmigrators). The FL appears to be smart, focused and tranquil. The ML does not transmigrate right away at the onset of the story

according to the translator that happens at about chapter 25

which I think is good since it helps to set the tone in a different way, instead of starting at the point of transmigration and receiving memories. The writing and translation are very nice. I just wish the updates could be more regular (or that I could read chinese😝). Definetly worth the read.
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Jul 07, 2021
Status: Completed
The translations are good, and I ended up MTL the rest. It's readable if you can decipher the pronouns but some contextual information may be lost.

The ML showed a lot of character growth from beginning to end which was a nice read. I haven't found many novels where the ML rebirths. I liked that aspect

The FL was good for the first bit but I ended up disliking her by the end of the novel for her lack of character growth. It was nice to see some of her more scheming... more>> side but overall, seemed to regress a lot.

Not really sure I liked their relationship tbh, I felt kind of bad for the ML sometimes but I guess the point of this novel is to spoil the FL silly.

All in all, okay read if you're looking to pass time but I wouldn't say I enjoyed a lot of it. Def warnings for non-con and uncomfortable overbearing coercion type behaviour (which I guess +1 for being accurate enough for the time period). <<less
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Akime yuko
Akime yuko
Dec 23, 2022
Status: Completed
5/5 for the first arc and 4/5 for the rest.

Pros- unlike other second chance rebirth type of novel you get the insight of their first life in full details and able to immersed ur emotion in it. It was just not mentioned and the ML also didn't undergo a 360 change of personality just bcos of his rebirth but he was slowly and willingly changing for her and also he's aware of his mistakes and try his best to fix them and I love the babies!!

Cons- really love the FL... more>> at first, she was strong and independent but after their marriage she almost turn into a flower vase and im not sure if I should admire her trust issues 😂 but somehow I can relate. I still like her tho she can scheme VERY well and ruthless in her revenge which is an extra point

Also I need to mentioned how DEEPLY THE ML IS INFATUATED WITH HIS WIFE!! He can't refute her lol he even called her his demoness and calamity and it's so funny how he was like "I'm so grateful that she's not a vixen or like to pillow talk me cos I'm sure imma abandoned everything and be a pig emperor just for her" 😂 <<less
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Jul 06, 2021
Status: c1
Beautiful. It is filled with pure sweetness🥰🥰
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Sep 05, 2023
Status: c62
This story is a strong 4/5 but as of this writing, the rating is falling quite low so I'm just boosting. Also, the author has several other works with the same theme. I couldn't find them on NU but you can use Google. Be forewarned, this author likes to write scheming but emotionally sensitive heroines who need strong all powerful MLs to support and dote on them. If this isn't your cup of tea, don't bother.

Both male and female leads are main characters. The ML is the one who... more>> had a 2nd chance at life and he tries to not only save his wife but also fix all the wrongs he committed as the emperor in his last life.

I know a lot of people are unhappy with the FL's character during her pregnancy, but her emotional fluctuation is spot on with how pregnancy hormones work. I like that it's pretty realistic showing that FL isn't OP. She cries a lot, overthinks unimportant things and is forgetful of important things. Unfortunately, her character does persists in the direction of damsel in distress quite often even after.

Back to ML... His character is true to a reborn domineering CEO emperor who is all powerful w the exception of his wife being his one weakness... The one he gives into almost all the time bc he was obsessed with her until he died in their first life.

The major drama btwn the two leads is that the FL doesn't trust the ML and the ML is very ruthless towards everyone else so he does things behind her back. Normally these things don't matter much

but he does try to unalive her half brother lol. That's ok bc her brother actually did it first because he thought our ML was forcing the FL... which was true but the brother was ready to steal her away from the ML and their child...



I cried a bit when he laid down with her in her coffin and when he wouldn't let people bury her.

He stayed true to her after her death despite them only knowing each other very briefly (just a few months). He wanted to forget her and finally relented to pressure to have an heir so he allowed a concubine draft. Only he didn't pick anyone during the first draft... That night due to guilt he dreamt about her and despite being angry at her in his dreams he shuts down the 2nd draft and never entertained the idea again.

Keep in mind this is considered a huge undertaking because ML is a very lustful man lol.

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Jun 02, 2023
Status: c20
I keep thinking after so many cnovels I'll get used to the genre but this one proves no. The FL is your typical too pretty for her own good, perfect mary sue etc (someday there will be a story where she's not effortlessly seductive, obscenely beautiful yadda yadda)

Really though this one sucks because the plot (if you could call it that is paper thin) the FL is in the palace despite her family being exiled? AS of now no thoughts as to what she's seeking and why she didn't... more>> just do anything else.

Ah yes the ML. The ableism as always knows no bounds. Cnovels will never let disabled characters live their life disabled. (Because only wastes are disabled and the protag cant be a waste!!!!) Always gotta be a miracle cure or magical handwaving. Anyway. This ML is a rapist. An unapologetic, conceited, depressed rapist. The story brushes it off (of course) and I'm assuming the target audience thinks its sexy lol.

Which if it were done intentionally and not through the sexist misoygynst conservative bs framework all these novels operate in sure. In conclusion, if you want a shitty rapist and a perfect mary sue who will go along and be utterly s*upid while he's sexually violating her to the point of bleeding etc. This is for you. <<less
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Oct 24, 2022
Status: Completed
It took me three days to finished this novel

He's my ideal type ML & novel plots also ma cup of tea so I am going to give five stars

After u views some of reviews or read synopsis if it is nor ya taste u would better retract mate, no more s*upid feedback ok! Thanks
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Jul 16, 2022
Status: Completed
I would rate this at 3.5.

MTL readability: Average. No previous knowledge of slang or historical terms needed. Some euphemisms used for s*x acts.

I MTL-ed it. This is one of the few romance novels that has a male protagonist. It's nice to see the FL change over time. She starts off as timid and progressively becomes more assertive and ruthless over times. She is still a shy person, though, that's just her personality. It doesn't mean she's s*upid.... more>>

There's this great part at the end, where she "deals with" this spy that infiltrated their military camp. Don't miss that.


The ML is aggressive, ruthless, and overbearing. He is also quite devoted to the FL.

I enjoyed his interactions with the FL's long lost brother, who is just as aggressive and ruthless as he is. They are evenly matched.

. The ML doesn't have a harem. So there's that.

The book gets better as you read, and the ending was really good. The beginning was okay. Just okay. I guess it seemed a bit slow because the novel traces the evolution of the relationship over time. It's interspersed with several short narrative arcs.

The kids are cute! If you love catfighting, you will love the interactions between the women in ML dad's harem. <<less
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