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After transmigrating into a SF (Science Fiction) novel and enduring cruel hardships, I ascended to the throne as the Emperor of the Galactic Empire.

[Welcome to the Integrated Dimensional Community.]

As the community’s Lone SF Transmigrator, I unleashed the poison of new cultures on the uncivilized primitives of the Otherworlds.

-Let there be light. To judge the horde of evil, the Apostle of the Goddess sent down a Graviton Surge. Thus, in that place was light along with a massive explosion…

-The Grand Duke of the North has shown great interest in your Heattech…

-I, as a Namgung, am thankful for the grace akin to the vast sea provided by the Great Hero. By virtue of the Vibroblade bestowed by the Great Hero, the nefarious Demonic Cult has…

It seems like these Otherworlders can’t get their sh*t together.

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이세계 갤러리 유일한 SF빙의자
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New RandoSan rated it
May 17, 2024
Status: c20
So, I'm here to give review on this interesting novel. It's not something ground breaking or anything, with the concept of the MC having a system forum that connect with other multiverse out there.

Here's some Spoiler of what I've read so far:

So, the MC used to be some keyboard warrior that love sci-fi genre. One day, he was reincarnated into sci-fi universe where they capable of space traveling. He used his knowledge and become the strongest emperor of the universe, yadda yadda, like the usual strong from the start tag... more>> MC. The charm of this story would be interactions of the MC between other supposed to be Protagonis in other multiverse through this Forum. Later, the MC become an administrator and capable of sending some sci-fi items into fantasy world or apocalypse worlds. Really love that part. Now let's go for the reviews:

Storytelling: 4 Stars. It's really good and entertaining, but not super great or anything, so I assumed that four stars is right

Characters: 5 Stars. So far, I love the characters. There might be some cheesy moment where some peeps don't like it, but I'll take it.

World building: 4 Stars. It doesn't really super genius or very dept or anything. It's pretty generic, you just throw bunches of genres together and their typical setting

Plot: 4 Stars. So far, the plot isn't really that interesting. The MC tried to investigate the forum, become administrator, now trying to gather si called karma from this forum residents. But that's pretty much it. We would see how it unfoldd as more chapters get released.

Conclusion: Interesting read and good for killing the time. Nothing that would make you "Wow, that's really genius" Or anything tear jerking. But it's a fun read nonetheless. <<less
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D0M1NV5 rated it
March 17, 2024
Status: c40
Hello! TLer Dominus here!

This novel is a new one! In Novelpia, it has quickly gained popularity as a "Forum" genre novel (in Korean, it is called Gallery!). The premise, however, is really quite interesting. It has the perfect amount of humor, while also building upon the plot. There are a TON of internet meme, slang, and references (Specifically Korean), so I hope I'm able to do it justice!

Now, to the summary:

He was just a lover of Science Fiction. A keyboard warrior fighting against the martial arts genre fanatics and... more>> fantasy genre simps. One day, while battling it out with yet another delulu novel reader, he suddenly found himself in another world. The Sci-Fi (SF) novel called [Chronicles of the Galactic Heroes], a tetralogy he had read many times before.

So, he was confident. He would monopolize all the loot! The true MC! He would command fleets of spaceships and rule the cosmos with his overwhelming individual strength! But, of course, it was not to be. After all, he had transmigrated into the body of fodder. However, not all hope was lost, as he was a genius on a cosmic scale in just one thing: gathering (gaslighting) the strong. With his many connections, talents, and powerhouses, he ascended to the throne. The Supreme Ruler of the Cosmos. The First Seat of the Human Alliance. The Emperor of the Galactic Empire.

Okay now, all the sh*t I just said as a summary? Ignore it. Because while that is the premise, it is not the heart of the story. One day, a hologram message pops up before his eyes, welcoming him into a "Forum" called the [Integrated Dimensional Community]. In this Reddit-esque community, it is filled with Reincarnators, Transmigrators, and Regressors who are also from his original world. But that's not all. It's also filled with "Otherworlders" who are just waiting to become... cultured in the ways of the Internet. But there is just one type of person missing: A SF Transmigrator.

Join our MC as he indoctrina- No, enlightens members of this Otherworld Forum on how based Sci-Fi is! After all, as the Lone SF Transmigrator, who else would do it but him?

Now, onto my personal thoughts:

Holy shit, this is one of the hardest novels I have ever translated. The amount of MEME CULTURE (IN KOREAN) takes me hours to research. But, getting those references just make the novel more fun. I've taken a few "creative licenses" when it comes to translating as many of the Korean memes are not applicable for English ones (Reddit, Facebook, etc.). However, it is STILL accurate. All of it is. It has just been more 'westernized'.

Now, with that out of the way, let me talk about our MC. Before anything, we must remember that he IS one of us, albeit with some experience in ruling the entire universe. He is sophisticated, yes, but he is also a keyboard warrior and a lover of novels (specifically Sci-Fi). There is not enough information as of yet to fully define his personality, but with how BASED he is in his posts and comments, you will love him! He is incredibly relatable while also being kinda crazy (and if you've read my other novels, you know how much I love TLing crazy mfers). We are in for a shitshow, but who cares? We'll be enjoying every moment of the ride.

The WORLD is amazing. The setting is on a cosmic (pun intended) scale, so there is SO much depths and little parts that the author can just drop. However, nothing POINTLESS ever dominates the story. It is pushed with content, chapter after chapter, BUILDING onto the main premise of the story. I can't wait to see how much greater the novel expands. After all, it is not JUST the whole universe, but also multi-dimensional! Every character is so clearly defined in their dialogue and personality, so you will never get bored or forget one of them.

Now, as for the romance... It is not there yet. But may I introduce our silver-haired android based af AI, Aria? She actually does have emotions, which is surprising in these kinds of stories. She is honestly the most relatable. Think overworked secretary who has to deal with her boss's bullshit. I can't wait to see how her character and the relationship with the MC expands! But yes, for those of you who love romance, this novel may not be it for you. But who knows! It's still early tidings.

The writing. Let me tell you about the writing. I believe this is the author's first novel, but the pacing and word choice is stellar. It never gets boring, never gets dragged out, and all the research/diction shows. For Sci-Fi lovers, you'll see a ton of references. For meme lovers, you will be in ecstasy. For ordinary readers, you will have a big laugh!

All I can say is to try it out! You won't regret it (but you may be left wanting for more). I truly hope I have done the writing justice and translated it well enough for you to enjoy! Thanks for reading! Now, onto my last "ratings":

Plot: 5 Stars (WHERE IS THE 6 NU)

Characters: 4 Stars (the characters are just starting! but I can tell how much the author pays attention to each one. So do not fret!)

World Building/Setting: 5 Stars (mfers THIS ACTUALLY NEEDS A 7)

Writing/Storytelling: 5 Stars

Entertainment Value: 5 Stars (hurry up. where the 7 stars now.)

Overall: Hello? I know there are only 2 chapters right now, but you should be reading those... Who cares what I say... You know itll be good anyway :)) <<less
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hooekkptooey rated it
April 13, 2024
Status: --
I swear I know this kind of writing style. I remember some novel that use similar composition.

First, light-hearted premise. The story has premise that did not feel dangerous. Like, little to no stake.

Second, the narrative play long after big event happened, which usually became a big point that would be revealed later. In this case, it's thousand years after MC became emperor.

Third, the author would drop some hint of something related to MC. And it creates this question of, 'what kind of things that makes MC react this way?'. And... more>> because the MC are usually potrayed to us readers as ordinary and a little bit comical or unhinged, but to the character in that world, MC have quite a reputation, the third recipe are perfect. Because it create a contrast and bought shock to reader.

The reason why I write this, is because I just found it fascinating. <<less
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YoBroItIsARaven rated it
March 30, 2024
Status: --
This is a very unique and fun novel. It perfectly encapsulates the average internet experience. It's chaotic, hectic yet fun. But this novels not an one trick pony. It'a charm isn't only it's authentic portrayal of the internet, but it's characters aswell. The characters may seem hollow and not fleshed out in a first glance, but trust me they are. The way it sets up the characters and shows their backstories and what not seems so natural and not artificial in the slightest. This novel mainly may seem like a... more>> gag novel, but it can get deep aswell. The sudden yet somehow natural seeming tone shifts are amazing. I can safely recommend this novel to y'all. <<less
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Grimsilent rated it
March 23, 2024
Status: --
In the novel, there's a 'Dimensional Integrated Community, ' essentially an internet forum BUT without any administrators or moderators. Picture the lively chatter and diverse images posted by its members. Let your imagination run wild...

This novel is perfect for a good laugh. I rate it 4/5 stars, reserving the remaining star for the ending, which I'm yet to discover.
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mikey sane
mikey sane rated it
March 16, 2024
Status: c1
I've just read the novel 1st chapter and it's pretty interesting with new trope having interactions between other transmigrators, reincarnators and regressors through an online community called Integrated Dimensional Community (I'll call it as IDC). This was just like a reedit-esque community with all these people chatting over others. Our protagonist transmigrated to a sci-fi type world into a fodder like body where he had started to ascend the throne through connections (By gathering strong people by his side) and became emperor of Galactic Empire, the First seat Human Alliance.

From... more>> here onwards the actual premise get to start, where he was welcomed to the IDC with a message before his eyes. There were the people, all comes in the category of lunatics (And they are quite CULTURED people :)). Their conversations is Funny for me to read all the time.
PS: The translation is as good as always from this group. <<less
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