The Life Of A Cannon Fodder Mother-in-Law (Quick Transmigration)


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Liu Yuniang helps all the mother-in-laws who were cannon fodder seek revenge on the people who abused them, and get justice.

Story 1: The Deceived Mother-in-Law
The mother-in-law has raised the child as her own son for many years, but it turns out he was the son of her husband’s mistress. Then let the biological mother become her husband’s wife – then their whole family will be neat and tidy; let’s see how they bite each other.

Story 2. The Step-Mother-in-Law
Everyone thinks that the first wife is a good person, and no matter what the step-mother-in-law does, nothing is right – then let’s tear apart the original wife’s facade and let them see clearly….

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2 Reviews

New orangeheaven
May 29, 2024
Status: c439
It's a potatoe chip novel: not much substance, but enjoyable and a before you notice you'll binge the whole thing in one go.

The MC isn't a complex character, but she is clever and decisive, and gets into the face slapping and revenge pretty quickly after transmigrating into the host. And her face slaps are great and often hilarious because of how blunt and shameless she is about making it obvious that she just enjoys watching her enemies be miserable.

It would probably be a 3.5 rating for me, but I rounded... more>> up for three reasons:

  1. I liked that her revenge was pretty equitable; in a lot of revenge novels sometimes the MCs go overboard and ruin people's lives even for minor things, but while the MC here doesn't let even people who indirectly harmed the original host off, the severity of the revenge is pretty equal to their wrongs... mostly because, aside from retracting all the benefits they got from exploiting the OG host, her revenge often took the form of reporting their crimes to the authorities.
  2. Although there is a good looking insta-soulmate ML character in the story, he doesn't always appear in every life. So in some arcs she meets him and remarries and in others she doesn't, and remains single. And he's never an OP character who solves all her problems for her. In fact, a majority of the time he's in dire straits and she's the one saves/elevates him. For me, it's annoying when a QT MC solves the original host's issues with the help of some OP man who is instantly obsessed with her, so this was a nice change.
  3. It was extra satisfying seeing her faceslap the entitled brats who thought they could get away with screwing over their own mother just because she's their mother and would of course always forgive them and love them, even if they literally almost killed her.
I MTL'd this to read during a flight and if you're looking for something just to pass the time, this is a good option. <<less
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New nightxueyin
May 28, 2024
Status: Completed
Its a lot of emotions.

If you like face slapping, dog-blood drama that ends with abandoning the slag man and living as independent ladies, this is the one for you.

The romance is a bit of an after thought and it is not detailed enough to offset the amount of draining energy that the conflicts in the story represent.

An okay read.

Would not recommend and would not reread either, just another time passer~
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