Call Me The Mother of Quick Transmigration


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Li Su, who was infertile and divorced, accidentally came across a system. She travelled through world after world and finally fulfilled her wish to be a mother. But why was it that the children the system assigned her were so weird?

But it didn’t matter, because I am your mother!

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kuài chuān zhī jiào māmā
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New makenai89 rated it
May 6, 2021
Status: --
It was a pretty good quick transmigration novel -if you could ignore its massive plot holes and classic cliches. Straightforward and smart MC, minimum unnecessary romance, plus a lot of warm-hearted cute kid scene with neat ending. However, some arcs' original plots (before the MC saved the day) were almost copy-pasted from other novels and QTs. And there's one thing that irks me to death: The MC actually saved money in her space and used it in different arcs (world). This is simply impossible. Currency differences aside, each paper should... more>> have codes & numbers that could be tracked by authorities. Even if it is possible for her to save them in the space, it is impossible to use it in huge number in different worlds without arousing suspicions. <<less
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New ellieedeean rated it
May 3, 2021
Status: c19
Definitely worth the read. I aspire to be the woman MC is. You can say she might be too violent but the son deserves it. As for the wife, I feel bad for her but angry at the same time. I get that she’s a product of her environment but after 10 years, she still didn’t change so she was a hopeless case.

I cried and laughed. It’s very good. Hopefully the plot stays good.
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Julianita rated it
March 9, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel should be called Call me the Mother of Quick Lazymigration

It's not that the novel is bad... it's just isn't really good? You can't really say it's bad but to say it's good... ehhhh I don't think so.

This novel tells the histories of Li Su's quick transmigration motherhood/grandmother adventures.

... more>> As a mother, Li Su really does a good job and she's a qualified mother/grandmother.

But she is just lazy. Too damn lazy.

The only arc that she wasn't lazy for me was the best one, the 70's educated youth when she was a mother of two children with a blind mother-in-law to take care of. There she wasn't given the leisure to be lazy.

As for the other stories...

She is a mother or grandmother of someone hardworking, someone genius, someone lucky. She just needed to be a good mother and lay sideways. Her children/grandchildren most of the time were extreme filial and she just needed to sit, give orders based on filial piety, pat some heads, give some candies and that's it. There is no difficulty, she only needs to be a good mother and someone else will wipe out her ass for her. But most of the time her children/grandchildren didn't even need to make much effort, the villains would self-destruct themselves so fast and efficiently that it seems like when she came to the missions it's a collective sharp IQ drop.

She went to a martial arts world and somehow became a disciple of a medicine/poisons master. It's ok she is kinda s*upid and doesn't learn much. But she could learn the best traditional medicine techniques, poison techniques, but when her son became the leader of martial arts she just... eats, shits and sleeps. Her son covered up everything until she died. She was young and with a mountain of resources she always chooses to be a salted fish and live off her children's success. EVERY. SINGLE. WORLD. When I read the last chapter It gave me the feeling that she just lay down and won.

For being a mother she does a really good job, but as a person... hehe. She herself says her three views are crooked in the first chapter.

Not the best quick transmigration, not the best about motherhood, but it's a good read to pass time. <<less
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pastelbunnyyy rated it
February 25, 2021
Status: Completed
I personally would have rated higher if the storyline were more like the first few arcs where the mom-child relationship was more complex and the children actually suffers from something. The latter arcs were extremely smooth sailing which kinda made it boring.

However, what I like the most about this is the character growth of MC and how she’s never been s*upidly kind. That was satisfying.
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FEMA rated it
April 17, 2021
Status: c13
So far a very entertaining and refreshing QT story with no romance and she got a very unique view on parenthood:

... more>>

It started with a bang, the very first thing she did after arrival was break the leg of her son with a rod and later take him begging with his lame leg and she keeps berating and hiting him at any misbeaviour, lol kidding while she did in fact did that, the son was a scum that was beating up his wife and will eventually gamble away their daughter and beat his wife to death


and she does a very trought job on educating her family while staying on character:


"The same can be said of you. As they say, whether the husband is good depends on his wife. Good for you! What he says goes! If he asks you for money, you'll give it to him. If he hits you, you just cry. What are you doing with your hands? You only know how to take it and you don't know how to fight back! You need to be like me, who broke his leg. Can he go out to drink and gamble now?" Li Su turned around and scolded Wang Fang again.

"Let me tell you, when a man hits you for the first time, you have to beat him to the ground so he won't dare try it again! Besides, it doesn't matter if he has a lame leg, he can still pick up scraps. If not, he can beg for food. He can always do something. I'm telling you that men cannot get used to knowing things. As the saying goes, a husband that is used to things is like a killer, so men should be disciplined!" Li Su spouted some nonsense.


and earns the admiration of the young generation:


"I think that what my grandma said was very reasonable." Bai Qing Qing's eyes lit up. "I understand why grandma was indifferent to family matters before. She wanted to test my mum. My mother ended up being too soft and disappointed grandma, so she ended up dealing with it herself. Grandpa Zhang, you should have seen my grandma today. She was so cool today! She broke my dad's leg. She is so cool! Grandma is wonderful!"


At its so nice to see her hard job on educating bearing fruit:


Bai Yun Shan opened his mouth to curse, as was his habit. Just as he was about to speak, he saw the old witch who had possessed his mother's body look at him coldly. Bai Yun Shan was so frightened that he couldn't speak.



Wang Fang couldn't help but laugh. "Don't be angry with your mother. Mum beats you for your own good. Mum is right. Beating and scolding someone is love. Not beating or scolding someone is a curse. I think what mum says is very reasonable. Don't you think our days have more and more prospects?"


And finally it was delightful to see how her influence changed her family child from scheaming super blackened fake best friend that wants the ML to his "rival" LOL


He happened to see a drunk man pestering Chen Tian Tian. Jiang Rui Qi's eyes lit up. He was about to rush in to be the hero who saved the beauty and show off his masculine charm when that tomboy took a baseball bat out from her bag and hit the drunk man two or three times before the man fled.

Jiang Rui Qi's expression darkened. Why was she everywhere?!

He saw Chen Tian Tian smile and pull at Bai Qing Qing, acting spoiled. "Qing Qing, you are awesome! It's so good to have you around!"

Bai Qing Qing touched Chen Tian Tian's hair and the two walked side by side.

Jiang Rui Qi stood under a tree and watched Bai Qing Qing's figure as she walked away. He had a hunch that this woman would get in the way of him chasing his girlfriend. She was the kind who couldn't be moved!

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MiyaMira rated it
February 25, 2021
Status: Completed
Overall a pretty nice Quick Transmigration novel, and I like that it involves childcare. MC was disappointed with her marriage so decided that romance is not her thing, so yeah no male lead. The system is pretty much non-existent during the whole missions other than to give MC her power and it only appeared like, what? 3-4 times? And we don't even know how it collects the points from MC because there was no intermission between one world to another.

Anyway, I just think of it as a collection of short... more>> stories involving MC who possessed bodies of possible cause of tragedy to help villain or cannon fodder escape the path of self-made tragedy while they were still young. Should be 3.5 stars but raised to 4 stars for the little buns. <<less
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dekadai rated it
February 26, 2021
Status: Completed
This is one of my favorite stories that I've MTL'd this year. The MC is recruited by a system to be a good mother in various worlds. The people she has to help are usually villains or crooked in their thinking. I really like the fact that the MC wasn't focused on romance and took the task of raising these kids seriously. This is a slice of life/child-rearing novel with some plot thrown in.
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