The Good Mother System


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How does an unmarried woman suddenly have an abundance of offspring everywhere? Female lead Dan Jingqiu suddenly dies from a heart attack. Her soul was taken away by ‘The Good Mother System’, 008, and brought into the world of novels. Aiming to fulfill the final wishes of mother characters and to release their souls from their regretful attachments to their respective world, The female lead travels through different novels to save various children from their pain and misfortune. In the process, she undergoes personal growth and change, Ultimately becoming the admirable good mother of her wards.

This novel is a series of short stories with quick plot developments. It delves into the complex relationships between a mother and her children involving love, conflict, and contradictions. Using empathy and love, the female lead changes various worlds’ original storyline and ultimately prevents the bad endings of her children. Although the settings are all in the novel world, the solutions were practical and easily relatable.

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好妈妈系统 [快穿]
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pastelbunnyyy rated it
November 22, 2020
Status: Completed
To start off, I am rating this 4 stars due to the fact that I read it a few days before my mother's death anniversary. With that said, I have a bias for mom protagonists. And I cried a couple of times until I finally finished this novel. You can tell that the author pulled a lot of inspiration from a real life mom because for someone that started off without children - MC has a tendency to say things that are similar to the things my mother used to... more>> say and the lessons she wanted to impart.


The arcs end in death - and honestly, all I can hope is that on my mother's death bed, she's as at peace as MC.


However, writing wise - the story could have been better if the author seems to be sprinting to the end of each arc. The time skips can also be a bit disconcerting. I think the author tried to take the "cinematic" route because I can see those time skips working well if it was a movie/drama. The maternal relationships are also a little shallow - instead of being complex and realistic, which I guess isn't helped by the fact that the arcs are short.

Overall, not bad for a quick transmigration story and good if you want to read something that's not too heavy emotionally. It was a rollercoaster for me - it made me laugh and made me cry (even if like I said, it was a bit shallow). <<less
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Rania want to QT
Rania want to QT rated it
November 8, 2020
Status: c144
Very boring and bland.

Character lacking.

Too much plot armor.

I'm disappointed 😔 I had high hopes for this one.

The MC use her skills that she buy from the system and still dare to curse at him as inhuman.

She never use her skills from her original world.

Wonder how she became successful in her original world? She isn't mature nor open-minded.

She's petty and lucky.

She isn't a Mary-sue whose OP 'ness is not reasonable.

I like Mary Sues if they are independent women but if nothing is explained then no!, thank you!
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Kei-Em03 rated it
November 1, 2020
Status: Completed
MTL ☆☆☆ 35-40% understandable

Its an okay read. Its not bad, but it just felt lacking. Ive read 2 arcs by MTL so far and I felt like its too plain and too rushed. I'll still read a few more arcs to see if its still like that.


2.5☆ for now..
Arcs are short, maybe thats why it felt rushed and lacking a details. Also, I kinda dont like the way it time skipped or change POVs, which kinda block you a bit and makes you a bit disoriented when reading. I had to read it a couple of times to get where the story is.

Like with arc 1, the transition was fast that I had to read it multiple times before you caught up with the story (it also happened in arc 2). She transmigrated, tells you what happened to the OriHost by the following chapter she was already well known cook. There's no buffer time. Not much interactions with the kids.

In arc 2, same thing, tho its 19 chapters, there's still no buffer time with the time skipped, no advise how many years have passed, its very vague. Again, not much interactions with the kids. And to think that these kids are literally kids, unlike the 1st arc where the daughters are on their 20's. You would've thought she'd have more interactions. But nada. I would've loved to see how she corrects their characters. Like the son here, he grew up cowardly until MC came.

Basically, main cons: Side characters were dumped with no follow up. Sometimes, even the kids were lacking. Like the characters are set up well that you will feel they are not fleshy enough and very bland. A little to none face slapping moments. Again, not much interactions with the kids. Awkward and fast transition both time skipped and POV. Its like good concept, but poor execution.

I felt bad, cause, I cant keep myself from commenting even though its just the 2nd arc, because I really really like these novels: qt, childcare, no love interest. And I feel kinda disappointed.




Its started rough but it got a lot better as it goes. Like at the start it felt like meh, like it needs more on this and work on that. But as arc goes on, the this and that are constantly actually being fixed. Im surprised. Over all its a good read. 3☆

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kawaii12345 rated it
July 9, 2021
Status: c50
Highly Recommended 5 stars.

The stories are well writtenand touching examples of chicken soup for the soul. There's a very solid and well thought out reasoning and plotting to the arcs coupled with good characterization make these an absorbing read.

I particularly enjoyed the arc "The White Swan And The ugly Duckling". It's a very solid take on the switched at birth concept and just what happens when it isn't found out till the kids are adults.
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EmpressRouge25 rated it
October 18, 2020
Status: v2
So far, so good. Very cute but short interactions between transmigrated mom and kids. Kinda different from other cn novels since this one seems like there’s no male lead.
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SilverHollyAsh rated it
September 29, 2021
Status: Completed
This is the 2nd Quick Transmigration (QT) story I read that focuses on being a mother. If you like MCs who come in and change the lives of their children for the better, then this is a story you should consider reading. Nonetheless, I do have a few critiques.

Before my negative feedback, I want to write about the three (3) primary things I liked in the novel:

  1. Amount of Arcs--I enjoyed that there were lots of arcs to read. Sometimes a QT story has too few arcs for us to enjoy. Here, there were many arcs--some of them unique to me, consisting of stories and plots I haven't seen in other novels on this site. Don't worry! There are more familiar, common or cliched arcs, but I enjoyed reading the QT scenarios here that were more unusual. This may be in part due to the unique parent perspective.
  2. Feel Good Endings--likewise, the arcs in this novel all have feel-good endings. Sometimes the events surrounding the MC and her children may be dark, but her actions always lead to better lives for the cute buns she protects and guides (and, occasionally, improved the conditions in the entire world). Still, I was surprised how scummy a few of the exes are in some arcs--especially in one of the ancient arcs and a later modern arc--where the exes chose to not only leave the MC (or have already left), but discredit/twist facts around to make the MC look like the villain when even the Original Body did nothing wrong to them.
  3. Detailed Arc Conclusion--for most arcs, we learn enough about what happens to feel the MC changed the lives entrusted to her for the better. Usually we read about how long she lived, what her children did, etc. I appreciate these explanations, because I want to know the children lived good, long, happy lives!
Now, there... more>> are five (5) critiques I have for this novel. Three of them I will write about in non-spoilery way while the last two you should read only if you are like me and don't mind a few spoiler before reading a story.

  1. MTL problems--sometimes the Machine Translated Language (MTL) can be a huge barrier to enjoying a story. Since there were only a few translated chapters on this site, I had to complete it by reading the MTL. In this case, the MTL version I found offsite was hard to understand at times, especially for several arcs in the beginning. These translation issues seemed to decrease as the story continued, but be warned! It's not to point where I wanted to drop the story, but it took me more mental energy than past novels I've read.
  2. Endings/Beginnings Confusion--next, in many of the first arcs, the conclusion of story would be finished at the beginning of another. It's hard to explain. Basically, the MC would start another life and then think about how her life ended in the previous arc--giving us some details we needed/wanted. This did not help the MTL issue I mentioned previously. However, the author moves away from this stylistic choice for later arcs, which made the translation less confusing and the story flow better.
  3. System Store--as in many QT stories, the MC has a system and a system store. BUT, unlike other QT novels, here, the system store, the skills it offers, and the points have no explanation. We never read about how many points the MC earns at the end of a life. We don't learn about how many points it takes to upgrade a skill, what other skills are available, etc. Instead, when it's convenient for the MC, she purchases a skill. To me, this diminishes the story a great deal, because the system store is simply a "deus ex machina" on interdimensional wheels for the MC. This to me is why the story can not receive 5 stars. I don't like stories where there are big plot or logic holes. In this case, whenever the MC encounters an issue, she can and does use points to buy what she needs. Although, we have no idea ever how many points she has, how she earns them, how much the skills (and other items) cost, what defines the skill tiers briefly mentioned in the beginning arcs, etc. If I had to venture a guess, the author may have intended to explain or elaborate on this initially, but chose to move away from this aspect after the second arc. If you can accept the character getting a skill, a halo, or invisible surveillance on other characters without understanding the price, then you'll like this novel more than I did.
  • OP Food Power--in particular, the culinary skill the MC purchased seemed OP. In the beginning, it seems that MC only bought the Tier 1 of 3 version of the skill and did not bump it up to the top (nor is it mentioned later in an explicit manner that she either upgraded it via points or increased its level naturally through practice or independent learning, which is possible in another system-skill QT stores). For being entry level, the culinary skill was overpowered. In fact, it seems to be the skill that she uses almost exclusively to succeed in each life. Aside from the use of purchased halos in two arcs (a sickly, "white lotus"-like halo in an ancient arc [the one with the scummy ex noted in a section above] and the lucky halo she gives to her son in an entertainment arc) and the computer hacking skill she purchases, all life's woes seemed to be resolved with home cooking, running a restaurant, and/or expanding into a catering company. Personally, if the MC had to or chose to explore other talents/skills in different arcs, then I think the story would be more interesting. Relying on different skills would have increased the difficult of later scenarios and/or allowed us to understand the psychology of the MC more by seeing the strategy she chose to use in each arc to fulfill the wished of the Original Body.
  • Final "Arc"--finally, I thought the conclusion of the QT journey was too brief. I loved how the MC's experiences changed her perspective on her life, i.e., a paradigm shift, especially in how she viewed her mother, but I wanted to know more about how the MC changed after she was healed from her heart condition, what she said or did with her mom to bridge the gap between them, and, whether her father and his new/side family received any retribution (or regretted their choices/attitudes) at all. It wasn't as bad as other novels, since I the paradigm shift the MC experienced may have been enough for us to understand that the MC's QT journey was significant, but I love details and would've appreciated more.

Also, one last note, there are no MLs in the novel; occasionally, the MC will inherit a husband (more often an -ex), but if she stays married, the MC and the husband in that arc will already be in a sexless, companionate marriage. If you want a QT story with romance, then you should pass on this story. Personally, I've come to like QT stories that focus more on the MC's growth, then a relationship so I enjoyed this story, but to each his/her/their own! <<less
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Katyuskaa rated it
April 2, 2021
Status: --
the story is quite entertaining and funny, hopefully they won't drop it = (
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nopeitynopenope rated it
November 3, 2021
Status: c224
'Heat warming' stories of being a good mother. It started to really bother me that every kid that needs saved was the 'bad mother's fault' that could be fixed by the MC taking over the role. That part got really tedious, mother's are not always the cause of bad adults. Still it's a fun read.
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SRM5 rated it
September 23, 2021
Status: Completed
Love it. Honestly a top tier novel for me. The only romance in this is between the children and family affection!

Most of the worlds (there's 25 arcs), tugged my heartstrings. I cried, I laughed, I got angry and I loved. The most saddest part is parting from this gem. Whoever wants to read a heartwarming story about raising children with love, I hope you give this novel a chance! I don't usually leave reviews (generally because I forgot, ehehe), but I can't NOT leave a review for this! Shen Jingqiu,... more>> saranghae!

Of course the time skips are... very far, and frequent but that's all. I MTL-ed the story so, sometimes I get confused and even shocked. Some time skips are straightforward but some are subtle that I'm left feeling like, "Wait... MC ALREADY DIED?! YOU ONLY INFORMED ME LIKE AT THE END OF THE CHAPTER?!" <<less
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bulls420 rated it
August 18, 2021
Status: c28
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Book18 rated it
February 20, 2021
Status: Completed
It was a very unique and good novel! I haven't read anything similar before. It's short and very sweet. Although it is very vague in some arcs but the stories are good! If you are looking for something different then you should give this novel a try.


there is no male lead or romance in the story

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lerrein rated it
February 7, 2021
Status: c120
Not a story for those who want to see the excitement of high highies and low lows. A very stable, but still touching storyline about a woman transmigrating between the worlds to play a mother for the kids with sad destinies.

I love the main character, she's nice and caring; not a green tea face slapping domineering protagonist.

Chapter 120 — no romance in sight, but this story is kinda not about it anyway :)
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weewooweewooweewoo rated it
December 8, 2021
Status: Completed
I think most people's complaints here are pretty valid. A lot of the arcs she just kinda fluffs things off and they work out somehow and it timeskips to it being perfect. To be honest, she's actually a horrible mother in at least one of the arcs and totally wrongs her child

But on the plus side overall, it's actually a pretty good novel? If you like motherhood novels, it's something good to read. I think a lot of the interactions are very sweet. Just don't try to guess the plot,... more>> because you'll end up guessing it entirely correctly as it's recycled content

The MTL is like, 80% understandable if you put your mind to it <<less
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