The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife


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At the feast of the Gluttonous House’s auction, there was a little girl with an exceptional furnace constitution for offer at a sky-high price. Everyone wanted to lay their hands on her. Suddenly, the little girl in the golden cage opened her eyes, radiating a cold gaze. She was no longer cowardly.

She was the gold medal assassin of the 21st century, transmigrating to become the good-for-nothing humiliation that everyone bullied, third miss Nalan Hexi of the genius doctor’s manor.

Meridians completely crippled, no innate skill to cultivate? What is she afraid of? She is the exceptional miracle doctor, and these injuries were nothing in her eyes.

Father doesn’t dote on her, mother doesn’t love her, everyone schemes against her? Humph, an alternate dimension in hand and an invincible spirit pet as well, she can destroy the small Nalan Manor with a flip of her hand!

Ugly complexion, malnourished and sickly in appearance, no one wants her? She recovered her unparalleled looks with the blink of an eye and gained a dozen good looking men as bodyguards!

That overbearing man who’d been sticking to her since the auction. Who said I was destined to be yours? I am my own, no one can decide my future!

A certain man: Then I am yours, will that do?

The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife average rating 4.2/5 - 234 user ratings
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bloggbigg rated it
June 19, 2017
Status: c102
I wanted to like this. It's not bad, but it's very mediocre. I have no idea why there are so many top ratings.

The Good:

You get to root for the MC, who is (in theory) the underdog. Bad things try to happen to her at the hands of others- results are mixed, but that's pretty much the story.

... more>> The Bad:

Even the title depreciates the MC- so take that as foreshadowing to the tone of at least the 1st 100 chapters. She's written as 'genius' and a 'skilled assassin'. Every so often, she shows off some examples of that supposed skill. Mostly though, she just gets victimized- and like it or not, it's very often pretty much her own incompetence. I hate to say it, but she's written as a pretty naive maiden type who also occasionally does more.

Lets get straight to it- this is one of those novels where the characters are props for the situations and plotting. Soooo many things happen that shouldn't due to her supposed skills and knowledge- but she frequently lacks the common sense and professional habits/mentality to stand up for herself (because the title and plot says she's destined to be with the king of Hell, who's a short-tempered, abusive, stalkery creeper).

Oh, yeah- that's the other point- The 'King of hell' is a bastard. When the MCs been kicked in the teeth by life, what she really needs is to be stalked and bullied by a one-sided love interest. I guess since he's handsome, powerful & rich it's ok, though-- and of course she (the powerful mind-control master assassin), puts up with it, because 'plot'.

The different:

Hmmm... nothing? I'd say this is predictable, except it isn't- since the MC seems to forget her own skills half the time, and she's pretty much controlled by the other MC and pop-up events.

This is very strongly a novel that tells you things that are supposed to be 'the way things are', but doesn't 'show' you half as much. I think some of the disparity between the people that like it and those that don't is seeing past the facade.


She kills a roomful of people right off, then second time around she just looks stupid till she's knocked out by the slave spell. Shortly later she pretty much disassembles it &

knows it's inner workings since she does something similar. What you might not have thought is:

  1. If she's so familiar, why didn't she check if she was 'slave-ified' soon as she woke up in an obvious 'you are now a slave' situation?
  2. Since the way she enslaves people (without pulling out their souls) is so superior, and she was definitely enslaved for some time, does that mean her soul was pulled out since the 'inferior' method was seemingly used on her? (Obviously it didn't affect her, but this is unexplained 'plot armor' or something)

The king of hell 'loves' her at first sight, but wouldn't even bid on her, and left her to suffer at the hands of the actual purchaser- but he assigned someone to watch what happened though... (true love)

She keeps getting tailed. How did she survive as an assassin before? Oh. Wait, she didn't...

The author talks about meridians and how hers have no power, then does things that should need _some_ sort of power (sensing/moving energy to start) - but doesn't explain it. I'm not saying I know the author's world- just they should explain it, or not use terms which cause confusion.

She's super oblivious. From dying in the first place because she had no clue people had a problem with her, to later when she heals someone from an impossible injury and decides to keep that disguise that had no advantage.

Speaking of which- she can do disguises! She's an 'expert' who doesn't think to cover her apparently unique eye color- how 'expert' is that?

She needs to know things. Apparently talking to people/reading books isn't even worth trying. Even (snicker) disguised... Better deal with the 'King of Hell' for info! Must be under the king of hell's thumb!

We won't even get into her lack of interest in her 'own' family situation, but desire to stay in it despite the fact it'll only cause her random, unexpected trouble.


Crap like that.

I'm not going to 'pick apart' the whole thing- just saying that some foundation logic is completely overlooked. Not saying things should go a different way, but between 'overlooking the obvious', and not 'justifying the chosen (apparently bad) decisions', this novel has more than a few issues with common sense.

All that said I kinda like it anyway, and want to know where it will go, but the 'King' and his antics and her weakness to it completely ruins it for me. <<less
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spectrearc rated it
February 10, 2017
Status: c1945

The novel is reasonably well written. Plot is cogent, and generally well developed. It's nice seeing an overarching plot unfold as the chapters flow on.


- Author likes to exaggerate the good points of the main character. Expect males the MC sees to fall in love with her at first sight.

- Expect everything the MC does to be perfect, every female character (barring a few) to hate her for her beauty etc., the cliches are everywhere.

- Chapters are extremely short.

General comments

- There will be some tragedy within the novel; this is used in a way that it sometimes seems the author ran out of ideas and just wants to demolish the current plot setting.

- The antagonists will tarry on - the author will make you loathe them, and they won't be easily killed off.

As at 1900+ we're in the midst of the 2nd (?) arc, and the story is still developing.

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Mou rated it
September 30, 2017
Status: --
First I would like to say that I like transmigration novels with strong female leads. BUT I COULD NOT BRING MYSELF TO READ THIS ONE. This novel is a detailed description of s*xual harassment and eve teasing and is moving towards much worse things. If teenage and other similar age groups are reading this novel, then it ts teaching the boys that harassing and s*xually abusing a girl is an expression of love. And teaching the girls that if a handsome, strong and powerful guy, or any guy for that... more>> matter, should harass them, they should be all flattered instead of, at the least, running in the opposite direction, if they are not able to fight back. I don't know what kind of message the author is trying to send, but this is like a report on two people with psychological issues of the very twisted variety, not a novel.

Sorry if I offended someone. But I thought it better to be transperent on these matters.

Again I apologise. <<less
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Kittybear rated it
January 6, 2017
Status: c5
Pretty good in my opinion. Don't read this if your wanting serious or dark kind of plot. This is a typical Xuanhuan novel with a super OP female lead. I happen to love her because she is my favorite type of character. The type that has no bullsh*t threats that never come to be and actually lives up to the name of being a super assassin instead of just the usual "gotta cultivate first to kill people the normal way." She actually kills people without cultivation in a way a... more>> super gold medal assassin should. <<less
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Husby rated it
January 4, 2018
Status: c261
I've read countless novels eerily similar to this one already. It brings nothing new and exciting to the table. Standard "face slapping" novel with a female MC that praises her to the heavens at any opportunities. She's supposed to be fair and strong of mind, but ends up being far too long winded and weak in most respects. I mean any supposedly respectable woman who can't even stand her ground due to being in the presence of a beautiful man is pathetic. She's not a cold and intelligent woman, she's... more>> a 12 year old girl who just met Justin Bieber.

The female MC despite what everyone else will tell you is not OP at all. She has great talent and progresses fast, but the way the story is written she will never be OP. The ones that antagonizes her will always be much stronger than her and only the servants of said person might be at the same level as her. Leaving it to the ML to be the one that's actually OP who has to save the day at the most important parts.

In any case that's just my personal issues with these stories which I always hope will finally bring a strong female MC with mature thinking, but always falls far too short. The issues with the author isn't anything new either. Bet I could pick out a random neighbor who writes just as good. The whole story hinges on misunderstanding which would not exist in any other universe than that which is this authors (and many others like it) novel. Tens of chapters of arguing like little children, one short sentence at a time. A good chapter is one where there are more than 4 lines of dialogue. Instead we get a couple of lines of talking and 20 lines describing this new beautiful dude or the ML. The little dialogue we get is abysmal as well considering those "conversations" that spans tens of chapters in the end leaves the people misunderstanding each other despite the situation being so damn easy to interpret just by looking that you didn't need to spend those tens of chapters speaking about this to begin with. These supposedly super strong, super intelligent people can make a discussion about apples turn into an entire arc that deals with yet another idiot that wants to kill MC over nothing, or the MC or ML starting god damn wars due to being jealous for no reason and refusing to act like god damn adults.

In the end it's a sh*t novel. If you like novels that hype up the female MC with her falling short in every way and introduces hot man children who interacts with this failure of a woman for some reason, and the gaggle of women who loves these man children so much that any other person (MC, always just MC) who gains their interest is put on the top of their list of people who will die TONIGHT! Also a plot that because of the ineptitude of the author not evolves to be more interesting, but instead becomes more and more complicated in idiotic turns of events that makes no sense...
Then go on and read it. You'll never finish it though, only a select few people are capable of that kind of seizure inducing task. Go read the spoilers on the forum when you get tired and end it. <<less
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haruhi91 rated it
August 13, 2017
Status: c130
I am surprised how volarenovels picked up such a novel full of the usual hateful clichès. I like reading transmigrated novel, so, although the beginning is similar to many other novels, as long as the plot or the characters are interesting, I would enjoy it. The first chapters were not bad, up until the first meeting with the ML where I pretty much lose hope for expecting a not mediocre novel. Can you guess what will happen? A breathtakingly handsome man emitting a cold aurea, immensely strong at martial art,... more>> who has never laid his eyes upon any woman, as soon as he sees the MC, he is inexplicably attracted to her. He will sneak on her, trying to hug her and threatening her if she does not comply.

I had the illusion the MC could put up a bit of resistance, after all, the novel's description describes her as "I am my own, no one can decide my future", but we are quickly condemned to assist to a loop of encounters where the ML appears, grabs, kisses her, she tries to "resist" a couple of seconds and then she can only think "ooh, he is beautiful, I am melting". I understand that this type of scenario can be hot for teenager girls but, really, I can't stand it. Apart from these hot moments, the plot does not offer much, the ML is too OP and the MC becomes very OP quickly. She is another earth-breaking beauty, with an unlimited internal space, she has spent years learning how to cook nutricious dishes and, of course, she is hated by anyone. I dropped around 130 chapters without remorse. <<less
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MondoX rated it
July 31, 2017
Status: c86
Chinese webnovels with female leads usually have forceful male leads. However, the male in this webnovel is the most forceful I have read. What made it worse is how weak the mc's character is compare to similar webnovels (she seemed to like the forcefulness). At least, other female MCs may be physically weak, but have strong characters that will not let the male lead force themselves without consequences. This story is literally telling us the females likes it when the male is being forceful.
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chibiheaven rated it
January 24, 2017
Status: c390

With a few more chapters under my belt now, I think I can conclude that I absolutely hate the male lead and honestly can't see how any remarkable relationship could possibly form with the way the male lead acts. I realize that it's a common trend for the male lead to think themselves above others and believe females should prostrate themselves and be at their beck and call. It's just unsettling to me, and a bit forced.


The MC is really overbearing. Some people might be into that, I... more>> suppose.

Technically I shouldn't have rated yet since it's still a bit too early for me to judge how I feel about the story in generally.

So far, it's started off pretty stereotypical with the female assassin transmigrating into a previously useless female's body and arousing the interest of the intended male interest.

I will continue to read and change my rating accordingly. <<less
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meepdesu rated it
July 10, 2017
Status: c2737
I felt like I really needed to make an account and post a review for this novel haha. I think I've started reading probably 20+ novels in this genre. I didn't finish all of them, but I've often read 1000+ chs by going to the raws. I'm pretty much caught up to the current raws of this novel. I like to wait like 3-4 days before I binge read 20 chs at a time.

I have to say that this is literally my favorite web novel of this genre (op girl... more>> gets reborn into trash and etc).

I noticed that a lot of people feel like there's many plot holes such as why the ML randomly falls in love at first sight and stuff... well it's all explained in the later chapters. THERE IS A REASON!! Idk if the author got backlash for not explaining and added it in later or w/e, but I'm pretty sure those little details were necessary to the development of the novel. I love how this author keeps you guessing with each new chapter, cuz you'll never know what's coming next lol!



... so the ML (NanGongYu) is actually a 分身 like an avatar/ split body of the real person (JiMingYu) who's in an upper plane... who's lived for tens of thousands of years.. he's op af but not the strongest in existence.. yet... (I think the author kinda foreshadowed that he might have been the strongest in a past life with the MC (so the MC def has an op past life in his world just no memory of it), but not sure at this point)

and he's got some thousand year ice poison in his body which only has 1 antidote which the MC has in her body... so the reason why he falls in love at first sight is cuz someone put a soul imprint in him (without his knowledge) to search for the person with the solution to his problem and fall in love with them (cuz apparently the antidote will only work if the girl willingly does "it" with him but then she'll probably die lol)

whenever he sends his soul off to his avatar, he loses all memories and starts life anew until he dies (always at the age of 20) and his soul returns back to his original body... He also never retains the memories of his avatar when his soul returns either!! He forgot the MC!! /cry but don't worry, they get back together <3.. after going through a lot of misunderstandings ofc

I feel like the story might end "soon" (maybe 500- 1000 more chapters?) cuz they're getting close to discovering their real identities, and I can't think of anything else that the author could write about... But hey, I'm not very creative, so maybe she'll still think of more trials to include.

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alyrose rated it
February 8, 2017
Status: c1000
I'm started reading the translated version of this novel and continued reading in Chinese. I'm at about chapter 1000 as of this review.
... more>>

The plot is pretty standard, so I would deduct half a point for that. However, I really like the author's interpretation of a standard plot and the delivery of the story. The writing is coherent, the action is extremely well-paced and its a an enjoyable leisurely read. The story itself a bit on the slow side (in terms of time progression) but it doesn't feel draggy to me. The author always transitions to a new sub-act before things get tedious. As someone who has read/skimmed upwards of 20 in this genre, my interest in these sorts of novels generally fizzles out at about this character length but I find myself still captivated by this one.

I really like how she fleshes out the side characters-- not to the point of inundating you with details but just enough so that you care about them. Its a common problem in these sorts of stories for authors to chuck around side characters left and right like disposable napkins.

The main guy is a bit too perfect but I kind of like that. He's a bit cute and sappy with the MC but cold to others. With him, and with all the other characters, I appreciate how the author doesn't simply tell us how great or clever someone is but shows us with actions.

The MC couple is a bit ruthless but retain quite a bit of humanity vs the villains. Some of the punishments they mete out are quite creative and the author is a bit detailed with gruesome scenes. There are a few cringe-worthy child-related heinous crimes enacted by the villains...

As of chapter ~1000, the MC has is not too powerful. She can deal with the little henchmen but her true enemies are far stronger than she is. She has needed to be saved on many occasions-- in rather coincidental and a bit too fortuitous manner but that's par for course.

Overall, I'd recommend this one. I've read a lot of these transmigration-type web novels, and this is one of the most engaging I've come across.

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Land of The Fallen
Fallen231312 rated it
January 10, 2017
Status: c9
Really nice to read. The MC who was an assassin before she transmigrated, actually uses her skills unlike some other novels. It's quite a good read and I would recommend it. Though I'll have to read further to say more.
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pink1268 rated it
January 2, 2018
Status: c187
I love the female lead because she is the classic OP lead who ends up in a trash's body but then grows incredibly strong and does much face slapping.

In a way it is quite similar to the demonic king chases his wife as the ML is a bit frustrating ... more>>

So far up to what I've read the male lead gives the female lead overbearing doting but then this 'childhood sweetheart' comes also purposefully driving a wedge between them so at the point I am at I think both leads are misunderstanding each other leading to lots of tension in their relationship.

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Nana (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
Nana (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ rated it
February 4, 2017
Status: c90
Male lead is not that stalker-ish, there's a cute meng meng pet, MC is ruthless and smart. The story is not draggy (yet, because i've only read until chapter 90 where there's 1900++ chapter published).

My newest addiction of transmigration female protagonist xianxia series ^^
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December 3, 2017
Status: c234
I could really say this novel is pretty good in comparison with other female protagonist xianxia or xuanhuan novels but the translation is so slow when the chapter are really small in comparison with other novels it is propably because the translator got no time with his job or something but it is pretty annoying for a reader when you read 180 chapter in september and the novel only translated about 50 more chapter Overall though I can say this novel plot is pretty good except the annoying romance which... more>> is kinda childish the rest is pretty interesting in my opinion especially when the MC got cheats like physique and the mysterious space but MC isn't op right off there are many old farts that are more powerful in comparison with the normal hidden experts. If you didn't understand anything the story is pretty slow paced and interesting in it's own way, my most favourite female protagonist novel in my opinion (cultivation is slow not the story development if you read it 2-3 chapters is 1 chapter in a novel with a lot of characters/letters) <<less
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Einy rated it
March 23, 2017
Status: --
After reading and catching up with the lastest raws. This is one of my favorite stories with a female MC. The general plot is cookie cutter but that's just the outline. The more detailed plot is well done and gives you a fresh take on everything. I know on one of the reviews someone said this novel is not dark, but they could not be more wrong. Rape which is a usual punishment in these type of novels for villians is the lightest punishment I have seen so far. People... more>> get their skin peeled off while conscious, cut to pieces and just generally messed up and thats on a good day. All in all love this novel and would recommend anyone to read it. <<less
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Kurobito rated it
November 29, 2017
Status: --
This story... In my opinion, the MC is like a 'downgraded by 1 level' of Jun Wu Xie (jwx) in 'Genius Doctor: black bellied miss'. There are good and bad about this matter. For example, to me, her intelligence is more down to earth as compare to Jun Wu Xie who seem like she has an x ray vision and can detect someone scheming against her. The MC here at least make some mistake here and there making her fall to someone's evil scheme but she does get back to... more>> it. It's just that.... It's too slow pace.

Here, this MC is not as cruel as jwx as she does not kill/ torture immediately the person who tries to kill her after trapping them into her scheme. She's just taking everything slow and easy making me a little angry about that. I just hope the raws will end sooner and not drag it to 10k chapters. It'll be too long winded and I'll probably just say I'll quit reading it. <<less
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jufiasca rated it
November 10, 2017
Status: c218
Note : if you like this, I suggest reading The Demonic King Chases His Wife because it's similar n some aspects. I doubt that no one can relate to me. Coz another Jade Lake Fairy appeared here, so annoying.

Anyways, since I can only depend on the translations so I must be patient! Yes, patience is a virtue. Mm, mm~~ The english is good and not crappy unlike other translations. It is also somehow, a bit fast paced I guess. What makes me think it has a difference from other stories... more>> with similar plot of a transmigated female MC, a good for nothing to a phoenix, et cetera, etc, is maybe because... uh...? (Lemme think...) Haha! Maybe because it didn't start within the problems of her household?

Yeah! At first, I thought she will deal with her half sister first, but it turns out Nalan FeiXue's downfall happened without her intervening anymore?


There can also be some flaws, which can't be avoided, and since it is a story, I accept it as it is as long as it's not too exaggerated.

Now, I am wndering what will happened if Su Luo and Nalan He Xi will meet?

Both have special spirit pets, possessive lovers, dogsh*t luck, mysterious bgs, hidden beauties, etc

That would be... the downfall of the world, whoever offends them. Much worse when those two becomes bestfriends! < (*0*) > <<less
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Morbid Eel
Morbid Eel
September 1, 2017
Status: c166
Yet another 'assassin reborn in another world with awesome abilities'. If that is not your thing then don't bother. The MC is a Mary Sue but that is pretty much part of the genre.

The MC is a likable character. She has a group of supportive people around her though they are yet to reach a level where they can be of much help. There is mystery about her and her mother to keep things interesting along with the other plots happening in the foreground.

The male lead is slightly overbearing and... more>> possessive but no where near as bad as some other stories. He is somewhat forceful but I find it less annoying than EAA's sick puppy ML. Him falling in love with the MC doesn't seem all that unusual. She seems to be as ruthless as he is and she seems unique in her own way. She has demonstrated interesting abilities and doesn't try to cling to him like apparently every other woman in the world.

The usual annoying and arrogant step sister and step mother exist but they haven't been around much yet. <<less
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eksentrysyti rated it
July 5, 2017
Status: c124
Yes, the premise is the same as a lot of the others on the Recommendations list. It is a "OP girl gets reincarnated into a trash/waste, then proceeds to conquer the world while attracting some powerful/handsome male lead" story.

What sets this story aside a bit is that the female MC in this one is that she isn't afraid of getting her hands dirty. She doesn't hesitate to take lives if she's threatened, usually in some gory way. The author doesn't waste plot space on cannon fodder characters, choosing to instead... more>> simply slaughter them in a sentence or two.

The story is certainly a little darker (punishments are cruel, disadvantaged people are regularly exploited), but it adds a flavor to the environment we see (other novels often don't describe the setting with much detail).

As of this writing, there's a bit of romance with the male lead (the King of Hell) and he certainly is powerful enough to push the female MC into a "disadvantaged" position. He's the one person that the MC can't quite control in the story, and he's already starting to pamper her a little bit this early on in the story.

While there isn't much filler, the chapters are certainly on the short side. It's a fast read and you'll keep wanting to flip the pages. <<less
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