The Human Cub’s Guide to Wasteland Survival


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The son of a servant, Yan Bubu was destined from the moment he was born to serve Young Master Feng Chen for life.

Said young master, Feng Chen, was as cold and piercing as a bullet fired at absolute zero. The thick layer of ice that seemed to encase him kept everyone at a distance.

But Yan Bubu only had eyes for Feng Chen. He offered up his only toy. “Here, Big Brother.”

“Who’s your big brother?” Feng Chen looked down and asked coldly.

Yan Bubu s**ked on his thumb and smiled. “Big Brother is so silly. Of course it’s you!”

Feng Chen didn’t like this sticky little follower, even if Yan Bubu looked at him like he was the sun and called him ‘big brother’ in the sweetest tone.

Yet when the world ended, 12 year old Feng Chen took the young Yan Bubu along as he made his escape.

Earthquakes. Floods. Extreme temperatures. Epidemics. Mutated flora and fauna.

Two children alone guarded an empty city, facing this brand new world and the dangers lurking around every corner together.

During those years where they struggled to survive, Feng Chen never once thought of abandoning Yan Bubu.

Yan Bubu was his everything.

–When you kiss me with those rose petal lips, even bullets can bloom.

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New Vaesya rated it
February 28, 2024
Status: Completed
TOTALLY WORTH YOUR TIME, you wont regret reading this story

The story had a proper plot, logical and origin of sentinel and guide. You cant even complain this story cos this was soo excellent.

I really hope they have the side storyyy
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Aachiin0914 rated it
March 17, 2023
Status: Completed
Ohh, I could say that this one is the best origin story of sentinel and guides I've ever read. Actually, this is the first sentinel and guide origin story I've read... hehe... anyway, this is apocalypse novel with a hint of (ah, I don't know what they call it) it has this "they could have prevented things for the worst, but because of human intervention, it got even worst" kind of situation. And this novel made me feel that "Conan Vibes"-- you know, everything is peaceful until the protagonist came...
... more>>

The settings in not on Earth. They don't have electricity here, their technology was run by a spar they mine, I forgot what they called...

So the premise the story is... the MC : Feng Chen has to protect/deliver the "cypher box" to the research institute in the central city. This "cypher box" contains the very first DNA sample of zombie virus. So this cypher box is the key to end the zombie mutation of the whole human population, but because of various reason, even if Feng Chen manage to safely hand over the cypher box with the help of General Ling, due to various even human intention, the plot was led to skipped 9 years, or so, they experienced a decade of long apocalypse. Feng Chen and Yan Bubu was isolated because of some important reason, and only after some people from central city came to their settlement did Feng Chen knew that the cypher box never came to the hands of the central people. And so they went to the central and the plot progress much more deeper.

The first half of the story is very sad. Never once I read a apocalypse novel with a child as the protagonist. Even if they were a child they were at least, 15 or 17 years old, and they have a love interest much older protecting them. But when the first plotline happened, Feng Chen was only 13 years and and Yan Bubu was only 6.

I cried many times in the first half. I've read many apocalypse stories, and they were all rationalized, and they were either reborn or they're too powerful. We only get to the emotional part when the protagonists met weaker people who experienced the harsh reality of apocalypse. Because with the POV of the OP protagonist, we only get to see their analysis and greediness of human in times of "no law and order", but the protagonists themselves never participated on that kind of harsh treatment.

But this novel is not the same. There were half a year (I think) where the MC and ML experienced the cold and harsh reality of being an orphan in a world full of mutated beings, with a world crumbling part, and evil people wanting to catch and kill. The MC and ML has to deal with so many things, I felt weak at heart, wanting to cry for them. More so, Yan Bubu was only a child, and even of Yan Bubu was sensible and smart, he still display the characteristics of a child in the authors words. He wasn't like those three to four years old bun in some novels who was intelligent and smart, appearing like an adult, he was really a child.

Both MC and ML has traumas they get over over time. They didn't just forget they have one. And the tone of the first half of the story is very depressing. Its full of death, and even the character you thought wont die will die in the end, (well just one... it happened only once, I think).

I can't say anything about the realistic reactions of the characters, but I say, this is the first apocalypse novel where I sympathized with the protagonists' situations.

This is a rare one, its not like "Little Mushroom". That apocalypse novel ain't the same. But this is one is kind of unique...

Anyway, I'll give a brief info about the world...

The world is divided into three groups; the western alliance, the eastern alliance, and the evil cult (which I forgot the name). Western and eastern alliance treated each other as rivals, while both western and eastern alliances treated the evil cult as terrorists that would destroy the whole world. well they were that evil.

The western and eastern alliances were fighting each other for military and political for a long time...

So there was this virus scattered everywhere in the planet. The virus has a long incubation period and this lasted few (?) years. So the people on the planet still has time to careful study it, and eastern alliance did it.

The virus affected the whole planet, and every living beings in it, including humans, so before the catastrophe, few mutations incidence happened, but it was all cover up by the government.

So, there were three conclusion about the virus-- The virus made humans mutate, they can either be a guide or a sentinel, but if they failed to mutate, they will became zombies... then lastly, after they mutate, they can continue being ordinary humans. For short, this virus made living beings evolved...

The protagonists have enemies both inside and outside. And the author did well writing those agonizing and depressing catastrophe part of the story.

Yan Bubu's quantum beast is also special. The author specially specify that in the author's note. Anyway, quantum beast is not always animals. In the author's sentinel and guide system, quantum beasts were the sentinel and guide's ideal or should say that it was the most positive thing they could think of. Of course, in the mind of the person this thing should exist in reality.

Yan Bubu's quantum beast


is a cartoon character. A potato with claws and paws? I think. Yan Bubu love this character very much. Well, Yan Bubu mutated as a guide when he was only six years old. The time where children's imagination were high, so this cartoon characer successfully became his quantum beast.


Feng Chen's quantum beast


is a black lion. And the reason why its a lion is actually quite funny. Yan Bubu was singing a children's song about a lion. And Yan Bubu being annoying Yan Bubu, he is tone deaf, and he keep signing it, until Feng Chen was so pissed off that could remember it even in his dream... and so its a lion. hahaha


Anyway, I recommend it. It has the same author as "Carrying a Hoe to Cultivate", "His Little Deer Wife is Very Fierce", "The Virtuous Omega Disguised as the Vicious Colonel", and "The General's Vampire Omega", so you'll know the author wrote many decent novels.

Ah, the opening scene of this novel is a bit confusing, or I'm the only one who's confused? Feng Chen was in the airport when the catastrophe happened... and in the second chapter he suddenly arrived that the house saving Yan Bubu... and the author only mentioned in the passing that Feng Chen walked (?) from the airport to the house by himself, since everyone, I think, except for himself died from the earthquake... except for this part, I don't have any complains!... But don't judged this novel because of this two chapters...I promise, after chapter one and two everything will flow smoothly...

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AmNut Obcess
AmNut Obcess rated it
May 13, 2023
Status: c1
All I can say is great plot and story. It’s rare for an apocalypse story to have children as protagonist without rebirth.

I was actually skeptical at first that I’ll get bored reading this but the actions scenes and emotional scenes really got me. ML is such a big kuudere but he really cares for the MC a lot.

Definitely worth a read.

when will they grow up?


the time skip is more or less on the 100th chap

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fluffy gangster
fluffy gangster rated it
May 23, 2023
Status: Completed
A long story but worth reading. Amazing world building. The side characters are given enough time. But the only loophole is as long as the MC and ML are separated they will face life threatening situations. Though there are no point of view imbalance between feng chen and bubu, so it is hard to tell who is the MC. Our main couple is the best one I've read so far. No because they are overpowered or something. It is because they started from scratching worth strength with no golden finger... more>> to the highest level of humanity. Not to mention when they unlocked their sentinel guide power they were the average b grade unlike other novels where protagonist starts from S. They also almost never had luck on their side. But worked the situations around with sheer work and will power. A very cute and lovable couple they make. Feng chen groomed the baby bubu since bubu was 6 years old. So it might be guessed that the initiative of the romantic relationship between them would be in the feng Chen's hand. But on the contrary bubu took lead in s*xual matters which is pretty refreshing <<less
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CatCat19 rated it
March 27, 2023
Status: Completed
Its... complete, this apocalypse really different with other novel with same theme.

Author start it from their childhood, apocalyse for children... wecan relate it how hard it is. And to be honest, sometimes I want to hit ML and MC sometimes, how ML really looks tsundere and how silly MC.

MC not perfect either ML, I like how real they are. No OP ability like space or superpower or genius or rebirth or transmigration scenario, thats make it different and nice. well if you not include how they are lucky can escape,... more>> if not, they not main character.

its worthed to read, you won't regret it, some scene really sad. <<less
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LemonReads rated it
December 18, 2023
Status: Completed
The first half of the story is very good. The gong and shou are children in the beginning. It depicts a sad sense of despair and hopelessness from a child's perspective. The gong is 6 years older and has military training since his father is a general. He takes care of the shou and does so much that you forget that he's a kid too, but the story always reminds you. They are both children who are alive and grieving, but they have to struggle to continue to live.

The second... more>> half of the story, as stated by other reviews, has this repeated loop hole that everytime they are separated, they almost die. However, the story is still well written. If they had took out a few situation, the story would be better since you wouldn't be getting that deja vu feel.

Romance wise... I think a review mentioned that there's this feel/situation of grooming the shou (because he's 6 years younger). And they said that the story dodges it since the gong never initiates anything.

I also wanted to comment on it too. As I stated, the story always reminds you that the gong is a child as well in the first half of the story. And so I read it as that. The gong is 12/13 and the shou is 6/7 in the beginning. They only have each other to rely on. So they start caring for each other and basically living for the other. The gong does technically raise shou, but you can only say that because he's 6 years older.

Their relationship is that of brothers, possibly parent & child, but also best friends and life companions. They are like soul mates who eventually, when they're older, become lovers. They are a family.

It is uncomfortable how childish the shou is even after the time skip, but that's only in context of romance and, particularly, s*xual relationships. If you look at it in a different way, it's actually a good thing. Because it shows you how much the gong loves and cares for the shou. The shou is a teenager running around with this naive innocence that you would never think to still exist years into a zombie apocalypse.


and also this is a guideverse. guides in this story only enter a "bonding heat" when they are sexually ready in body & MIND. and the shou does get that heat at some point.

And before they went to central city, I assumed the gong loved the shou romantically when he refused to kiss the shou (bcuz he was being bratty about kissing and getting married so they can stay together forever) and told him that they would stay together as just them and their spirit beasts if that's what the shou wanted. It would just forever be them for as long as the shou wanted.

I was like damn... I can't really tell if you do like him, but I really think you do. And you just want to make sure the shou likes you back or something.


As the shou starts interacting with his peers, he just realizes that he still loves the gong no matter what. His big brother is simply the best. And so the romance is a bit slow because he's a bit naive, but they both just know that they love each other and no matter what, it's the two of them together (in everything).

In the end, this was a good story for me. If you like BL and want something plot heavy (with a bit of action) then this is a good read. I mean, yea, my review is a lot on the romance, but I don't wanna spoil it (and I'm one of those who expands every spoiler, so none for you all LOL). <<less
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Honefuusen rated it
March 17, 2023
Status: --
I am much irked at how inefficient the story writing is. It feels like the author is forcing things to happen for the sake of drama. Many things is illogical and frankly downright dumb.

Mind you, the world building is however excellent. I dare say it's vivid and doesn't feel nonsensical. It's the right mix of science and fiction. The story itself is also exciting, the fight scenes, the fireworks of life, wilderness survival, all nicely written. The characters are also well made. The MC and ML are so sweet together.

It's... more>> just the drama. Some are so forced it infuriates you. I don't know if it's really the nuance of the novel or simply because I'm reading MTL so I'm missing context.


I simply do not understand the necessity of keeping ambiguous situationship between the protagonists when they're pretty much decided with each other from the get go



s*upid drama example: the center city/ capital city arc. City in the sky is good and all, but is everyone living there went through IQ degradation? Tens of thousands of people, thousands were sentinels and guides, can't they arrange clean up shift to take care of the zombies below the city??? The whole arc is simply the taste of s*upidity causing casualties



Also, the way the author is always forcing Feng Chen and Bubi to separate so they always have dramatic near death union, at this point it's making Feng Chen appear s*upid and callous


It's good read but it left much to be desired. I still recommend it. If nothing else, it's a different take of the post-apocalypse survival genre. <<less
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Miri Mariana
Miri Mariana rated it
January 6, 2024
Status: c231
First part had my heart HURTING, loved their relationship so much (lowkey didn't want them to end up...together). Second part, I liked all the the mysteries, and them meeting old people- but feel like they were running into near death experiences way too much which got a little annoying.

My fav couples->.


1. Mc's Obv

2. Wang Suixin+Ji Yi (Sapphics ❤️)

3. Chen Wenxuan + Cao Tingyuan (Names might be a little off 💀)

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Gluttony rated it
December 20, 2023
Status: c106
This is a really good novel, but don't expect it to be a typical CN apocalypse novel where the cast is OP, things are cruisy, and there are faux-disasters that are resolved promptly.

Instead, expect death and disaster after disaster where the characters struggle to stay fed, survive, let alone hope for a better future. In my opinion this is quite an angsty read and I half knew that going in, but had hoped otherwise given the characters were kids. There are lovely moments of warmth and humour, but the heaviness... more>> is never far.

Another thing to note is that C92 (quite far in!) is where the timeskip is - so expect to be reading about truly young children forced to grow up before their time and struggle for their survival. These kids are characterised realistically, with all their naive resilience, frailty, ridiculous logic and charm. The kids do discover some help along the way but it is largely temporarily - don't doubt that ultimately this is a story about these kids, and these kids alone, against the world. There's a sense of loneliness and uncertainty that underlies their struggle.

Also: there are 106 chapters out on Chrysanthenum Garden. Novelupdates is no longer reliable to track updates in BL due to the new practice of chapter locking [not paid, just protected]. Access to these locked chapters are, however, very easy so there isn't a need to settle for mediocre translations or machine translation. <<less
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Mananan rated it
April 29, 2023
Status: c1
I don't know what to say, but you will totally regret your decision if you don't read it. This is a masterpiece. What a good story. What a good novel! LOVE IT!! AHHHH!!! Our two main characters are just too precious, the sides characters too! I can't write anything when I'm too exited so pardon this review of me. Also a little warning, please prepare your tissue because the first half of the story is really really sadT_T Ahhh I want to re-read it so badly, but maybe I will... more>> save it for next month. <<less
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Xu Zhiqing
Xu Zhiqing
January 1, 2024
Status: c214
I haven't read the extrassssss before I wrote this review but I finished the main text

This novel makes me criedddddd so muchhhhhhh on every chapterrrrr and till the end it's all about disaster after disaster 😭😭😭 there's no rest for my babiesssssss😭😭😭

Maybe it's in the extras which I haven't read yet (hopingggg🤧)

And don't worry guys Feng Cheng Parents was both



And I still can't get over that the

apocalypse happened was man made and the one who did that was a ******* cult🤬

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