The Forsaken Hero


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Katsuragi Daichi, a youth that had suffered through gruesome bullying, suddenly teleported into another world together with his classmates.

Daichi did his best in trying to be a hero, but as he was useless even after reincarnating, he was abandoned in a Monster House to be a scapegoat.

Daichi should have died.

However, he rose, somehow unharmed.

The ability he gained was [Revenge of the Grudgebearer]. It was a unique ability, one that would revive him each and every time he died and bring him an extreme level of growth!

The strongest ability in his grasp, Daichi set out to take his revenge…

Associated Names
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Suterareta Yuusha no Eiyuutan (LN)
Suterareta Yuusha wa Maou to Narite Shi ni Modoru
The Forsaken Hero Returns From Death to be the Demon King
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04/01/19 Ziru’s Musings v2c2
03/31/19 Ziru’s Musings v2c1
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06/16/18 Ziru’s Musings v1 extra
06/16/18 Ziru’s Musings v1c32
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keklel rated it
April 3, 2018
Status: c17
Basically an Arifureta ripoff. This story is what you get when you blend a protagonist outrageously lacking in self-awareness with a typical Isekai-betrayal plot.
... more>>

"Wha—! I-Idiot! Y-You're just Katsuragi, the wimp!"

She suddenly started to blush and twiddle her fingers together.

Yeah... no. That's not how real people act. At all.

When someone bullies you to the extent of wiping the floor with your face, it means they hate your f*cking guts. You don't wipe away that hatred just by making them into a magical s*ave (unless that spell has mind-control properties, which is never stated, and would make the story even shittier if it did). If anything that would just make them hate you even more.

The MC is so lacking in curiosity about his world it is shocking. Why did he die only 5 times? Did the swarm of monsters get full after only eating him 5 times? The text suggests his clothes are completely intact (the picture also shows that), after having been eaten alive (presumably 5 times). His resurrection ability says nothing about bringing back his clothes, and I fail to see how monsters can eat him without tearing up his clothes as well, so that doesn't make sense. These are all minor problems, but the story is choke full of them, and this indicates to me that the author just hasn't put very much thought into the story at all. How can the MC be so uninterested in his own special ability?

[Revenge of the Grudgebearer] No matter how many times you die, gather strength from the abyss of death and resurrect.

Later on (chapter 17) he says:

There might be a limit to that ability too, so it's not like I'm sure I'll revive indefinitely.

Uhm, what? It literally says "No matter how many times you die" right there in the f*cking ability description. Is the MC illiterate in addition to being ret*rded?

Also, the ability says nothing about the cause of death, so if the MC gets stronger by dying, why doesn't he just kill himself? Of course, he never thinks about this. Just like how he never reflects on why he gets bullied. OF COURSE it's because everyone else is an a**hole, why even reflect on it? I mean, why bother reflecting on anything when you can just fantasize about revenge and getting that sweet, sweet harem, amirite? (Seriously, the first thing the MC thinks about when he resurrects is that he wants to obtain a harem, after getting revenge. This just about sums up the MC's entire life motivation).

He never reflects on the fact that him killing the soldier in chapter 15:

Receiving notification of being accepted, I was guided by one of the kingdom's soldiers. From what he said, we would be leaving for the sortie right away. It looked like this soldier and I would be taking turns being their nanny.

That made things easier for me. Strangling him so there wouldn't be any traces of blood as soon as we were alone together, I made him one of my pawns. I was wanting an insider to use, so that worked out nicely.

His misfortune aside, I came to know that our guess of this being the kingdom's attempt to have the Heroes quickly regain their dignity was correct.

Makes him just as bad as Samejima. At least Samejima had a legitimate reason for killing him (sacrificing the one to save the many and all that). Here, the MC kills the soldier simply for his own convenience. What the f*ck man? This is even worse than what Samejima did.

The MC immediately makes one of the girls who bullied him into his s*ave, and doesn't give this a second thought. What exactly does a "s*ave" mean in this context? It apparently means she has to obey his every order. In that case why did he sweet-talk her with "I love you" (even though he knows nothing about her) and all that lovey-dovey nonsense? Why not just order her to love him if she can't go against any of his orders? Again, MC does not even think about this at all. He is so uninterested in exploring his powers it is f*cking absurd.

The "devil" that he defeated doesn't act anything like how you'd expect a real "devil" (I was expecting something like Baal from Diablo II, not a typical anime "devil") would act. Instead it's yet another ret*rded simpleton with a ridiculous "sense of honor".

"Dying shamelessly upon losing is us Devils' way!"

Unoriginal, cliched, and most of all just f*cking s*upid. That describes this entire light novel.

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Casul_Reader rated it
December 24, 2017
Status: v4c15
Remember this novel back 2 years ago?
I do too, now its got a novel adaptation, and the very same group is translating it. Great right? I think so too.

The hatred of the MC is well delivered, and although he acts silly at times, it was an aspect that got described early on. This version's introduction was a lot better than the web novel, props to the author.

The romance, it's interesting, very, very interesting.

View if you want to be spoiled.
... more>>

The girls first girl, is alright? Though something that happens down the line makes her character make a lot more sense. It was a good way to fix and flesh out characters I must say. The second, oh boy.


She's obviously best girl. As to why, read and find out, I wouldn't want to take that joy from you.


The third is similar to the first. Though she fills the role of the quiet book worm love interest that's easily obsessed.


The original web novel was something I still read to this year every now and again, due to how much great it was. For me at least. I might be biased out of nostalgia, but hey, these kinds of novels have died out at this point. Nowadays its all OP harem game element novels and bringing back the revenge driven novels, that don't have r*pe, is refreshing for me.

Give the translators some love, they've waited as long as us, the readers for this reboot. Although what we waited for was Volume 5, since its been so long, a total reboot is fine. <<less
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Poppukko rated it
July 12, 2018
Status: --
Basically Arifureta ripoff, but the MC is more ret*rded compared to Hajime (who is also ret*rded). It's what if Hajime choose to pursue revenge instead of turning apathetic to everything but finding his way back to home (Japan) with a splash of mental ret*rdation. What's wrong with that? None at all since Arifureta goes soft after the first dungeon arc which many edgy peeps here got triggered with. At least until the point he made those people he killed (mainly girls) for revenge into his s*ave and they instantly goes... more>> dere-dere to him instead of being pissed af like Jesus Christ, even in Arifureta, the only love interest that fell in love with the MC in a ret*rded out of the blue fashion is Shizuku while other girls got a decent reason for that (Saved by, Being M to Hajime's S, Still retaining his kindness before going Big Boss, etc). Just to rub salt on the wound, unlike Hajime who is also ret*rded, Hajime at least could formulate many good plans and even more contingency plans when faced with odds that are against him.

This guy?

"Oh boy, I can do anything since I can never die with my skill"

"Nope, I'll freeze you solid so your ability won't trigger"

And there you have it, if it wasn't for one of his smfh dere dere s*ave saving his ass, he'd be over by then.

While Arifureta is meh, this is worse. Also to people who thinks that it's okay for the character in the LN or WN to act ret*rded just cause it's LN or WN, get real. No one would be able to relate or even sympathize with a ret*rded person which ruins the experience of reading the novel. <<less
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Icedragonz rated it
January 8, 2018
Status: c7
Its seems like Arifureta as the story has same beginning but the story seems to proceed in a interesting way and the MC seems to have the mentality to have a harem unlike Arifureta...... anyway nothing much to say as 7chapters r only there but after more chapters get released I will edit my review. Thanks :D
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bloggbigg rated it
February 2, 2018
Status: v1c15
Op wish-fulfilment with a focus on revenge and a side order of magically convenient harem.


At ch 15 he's already conveniently killing innocent people- so clearly lacking self-awareness, yet another novel can't bear to 'not do to others what was done to you'.


What's left isn't bad, but other than the initial twist- I don't see too much more coming out of this. Just another average adventure.
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Ofunu rated it
July 5, 2018
Status: v1 illustrations
This story has already been completely translated under the name of Suterareta Yuusha no Eiyuutan. You can find it here in Novel Updates but I wouldn't recommend getting too invested since it was discontinued in COO after 4 volumes so it doesn't conclude at all.
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memed rated it
March 19, 2019
Status: v2 illustrations
For the moment, this is better than the web novel. A few things changed here and there, but not too many. Also, there are many people saying the first volume is eerily similar to Arifureta, and I agree! But this one's equal with it. MC is suffering from retadation? Yes! MC gets treated like tr*sh? Worse than that. MC has someone who actually likes him in the class? I guarantee you that's a 99% no. MC keeps his sanity because of a girl? Eh, I guess so. The best male... more>> of the class is most likely a womanizer. Unlike Kouki. But wait. Why is it that the scum of the class actually get a harem? Aren't the ones supposed to get harems the best of the class? Fact is; the harem isn't too big. That's great!

Harem candidates are: probably a yandere, best girl, and book worm. Also, just maybe, a goddess. (If you'd even call her that)

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Phillip898 rated it
February 28, 2019
Status: V1 ss
I see most people compire this to arifureta or complane that its been tled all ready but I say read the first arc is similar but afterwords the MC does not do a 180 like in arifureta.

Just read the volume and you will see what I mean

Also it was the web novel that was discontinued so the author could make the LN thats what this is and there are some small changes in the first volume

Also a shout out to Ziru for doing both the WN aswell as the... more>> LN <<less
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February 17, 2018
Status: --
I find betrayal stories interesting. Often times what starts off as an attempt at revenge can turn into as life lesson for both parties..

I do like the power set up for the MC though..I think the Stats increasing that mugh is a bit iffy though.. Should have started him closer to what the hero's were when they were level 2.. And give him a Skill "[Status Boost] X 2" Where he gets double the stat points.

I also find it interesting that the skills don't have levels themselves.

Waiting for more to... more>> come out.. And for the Demoness to start playing the mistress role to annoy Shuri. <<less
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