Mushoku no Eiyuu ~Betsu ni Skill Nanka Iranakattan daga~


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“Classes” are given at the age of 10, and the presence or absence of “skills” greatly affect life. Arel, the son of “Sword Princess” Fara and “Magic King” Leon, has been branded as “Classless”… But even without a job or skills, Arel believes he can persevere through effort.

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The Classless Hero: I Didn't Need Skills Anyway
無職の英雄 別にスキルなんか要らなかったんだが
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DSteel rated it
July 14, 2019
Status: --
Interesting premise, could potentialy become addled with the usual cliches.

P.S. Word of caution: the translation is on the below average side of things so the enjoyment of the story might be lessened
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ellype rated it
April 3, 2020
Status: v3c10
TL;DR: This novel is readable, but I can't say it's worth your time. If you don't care about reading something at the peak of mediocrity (like me, lmao), then go ahead and pick it up. If you do, you're not missing out on anything.

Often in a story like this, I judge how well the characters are written by imagining them dead (a bit morbid, but bear with me). However, when I imagine protag-kun suddenly being removed from the story, I can't think of a single detriment it'd have towards the... more>> world. Would they miss out on someone capable of bringing society to a greater height? Would the people who knew him become sad when they learn his life got cut short? Or would someone even scoff, saying that "it serves them right" out of contempt? No matter how you frame it, I can't imagine a situation where anyone other than his family would care that much. Even his relationships with the girls are pretty superficial, and they'd probably just cry about it for a while before moving on. Seeing as he's supposed to be the character this entire story is driven by through his pursuit of strength, I personally don't care for him much.

This is why I've come to the conclusion that protag-kun is a blank slate character meant for the reader to self-insert into and revel in how cool and strong he is.

I'm fine with that, but not when the entire narrative suffers because of it. Nothing is explained unless it has something to do with the norms so that protag-kun can defy them. People only exist in the narrative to gawk and point about how powerful protag-kun is. Regular people walk around only to come across protag-kun, underestimate him, and get their asses handed to them. If my opinion changes, I'll come back to edit this review. <<less
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PrimeZurker rated it
June 19, 2020
Status: v4c28
I'm done with this novel, it has a plethora of issues such as the MC being a very shallow character but what was the final straw for me was is the sh*t with his little sister.... more>>

I mean, she purposefully sent him on 6 month wild goose chase that caused him to miss the birth of his children and even if she didn't go through with it, she intended to murder his wife... thats not something that can be light heartily brushed off, yet everything is immediately forgiven and forgotten, what she did goes beyond cutesy imotto antics.

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DeirdreH rated it
January 11, 2020
Status: v2c34
This is a story that could go one of two ways:

1. The MC spends the rest of this volume, or at most one more volume, powering up by mastering various disciplines. After that the real plot starts where the MC resolves a suitable crisis which requires him to call upon all the abilities he's managed to gain over his 5-10 years of training.

2. The author runs out of ideas after volume two and the story turns into an aimless slice of life where the massively overpowered MC has nothing important... more>> to do and just spends his time getting into repetitive and pointless romcom antics.

Assuming this story will take route 1, the execution so far is worth a four star rating. Hopefully I won't need to come back and revise this review.

PS: other reviewers have mentioned translation quality. If you haven't read many novels on this site and were lucky enough to only be exposed to the highest quality examples prior to this story then you might be disappointed by this translation. On the other hand if you're read enough novels to have experienced both truly good and truly bad translations then this one won't seem particularly notable. Quality is about average. <<less
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July 11, 2020
Status: --
You can call it a full review about the entire novel but some parts are missing because I dont want to go full detail

Vol. 1

... more>>

Starting good with Arel not having a class and beating some swordsman, after that he starts training by replicating the moves from his mother and one of the swordsman which he defeated, after 5 years he is going in sword city where a girl wants him to join her guild but he disagrees at first, after that he wants to join a guild but no one wants him because he is classless so the girls with whom he met keeps pursuing him and he agrees, after he fights with the swordsman from back in his because (she) wants "revenge" and she got beaten they talked about a competition for their plot with the first guild in which Arel defeats 10 people of which whom 4 of them had been a -class, after that "competition" a tournament is begining with all the swordsman in which the MC after winning 3 rounds is getting trapped in a dungeon in which he fights against a puppet of the superior class [Sword God] and after he defeats the puppet he goes back in the city to continue the final round against the guild master of the first guild in the city. Because the guild leader couldn't defeat Arel he used a Demon Sword and unleash a Oni King which controlled him and got beaten by Arel, then the people shouted that the Sword God is back and thats how the first Volume ends.


Vol. 2


After he gets home from Sword City he doesn't know what to do and is getting bored so he decides to tell his father that he wants to learn magic, so his father teaches Arel magic after Arel shows him that even people without a class have magic power, after 3 years he is going into Magic City to enroll in Magic Academy (i dont know its name) where he goes to test in all 6 departments which are [Red - Blue - Green - Yellow - Black - Light] corresponding with [Fire - Water/Ice - Wind - Earth (Golems) - Dark Magic (Necromancy, etc) - Purify/Healing (not sure). At the testing ground there were Mithril (I think) Dolls which were all "destroyed" by him, more in depth at the Red testing ground he molts the Doll, at the Blue testing ground he impales the doll with 40 Ice Something, at the Green testing grounds he does a Tornado at the doll and destroys it (i think), the Black one did not have any testing ground so he passed instantly because no one went to the Black, and at the Yellow and Light I dont think it mentions the test in the novel but it only says that he passed. After some time in the academy he went and did his 2nd grade exam faster because the "teacher" (i forgot the exact name) acknowledged him. In depth at the Red department he did a text exam and a fight exam, at the Blue department he went against the teacher and won, at green he did a flying competition with the other students and won first place, at the Earth department he fought against the teacher again but this time with golems and won agian, at the Light department he went somewhere (i dont know the exact location) and was needed to go outside while purifying undeads, ghouls, zombie, etc, at the Dark department I dont know the exact thing but while reading a book with no name he found a marquis demon and subdued it those putting a s*ave mark on it. After that it comes the Mage Competition in which all the departments send disciple to fight against each other, but everyone sent Arel because he was the best in every department. Because the Dark department Headmaster was infuriated at how small of resources he gets he summons a slime (Gluttony Slime) from the Netherworld, which of course Aerl defeats with Mage God abilities and subdues it those becoming his second "monster", after that the 6 headmaster ask him how to become a mage god so he tells them that they need to be able to use advanced magic in every Nature. And that is how the Volume 2 is ending.


Vol. 3


In his way to home Aerl stops at a town which tests your class and gives you "nobility rank" with the class you have, going from 1 to 6, because Aerl is classless he gets 6 and after some conflict with a second rank he defeated every person in the city and he leaves, after that comes a person which is calling herself Empress because that is her class and want to see Aerl so she sends 4 of her Imperial Generals after him and they get defeated. After that he goes to the castle and and "intrudes" it and seeing his big sister being the empress which he already guessed after that she wants to marry him so she uses power and bla bla bla so he leaves and goes home where he begins to talk with his father, after some time he tells his father that he wants to become a monster trainer so he goes to a monster trainer city and want to enter a guild but he sees that to enter a guild you need at least 5 monster, so he goes to a dangerous zone and subdues one of the mythic creature (a Behemoth), after that he goes to the sea and subdues another mythic creature (Leviathan), after that he goes "in the sky" and subdues another mythic creature (Phoenix), which all of them can transform in humans, after that he goes back and enters the guild in time for the monster tamer competition which he wins by using every monster 1 round each and goes back home. And here is the end of Volume 3.


Vol. 4


I don't have many things to say about this volume because I skipped 2/3 of it but I can at least tell some things from the end and start. So he goes home and fights with Raina (the swordsman from back then) and wins again and so he can tell Raina to do one thing for him and asks her what thing would she want him to do for her, so she tells him that she would like to get married with him and they get married, after that its time for her little sister to get tested which flees from home so he searches for her. After this I skipped much and know that the demon lord got revived so he with his son and daughter (twins I think) go to the demon castle, he lets Ark and Layla (his kids) to fight the demons and he fights with the demon lord which he overpowers and after that it just ends with the demon lord saying that he dosent want to het resurrected again and goes in a eternal sleep. And that is the ending of Volume 4 and you can say the whole novel at this point because Volume 5 is just some trivial matters.


Vol.5 (last at this point and only 3 chapters)


We start by going in Ark perspective which he came from another world and sees his parents etc, after that Aerl starts and trains him and Layla at the age 1, then at the age of 5 they go and slain a Orc and after that Layla says she want to become stronger and Aerl say that next one will be a Wyvern. And thats how it ends, of course thats how the first 3 chapter end because I dont know the rest.

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kevinmul rated it
April 1, 2021
Status: v5c51
Totally worth the time.... I know... I know... some people want "rich story" novel.
But, sometimes, the "rich story" novel is boring to read and here we have the truly "light" novel.
It is easy to read, funny and sometimes silly.
This is for people who read for fun or just like me, to read it before I sleep since you don't need brain power to read this.

Totally worth it.
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Fluffums rated it
August 14, 2020
Status: v3
The protagonist wants to get stronger so he can become stronger, so he spends all his time training and then he accidentally saves everyone along the way.

It's like watching someone play a RPG where they spend all their time leveling until they can't level up any more in that area, so they speed through the story skipping all dialogue, defeat the area boss, and proceed to the next area where they level up to the max again.

Everything is shallow and there's no end goal. It's not even slice of life... more>> because it skips past everything (including most training!) to show random people reacting to the protagonist's abilities. I rated 2* because the concept has potential at least. All it really needs is a protagonist who's more than a training robot and side characters with any kind of importance to him and to the story and it could easily reach 4*, but it's too late for this version. <<less
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TamaSaga rated it
July 18, 2020
Status: v4c23
Volume 4 reveals the pairing.

... more>>

Chapter 29 basically reveals that it's not a harem. Personally I thought the author was joking when we saw the hints appearing. Hence why I'm left feeling that this is a joke. And since I feel the final pick was shoehorned (he never expressed an ounce of romantic interest in her except for her tits. The few times that she shows up, she's been complaining the whole time. This is grounds for a marriage?!),

... yeah, I'm not willing to trick myself anymore.

Here's the truth, it's not just the MC that is shallow, it's everything. World. Support characters. Lore. Even the Training montage. Bleh! 凸 (`^´) "

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MyRAMEN rated it
July 11, 2020
Status: c5
I wouldnt have read this if I paid attention to the rating. I have no idea how this got in top10 active rankings... Anyways novels very bad. I think it couldve gained a star if it had better translation and edits. But there are multiple problems aside from that. Dont bother reading this, I havent gave a 1 star in a super long time on this site
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Diamona rated it
May 28, 2021
Status: v3c47
Fascinatingly boring. I mean, it’s a power fantasy where none of the struggles or effort is really displayed. The author is pretty much spoon-feeding the protagonist.

There is no drama to be found, or any reason to doubt that he will win while onlookers talk about how amazing he is. There is little to no characterization beyond cliches.

Overall, it has the same tone as Invisible Dragon, but with more words. If you’ve read a power fantasy before, nothing in this will surprise you.
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Blood-Lust rated it
July 19, 2020
Status: v5c4
Wait for Light Novel

Based on volumes 1-3 I would have rated a 4

4-5 would be a 2

What cause this this fall in rating would simply be the weird sense of comedy. It was funny in the beginning but then it would be applied later on in situations that would be somewhat serious.

The fall of this novel would be after he... more>>

got married with the arc after with the whole sister chase and after that

where the author just took the good feelings from novel out of you and made them into problems that where kinda resolved on v5 but in bad taste.

I think light novel could be saved because of where the author should have ended at v4 and made a side or new story after since everything before that was really good.

Honestly the flow of the story had such a sudden change from 3 to 4 I wondered if it was that he didn't want to end it and made bs up.

I don't think MC is gonna have a harem mostly because female lead is the only "fleshed out character" and the rest including family are all side characters where problems I mentioned or forgot "The bad taste" impacted the story so much I'm just going to forget everything after spoiler existed.

Edit: tler website is full of broken link on v3 which make reading on mobile over pc extremely annoying

Sigh what a waste of potential <<less
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April 10, 2020
Status: v3c15
I don't remember if I've read the raws on Google translate or if there was another translator and it got licensed, I just have a deja Vu feeling. Thankfully that someone picked this and works really fast (some links are broken, so I've noticed that some of the updates were completed before the expected date)

Well the history is about not having regreta, be a jack of all trades and a complete masterclass of everything.

The pace is a little fast.
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--MON-- rated it
April 1, 2021
Status: v5c51
The style is good turning the first few volumes to the father's viewpoint as an MC then the remaining as the children's view point as an MC. I like how it was written, though flaws exist it is still a good read.

Too many tropes like bath house, romance, and baka tropes. This is a flaw for me though it could be good when used a little, excessive use is bad/irritating. No harem so, it is good.
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titanpotato rated it
December 16, 2020
Status: v5c27
I'm posting this rating (4 star) assuming that v4 doesn't exist because I skimmed past it and there was no plot points at all but I understand why people who waited for weekly updates are furious at it since it can easily knock this review down a star or two if I didn't binge this series

The plot isn't captivating or exciting but I don't think it was written to be this way seeing how simple each conflict is usually (except the dreadful 4th volume). It does a good job at... more>> being a casual adventure with a lot of SoL.

Characters are generally fun except for the sisters. Hats off to the author for managing to turn a cliché into an absolute storytelling disaster with an even worse conclusion for their character arcs

One of them just gets forgotten and the other starts going for her nephew ????


But yeah, Quite enjoyable if you're looking for a light SoL / Adventure novel with plot progression. Just don't close the NU page / ToC page while reading because the TL website more often than not has a buggy next button or redirects to a 404 page. <<less
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gogorkem rated it
July 27, 2020
Status: v5c11
What I love about this novel is that it doesn't force complicated plans, and conspiracies, then fail them afterward. I must say this novel doesn't have plots or mysteries but they are not the strong points of this novel. It's slice of life and comedy in a fantasy world. I also loved the characters and dialogs. That's it. It's not amazing in terms of emotions but it's definitely not bad. Read a few episodes and you will understand if you want to continue or not.


Our main character Arel is classified... more>> as Classless at the age of 10. But he doesn't care and limit his potential to any class. He decides to try everything. Learn everything.


Later he has twin child now Ark and Layla, and he trains them. The story focuses on childs later.



Characters have personalities unlike most other novels and it's easy to read and understand.


The best point of this novel. It was a pleasure to read it. It definitely enjoyed me. I wish it had thousands of more episodes. <<less
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CatythCatmunchr rated it
September 6, 2021
Status: v5c51
I enjoyed the first few volumes, but ... more>>

once his son took over as the main character I felt like the quality of the storytelling really dropped. At first it wasn't that bad, the idea that his son was actually transmigrated was interesting in my opinion, but he quickly showed himself to be useless his personality was, with how much he let his sister completely control his life with barely any resistance from him, let her clean up all his messes with the "bullies" when it would have been so much more satisfying to see them slowly learn how OP he actually was and realize themselves "Maybe we shouldn't mess with this guy", and quickly devolved into the stereotypical "Lucky Pervert" cliche with the princess when it actually could have been an interesting romance. Author completely ruined a good series.


First 4 volumes I'd give 4 stars, but last volume I'd give 2 stars, so I'll meet in the middle and give 3 stars for the series overall. Honestly I would recommend the series but completely skip the last volume, and just treat the 4th volume as the ending. <<less
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phalen rated it
May 30, 2021
Status: v5c45
at best this was like a proving ground for the light novel. The idea is good but the way the author threw things together can only be seen as throwing a senero together to see how people like it before writing it up in the ln. There were several side characters or side plots that got started and then tossed to the roadside. Empress wife lil sis. Then moving on to the child's life as a reincarnateor is interesting in of its self but the story is already in shambles... more>> and just gets painful to read. Like Blood-Lust stated chap 1-3 are reasonably decent and then 4-5 just get painfull. I think this story properly written would end up being about 7-8 v long maybe longer if they properly use the side plots. <<less
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jason3893 rated it
October 28, 2020
Status: v5c51
There are 6 main parts/arcs so far the way I look at it. You could separate another one or two out but I don't. The titles I gave for the arc pretty much spoil the main point of the arc hence the spoiler, but I classify them as so:

... more>>

1. Swordsman arc, 2. Magician arc, 3. Tamer arc, 4. Little sister "rescue" arc, 5. Training kids arc, and 6. Son pov arc


I find the first 3 arcs pretty interesting though there are pretty much repeats of on another with only changing one element. The differences introduced by changing that 1 element was enough to keep my interests, but I admit that not everyone will enjoy it. Arc 4 was s*upid in my opinion. Sure there was foreshadowing that came to fruition in the end of arc 5, but even that seemed pointless. The current arc 6 seems to hold my interest enough like arc 1-3. It is again pretty much a repeat with 1 element changed, but I like the way it's going so far and hope the foreshadowing in arc 5 is used properly by the author and not sloppily resolved.

EDIT: v5Ch23 Reading the start of the school arc for the kids and I'm liking it less now. The daughter's personality annoys me. The son's personality doesn't annoy me yet, but it is getting there. If it doesn't get better in the next 5-10 chapters I may drop this.

Edit2: v5Ch51 Finally finished this book after taking a break for 1yr and 4months. I ended up stopping at v5c23 and only start back up today. I finished the entire rest of the novel in a couple of hours.

Final thoughts are:

  • the daughter still annoys me
  • I was OK with the son's personality
  • the final arc did entertain me and make me laugh like the previous
    • taking a break from it probably helped, otherwise it may have been too much of the same tropes repeating
  • the ending wasn't satisfying, but it was something I could live with because the future events would be obvious
Is it a great novel that everyone should read? No. It's a decent average novel to read when you need to pass the time. It has tropes that repeat and annoying characters, but for me it wasn't to the point I couldn't take it. And most importantly, it made me laugh and smile so I enjoyed it. <<less
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