The Exorcist


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Death is only the beginning….
He is the boss of a small bar. Despite his gentle and amicable appearance, he is actually cold and detached. He was born with the ability to communicate with spirits but sealed it away, unwilling to get involved with the supernatural.
She is a rather unqualified lawyer. Timid as a mouse yet hates evil with a passion. Her birthdate is inauspicious but she’s also blessed by Buddha.
A weird and bloody case forced them together. Her cases grew more and more dangerous while his sealed abilities awakened and grew stronger. They were initially repulsed by each other, which turned to understanding, getting along, cooperating, and finally a mysterious yet fierce attraction. With the help of a friend, the two of them solve the city’s horror stories one after the other.

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12/01/21 Princess Capture Plan v4c14
11/29/21 Princess Capture Plan v4c13
11/25/21 Princess Capture Plan v4c12
11/24/21 Princess Capture Plan v4c11
11/20/21 Princess Capture Plan v4c9
11/19/21 Princess Capture Plan v4c8
11/19/21 Princess Capture Plan c8
11/12/21 Princess Capture Plan v4c7
11/11/21 Princess Capture Plan v4c6
11/08/21 Princess Capture Plan v4c5
11/06/21 Princess Capture Plan v4c4
11/05/21 Princess Capture Plan v4c3 part1
11/03/21 Princess Capture Plan v4c2
11/01/21 Princess Capture Plan v4c1
10/23/21 Princess Capture Plan v3c32
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New Empress0397 rated it
November 8, 2021
Status: v32c32
the FL was so annoying. She’s so busybody. I mean, I know that shes a lawyer but I just hate how she keeps meddling to the point of involving the ml. If she wants to “fight for justice”, she shouldn’t involve the ml. She should keep it herself so that even if she was in danger, no one will hurt but herself🙄
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gryffinpuff rated it
October 17, 2021
Status: v1c23
A well written story with appropriately placed tension and excitement - at times, the story gave me shivers.

FL is a bit childish and petty, and often times doesn't act as a mature lawyer that she's supposed to be - she's a bit like those optimistic, self righteous, high on justice etc FLs but also understands her limits - She'll be scared but would want to move forward for what she thinks is right thing to do...

ML is a cool guy with 'powers' to see and talk to ghosts - he... more>> really doesn't want to get involved with things on the other side, but is forced to help MC. First arc is all about MC-ML knowing each other, snarking at each other and solving the case. <<less
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