The Divine Hunter


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Luo Yi, a high school dropout in his original world, was isekai’d into the world of the Witcher 3. Starting out as a weak boy named Roy in the village of Kaer, Lower Posada, he was determined to grow stronger, no matter what it took. The first step toward becoming a legend was to kill. And his first kill was… a rooster. ‘You gain 1 EXP.’ Of course, Roy had his own cheat system like all the other isekai protagonists. His first step to becoming a legend started now…

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New blahblah123
September 25, 2022
Status: c1
I want to like this but the character dialogue is so bad. The MC doesn't talk to people the way an actual person would, and people don't respond to his childish and/or rude dialogue the way an actual person would. Also the MC is just incredibly s*upid sometimes to drag out the plot. Like unbelievably s*upid, especially since he's normally supposed to be smart.
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victorkok rated it
August 31, 2021
Status: c17
Actually this is novel is better than most Korean/Chinese transmigration to a game, but instead of a fictional game that doesn't make any sense, it's a actual one, you can say that the author didn't create the settings of the game word but he's does a good job respecting the world of The Witcher.

The MC does have a system but he's not OP or conveniently OP, until where I read, chapter 17, (i may edit this part if something change too quickly but I doubt seeing how the novel... more>> is going) he's still a kid, maybe a kid stronger than people of his age but he's not stronger than a normal adult and he's not a witcher or mage yet so he's still going to die against any beast. It has good characters and the author does a good job in setting the world, if you don't know The Witcher you may lost some details, but you can understand pretty easily what is going on the author explain well to new people.

I don't know why the other guy is so butthurt, "it's not awful but it's not good either" then gives 1/5 not 2/5 or maybe 3/5, maybe he doesn't like these type of novels (Isekai/Transmigration to a game/novel) which is okay, I'm not a fan either but it's not a 1/5, but the novel up to chapter 17 he never talked about Geralt neither a monologue about him, he only briefly mentioned him, ciri too.

Considering this is a asian webnovel not an usual fan fiction this is much better than the usual troupe, isekaied inside a game now I have to avoid death flags being kind and now everyone is in love with me, or inside my game or the game I'm am an super otaku fan.

It's not perfect I say, the novel doesn't enter in much detail about his past, only explain to us who he were and how he was and now he's having a second chance, a better life than before, and I don't like how

his parents of this are treated after he wants to become a witcher, he throw off his parents in a safe place being only a 14 years old e goes to be a disciple

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moneng85 rated it
August 23, 2021
Status: c453
Edit: to @Blisfulloblivion my friend, this might be one of the rare good ones. A good fan-fic novel is hard to find because authors portray the original characters to their liking, breaking the whole character's core and just conveniently interpreting the character using just the characteristics they want, and its bad fan-fic in that case.

The whole series is situated years before the start of witcher 3 (the game I only played) and with a little knowledge of what would happen and tidbits here and there, this is the rare novel... more>> that display copied characters truthfully. Gerald will come around ch170s (?) so stay tuned for that.

I am comparing this novel with other tons of fan-fic novels in Novelupdates with 90% of the rating below 3. Their sheer confidence of jumping though series, making nonsensical portrayals of scenario that did not, would not and never happen happen and throwing out the love the author had for the character breaks my heart.

Another reason why I deem this ad a good novel other than the one I stated is because I am comparing another Witcher fan-fic novel, "demon hunter and his hut". The audacity of the author making Witcher a hero of justice, Witcher should cultivate, wrong use of the Witcher back ground and powers is the true horror you should be complaining about.


A very high quality Chinese novel, very much like in between the legendary mechanic and the lord of mystery

A unique interpretation of the Witcher lore and creative at arranging the characters too

The world just feel alive and all the characters doesn't feel forced or mechanical, characters that does evil or turn chaotic neutral alignment is also explained skillfully in this novel

The power system is well taken from the Witcher universe, even with his golden finger, making him improve his power quickly but not even the strongest at the latest chapters (ch450). Other characters raise their powers realistically, a very good use of time span, it had been around 3 years in the novel and the power level of the whole series plus Mc's development is stable (doesn't go on a DBZ or xianxia power scaling competition)

Characters keep their characteristics consistent through out the series, enemies and allies alike. And the author's original character that interacts with the game character fits well without destroying the relationship, or changes the whole plot realistically. MC also realize changing a scenario creates butterfly effect and the consequences later on.

Everyone is moving in this novel, breathing, a well creation by this author, they progress for better or worse and its still going on

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Blisfulloblivion rated it
August 29, 2021
Status: --
Awkward Witcher 3 fanfiction stuffed full of bloat. Its not awful but its not good either. Consistently had trouble staying awake while reading.

The author tries to artificialy bump the word count with repetitive info dumping from the game. If it was more obscure info, unique interpretation of events, or even just relevant to whats happening it wouldn't be so bad. But its half a chapter just on stats and regurgitating the most basic setting information from the game. I don't need the MC to go on a mental monologue about... more>> who Geralt is. Give me an actual story.

I love good fanfiction and have read some that I have enjoyed more than the original works. This story reads more like lazy writing than a fan creative work. <<less
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augustaugust rated it
October 2, 2021
Status: c107
Top tier work, great power balancing intresting fight sequences. This work stays true to the lore and its laws. I would even go as far to say it has graduated from a mere fanfiction into a great original piece.
The elements of the witcher world is explained and described instead of being thrown in lazily.

The characters supporting, main, mobs even are all fleshed out < a very hard thing to do without boring the readers>

The plotlines are as entertaining as the witcher game it self, from minor sidequests, to chainquest... more>> to mainquests.. The flow of events seem natural and not forced. With time to breather in between < unlike most novels where all the sh*t just starts hitting the fan for no reason>.

In conclusion, Great pacing, world building and description. <<less
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January 21, 2022
Status: c116
It's a great fan fic novel. I've read some fan fic novels and they were usually terrible, however this one is nice.

for one the MC doesn't become absurdly powerful and claim all the women or loot the protagonist of the game or whatever the fan fic is about would have, he has his own women and loot.

But it is terribly slow paced, where I'm at he's barely finished the Trial of the Grasses. However the side arcs before the real juicy sh*t aren't bad, in fact they're quite interesting.

of course... more>> he does have his system, but where it's at now, it's not too powerful. All it does it stat points/skills and inventory, maybe a little cheat here and there but he needs to kill a lot of monsters to activate the cheats. The requirements for the cheats get higher and higher each time so it's fairly balanced I'd say.

the one bad thing I have to say is that when he goes to become a Witcher, it was fairly cliche. But hell I'm fine with that cliche since witchers are f*cking awesome.

overall it's pretty good where I'm at.

Ngl, this made me replay the Witcher and I don't regret replaying it at all. <<less
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Ner0 rated it
April 27, 2022
Status: c126

In term of plot, I would say it's barely passable.
The protagonist know the future and thus yearn to gain strength to survive the incoming wars.
But there's no much else. The author lose himself in quite a few side arcs with interesting content that reveal much of the background but has little to do with the protagonist plot.
One main reason I deem it barely passable is that the protagonist is protected by plot armour and the author doesn't try to hide it. There's little tension because there are... more>> always safety nets in place to guarantee the protagonist will always be safe. And since he doesn't get attached to anything or anyone apart from his mentor, there's really nothing he takes the risk of losing.


The background is taken from the games Witcher but I would still rate it as excellent because the author has the ability to imagine the scene and transcript it into a realistic scenery. Breathing a emotional atmosphere into scenes that put the protagonist in the centre.


I think this is where the novel shine. 5/5 without hesitation.
The characters are well fleshed and every one of them have their own story, flaws and strengths. It's easy to picture them and think of them as realistic.
The only one I'm still dubious about is the protagonist. Due to plot armour, he's too perfect. Always get what he wants from people.


A quality novel that has a a good pace and just enough descriptions to make it immersive without boring the readers. I would recommend it warmly. <<less
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LewdBoi rated it
October 8, 2021
Status: c108
Honestly so surprising how good it is to say it is mostly a fanfic. You got the MC who isn't amazing just because he's the MC. You see him trying to get better in a world basically full of monsters. I also like the fact that author didn't go the usual route with Geralt being central figure with the MC. I can't wait to continue reading the rest of the story
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Gsichtselfmeter rated it
February 17, 2022
Status: c587
This novel has a breath-taking level of writing detail. The world is vivid and real, the characters breathe and are alive and it is just fun to read. Based on this level of writing I want to give it a 5, but have to settle with a 4, as the latter parts turn into fluff without too much substance.

Imo the turning point is Novigrad, where it devolves into "OMG, I love children!" really fast. (There is the slight suspicion that the author might like children a tad too much.)

None... more>> of the characters have any flaws. You would imagine that a 100+ years old witcher is a bit detached from the world, numb from killing and booze, but instead here everyone is happy playing house. Basically no character does anything evil. No bad blood, no shouting, no jealousy or envy. Just friends :)

Also Roy is a douche, I really don't like him. He is just way too smug about things.

4*, made me reminiscence about Witcher and


again. <<less
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Eskinos rated it
March 3, 2022
Status: c125
Damn, I enjoy this a lot. It may be because I'm a Witcher fan, but still...

The world is great and the author respects it without deviating randomly from the events known from the original lore. He actually goes one step further and incorporates them skillfully into the plot.

The MC is pretty reasonable and his growth is stable, at least up until this point. At the beginning there is something pointless about getting exp from the sun, which was absolutely unnecessary and almost turned me away. Later it is never mentioned... more>> again and not even used, he gets exp from the kills.

The novel is pretty slow-paced and in a good way. It goes into many details, which some reviewers treated as info dumps. I however do not think of them this way. They make the whole world all the more believable and add some more flavour to the story.

Unlike with other novels that happen in made-up games, there aren't any (or many) plot-armor-driven-and-totally-random events that the MC suddenly remembers or comes across which save the MCs ass or are totally convenient for the situation he is in. As this is placed in a real game, the author has no way of doing that. (Don't get my wrong tho, still love the genre)

In short it is a book that is a fan fiction, but doesn't feel like it. <<less
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mojimikatp rated it
January 17, 2022
Status: c116
It's actually the best Witcher fanfic that I read, I would recommend it to everyone who wanted to read a Witcher fanfic.

Edit: it seems like Skyrim is also in the menu boys

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wbrandon rated it
September 11, 2021
Status: c76
Its about a dude who dies and gets poof'd into the witcher world. If you've read the books or seen the series or played the games you know what's up. It plays before the war starts, so who knows what kind of things might change in the story, will new sorcerors appear, new witchers, will there be new kings on the thrones, blablabla. Or will everything stay the same except, for that we now explore into the unexplored? I don't know im just at chapter 76 and so far it's... more>> been pretty good. So yeah, try it if you want. <<less
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August 23, 2022
Status: c640
Finished reading, had to read about 400 chapters in MTL, my brain was damaged in the process and my English will never be the same.

It was a great novel, really interesting and worth reading, saddly as the Author said in the epilogue of this book, after a while the daily uploads started getting to him and he had less and less time to think about the story he wanted to tell and that ended up causing the history to become worse and worse, he kept losing readers and ended up... more>> in a snowball effect.

In my opinion the novel starts getting worse at about chapter 470, but it's not much worse, the story continues to be pretty good, but things get rushed and lose some connection with the main plot.

Spoiler ahead:


As some of you already know after c470 (give or take), the Skyrim volume starts, if you think about it, everything that happened in this arc could've been done in the Witcher world and since we had no warning that travelling between worlds was possible before the event happened it was a bit weird for a moment. Still the chapters in skyrim were actually great and the stories told were very interesting, felt a bit like an OVA that impacts the story instead of Filler chapters.

Saddly the story gets very rushed after this point and the author ended the novel without solving some plots. Ex: Crones, Gaunter O'Dimm, Emhyr, Dragon killing, Surprise daughter (he had like 1 interaction with Ellena during the novel...) and a few other plots that I can't remember


Overall a pretty good novel would give it a 9, 5/10 for the first 300 chapters and probably a 7, 5/10 until the end. <<less
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Killem2much rated it
March 7, 2022
Status: c125
Pretty great actually sticks to most of the lore of the witcher world and the system isn't OP AF so it gives good tension in the battles and dangerous situations plus the MC is actually decent in my opinion he isn't a piece of sh*t fo no reason but isn't really a good person unless he really likes someone or gets something out of it, not s*upid dumb nor a genius prodigy that knows what to do in every situation just a touch of cleverness and cunning
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miscjt rated it
January 15, 2022
Status: c104
Really enjoying it so far. It's a solid fanfiction set in the world of The Witcher. The MC is very familiar with the lore and is deeply rooted with the people of the world. In his quest to explore and gain the strength he often finds his preconceived ideas challenged and uses his encounters as fertilizer to grow from.

Its not the best novel out there but it gains bonus points for a faithful adaptation while also being interesting and unique.
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September 12, 2021
Status: c170
It went perfectly until episode 170, but then something happened that I almost didn't like. That doesn't stop me from reading it and it's still a pretty good series. I'm writing below, you can read if you want.....



... more>> .



spoilers He meets them at the meeting of Gerald and Ciri around 170 and talks to him as if he knew Gerald. Gerald, on the other hand, is simply surprised and does not show hostility. Depending on how you play the game you can be "gerald the badger or the good gerald" but in such a situation you don't think you're enchanted. actually it makes a pretty good statement using "old blood". but now it has started to affect the story one-to-one and this has not bothered me. He showed skill to the point where they should normally miss our MC. <<less
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DudeFrequency rated it
September 12, 2021
Status: c95
The story is good but be warned that the writer takes their time with the world, and sometimes the main plot can be put on pause for long periods. Other than that, the characters are fleshed out, making it hard to predict what is going to happen next, for better or worse, and I do have to say the novel really make you feel sorry for the Witchers since they are discriminated against, and it makes you wanted to kill some of the characters in the story because of how... more>> they treat Witchers. Definitely recommend if you are a fan of these types of stories. <<less
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August 10, 2022
Status: c450
The first 350 chapters are great and then it just nose dives like falling out of a plane. Almost everything changes and it doesn't look like it would get any better. Also, Reaper scans butcher the raws I highly recommend the raws its a lot more digestible and show don't tell

The characters have characteristics, well pre350 afterward they just become voices, and it's pointless. All the characters are just echoes of one another and are just there to point things out it's tiring to read. For example, chapter 10 spoiler:... more>>

Roso, his name in MTL, says in the beginning, that unless I don't acknowledge you, I will continue calling you boy. MC at this point is super strong like possibly the strongest witcher yet and still, he's 'boy'??? it says weak-to-strong tag so you know MC will be strong don't come at me.

And then they turn into actual echoes later on.

The worldbuilding... is not accurate to the worldbuilding of actual witcher books, in terms of discrimination, but that's fine. It's just that if the author did it correctly, it would have introduced proper characters with actual characteristics that would prevent them from turning into echoes.

The plot seems amazing, it's just for 100 chapters after 350 there's nothing relevant to the plot and it seems that it will come up soon but ugh I can't anymore I am taking a break. The book can probably be broken into two separate books at this point that's how irrelevant it seems.


After 350, MC builds up the witcher organization, where everyone turns into echos, they get an orphanage and start recruiting new members and the author has to make sure it is ethically correct but that probably has to do with it being in China with their government but it was still annoying to read. But the author raises a question that just makes me want to rip out my hair that is never answered. What's the point of witchers if there are no more monsters, especially since it looks like few and fewer monsters are showing up? the author addresses it as if it's not a question and they need to protect the Witcher heritage, duh! Again the author doesn't address the question which makes me doubt the existence of the witchers and then spends 100+ chapters trying to build up their existence. It. Is. The Most Frustrating. Thing. To. Read.

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Assanna rated it
July 29, 2022
Status: c195
I read it in reaper scan. I love it a lot 💖 he encountered a lot of missions and peoples on his journey. I feel like reading a lot of stories in one books! Sometimes I cried, sometimes I laughed. The story is independent yet intertwine. Highly recommended! You'll enjoy this!
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