The Defeated Dragon


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Liszt finds himself reborn as a countryside baron in an alternate world resembling medieval Europe. In this world, there are dragons that can discharge metals, elves that can tend to crops, and missions written in mist that only Liszt can see. With the help of the mysterious missions, can Liszt gradually grow from Baron of Flower Town into something greater, claiming the whole continent and beyond?

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The Mighty Dragons Are Dead
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22 Reviews

Sep 19, 2018
Status: c58
A kingdom building story that became dull quite fast with a boring MC that is like a robot in auto preservation mode.

MC transmigrated as a baron and, despised by his father, was given a shitty run down place to govern. It's middle ages with magic but we seldom see any magical things and everything is pretty mundane.

MC is coward and just wants to enjoy the life of an aristocrat. Those are his only reasons to develop his territory.

He doesn't give a sh*t about anyone but himself and can't even love... more>> the dog he's raising from a puppy, saying that it can die at any moment and he'll just eat it.

Author also nitpicks too much with small unimportant details like 2-3 chapters of new servants selection that will never be used again in the story. The story is slow paced because of these kind of things.

Read only if you're bored and have already read Release that Witch.

Edit: Just want to add something now that it's been translated again: The problem is not a weak MC but overly mundane and uninteresting plots like: "Today MC's knight will hunt a bird. The next day the MC will host a servant selection, then they''ll chop trees to open a road."

And I'll reiterate, it's not that this is worthless and you shouldn't read it, it's more like 'Go in with low expectations and you might like it more', especially if you came here from far better novels like Release the Witch. And if you like Kingdom Building novels, you know they are rare, so this would be okay if there's nothing else. <<less
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Nov 01, 2018
Status: c92
Tried to like it, but it's intensely boring.

Man gets reincarnated into the body of a boring aristocrat, then spends his life plodding around doing hardly anything. Entire chapters dedicated to barely one thing: "Today MC had a bath and wanted soap! Today MC told his serfs to serf better! Today MC ate bread! Today MC swung his sword! Today he looked at the thing again!". That's it, chapter after chapter he just sort of gets his serfs to do everything, practices a little, maybe rides a horse, then hurray! Our... more>> new Baron is so smart and the bestest master ever, I want to be his s*ave forever!

Story comprises maybe 1-2% action and adventure, despite them being the main tags. Hopefully something will happen in future but after nearly 100 chapters of drudgery, I've lost any real hope. It isn't even a real kingdom builder since everything just falls into his lap via a literal plot device that exists to... give him things. It is a very one dimensional story that probably could have been good, but got mired in laziness. <<less
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Jan 09, 2019
Status: c126
There are alot of reviews saying this is a boring and dull novel and the MC is a coward trying to discourage people from picking up this novel... to that I would like to

1st- point out that there aren't alot of kingdom bulding novels with game elemants and high chapter counts being translated

2nd- I mean come on man you guys complain when MC is LUCKY and gets cool stuff and have exciting moments and being overpowered but when MC that is still Lucky but just get moderate stuff and just... more>> relaxes and doesn't have some heaven defying power... what do you do, still complain.. its dull boring wtf do you even want (and I know that different people have differing tastes but just cause it does not suit you palate doesn't mean you have to knock it down)


This novel takes a different route than most novels of the same genre.. like how the dragons aren't just the figting type but also the creating resource type.. although there are some novels with this but the dragons aren't usually part of society its more of a hunt or sneak into dragon lair kind of thing but in this story almost all major countries and some states have dragons or different mythical creatures.. and there is also worm sprite thingy that have their own evolution chances and new types of plants


4th- Mc's cultivation has just started and I have confidence that the author won't disappoint us with the name of the novel being The Defeated Dragon and all <<less
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Aug 30, 2018
Status: c39
A reincarnation story set in a fantasy medieval setting with too much flaws...

The story is classic but entertaining, but the writing / translation is flawed (not to an unreadable degree though).

Moreover our MC is quite hypocritical in his contempt for the feodal system while fully enjoying its benefits and without showing any intention of amending it...

... more>> I was also put off by the anachronistic introduction of cigarettes, coffee and tuxedos into what is supposed to be medieval times.

This feel amateurish and I have no hope that it will improve, so this is where I drop it (ch39). <<less
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Oct 14, 2018
Status: c80
A very hypocritical MC. Constantly mocking the aristocrats and yet behaving like them. Honestly, I don't "see" any fire in his eyes. All the stuffs he does for his territory seems to me that as if all of it has been forced onto him. I don't think he would be able to develop his territory this far without the time to time "quest". Any Japanese authors would've made their mc's achieve much more by chapter 80 than this guy. Without any flexible mind, I guess MC will probably rely on... more>> the plot armour/intervention to develop himself. This novel has already given me very poor impression from the start. Except for the characters, I can't seem to find any proper excuse to return. <<less
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Aug 25, 2018
Status: c33
This novel, while it starts with a standard transmigration-premise, does introduce enough unique elements to make it an interesting read.

The cheat is neatly integrated into the world and while he does easily get good rewards, at the moment they seem to just help his future development (except his first breakthrough) instead of being immediate power-ups.

tl;dr: Fairly standard transmigration novel with some unique elements, let's see how it develops.
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Sep 16, 2019
Status: c1125
This novel is very good, it contains everything, good story/plot, original, lot of adventures, some romance, friendship and family and you see the main characters growing all along the story.

I clearly recommend !

But sadly the end is rushed (I read the author wanted to stop the novel because of health problem and depression), the last chapter is a just a summary of what could have been the end of more than 200 chapters.

But it was still one of the most enjoyable novel I read !
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Aug 02, 2018
Status: 200
Currently at this stage nothing of significance has happened. We are still very much so in the early days. I love kingdom building novels and I have hopes that the release's will be speedy. Will edit when more chapter come along.

Edit* 26/02/2020

I'm loving the new release rate and how the novel is now finally starting to feel like its kicked in gear. His plans and targets have tenuously been set and now all there is to do is to achieve it. Well worth a read.
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Dec 20, 2018
Status: c120
It's bad, yea let's get that out of the way and onto the rest.

The main character is soulless and heartless. He doesn't like or dislike anyone.

Everyone is as fleshed out as cardboard.

The problems he has are either mundane or solved really quickly.

Still I read this on a regular basis for some unknown reason, really can't tell what it is that makes me keep at it because it really is bad.
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Aug 05, 2018
Status: c15
A fairly good kingdom building light novel. There is some interesting parts with divine/game-like missions for the MC whose only op power is the fact that he came from another world and can read different languages which the missions are apparently written in.

I love reading these types of world building stories where the MC doesn't really do something too outrageous like summoning a lake or instantly wiping out all the nearby monsters for no reason. This one seems like a more believable fantasy story. Its all about how a declining... more>> kingdom gets some help from the MC and his knowledge and mission rewards.

Will reserve rating for more chapters. Pass/fail/success information on Rules to follow below:

Rule of 5 - if not interested by first 5 chapters stop reading.

Rule of 10 - if the story has not progressed or shown little to no hints about the direction of the future of the story, stop reading.

Rule of 15 - If the story has started to change or does not resemble what was written about or hinted about in the first 5 chapters then determine if it is worth continuing to read.
    • Rule of 5 - Passed
    • Rule of 10 - Passed
    • Rule of 15 - Success
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Oct 26, 2020
Status: Completed
After waiting for months without any updates gotta move to a mtl site to finish this.

The thing I liked most is world building. I thought he would build his little village to a powerful kingdom but later it completely changed.

The final episode is freakingly rushed. Just in this single chapter author just wrote all of his weird dreams. Damn the way he finished this like a the death god standing behind the author and giving a second to finish this book.

I am not spoiling anything here. Overall this novel is... more>> pretty good than other crappy xuanhuan novels. The name of the book should be the robber, damn the way our MC robbed people in later chapters might shock you guys. I pity the eagle kingdom. Also the way he got his subordinates is like a free real state. Even a lottery winner won't get something like this.

There was actually no power structure after he became the dragon knight. The author really didn't explain mc's power. Our MC just killed whoever the enemy is with a huge plot armor.

Lastly the romantic genre should be removed. I barley got any glimpse on romance here. <<less
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May 02, 2020
Status: --
Lack of imagination? Really? When are plenty of different types of dragons with different occupations? When there are sprites, and no doubt, much more magical beings?

Dull? When interesting rewards and mysteries are regular? When they're not rewards as an upgrade of A sword with flames to a B sword with flames and sharpness? When a magical ghost ship appears in a medieval knight setting?

Slow building? Well... You're right, but personally, I feel it's going in a good way, a good world-building.

Acceptance and merging with the society is bad? Really? Just... more>> because you dislike the way MC is behaving you're giving a bad review?

This is no legit review. But MC, unlike much other, feels real, you can feel that he has a real ambition, you can feel his arrogance, cruelness, laziness, unfairness, and even his fairness. Unlike many other stories, he actually feels like a real noble, with a lot of those questionable morals. It's kind of fresh air between all the stereotypical stories with the good MC with kind big b**bs s*upid s*ave.

I wanted to just give it a blank review because I haven't read the whole story yet and it might change in the future in a drastic way. But kinda want to give it a real and more deserving score on the page.

It's a very slow-paced story, have that in mind, but eventually, it's going to have proper development and I believe there's going to get real action.

What I believe are it's forts are the constant and regular pace, the varied type of rewards, the not instant change from weak to super dyper hyper ultra strong idiot, vivid MC, the varies type of characters, their characteristics some of their realistic/backedup ambitions, and finally the feeling of a real aristocrat society.

It's faults. The very slow pace and... No kidding, maybe my mind is tricking me cause it wants me to give this a very positive review, but I just dont find any other fault. <<less
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Jun 13, 2019
Status: --
Uh.. just reading some reviews and found that 3 or 4 said about the same f*ckint sh*t that doesnt make sence when making a review score or whatever.

They talk about things they dislike or like.

'ret*rd voice.d' "MC is selfish and arrogant and and hes a bad guy hate him cause hes like dat and doesnt have big ti*s waifus and an jdsbsndjehd"

... more>> Okay not exactly like dat but you get the point.

Yea theres barely some magic presented but this is slowbuilding and it would be even more forced to get wizards and dudes like that because he aparently wants to learn magic because.. yes.. none other reason cause yes..

If ya like stories about selfish dudes that only do things if theres a benefit then read this, also if you dislike people that fight for 'the greater good' or whatever shit..

I personally like it cause it's slow paced and not insta op'nes with no f*cking sence, the author tries to make sence with the quest and such, and not dropping a dragon egg in the middle of nowhere because the MC wants a dragon. Although there's some sh*t that I dont like but...

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Oct 15, 2018
Status: c79
I'm gonna say right now, the title and cover image are very misleading. If you are hoping for battles or dragons or OPness, just move along. This is a kingdom-building story with a lot of details. At times it can even be a bit boring (and I actually ENJOY the slow, detailed story). However, I enjoy kingdom-building novels and this one actually makes sense. The world that the author has built is much more authentic than most attempts in the genre (no adventure guilds, the currency is closer to medieval... more>> Europe than modern japan so bread doesn't cost 1000 copper coins, the streets are filthy, etc) so reading about the MC's changes is a lot more enjoyable. There is technically fighting, magic, and dragons, but all of that takes a backseat to the kingdom-building.

Basically, read this for a detailed story about a reincarnator building up a city and nothing else. If you enjoy that, this story actually moves at a pretty good pace. <<less
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Mar 04, 2020
Status: c208
A slow burn story about a transmigrator who took over a body of a third son of Coral County. The world is full of magic, especially about magic worm, sprites and even dragon. It also filled with Aristocratic knights searching for glory and wizards searching for truth.

The world building is fun. Some details described in the natural way. I as the reader joined the MC to unravel the world.

I like how the story progress. I like how the way MC thought, progress and adapt. It felt natural to me. The... more>> compromises and the way he change felt not forced.

Some sentences from the translator may confused me and could have been rephrased simpler for better understanding. But, most of the time the translator did a great job. At least, I just need to Google what it means because I'm not a native English speaker.

All in all, if you like Tolkien's body of work, you might like this fantasy novel. <<less
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Mar 04, 2020
Status: c207
A good slice of life novel in a world of sword and magic.

The story is good and the MC likable. The secondary characters are well developped. I still regret a bit the lack of battles between humans, but as the story suggest it strongly, it will happened. The pace is also quite good and I never felt bored: I have quite enjoyed devouring the 200 first chapters.

The main con is the down shift of the translation quality starting chapter 151. The translation is different and you can clearly feel less... more>> immersed in the story after chapter 151... <<less
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May 07, 2022
Status: c155
Story is fine. Writing is wooden and verbose. Lots of unnecessary descriptions added to pad word count. I'm not talking Tolken levels of excessive but relevant world building, I'm talking about random tangents describing something completely irrelevant or obviouse like how male g**italia indicates the gender is male or repeated mention of a ghosts bust size... The plot itself is good with an interesting world and industry, just poor writing.

Doesn't help that the main character has minimal appeal and is even a bit off-putting. He's a bit hypocritacal and selfish... more>> and thinks a bit too highly of himself. That said, he's fairly self aware of these flaws but that kinda makes him less likable since he knowingly acts like a selfish hypocrit while upselling the wonders of modern communism and disparaging the feudal system he happily exploits. Lacks the appeal of self aware villain or anti-hero protagonists and just kinda bland. He's like that distant, smug guy at the office that loves to delagate his work to others and thinks he's clever and charming but honestly is avg.

Honestly, if the genre wasn't so starved for novels I would probably skip this for something better written. Good enough to read to scratch a city building itch but not good enough to recommend. <<less
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Apr 29, 2022
Status: Completed
It's a shame that the Author's health caused him to end the novel prematurely, the novel should've been at least 1300 chapters at minimum, but I'm actually glad that the last chapter is a future plot summary.

Of course it's a shame that it's ended ahead of time but at least the author didn't make the novel crappy with MC suddenly getting lots of powerups to be able to fight the final boss all of a sudden.

In fact in terms of years spent in the novel chapter 1125 basically sums up... more>> what happens in the next 40 years (MC in chapter 1124 has been transmigrated 9~10 years ago) so while the novel ends early the actual plot isn't rushed, rather it's just not written out in detail and instead it goes by a normal pace up to 1124 and then 1125 is an overarching plot summary of what's next.

That's why I'm still fine with giving the novel a 5* while I would normally downgrade the rating for having a bad rushed ending.

p.s. Obviously the novel isn't fully translated, so I read 800~ chapters of Machine Translations (On ComradeMao in this case) and some chapters were missing so I read them with Chinese Raws and Dictionary.

Anyway this novel's grammar is pretty simple and easy to read, so anyone who knows a bit of Chinese and/or Pinyin and what words tends to get mistranslated will be able to read it just fine.

(e.g. 魔: Devil <=> magic <=> demon, Long = pinyin for 龙 = Dragon, etc.) <<less
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May 11, 2020
Status: c200
I started reading this novel as it first started releasing. Back then I read 60 chapters then dropped it thinking it was shit.

I tried again when I was bored to give it another chance then realized that the newer translations were pretty decent and it was the first translator killing the story, it seems he was skipping sentences and/or entire paragraphs that gave this novel some depth. It's a whole lot less monotone and dry now with the second translator. The 3rd translator is decent but is lowering the quality... more>> with each new release. With how many times things change names in this translation, it's obvious that its badly edited MTL now.

The novel itself is about average overall. It gets a lot better for me when the quests start to slow down, it was just really annoying when he was rapidly getting new quests. The MC actually sees gradual growth as the story goes on as well. The growth comes mostly from the missions pushing him into bettering himself and everything around him, it causes him to change how he sees things and his goals through the story. What bothers me with the story is that almost everything the MC guesses are almost always fact and everything that he does works too perfectly. Pretty much the same problems with every CN. The undeveloped side characters that get no attention. And too much exposition that has no purpose but word count and because of the translation, quite a few entire paragraphs are impossible to interpret. <<less
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Apr 08, 2020
Status: c175
The novel is an absolute waste of time. This is because of 3 reasons.

1. The author lacks imagination. The novel mostly is a lame description of the daily life of a transmigrated man, now a baron. However the problem is that the scale is too small. The novel doesn't know about the responsibilities of a noble, much less the history, the duties or anything associated with titles. The author just describes what je does in vivid details like some teenage fan boy obsessed with grandeur. Each action like eating is... more>> described in detail including then he wiped his face witha napkin. A lot of boring unnecessary details lacking in substance. There is even a description of household worker choosing with perspectives of the workers which doesn't hold even a shred of significance to the story. Also the author clearly lacks. Scienrific knowledge, even middle school level. (He calls steel a metal like it can be mined)

2. Propaganda.

I think the story is mostly intended to be a mouthpiece of Chinese communist tr*sh talk. The first few chapters contain talks of growing under 'glorious wings of communism'. Also there is a blatant hypocrisy when the author calls the noble fiefdom sysyem as cruel and unjust (at least once every 5 chapters) yet continue in the system.

3. Naming sense

Might be a problem of translation, but or again imagination problem of the author, but most places names suck. There is a so called noble family named Kerchief who shot into nobility using kerchiefs. The names of nobility or commoners or anything altogether is just shit. He names animals based on how Chinese call some stars (s*upidfemale referring to Lady Gaga it seems)

Also, the knowledge of authors 'science' came from webnovels

The author should at least read Tales of the Reincarnated Lord or some similar novels at least to get familiar with world building. <<less
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