The Dark Mage’s Return to Enlistment


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Kim Minjun, who was a normal high school senior in South Korea, was suddenly summoned to another world and became a dark magician.

Minjun, who persevered through all sorts of hardships with the single-minded goal of returning home, saved this other world with his dark magic.

Casting aside a life as a hero and guaranteed riches, he returned to Earth.

Just when he was about to fully enjoy his life, a problem arose. A dungeon break occurred, and monsters began pouring out. Not only did this threaten the peaceful Earth life that Minjun had just returned to… But on his very first day back, he was also ordered to enlist in the military!?!

Associated Names
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gwihwanhaessneunde ibdae jeonnal-ida
I returned, but it was the day before enlistment.
귀환했는데 입대 전날이다
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The premise is a bit odd. If you were forced into the military in another world. Where all you wanted was to go back to enjoy modern day amenities.

After finally going back to the world, realising there's a military draft notice. Would you accept it and be happy about the military service situation because of a plate of fried chicken???

Remember, the backsyory is he's the strongest dark mage in the other world and retains a portion of his power. The mentality is closer to a peanut than the life the... more>> MC supposedly lived through... <<less
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scouttower rated it
April 8, 2023
Status: c23
Might've been more bearable if the translation quality was better.


C14: So what's the actual name of the enemy? Middle Beta, Midbet, or Middle-Bat and what's a "Petroleum High"?

All hunters received orders to change into combat uniforms.

-“Middle Beta has appeared in the Petroleum High! I repeat, Middle Beta has appeared in the Petroleum High! Prepare to install mana shields quickly!”


“That must be the Middle Beta.”


A bat-like monster with the size of a young child.


Kim Min-joon skillfully hit the middle bats one by one and dealt with them.


As time passed, the bodies of the middle bats piled up on the floor.

C23: At this point, the protagonist Kim Min-jun is supposed to be a Corporal (?)

“Sergeant Kim Min-jun. It seems that individual interviews will start soon, and Sergeant Kim Min-jun will be the first.”

“Really? Got it.”

Just as I was about to leave the training room, my successor came and told me to go to the squad leader’s office.

“At your service!”

As I headed straight to the squad leader’s office, Kim Cheol-min greeted me with a bright smile.

“Oh! Kim Min-jun, you already have three stripes! It hasn’t been long since you joined the unit, at this rate, you’ll become a sergeant soon, you punk.”

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October 26, 2023
Status: c37
Honestly this is more of a review of the manwha, but I can't imagine they're very different. Regarding the biggest complaints I've seen in these reviews, the MCs reaction to being drafted, I have no idea what theyre on about. The MC was summoned to another world as a dark mage, and object of fear. He had no friends, wasn't treated with any respect, and all the food he ate was tasteless, along with their being no good entertainment options. He returns to earth to find that dungeons have gotten... more>> worse in the 2 years he was gone and is forced to enlist. Do you know what the army has? Good food, a strict hierarchy that gives respect for strength, and PC cafes. Why wouldn't he be happy to be their? Its 100x better than the other world, and even if he didnt enjoy the military, he needs to join so he can enter dungeons and improve the world. <<less
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jg9907a rated it
May 20, 2023
Status: c3
I might be biased, as I just picked this up as its new translator, but I hope you'll give it a chance.

This one definitely leans more towards the military side (after all, everyone in this universe still has to enlist!) but it still has its nice moments.

If you're looking for non-stop action, over-the-top scenes, and betrayals, then this might not be for you.

But, if you prefer something more laid-back that doesn't take itself too seriously, yet still offers an enjoyable read with an OP MC, then I'd say, go ahead!
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June 22, 2023
Status: --
I really liked the new idea of having a mage in the army, I thought we'd be getting the army's perspective during all this appearance of dungeons, unlike the usual. But then, it all just went south. So basically, MC Was summoned to another world and he fought for that empire and he really wanted to go back home so much and he did in the end but, just as he returns to earth he gets enlisted. What does he do? He does not even get a chance to say... more>> No because coincidentally a monster shows up when goes out and somehow there are soldiers there. Then the next thing that happens..?? He fights it and they are amazed and take him to the military. When he gets there he does what every OP protagonist does, shows a bit of strength and they praise him and think he's talented. It's nothing new or special. What bothers me is the fact that the author told us The Mc's desire to return home and his dislike for the other world's Saint for bringing him there and not giving him a choice, and we know that he wouldn't wanna work just for nothing when he confronts the Saint as he returns. So him just going to the military in earth after working himself like that in the other world, just so he can play pc games and Wants to take a break but doesn't even try to find a way out of that situation??

What's even more frustrating is the "Coincidences" that happen.

1. he can't play pc games anymore cos there's no connection, suddenly military appears and they have pc rooms= MC joins the army

2. During training, MC and team go into a dungeon and then after showing off a bit, and being praised. A monster appears for what reason (??) and messes up the dungeon, =MC saves the day= MC obtains some energy or power

3. MC is praised too much, every time. I guess that's understandable (since hes OP...) but this is something I see a lot from wuixa novels.

4. The premise is that He is a mage that's in the army, but about what I mentioned above about him, really just joining for pc games is crazier than some of those novels that have rankers or mages that eat a lot just to gain power. (I know he missed pc games while he was in the other world, but I think if Mc's was centered on the army whether he's trying to escape or use it, or wants to stay cos he'd benefit in some way, at least it wouldn't feel weird while reading)

I'll admit, I haven't read that many chapters to give a full review, however from what I've read so far, it isn't that good and perhaps I will give it higher review after I've finished it. <<less
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KetchupOnSoup rated it
May 9, 2023
Status: c13
I don't know if you notice but, this one, it keeps on leaning into mandatory military service which makes sense since this was produced in Korea.

The weird thing like what @AvidRottenWaterReader said is that, he was forced once in the other world, want to go back to enjoy modern life and was once again drafted in the military.

Enough bout that, let's go about my personal view of this story. It looks subpar so far, MC summoned to another world, became a dark mage and saved the other world whilst remaining... more>> behind the scene. He managed to return but found out Earth is much like that other world in that it is being invaded by other dimensions. That's pretty much a default template for this kind of story, the only difference is that he's "drafted" to military in that other world and was once again drafted on Earth after his return.

Next, he wanted to enjoy life but couldn't yet he looks so happy in the military like wtf? Isn't the whole point of him returning is to enjoy a leisure life? Yeah sure the game he was looking forward for is gone but there's other things to do or play. But you can do nothing about it, this manhwa isn't about fantasy or other world dimensional invasion, this manhwa for the most part, just shows Korean's "patriotism" with their mandatory military service.

Good thing is that there's no racism yet, or racial supremacy and shit, which is understandable given the miniscule amount of chapters I've read so far. Btw spoiler,

MC's stronger than regular awakened in this story due to him being able to use "dark magic".

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