The Greatest Villain of All Time is Back


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Lumer, a planet with a mysterious name, is a battlefield for countless monsters and powerful beings. This place, where endless battles rage on and the boundaries of the land seem to stretch into eternity, can truly be described as hell.

And I was just a mere human who had fallen into this hell. Among beings who could easily crush human bones and more, humans were nothing more than pitiful and feeble creatures.

I, Lee Seojun, was such a human.


I was nothing more than a human, but as an experiment, I possessed a unique ability. An ability to attach myself to another body, assimilate with it, and use a new body as my own.

“I survived.”

With that ability, I had to attach myself to the bodies of monsters and become one of them in order to survive. And finally, I defeated a being that could be called the King of these monsters on the planet Lumer. Having survived, I took what the guy had.

[The system recognizes a new owner for the final boss, Aion.] [The player returns to their original world.]

Now, I could go after them.

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역대 최강의 빌런이 귀환했다
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Kakipii13 rated it
November 2, 2023
Status: c66
A hunter/gate genre novel, where the MC is also a returnee from another dimension. The harsh conditions turned the MC into a villain-like person, and now he's that he's back on Earth his drastically different priorities and methodology are stark against established norms. He's not a "villain" written in a comedic way either - he lacks the empathy/sympathy and morals or emotions that could humanize him. This, plus his goal of revenge against the nebulous evil organization that harmed him way before the gates started appearing, makes the story straddle... more>> the line between dark and overly grimdark.

MC is OP, lacks empathy, and is mean to characters that the readers might like. He threatens authority figures with good intentions, never explains himself, and does not do things for the sake of any kind of justice or fairness. This might make him seem boring and even unlikable as a character. There are indications of a little bit of character development and the potential for a lot more development in the future, but the MC's personal journey and the power of friendship aren't the point of the story. The point is watching him coolly bulldoze through annoying cannon fodder while uncovering the overarching conspiracies in the background. The worldbuilding and unraveling of what the heck is going on are the main draws of the story.

The flatness of the MC does make the beginning of the story rather boring, though it is starting to pick up as of ch 66. Even with that, it is an entertaining hunter/gate story. The MC has unique abilities, the big antagonistic force originates from humanity and isn't otherworldly gods that are using the Earth for entertainment or something, and while there is hunter guild politics going on in the background that people try to pull the MC into he blatantly doesn't care about it. The side characters are more than 2D cutouts, and it's the conflict of one of the MC's minions that is the main driving force of the plot in these first 66 chapters. Also has a running gag (?) of the MC and his cronies charging into the bases of various gangs and annihilating everyone inside as the catch-all solution to their current problem. If you like the genre and want something new to read this is worth a shot. 4/5. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nicha010147 rated it
October 29, 2023
Status: c62
I had a very fun read! MC is OP to some extent since he is the king who has survived in hell for so long, but you still see the moment Lee Seojun is struggling because of the restriction that was put on him. He is strong but knows how to be cautious. He is cool, indifferent, and ruthless, but I find him very likeable. That why my favorite moment is

... more>>

when Seojun got protective over a fish-shaped bun! ('Cuz It reminds him of his mother) HE'S JUST SO ENDEARING! GAP MOE IS THE BEST!


Moreover, there is no romance so far! only bromance, which I adore very much lol <<less
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