The Crazy Prologue Never Ends


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A bag of blood for the Duke!

In the novel ‘The Duke Who Drinks Blood’, I was possessed by an extra whose blood gets s**ked mercilessly by the male lead and then dies.

For him, who can only use his power by drinking blood, Leoni in the original story calmly gave blood, but since I am the only person who can save the male lead, do I need to be obedient?

“I can’t walk because I’m dizzy because I got blood drawn. Please lift it there and move.”

So I tried to work as much as I could and ran away far beyond the north…

“It’s been a while, Your Highness the Duke. Uh… Should I call you your Majesty now?”

“I’ve made it very clear. I’ll never let you go.”

Why the hell is this damn prologue showing no signs of ending!

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미친 프롤로그가 끝나지 않는다
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koco2018 rated it
January 30, 2023
Status: c42
First. The duke is not really a bad guy. He needs blood, but never has the intention to make Leonie suffer if she cannot give it. Like when you give your pet the house and backyard to roam, and if it escapes you catch it. Plus, Leonie keeps asking for the wife's position and saying she loved him... so the duke is starting to notice her charms and catch feels.

Leonie has free range of the property, and the maids who harassed her for being a low-status baroness are taken care... more>> of within a few chapters and it doesn't happen again.

Basically, the novel is clean, you shouldn't get traumatized reading it. Leonie starts to go crazy because she knows her prologue is running out, but even so nothing bad happens to her.


Spoiler, the duke runs frantically through the snowy mountains to find her after her escape attempt, and when he sees her lying half-covered in the snow, he stares for a while then said:

"Were you lost?"

"... ... Yes?"

"You got lost."

He repeated the same words like a spell. As if he was telling himself that he wanted to believe that.

I stared blankly at him. His expression was not well visible in the backlight.

"Tell me you're lost, Leonie."

He knows why she ran away and that she won't stop, but he just wants to desperately deny it so as to not break the peace. Kind of like convincing yourself not to see what happened because you'd rather erase that fact and live as usual.

The duke... has his circumstances but he isn't unsociable and isn't cruel.

Or course he shouldn't hold someone captive and drink their blood so regularly. But he listens to Leonie's complaints and compromises on the blood amount and fixes her situation.

He's not an awful person. You can see that he doesn't wish to drive Leonie into a corner either, he just can't let her go, and that's all Leonie wants.


My Intro

Leonie had just passed out 12 hours ago from giving too much blood, and the blood task force already came for more blood. But that's the life of Leonie, an extra who died in the prologue of the novel, and an extra who hadn't even had her face drawn in the manhwa. Leonie was just a background character used to add to the victims of the Duke's blood thirst. That was Leonie's life, no retaliation, no struggle, just silently living until dried of blood. That was, until MC became Leonie.

Leonie is of a unique race whose blood can be converted into strength for the vampire Duke, and was sold in exchange for cash + a diamond mine by her debt-ridden Baron family. The Duke is entirely hands-off with the situation surrounding the donor, leaving them to be managed by staff. Within the mansion, a blood task force manages Leonie as if she were nothing more than a blood bag. Her food is nothing more than seasoning for the blood, and her treatment is terrible.

The OG Leonie lived in the mansion for 4 months before our MC took over, MC quickly became fed up and lashed out using the only valuable thing she has. Her life. Leonie dangles her life to sign a new deal with the Duke to disband the blood task force and lessen the amount of blood taken. After success, Leonie finally has breathing room in the mansion. Breathing room to plan an escape.

After the death of the previous empress, the Duke of the North, who is also the second prince, was banished from the capital. The empress descended from vampiric ancestors who gained inhuman strength after consuming certain blood, and that ability manifested itself in the Duke. Vampires are legends and mythical stories passed down to scare children, but for the royal family it's different. The fight for the throne left the two princes in constant battle, and while searching for weaknesses, the Duke's need for blood is known to his opponent. <<less
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Tzuyu4Eva rated it
June 18, 2024
Status: Completed
First of all, the side stories are basically required reading for anything resembling a satisfying ending, so keep that in mind. Another warning, I hope you like s*upid and oblivious characters since the ML literally doesn’t realize he loves FL until the last 10-15 chapters.

Anyway, this story has some major tonal dissonance. It’s a good story in that I can feel the FL’s emotions at most points. It starts out honestly pretty comedic since the FL has lots of snarky/sassy comments. Not too far in though the tone is just... more>> depression and angst. Then you get a bit of a reprieve, then even worse depression, and then the end, and then the side stories with the real end. The tone changes were a bit much but it was the ending for me.


So basically the ML teams up with og!FL to take down the prince, but decides to not tell FL anything. You can sniff what’s coming from a mile away. But the thing is she is repeatedly demeaned and humiliated because she wasn’t let in on this plan. After all the despair she went through, the ML didn’t do enough groveling for my taste to make up for it. Like he gives her the freedom she wants, but he doesn’t prove enough to me that he regrets the turmoil he put her through, heck I don’t think he even understands the turmoil he put her through, all that she was willing to do for him, he doesn’t prove to me that he deserves her


Anyway that spoiler stuff plus the tone changes is what knock it down for me <<less
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