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I am a vampire, possessing the body of the villainess in the novel.

I want to live quietly so I can live peacefully.

When I saw the Duke of Esteban, I lost all my reason and bit his neck.

Duke of Esteban just so happens to be the greatest figure in the empire.

I didn’t have enough strength to fight the desire, so I slept with him…

I’m in trouble. Let’s erase his memory and run.

“Your Excellency asked me to convey a message ‘I let you have my neck and body, but you threw it all away and ran.’”

What are you saying?

Does he remember?

Later, there was a strange declaration of war after we met.

“Don’t avoid me and let’s continue to meet. Also, when you need blood, come find me.”

Duke, would you please stay away from me?

It’s hard to breathe because of your taste.

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3 Reviews

Nov 24, 2020
Status: c3
Vampire? Absolutely my kink. I'm suprised no single one review on this book.

The story plot so good. I need more. I hope the author updated more frequently. I'm so excited to know the waht inside the Duke's mind


The first few chapter shows that the Duke so interested on Elise.

But how did he managed to remember when she already use her power to make him forget?

I suspect he is vampire as well. Or he did have supernatural background? From the look of the neck of FL the picture above, she did have bite mark.
She also an interesting character. A vampire has gone inside human body?. Not everyday typical character.


I've read until chapter 7, the mage did left some clue about ML that he also not very much human. I'm curious who or what he is. But what did I know for now he has magic power as well as FL.


The Crown Prince attitude really irritated me more. What do he think he is that highly person who only FL can be with. What psycho. Even his idiotic head didn't understand her breakup to him. Need to get rid of him ASAP
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Jan 28, 2021
Status: c18
I've had my fill of vampire stories, and I've basically stayed away from them. This story only has one vampire, our FL. I've read to chapter 11 and so far we've had one bite scene, which was chapter 1 where she dine & dashed the ML.

She transmigrated into a villainess from a novel she was reading... the villainess supports the prince for years, she falls in love, then the prince falls in love at first sight with the heroine, the villainess harasses the heroine... You understand. BTW this isn't placed... more>> in a school setting, and IDK how old they are, but they are adults. This world has magic, sorcerers, and magical beasts that drop magic stones that can be embedded to make magic devices. The magic aspect isn't the main focus of the story, it was kinda like the author shoved it in to justify the ML's resistance to the FL's magic... It's fine.

You're probably wondering... since she's a vampire did she transmigrate into a vampire novel. I don't consider this info to be a spoiler, but I'll tag it incase.

NO. She was a vampire who transmigrated into a human however, her body started to change into a vampire due to her soul's instability with the human body.


The story starts after she had broken up with the prince, she dumps him 5-ish days before the ball where he would meet the heroine. She cleanly breaks it off... but even though she swatted the pathetic mosquito it's still buzzing in her ear...

This story so far doesn't go in-depth about world-building, character personalities/appearances, and the situations aren't detailed so much you don't have to think for yourself. The story doesn't have a strong presence but it's light and enjoyable to read. I have so far enjoyed this story, the ML & FL fluff is heart racing <3 <<less
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Aug 09, 2022
Status: c80
To be honest, sometimes I found myself a bit confused when reading this o.o

But well, I love the characters! The FL and the ML; I love seeing them together. Love how the ML is so selfless for the FL. Sweet. I love the story too. Its a love story about human and a vampire as you know.. Overall I enjoy my time reading this novel so I would still recommend this as a good read regardless :)
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