Codename Vestia


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In a world where vampires no longer drink blood,
and walk on the streets with humans under the sunlight.

Lieutenant Commander of MCTC, Doyeong Defert,
falls into a trap and is captured captive during his mission.

While being transported across the sea, he barely escapes and arrives on an uninhabited island.

Little did he know, there was a vampire living in solitary there, Camar.

“Are you… human?”

“Hey, isn’t it obvious, miss vampire? Why are you asking?”

Camar takes care of Deyeong who came with a fractured leg with much care,
and simultaneously protects him.

‘Whoever enters this island can never leave.’

But Doyeong has to return.

His family is waiting for him.

He has to escape from this peculiar and gorgeous vampire who holds many secrets. However, as the military secret hidden in Doyeong’s body is revealed, the prying eyes awaken beneath the darkness.

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코드네임 베스티아
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wookraeth rated it
May 30, 2021
Status: c1
Hello, this is Translator Wook of Travis Translations. If you're reading this, I assume you're somewhat interested in reading this series. Thank you very much for your time.

This review is not finished, when this was written, I was still at Chapter 7 of the raw.

Alright, for starters.
The setting is not a fantasy world. The setting is Planet Earth. Yep, we will see many familiar phrases, places, and even situations. Heck, I've found the mentions of Tinder, Tiffany & co., I Love New York T-Shirt, and stuffs like that. Which is a breath of fresh air, in my opinion.

We have vampires. Yes. Now if that is not enough to lure you in, I don't know what would. Although it is explained that they do not require blood anymore to survive (so wipe off your sexy imagination about blood-sucking vampires), some of the evil ones still drink blood (or maybe don't wipe them off completely) either for amus**ent or just... weird fetish.

It is being told by the male lead POV, most of the time. Whoa, a romance genre being told from male lead POV, must be weird-- It's not. Doyeong is such a fun character, he's an opinionated and funny a**hole. If you're like me, you'll like him in just the first two chapters. The female lead, although is a vampire, is naive and... cute? I must say? from living far away from civilization for so long. Their interactions are funny and... cute? I don't know, okay? I just find myself smiling foolishly the whole time I'm reading.

All in all, since everyone has their own taste, I can only say, as usual, give this a try~

"Let us be kind to each other as the heart is already fragile, life is already hard, and this translator still wants to live a few more years."
Wook, signing out.
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TeaPlease1717 rated it
September 13, 2021
Status: c13
I'm really enjoying this! The translator is doing a terrific job! I'm loving the little extra notes and pictures the translator adds to clear up any confusion readers may have for some of the military or survival guide verbiage the author throws in.

As for as story goes, I find this really interesting. The author does a great job world building and definitely did their homework on the different types of military and survival skillsets one may need on a deserted island. For romance, it's the first time I've read a... more>> story primarily from the ML's pov. He's the handsome cold type but I love the slow growth of love between the FL and ML. There are only 13 chapters available so far but I'm really looking forward to where this goes.

Romance: 7 - The ML and FL feel attraction for each other early on, but the romance will definitely be a slow burn.

Overall: 9 - There are only 13 chapters, so will have to wait and see how the plot plays out but so far it has an interesting premise. <<less
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January 26, 2022
Status: c5
Umm, can't really give it a rating this early but the logic of the ML baffles me!

So you arrive on a seemingly deserted island, but there is an unarmed girl following you...

Do you:
(A) ignore her and find a way to leave.
(B) show that you mean her no harm, and try to gain information.
(C) try figuring out where she came from, and if there are other inhabitants.
(D) ambush her with a knife to her neck demanding she tell you who she is.

his answer in the spoiler.



Second questionnaire from chapter 5, if you feel like it:


So despite attacking an unarmed girl you lost and almost drowned. You wake up to find she rescued you, and splinted your leg.
She tied you up, but provides freshly baked bread.
Do you:
(A) apologise for attacking her and thank her for the no doubt valuable bread.
(B) take the bread, demand she unties the ropes and headbu*t her in the chin.


his answer



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Lemur rated it
July 8, 2022
Status: c19
Great novel. Plot is fairly unique, and the main lead's relationship progresses at a natural pace. It never feels rushed or weird.

ML doesn't immediately simp over FL just because she's pretty and he's alone on an island with her, but he's not a complete as*hole either, so he comes across as a realistic and likable character.

FL is a typical innocent and goodhearted character like a lot of other female leads, however she's not boring and the author writes her in an interesting way. She's not a pushover and doesn't automatically... more>> do whatever the ML says. She's a self-reliant and a capable person. She's also pretty secretive about herself and her past which makes her kind of mysterious and it makes you want to learn more about her.


For example, we don't know why she lives on the island or refuses to leave in spite of suffering while living there. It's also indicated the FL has a sad/painful past.


Someone else complained about ML acting illogically. I completely disagree. His actions make sense considering the life or death situation he's in.


He attacked her because he had just escaped from a bunch or mu*derous criminals, and after swimming to the island, he realized someone was stalking him around the island without revealing their presence. Common sense would dictate that this person is potentially dangerous and needs to be dealt with swiftly. Only an idiot would walk right up to a stalker and introduce themselves politely. It's better to get the upper hand on them and then release them later if they turn out to be harmless.

He headbutted her because he still doesn't trust her. He thinks she's an informant planted by his enemies in order to get his guard down. And the fact that she has him tied isn't really helping him feel grateful towards her. So naturally he doesn't think she's helping him because of pure goodwill. Plus, she's way stronger than him due to being a vampire, so it's not like he's beating a poor defenceless woman.

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