The Boy Who Swore Revenge On The World


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A boy named 『Hardt』was an ordinary villager.

Without any particular dreams, Hardt only lived while thinking about wanting to be of help to the mother that raised him up with her two hands.

From the God of the world; Goddess Fistoria, an『Oracle』is bestowed upon all twelve year olds. The occupation Hardt was bestowed upon is『Dark Sorcerer』and this greatly changed his life.

His mother was killed before his eyes, stabbed by his childhood friend as an allegiance test, beaten up by people he doesn’t know, Hardt; he has become unable to believe in humans and in the world, swore.

“I will take revenge on the people, the country, the world and the Goddess”

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Sekai ni Fukushuu wo Chikatta Shounen
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New Leinyl rated it
May 24, 2020
Status: c55
Revenge, Yandere, Harem. These tags mostly makes me enjoy the series here but damn this novel is seriously pushing the limits of how incompetent and illogical every major character here is.

First off is the MC:

... more>>

So he basically wants to invade another country and use it to secretly build up strength for when he decides to invade the Holy Kingdom and exact his revenge but GOD DAMNIT. He is expecting not to be discovered by the holy kingdom when you are constantly expecting the royal family you left alive to betray you and seek outside help. DID HE SERIOUSLY EVEN THINK WHEN HE DECIDED TO DO THAT. What's more there is seriously no redeeming quality I have seen in him. Not exactly smart, his decisions are whimsical, lost all sense of morality and principles, and rash. The only thing you could find good about him is he treats his "possessions" with care, NOT LIKE THAT TRAIT HASN'T BEEN USED IN OTHER SERIES WITH UNSYMPATHETIC MCS.


Then there are the side characters/allies of MC:


The most I could say about them is they are loyal war potentials each attached with tropes you've seen elsewhere. There's the scientist, the battle maniac, the princess knight, the strategist etc. Then there is that one overly attached girl to the MC who he constantly f*cks, the problem is that she basically ended up like that due to Stockholm syndrome most likely. I do enjoy chapters about other characters meant for world-building though, like that one about the Demon King. Then there are also a few of the MCs subordinates that seem interesting like the kids at the orphanage. Honestly these last two points are what's keeping me here


Regarding the villains........ *sssssiiiiiiiggggghhhhh*


THEY'RE SO f*ckING INCOMPETENT!!! You got the MC who was early on found out by the church to have the power to oppose the Goddess, what did the idiotic church do? Instead of killing the damn thing immediately, they torture him first for several days and let his rage build up until he gains his power. What about the Holy Maiden, the MC's childhood friend? Well how about we threaten to kill her family if she doesn't stab the MC once and just show her all the bad side of the Kingdom, yeah THAT WON'T TRAUMATIZE HER OR QUESTION HER ORDERS. Then there is the Goddess, oh hey she found where the MC is hiding because of how s*upid he is and she has an an army of Angels and even modified humans, what did she do, well leave them alone for the time being.............. YOU HAVE EVERYTHING IN YOUR DISPOSAL TO ELIMINATE A THREAT YOU ARE INCREDIBLY AFRAID OF AND YOU LEAVE THEM ALONE FOR THE TIME BEING!!!!!!!!


Rating: 3/10 <<less
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Hotaru.Kuro rated it
January 13, 2018
Status: --
I'm giving 5 star for this one because this novel fits my taste. Honestly this novel is great cuz this have medieval settings and also starting from ordinary villager..

The MC here got betrayed even though he did nothing wrong. Even his bestfriend. Pretty much he was also tortured to half dead state

but well this is one of the best edgy novels out there. Too much pain gives the novel life
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mukkaar rated it
March 14, 2018
Status: c20
I had to stop reading when story went totally tasteless. It had some promise before it though.


MC goes around attacking villages and people that have nothing to do with stuff that was done to him. Not to mention they seem to be just normal villagers. I mean I don't mind slightly evil MC, but there's usually at least some justification for their actions. Here there is none.

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Bakaleaf rated it
April 24, 2018
Status: c7
I barely read it and I think this novel is good as long as I can ignore the NTR part

Seriously I love how this novel keep on attracting hypocrite people lol what is justice that title already said he want revenge against the world not one person not one organization but against the world! So technically speaking all is his enemies which makes this simple and straight forward.

I love how the church is being introduce I mean the all is evil except us setting I always love to read how... more>> those righteous people pretend that they are good since they worship god and all their evil acts can be justify by a single word in the name of god lol

I'm looking forward reading this novel although it's cruel and ugly but novel like this is one which is so similar to the real world and only a hypocrite will bad mouth this novel lol

contrary to what others said this is really a good novel, despite the annoying POV of other characters at least they are not some random people who will die the next chapter.


It's not particularly about them being pitiful or whatnot. The country won't be able to function if there are no people working. If it becomes so, food and so forth won't come in as well. And at that time, what will happen is..... Liscia will get angry. This fellow, she's really annoying when it concerns the meal. Because the economy won't function if we kill too much, I also have to consider about such things.
-chapter 32


Note that this novel is about fighting against the world so the MC is evil if see him evil but if you think about it if you just dispose of your hypocritical way of thinking I think MC action is justified as he technically hated humanity.

I don't think any person who suffer torture and heal cycle all the time by the so called church of light, then got stab and betrayed by the people he live in all his life and they even kill his mother in front of him can still be called sane regardless of how he kill innocent it is only one's own point of view, when a murderer kill, people only see that he killed someone and people judge him guilty but they fail to see the reason why he commit such act.

This is not an avenger story nor is it a story of revenge this is about how evil is created out of good intention. This is about how beautiful being evil is because of the cruel reality of how good people act. In other words this novel is for hypocrite people who always shout "you are evil" and "you are bad" yet their action is much worse than that. <<less
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SunsetChaos rated it
July 9, 2018
Status: c51
Makes no sense.

Enemies are the Holy Kingdom as well as his village/country. He'll at least start his revenge in his village or somewhere in his country right?

.... Nope. Decides to invade some other completely unrelated country, attacking and killing completely unrelated people and civilians. Wtf?

Morality and whatnot aside, do you really want to read something with an MC making retarded decisions like this?
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lohwengk rated it
March 5, 2018
Status: c26
My rating: 1*

There are too many sudden changes in PoV. It might be tolerable if the pov switched to a supporting character, but a large number of these went to new characters, some of whom give the feeling of being one-off cannon fodder characters.

On top of that, the story doesn't feel that interesting. Parts of it read like the developmental diary of a villain-in-the-making. By rights, the story should be quite decent, yet I can only feel disappointed when I read it. I can't put my finger on the reason... more>> why, though. <<less
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Ndois rated it
May 17, 2018
Status: c43
Review as chapter 43

Lets start with the bad parts:

-The timeline looks a little rushed. Its not problematic to follow but there are various time skips between chapters (I would say it go 1 week to 1 month a time. Not sure as it is not explicit most of the time), still, after 43 chapters we had only 1 year passed but he had some things done that looks like should have took more time.

-As a effect of the time skips there some lack of character development for people that just... more>> appear out of nowhere (well, Nero is at fault here, even tho I like the guy). We may have it being better as I think the "setup phase" of the novel is done, but we will see.

-this novel is a pretty cliche revenge story: Guy has a normal life->has a childhood friend who is important to the world (like a "hero") ->gets betrayed by everyone->went for revenge against the world being the "villain".

Have said that, I think this novel do a better job at the way the MC is that most would. They put a real reason for the betrayal and not something that would be impossible. Most of the outsiders are not sh*t people that deserve to die, they are just people, the MC just dont care as he dont trust in those that he cant control. It make he really looks like a villain (as he does kill innocent people) but not just because the plot needs it.

He is pretty rational and has a reason for do what he does

he need power to gain his revenge, but start small, getting a village, then a small town, then a country that we control from the shadows.

. It makes he look really bad, but he is doing what people would do during a war.

Also, the netori tag, at least for now, has no reason to exist.

There is a case that people may use as a example, but the girl has not in a romantic relashionship with any of the guys, he made she betray then but as he did not steal anyone lover, just a party member, the tag is misplaced


Also, the "HERO" is the best hero ever, I want a novel with someone like him/her as the MC <<less
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Easykiln rated it
April 14, 2018
Status: c18
It's not terribly written or anything really, though it's very much a light novel. My issue with it is that he has absolutely no qualms about harming the innocent for the sake of power. He's just a villain with a sympathetic backstory. I can't tolerate an avenger who would put others through something like what they experienced.
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Dragon sovereing
Dragon sovereing rated it
September 23, 2018
Status: c55
Personal recommendation: this novel the first time I saw the truth did not have many expectations because it was a very typical revenge novel and complete the fact that the labels, had control of the mind, tragedy, contempt of cruelty, scared me The one who had ntr, but surprisingly is good, is not the epitome of perfection but it is good reading.

... more>>

To begin we will begin with what unleashes the desire for revenge of the prota and the why of the world: the prota is only a normal villager as it says in the synopsis, but wants to help his mother his only relative and who has given everything for him, He has seen her sacrificing herself every day even on icy nights to provide her with things, she gives him a lot of love and affection, because I describe her as her mother ?, because it is essential for them to understand why the desire for revenge is so great and because it is so broken the prota and no, I do not mean broken from powerful to broken that he is no longer able to trust anyone other than his subordinate (not dead) or his s*ave and because he is no longer able to feel empathy and why he is so possessive, now let's continue.

The fact is that in that world there is something called occupation ceremony in which they tell you what occupation they will have in their lives although you do not necessarily have to dedicate to that which came out, nor does it mean that for example you can not be a soldier if that occupation does not come to you, it only means that it will be easier for you to go that route, besides that there are a series of techniques called occupation arts.
We will see how the MC wants to have an occupation that allows him to help his mother, such as a hunter, is happy with his "friends" of childhood, to take this ceremony, his friends get great and rare occupations, a holy maiden another paladin, but who got the MC ?, Dark sorcerer and this is where everything bad starts for the MC.

He is captured and tortured in a horrible way for days and as they have people who can heal he can not die even if he wants to, all this happens until one day, they take him out of the cell and they make him walk while they throw stones at him and curse him As a devil, when they finally reach their destination they take off a hood that they had put on him and he sees that he was taken to the village where he left, the crazy priest that makes people stab him one by one with a knife but he does not leave that they cut his eyes so he can see how they do it, up to here he goes more or less well, but suddenly his "friends" of childhood appear, the boy who wants to kill him, is one of those who only time and time Any reason you want to hit him, he stabs an eye smiling, the MC looks at him with those faces that if they could kill a horrible torture he would do it, then the girl that the prota loves but she does not want to stab him then the crazy priest and fat because for some reason almost all the bad guys here are FAT, has them bring the girl's family and they threaten to kill them but she does it especially to her little brother who had a sword near his neck, then he has no choice but to stab him and one would think well and more bad I can not go to the poor devil of the MC.

aaaa but surprise what you did not know was that they captured their mother, the same MC realizes because he says he had not seen his mother nor was he stabbed by this one and that if that had happened he would have finished breaking, then the crazy priest and fat have them bring their mother and the MC as a good filial son who is trying to move despite not having strength and be supported by gentlemen, the mother who sees the prota looks at him with a face of a beautiful mother despite that he had the sinews of the cut legs and smiles at him, then they cut off his head, the MC screams and curses and they are about to kill him.

Then sooooooooo the savior that causes everything this triggers all this, Drax the first dark sorcerer who almost destroys the holy kingdom and kills the goddess, kills the knight who holds him and carries the MC along with the body of his mother and fingers that they cut right there and take it to a dimension that is between life and death.

from here follows the typical thing they tell him about his powers, they train him and they apologize with him and no, we will not see the training because what to show the training ?, what does that mean ?, will it contribute something to the story?

Let's continue the fact is that the reason why all this happened is because of the false goddess, if that goddess that everyone loves is false, if it is false and only humans love her, therefore we will see human hittlers who believe in human superiority about the other races and who believe that their goddess is everything, and what fault does the goddess have? Is not that supposed to be good? Surely it will be her subjects who do that on their own, but no, it is not so the goddess false is not the true god of that world if god because this was a man, the god of this world was a man and you know the flesh could be more in spite of being a god and let himself be deceived by one of his angels that is the goddess is currently not satisfied with his position wants his power then takes him to bed and there kills him, but the god is not completely mentally retarded and releases part of his power a large enough part so that she does not get her power of God in the world of him.

and what is that power ?, Dark magic, spiritual sorcery among others, this makes the false goddess can not have the power of a true god and makes it less than these but as the gods can not interfere in other worlds at least That is the conclusion that comes later I will explain why I reach that conclusion, then she is safe because the other angels can not do anything to her because they are much weaker than her.

the angry goddess because the true god of that world was not s*upid enough and therefore did not get her full power and by not getting it she can not interfere in that world as she would like, then she invents the holy maiden who is the one who will give her body so that the goddess can come down and interfere in this world but this has a horrible consequence for the poor holy maiden and that is that they will lose feelings, memories or senses and will almost always die a horrible way after the goddess leaves, for example If the goddess wants to eat something, the holy maiden will have to eat everything she wants and that's bad, but what comes after that is the bad thing, when the goddess leaves that body because she is satisfied, the girl will continue being hungry an insatiable hunger that will eventually kill her with hunger, darx the one who saved the MC and is the first dark sorcerer finds out about all this because one of the angels of the previous god wants to stop ner to the crazy that then is going to travel across the continent to gather strength and kill her, but casually falls in love with the current holy maiden and when he saw her he saw that he lost his sight, angry as any man would do if his wife left him blind, it goes and attacks the holy kingdom before time, it almost reaches victory but loses.

then the goddess literally wounded and learning from her mistakes realizes the great power that the true god left in that world and then creates the occupation ceremony to find the heirs of God's power and thus kill them and become a true goddess.

So far everything is fine the story is very well connected and makes sense and a good construction of the world.

continue with the characters:
Liscia: is the sword of the MC not literally but it is his main weapon or fighter, his story of those typical Chinese in which someone with envy wants course and mounted a conspiracy to remove it make them accuse his family of something horrible which ends with the death of all that family and hers, before he dies he sees how his sisters are raped and then they kill them thanks to this he hates the holy kingdom despite being a paladin, he is a belligerent personality he likes to fight a lot and also eating, right now is a sacred dullahan.

Chronos: is the one that creates all the magical technology of the protagonist, despite being very clever and a genius as far as magic is concerned was not very clever and was quite innocent when he was alive, I take his study and research on how to put magic in the objects to the sacred kingdom, but they take advantage of this and steal his achievements and besides that they kill him when they go for what is missing from his investigation, he did all this because he had a sick sister whom he loved very much but he was Poor then he needed money, thanks to this he hates the holy kingdom, as he only shows once in the novel he really does not know his personality, he is an undead magician.

Darx: the first dark sorcerer is a really good guy but he gets carried away a lot by his feelings, we do not see him again even though he is mentioned still after training.

Natalia: is the angel who informs Darx about the goddess and joins him, is currently an undead angel and serves him to Darx.

Mylene: is a priestess of fistoria the false goddess, we present her with a group of adventurers, is captured by neron the lich who created the prota, the prota makes you experience what he lived by letting him see his memories, becomes the s*ave of the prota and falls in love with this, is very good and prota has been f*cked more than once.

Nero: has the worst name of those who have seen who gives the name of one of the worst emperors in history, known for letting Rome burn while sweating his cock, removing my disgust for that, I think it was done of the corpse of the magician who killed the prota in the capture of the port city, but I do not see another way to create a lich that is basically a skeleton that can use magic and raise the dead, it is also the one in charge of controlling the undead subordinates of lower level for the prota, also is the housewife of the prota, the kitchen, clean and lava, besides that knows how to sew.

Fia: she is the princess of the kingdom to whom the prota retires to begin to make her army, she is the typical defender of the town she is defeated by liscia and she becomes a s*ave of this, she also accepts the prota after she kills the two modified soldiers that sent the goddess to kill the spiritual sorceress becomes queen after this, is also good.

Mars: if it was called like that in fact when they showed it and they said that I was going to the occupation ceremony I said then this is how mars became a writer, they left jokes aside he was an orphan of those typical ones who live with another bunch of orphaned children and he steals to keep them, he got the dark knight occupation which is the paladin's contra-part, currently he is one of the prota s*aves, besides that he is in love with land, he would do anything for her and for the other children.

Tiera: is the invalid girl and is the spiritual sorceress, a spiritual sorcerer is a sorcerer who can make contracts with spirits is quite strong since it is one of the powers that left the true god in that world, the spirits with whom he makes contracts they give him the power of an advanced magician as seen with his first contract in which he already has the power of a magician of advanced fire, it is also the one that leads mars to become a s*ave of the protagonist, at the moment he is a s*ave of protagonist and is in love with mars.

Hardt: is the protagonist of this story, is broken inside is very possessive of his own and also lacks empathy for others, besides being a sadistic person.
Stella: is the girl that the prota is in love at first, she also loves him even after what happened always think of him when he can, is the holy maiden and is currently in the realm of demons trying to kill the king demon with his group.

The hero noel: one watching this would think that he would be the enemy of the prota and that he will love stella but no, it is not so he was sent to this world by another man god to help the person who inherited the power of the true god of that world kill the false goddess and infiltrate the group of the holy kingdom, this is why I said that it is likely that the gods can not interfere in another world because the god is clear that he wants to kill the goddess but not because he does not have the power because as I said above she is much weaker than the normal gods then the god this has the strength to kill it himself but because he does not do it even though he wants her dead ?, because he can not interfere in another world except that what I believe, taking away that the hero is actually a girl who reincarnated in a boy by that god, the physical body of the boy that she occupies has a woman's appearance if it is a trap, besides that it is a masochist what that would be great illa with the prota that is sadistic but remember is MAN CURRENTLY and is with the stella group.

Greis: is the demon king that is supposed to kill stella and the others, although it is not really bad, in this story they tell us that demons are not really evil and that they only want to do the things we do, in fact within the demonic realm live other races besides the demonic, such as elves, dwarves, demi-humans, beastmen and even humans, leaving aside that is a good king and does not understand why the holy kingdom wants to kill the demons Although they are not bad.

lulsch: is the teacher of greis who taught him before becoming king, is also the tutor of lucus and silune children of the demon king.

Lucus: is the eldest son of the demon king is 7 years old and likes to do the same as a normal child.

Silune: is the youngest daughter of the demon king is 4 years old and is a genius magician can use SPACE MAGIC without being taught, also likes to do the same as a normal child.

Sera: is the caretaker of the demon king's son.

Up to here the friends and possible allies of the prota, now we go with the enemies of this:

Lig: son who*e that I told you that you want to split the f*cking face with just see it for no reason, is in love with stella but stella does not care at all and even ignores it, is currently part of the stella group.

Arnold: is the master of lig, is a champion that saved the town of stella that was being attacked by undead after it was cursed by the energy that hardt unknowingly released.

Fistoria: is the false goddess who usurped the power of the true god is not as strong as this and also this wound and lost some of its power, is the cause of everything that happens in the novel.

Sigurd: angel at the service of the goddess fistoria.

Regul: the mayor's son who bullying the prota.

Malint: is the counselor of the holy king and cardinal of the church.

Mehdia: is the servant who works for stella.

Now I will tell the places where the story unfolds:

The world: you do not know the name of that planet or if you have any truth.

The kingdom of anders: it is the kingdom in which the MC was born, in this the village in which he grew up, is one of the subordinate kingdoms of the holy kingdom.

The kingdom of mestoa: is the kingdom to which the prota moved to begin its plan of revenge, its main source of income is fishing, is currently weak after the civil war and is being governed by fia who is the queen and prota who is the king.

The kingdom estekia (is the kingdom that I mentioned as the demonic kingdom) : it is the kingdom of nonhumans closest to the holy kingdom therefore it is attacked by this since the holy kingdom has a strong doctrine that believes in human superiority and that the other races should not exist, in the live all kinds of races to the same humans and has a great multicultural belief, it is quite strong since it manages to withstand the constant wars with the strongest country of that continent that is the holy kingdom.

The Glenberg Empire: it is the largest nearby country in the kingdom in which it stands, although it does not have the same doctrine as the holy kingdom if it believes in human superiority and sees the other races as s*aves of humans and being close from the realm of beastmen and demi-humans, you know what happens, no, because war and constant conflicts with these.

The kingdom of the beastmen: I call it that because, as far as it is translated, its name is not mentioned, not much is known of it, but it is in constant war with the Glenberg empire because of its ideology of human superiority.
The kingdom of the demi-humans: just as the previous kingdom has no name as far as it has been translated, it is also in constant war with the Glenberg empire for the same reasons.

The holy kingdom: it is the kingdom where the church of fistoria comes from, it hates all the other races, it is also the biggest and strongest country of all, it is in constant war with the kingdom of estekia.


In short, it is a good novel because of its way of telling things, its way of connecting points and giving meaning to everything such as the power of the prota among other things, although it is not perfect nor is it very good since it sins the most typical clichés that exist as the church is the bad and the orphans, this is perfectly ignorable as the story progresses, also the prota is not the typical supreme genius that appears in these novels many things are not planned by the actually so I give it a 4 out of 5. <<less
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January 11, 2018
Status: c6
Honestly, this might not be the novel for most of you anti-cliche people out there... For many reasons.

This novel starts out with a small introduction to why he'll become edgy, then it'll go to the present after that. Also, this novel has a medieval-like setting.

The MC, like most edgy novels, starts out as an average NPC-like character with either a beauty or a handsome dude for his friends. Then he gets betrayed even though he did nothing wrong, and after he turns revenge into his goal, he gets some... more>> strange power afterwards and so on and so forth. It's just full of clichés.

But even though I pointed out all of those, I'll still rate it a 4/5 (for now) mostly cause I'm pretty biased and I like edgy novels regardless of the Mainstream aspects. <<less
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KamiKira00 rated it
April 27, 2018
Status: c37
MC is supposed to be vilain, evil person, but is worrying about enemy country economy, he has minions that don't respect him. It feels like author wants to write novel about evil MC but doesn't want him to be evil.

Dropped it at chapter 37, serious novel, became a comedy, like most japanese novel, all it lacks is that MC starts creating mayonnaise (like in The Death Mage Who Doesn't Want a Fourth Time). Seriously disappointed by this novel.

This novel is really bad.
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diamonds rated it
December 24, 2018
Status: c62
MC did the smart thing by embracing evil and attacking surrounding countries instead of the Holy Kingdom to build up strength. If he attacked the Holy Kingdom directly early on, they would curbstomp him.

POV shifts aren't even that annoying.

I'd say this is about a 3 or 4 star that I am rounding to 4 for now.
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superhero12 rated it
March 8, 2020
Status: c66
As for chapter 66 the story is well maintained and pretty solid. MC is powerful but not super op.

MC is doing his best to ens*ave/kill/brainwash all of the humans he met but its well justified in the novel and its fine by me.

Overall this novel is pretty good choice for everybody who seeks op MC and he gots betrayed/ filled with hatred.
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JackB rated it
October 31, 2019
Status: c31
Started off interesting but then lost me when the story killed any anticipation I had for the revenge. Its hard to care about the MC as he becomes one of those people he hates. The story and characters lack any real depth and action as the story progresses is very bland and boring. If a story cant move me in some way then its not worth my time.
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