The Age of Arrogance


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A territory devastated by a long war, Pervaz.

And the new lord who shall restore Pervaz, Asha Pervaz.

She receives an audience with the emperor to collect the reward for her victory,

But she was met with ridicule, called a ‘barbarian princess’, and given the absurd right to pick her marriage partner as a reward for victory.

Asha makes the best possible choice in such a situation.

“Then…… Duke Carlyle Haven”

She chooses the noble ranked first on the list of nobility, the first prince, who was recently deprived of his position as crown prince following a grand scandal.

She plans to request compensation when he refuses, but contrary to her expectations, he accepts her choice. While also promising to provide a tremendous amount of support for the restoration of Pervaz.

“What do wish from me?”

“Don’t concern yourself with what I do in Pervaz. Don’t wish for me to treat you as a wife, and don’t join forces with my enemies. Then quietly sign the divorce papers when I request one.”

It was a deal with nothing for Asha to be dissatisfied about.

She took the hand of the arrogant man who even looked down on his father, the emperor.

His lips spread into a charming smile.

“I hope we can get along well, wife.”

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오만의 시대
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New znukhsoc rated it
March 25, 2024
Status: c55
The real story begins in chapter 14, you can read the description and skip there.

I hate it when authors show a scene in the first chapter then begin their story weeks before that. Plus the chapters until she actually proposes her deal are full of unnecessary knowledge that can be summarized in a few sentences. You already know how things will go.... It was so unnecessary that even the low-quality manhwa cut those parts and put them as flashback scenes. Actually, they even removed an averagely important villain, perhaps because... more>> he was being overly petty at random times?

Another factor for the low score is this: If we add up all the villains' brain cells, they don't add up any higher than 2 I think. The emperor is a straight child, the empress is a classic overreaching egoistic woman, the royals are letting out hungry turkey noises, villainess women who tries to ride that ML d... Such a tasteless choice... I thought I'd be fine if I skipped ALL THOSE LOOONG antagonist parts since they're pointless. You can basically read the last two paragraphs are you'll be done...

ML&FL's relationship was quite fun for a while and I loved how ML found a way to have fun with her. BUT! IT ALL GONE BACKWARDS! I hoped that by chapter 50 they would get a bit close but nah... The relationship stayed the same.

I should add that even though ML grew up in a warzone he sometimes makes ignorant comments or asks s*upid questions about FLs territory... Since he is SO disrespectful that even people close to him don't respect FL's side. It annoyed me so much. This behavior is a constant element in this novel btw.


Well, he did try to cut their tongues just for the show but after that, he still continued to bad mouth their conditions anyway.


Anyway, dropping at chapter 55... The author really had to bring in cheap antagonists to that castle... At this point leads together don't have any screen time... Why would you put multiple villains so close??? They are so boring at that too.... UGH, I'm done. DONE <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
New lteye rated it
March 20, 2024
Status: Completed
Loved this story!! The author did such a great job. I started off the story thinking there was no way these two characters would get together in a way that made sense and that it would just be the author forcing them together. I'm glad to say I was wrong. The author did a wonderful job developing and growing her characters til it just made sense for them to be together.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
appledapp rated it
February 29, 2024
Status: c60
The story is so nice. The male and female lead are both lovable characters. It is not the typical novel that is emotionally dragging. Where can I read the full novel? Thank you for responding.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
dancingdream rated it
March 19, 2024
Status: Completed
OH MY GODDDD this is so fun!!

I love Carlyle's character was written. He runs his mouth, sure, but the author also displays his thoughts and actions in such a way that makes him swoon-worthy. Couple that with Asha's black cat, aloof personality. It was so fun seeing how their story unfold.

... more>>

That scene where they fought together for the first time??? I was jumping on my bed, legs kicking with uncontrollable squealing. IT WAS SO COOL!!!


The translation was superb too, with minor errors that you can easily overlook. Overall a really enjoyable read <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Breakthewall rated it
March 10, 2024
Status: Completed
This novel is a chief kiss fr, I liked it all tbh, the only thing that irritated me a bit was FL and ML being hesitant to express their love but their relationship was really good and powerful like literally and not like any typical contractual relationships
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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