The Eldest Daughter Walks Down The Flower Path


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An eldest daughter was neither useful nor lovable in the eyes of parents who wanted a son.

Radis, the Tilrod family’s first born daughter, lived all her life abiding by the ‘sacrifice’ that she was expected to do.

“You are the Tilrod family’s eldest daughter. Isn’t it natural for you to do your best to support your brother since he’s the pillar of our family?”

“You know, it’s only right that the eldest daughter is the breadwinner.”

“Go hunt demons in your brother’s stead. It’s so humiliating to have an unmarried daughter stay at home. But if you go on that expedition, I’ll allow you to stay here.”

To keep her place in her family, she tried anything and everything to win their love.

She believed that happiness would come to her someday if she continued to endure it all.

However, she finally broke down after her family’s betrayal when she came back home.

“It was all a pipe dream. I should never have lived for my parents, for my brother… for my family. I should have just lived for myself!”

As she took her last breath, she thought it was finally over.

But Radis returned to the past at the age of sixteen.

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장녀는 꽃길을 걷는다
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kawaii12345 rated it
July 8, 2021
Status: c1
A provisional 5 stars it's only the first chapter but it opens very well. The text is very readable and the author has actually managed to come up with their own take on the opening for a second chance novel 👍 The supporting characters already have a sense of life and personality and the world is beginning to take form.

Bottom line, I want more of this it looks like a really good read
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
keikomushi rated it
July 25, 2021
Status: c3
This series is what we refer to as a 'depression simulator'. However, the first three chapters provide a great stepping-off point for which to move to something more uplifting. The contrast between the selflessness of Radis and the selfishness of her family is interesting, giving motivation for Radis to live for herself after her regression. Here's hoping that the author has the ability to make good on the promise made in these beginning chapters (and in the title) to give Radis the happiness that she deserves. So, yes, I am... more>> officially invested in this story. <<less
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