The Eldest Daughter Walks Down The Flower Path


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An eldest daughter was neither useful nor lovable in the eyes of parents who wanted a son.

Radis, House Tilrod’s first-born daughter, lived all her life abiding by the ‘sacrifice’ that she was expected to do.

“You are the Tilrod family’s eldest daughter. Isn’t it natural for you to do your best to support your brother since he’s the pillar of our family?”

“You know, it’s only right for the eldest daughter to be the family’s breadwinner.”

“Go hunt monsters in your brother’s stead. It’s so humiliating to have an unmarried daughter stay at home. But if you go on that subjugation expedition, I’ll allow you to stay here.”

To keep her place in her family, she tried anything and everything to win their love.

She believed that happiness would come to her someday if she continued to endure it all.

However, she finally broke down after discovering her family’s betrayal when she came back home.

“It was all a pipe dream. I should never have lived for my parents, for my brother… for my family. I should have just lived for myself!”

As she took her last breath, she thought it was finally over.

But Radis returned to the past at the age of sixteen.

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장녀는 꽃길을 걷는다
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keikomushi rated it
July 25, 2021
Status: c3
This series is what we refer to as a 'depression simulator'. However, the first three chapters provide a great stepping-off point for which to move to something more uplifting. The contrast between the selflessness of Radis and the selfishness of her family is interesting, giving motivation for Radis to live for herself after her regression. Here's hoping that the author has the ability to make good on the promise made in these beginning chapters (and in the title) to give Radis the happiness that she deserves. So, yes, I am... more>> officially invested in this story. <<less
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Skite rated it
April 5, 2022
Status: c37
Yeah, the other reviewers didn't give this one sufficient time. This is NOT depression p*rn or anything of that nature. I repeat, it is NOT.

Sure, Radis starts out in a horrible situation and abusive home life, but she gets out of it quickly, and she thrives on her new environment.

To describe Radis, think of the super cool jock girl you knew back in school, whom you had a massive platonic girl crush on, and she was just, genuinely, nice while also being badass amazing. That's Radis, our splendid lady knight,... more>> who has spent over half a decade fighting demons. Think Brienne of Tarth, except small and red-headed.

Her family's neglect may have exposed her to catastrophically fatal amounts of demon energy, but her natural endurance and sheer will to power through lead to a surprising result: she somehow managed to metabolize it into mana. I'm not sure what she is now, but she's slowly exploring her fun new powers and integrating them into her already prodigious sword skills.

And yet, so far, this is not a battle fic.

While she was ready to take her fate into her own hands by applying for a position in a much, much nicer demon subjugation squad and fleeing her family, with the ultimate goal to buy a cherry farm and retire, an interesting twist happened. She caught the passing interest of a prince.

To profit on this and try to use her as a stepping stone, the nearby Marquis offers her a deal. He will socially sponsor her and give her a place to live for two years (until she comes of age) and if she manages to further intrigue the prince, she'll, in turn, keep the Marquis in mind. It gets her out of her abusive household, so she's on board.

Suddenly she's dressing in beautiful ball gowns, going to plays, stuffing her face with delicious foods, and managing an increasing fan club of maids with girl crushes. All while sneaking out at night to practice her new skills on minor demons. Life is looking up!

The Mythos of the story seems to be setting itself up for a return of the Legendary Trio + founding prince scenario, and we may start seeing people slot into their roles as "Fire Sword" "Holy Shield" "Light Spear" and Prince, soon. Not certain, but it's heavily implied.

I currently have no idea who the ML is. There are three possibilities:


The third prince. In a similar abusive family situation to Radis, where he must sacrifice for his older siblings and hide his considerable skills, the third prince is described as empty, icy, and like a hollow doll. He falls in love with Radis at first sight, and it is so, so cute to watch him watch her, the one person who can move him to breaking his facade. However, his situation may be too complicated for him and Radis to have a chance.

The Marquis. He comes across like a moody, goth, middle schooler (and certainly dresses that way). His motivations for taking Radis in are pretty scummy and suspicious, though he's been pretty upfront to Radis that he wants to package her up to sell her (not literally!) to the Prince if the Prince is interested, and treats her pretty decently. The Marquis is convinced the 3rd Prince will be the next Emperor, and that facilitating the guy's first love is his ticket to status and a dukedom. He has little to no idea what real girls are like, let alone a strong woman like Radis, so he can make some fedora-y "milady"-type mistakes when it comes to her, and she tends to view him as a dramatic idiot blowhard, while also loving the new world of shiny, wonderful rhings he's opened her up to.

Robert, Radis's closest friend and comrade in her previous life. Kicked out of his family as the youngest sibling who kept outshining the oldest, Robert likewise has a family experience similar to Radis. A person Radis deeply admired, liked, respected, and relied on, but whom she nevertheless had to keep a distance from, so as to not reveal she is a girl.


Her garbage family are garbage, and seem set to self destruct on their own. She is content to let them and not give them another single crumb of her, not even in the form of a thought. <<less
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kawaii12345 rated it
July 8, 2021
Status: c1
A provisional 5 stars it's only the first chapter but it opens very well. The text is very readable and the author has actually managed to come up with their own take on the opening for a second chance novel 👍 The supporting characters already have a sense of life and personality and the world is beginning to take form.

Bottom line, I want more of this it looks like a really good read
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October 22, 2022
Status: --
I hate it. I really REALLY hate it. Possibly for unfair reasons, but my rage is given physical form as the sweat pours from my brow at 72 degrees Fahrenheit. I'm not rating this because it's one aspect of the story that has me raging to such an extent that I'm biased negatively, but I'd give it a 2 on emotion alone.

This protagonist should, by all rights, be a bad@ss. She's gone through a horrible situation, seen people's true faces, and still bothers to consider them. She has had only... more>> one proper cool moment as of chapter 26, and that was early on, when she still thought it was a dream.

She has a couple of pretend cool moments, but she's not actually doing anything useful or cathartic. She has no rage towards her wrongs, only sadness, and that's worth nothing to me. I frankly don't care if she lives or dies. She lets these things happen to her knowing she can stop it, and does bare minimum, if anything.

She says she can't leave the mansion on her own, but she can, she isn't trapped in her bedroom and no one can stop her if she tries.

She says she hates the pink abomination her mom gives her to wear, but wears it anyway without a fight or comeuppance.

She says she doesn't have money, but is surrounded by objects she can sell. They're not hers, but nothing is, so she may as well take something from this crap family. Or, just be a penniless soldier for a while.

She lets her 'mother' hit her, and doesn't hit back. Doesn't properly scold her younger siblings, either, even though it would do them good.

I haven't gotten to the flower path part of the story, but she clearly needs it, because she couldn't save herself from a wet paper bag. Also, if her flower path doesn't relate to her being a fighter, I don't even know what I'm doing here. <<less
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J Doe
J Doe rated it
November 24, 2021
Status: c17
This is one of those stories about a person who was used as a dishrag by her family and then is given a chance to do it all over again. Since she died young the first time and never got past her traumatic upbringing, she is still fairly naive in this life. Still, she's able to make plans for her future and even get some payback for past debts. Looking forward to how she turns things around and how (or if) she learns to love herself.
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Technez rated it
September 17, 2022
Status: c91
Radis is the best. The story has a really interesting story going on without it ever feeling like too much at once, and the main character makes it a very nice experience. I am incredibly invested in what is going to happen and I truly do like the main character, she's the best. Would highly recommend if you like strong female leads that are shown in their badassery.
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frostcrystal rated it
April 17, 2022
Status: --
It's okay. Like a lot of these kinds of novels, it feels very shallow. A lot of the characters are very two-dimensional, such as nearly all of the villains introduced so far. Radis is a sweetheart, of course, but I have to admit that I had hoped for more plot than a mysterious Earl (?) whisking her away to his mansion to be pampered, which is kind of what is happening right now. And of course there is a mysterious (and very handsome) Prince to be had, and the pampering... more>> of a young girl who grew up in abusive household.. Lots of feel-good European ambient romance clichés. At least the author avoided obviously calling out the ML.

Anyhow, it's not really my cup of tea. I probably would have liked the story better if she had run away from home with a sword one night to forge her own cherry farm in the middle of the demonic forest or something like that. <<less
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misto713 rated it
February 22, 2022
Status: c5
the author spends 90% of the story describing the 'dark past'. How the FL had it hard, how she was mutilated in combat, abandonedn betrayed etc etc. Your typical "despair fetish". Also the FL is passive, just lets herself be dragged along or locked in her room even though she has the power to at least break her abusive mother's wrist or something. But nooo, let's just hold her hand so she can't beat me and "take scrissors to carve a smile on her face".

miles and miles of the sickest... more>> abuse you can imagine and no light at the end of the tunnel.

well, I'll leave the author to it.


translation quality is good though. <<less
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shiorikun rated it
April 17, 2023
Status: c130
Well, I've been happily reading until de first part, I was really interested when this seemed like a adventure driven plot, I thought the FL would do more than get hot for some good looking guys... but no. This novel should have the harem tag. I really dislike harem stories. As of now, I'll drop this since it bored me to death. All the Oliver part is just so forced. The world building was left far behind and the romance got really weird and boring.
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October 4, 2022
Status: c11
I won't rate it as I'm only on episode 11 (chapter 75), but I didn't notice this was a Korean novel 😭 I have nothing against k-novels, but if the translator drops it, it's almost impossible to find the raws especially, Kakao novels. Kakao basically blocks foreigners from purchasing episodes. So I generally stay away from unfinished k-novels

From what I've read it seems interesting, even if the marquis came out of nowhere.

I found two spoilers in Korean that seem to hint the ML is the marquis, which is what it seemed like. I hadn't formed an opinion on any of the possible MLs yet so I'm okay with it. I really don't like an ambiguous ML, always feel let down when the one I liked gets shoved to the background

I really wanted to see more of her bad ass swordsmanship, love a strong MC.

I will wait for it to be completely translated and I really hope the Korean review I found that says it's 172 episodes is wrong.
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Dobromil rated it
July 18, 2022
Status: c40
There are few things that should be described.

The two first chapters should be rewritten, because they are confusing and they describe almost the same thing.

The story truly starts only after chapter 30-35. Everything before can be summed up as prologue and story setting up.

... more>> The world building is still in its infancy. We can tell that there are monsters, magic, some knights academies. Using magic is not a simple matter. Apart from world that is the closest to MC story there is not much description.

It is hard to write if characters are good or bad. Apart from MC, her mother and father the rest can be described only in few sentences. Maybe in the future there will be more descriptions. <<less
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maenochka rated it
May 25, 2023
Status: c101
Dropped. This had an engaging (if boiler plate) premise, abused daughter kicks ass for the sake of an abusive family and dies-- only to go back in time in order to fix things and live her best life, and I was following along well enough until we met the male lead (?? It's still unclear if he's endgame at time of dropping, but he fits most of the qualifications) and he starts scheming. The story can't keep a tight narrative and the scheme of the male lead is so far... more>> removed from the FL's priorities wrt the demonic miasma and stuff that I get tonal whiplash between her going out and taking care of that in secret and then falling in to a My Fair Lady/Anastasia type romantic (?) scenario. Maybe I'll come back once it's finally finished and see if it works better as a full read, but as it stands it's a chore to get through. <<less
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boozZze rated it
April 7, 2023
Status: c118
It was good until it wasn't.

It was good because it had a strong start. Most stories take their time with me but the first chapter of this one, made such a strong impression that I thought it would continue on towards the succeeding chapters. But that was a wrong assumption.

Our FL has had some very bad stuff happen to her, and you wouldn't want to wish it on anyone else. It was a pitiful backstory and it works if it builds up our MC to be a strong lead. It's... more>> just.. The way it was all handled/tackled in the story—felt a bit too shallow for my liking. It was there for the sake of plot (understandable) but nothing more. I would've liked it if our FL had a bit more time to process the things she's felt, both in the past life and her current one—to show us the complexities of dealing with family stuff and traumas.

And then, as the story proceeds, I feel like she loses the fire that drives her—she's lost, and as a reader I also eventually got lost. LOL even while writing this I am very conflicted with how I feel. But maybe, it's just because the romantic stuff and the action fantasy that was happening at the same time weren't properly melted with each other that I got confused. Yeah, that's it.

All in all, still a good and decent read (if you can get past the ick that all that build up for a badass FMC would just go down the drain as she ends up being all giddy cause of handsome faces).

I ship FL with the Marquis though, or maybe even Robert if he appears in the future chapters. But absolutely not that prince. <<less
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pattichii rated it
February 25, 2023
Status: c80
Which one is the ML seriously??! I'm so confused between the marquis and the prince. Yves time with FL is longer though and it seems that yves would eventually realise his feelings. Also the marquis was the one who save her from her family eventhough he had ulterior motive

5 stars coz I like FL and yves together huhu (sorry third prince T_T)

Ps. I really hate her fam -_-
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lightning018 rated it
October 14, 2022
Status: c95
So far so good! I caught up so I need diversion hahaha! Good read and I keep comparing the story with Adonis about balance and providence...

Thanks also to the translator!
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
August 11, 2022
Status: c85
I found this one to be a good read until the plot holes tore it apart and I decided to drop it for good.

For example

... more>>

the sword that could now talk and be all magicky is foreshadowing the whole time travel mystery as author puts a deus ex machina "I'll just teleport the FL into the lap of naked probably ML for no reason"


I have seen this happen so many times, and every time what follows is a triple ultra deathspiral into basic cliched ending of Doki Doki blush "I don't like but can't not like" forced (as in plot) romance. <<less
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Kyoko Usagi
Kyoko Usagi rated it
April 28, 2022
Status: c40
We're only on chapter 40 so there's a lot of potential right now. I really loved the start. It's not necessarily anything revolutionary, but I'm a sucker for a strong female lead. What I DON'T really like is the way they've started setting up the romance.

I dunno bout anyone else, but for a supposedly battle-hardened fl, whenever some new experience comes around, I can understand some awkwardness and reserved excited feelings, but reverting to a innocent happy person? It gave me a bit of whiplash. It could be handled better... more>> in the future so I'll still read it for now :) <<less
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Debbieyoo09 rated it
September 3, 2022
Status: c54
For me, The story is nice. I read a lot of manhwa about being mistreated by their family and I'm more into this. I don't know why, but I can Imagine Radis as Fiona (IBTWOML) and Selena (TVDMI) maybe because fiona had the same treatment although Radis is legitimate child and Selena because they both have red hair and strong knight.

I just can't accept like I'm quite confuse

... more>>

because the reason of Yves by taking her was somewhat like a joke or surreal? I excepted that she would be taken by the man she talked to during the ball to became a knight


That's it. <<less
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