The Academy Heroines Remember My Death


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100,000 deaths and rebirths to save the heroines.
The heroines start remembering those deaths.

“I like you. So please, please don’t die.”

…I’m not dying anyway

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아카데미 히로인들이 내 죽음을 기억해낸다.
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New ZeroA2 rated it
June 1, 2024
Status: c43
It's a mess. The first few chapters bring you in and you think it's going to be something like [the main heroines are trying to kill me] but once they get past the duel test it completely falls apart and every chapter makes you question why you are still reading but it's short enough that you haven't lost much by reading.

There's no pay off and the ending is, at best, unearned.
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TaxingCorn117 rated it
January 3, 2023
Status: --
I wasn't thinking of writing of a review myself, considering the natural bias that could come with it given that I'm the TL, but I really enjoy this novel.

The first chapter was what got me interested in TL'ing this novel in the first place. Reading past that first chapter, the story felt like it was made for me, as it fit all the things I enjoy in novels

Here are some pros and cons that might make you consider reading this novel.


  • A Munchkin MC determined to complete his goal (Munchkin is basically just an Overpowered MC)
  • A Harem with a Genius, a Chuuni, and

    a girl that was introduced, but with how far I've read hasn't been talked about much since then, so I'm not sure how they are yet.

  • Hunter/Dungeons/Status Windows are core parts of this novel.
  • The Academy setting is interesting

  • It's not a novel for everyone, with the core parts of this novel not always being liked due to how commonplace they are in KR novels.
  • The Author feels like a rookie at times, with their writing style getting confusing at times.
  • It's a short novel, only spanning 44 chapters (c44 is more of the authors notes on why they have ended the novel rather then an actual chapter, so in reality it's only 43 Chapters long if you just go based off the actual chapters)
All in all, I'm really excited to TL more of this.
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February 21, 2023
Status: c1
Just leaving this because I hate this trope so much. Mfs bullying you and humiliating you got subdued, cool. But then you just have to go ahead and make them your lackeys then f*cking keeps rewarding them fairly wtf?? Thats such good treatment for some naturally born a**holes. The thing is they keep talking sh*t to him too. Im not saying he should straight up kill them but to do what he did is just... like he couldve taken anyone else. Bro said he didnt want anyone to stab him... more>> the back so he took someone he beat half dead to be his subordinate are you f*cking kidding me? And the thing is usually when this trope happens these scrubs usually become a gag character that keeps appearing, getting rewards, humiliate a bit, potential romance, like for f*ckers whos such a menace to society they sure get a lot of benefits. The novel might be good but I just am so done with this trope man. <<less
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LysUltima rated it
November 21, 2023
Status: Completed
This is a novel with a fun beginning that goes absolutely nowhere. As someone who enjoys junk food academy harems, the first ~20 chapters were amusing. Unfortunately, the author didn't know where to go with it from there. The plot became extremely rushed, and it was left unfinished at 43 chapters when it should have been at least 200.

Overall, it's a story written by a novice writer who had an interesting concept but didn't plan far enough.

If you want to turn your brain off, read until the end of the... more>> 2nd exam. The pacing is normal, and there are quite a few funny moments. After that point, the writing goes to find a hole to die in. <<less
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Cactiii rated it
October 26, 2023
Status: c15
So far this novel I think has shown a lot of signs of poor world building, at least from my view. It tries to use the trope of an overpowered protagonist while missing the key points that make an overpowered protagonist satisfying, and it uses bad world building/skills to accomplish this which at least ruins the novel for me.

... more>>

So it starts with the premise of his rebirth skill, where it sets up that he has died over and over again in order to save his friends and fight against the academy. This thread is fine, but then it just gets used horribly. So when fighting the final boss his soul gets scattered which then causes an error causing him to reincarnated 6 years prior when he got his skill (it kept him for leveling up and gaining skills past D) so then you have a pretty good setup for what the stories description gives you. A guy who has died countless times getting reincarnated and this time not having his rebirth ability, but the heroine remembers his deaths. Perfectly fine...
Then we get to where the story starts to become bad. So two random thugs show up for some reason and then he starts using them for whatever reason, which I'm not going to get into since its not really relevant. He uses said thugs to get into a dungeon where if he pretends to be dying he gets a hidden boss where he proceeds to casually get a skill that allows him to copy any skill from anyone if he quote on quote defeats them. The skill is just as a baseline designed horribly, and by this I mean its obvious that the author was trying to pull a "smart protagonist using skill" play but instead creates a skill with an exploit so obvious that if the protagonist didn't exploit it then he would literally have one brain cell. The skill lets you choose any one skill from someone you defeated + xp but you get a 1 day cooldown, but if he only does an "incomplete defeat" then it gives a random and no cooldown. As a baseline its a s*upid ability that I think ruins a ton of novels because its f*cking hard to write a protagonist who can obtain hundreds of skills and use them well. If an author adds a skill like this they need to add strict activation conditions to allow it to be a plot device without creating the issue of a protagonist who is either using there abilities to a meager fraction of their potential (Which is super hard to prevent since its near impossible for a single person to think of all of the applications of a single skill, much less hundreds) or make the protagonist become s*upidly overpowered. Anyway, you probably get my point by now... The protagonist has a incredibly s*upid skill that is just completely unbalanced.
So all of that can be summed up as the author does a very poor job of creating skills that are balanced, which is something that is required to create good world building. (And by this I mean that because the protagonist can obtain any skill, with pretty lax conditions, it means that no other power can realistically rival it) but if it was just this I could ignore it, but just the overall writing feels poor.
To elaborate its like what I mentioned above, where it feels obvious what the authors intensions are with each skill, conversation, ect. where it makes it hard to immerse yourself in the story. The protagonist himself doesn't have much of a character established. At this point we have He died 100k times for his friends -> beats up some a**holes and then proceeds to use them like s*aves -> hates the academy... thats pretty much it. The author doesn't add anything to build their character, things like when being rebirthed something like him crying in joy that they are alive (Since even if his skill makes him numb to their deaths this time his skill wasn't expected to work) or having him desire to see them, ect. Things that establish his motives, his feelings, ect. but instead we get him get harassed by a**holes and then proceed to basically ens*ave and abuse them. And most of the writing follows this same level of skill, where the characters feel shallow and poorly set up and it feels like things are set up with little regard for the future of the story.

I'm kind of tired of writing so overall I think the writing has poor world building/skill-setup, shallow character development, and a few other things that just make me think its a bad novel but potential readers might still want to give it a try. When reading web novels people generally have certain quirks that can ruin or make a novel for them and this one happens to hit the things that I dislike in a novel, but other people do completely disagree with my option so especially if you like op protag's then you might still want to give it a shot.

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Izanaginookami rated it
April 28, 2024
Status: c43
I was scammed.

Like, I legit feel like I was deceived by the title, the synopsis and the cover.

People say to never judge a book by its cover, but as usual I call that bullshit, because on what premise do you even start a story otherwise.

... more>> Cover, title, synopsis, tags and reviews are the main elements.

And I usually try to skip the latter two as most often than not they are spoilery.

So. With such title.

A cover like this.

And that synopsis.

I was expecting some degree of... cinema. Some tragi-romantic comedy perhaps. A story centered about the dramatic, feelings and emotions focused relationships of a regressors and heroines recalling his deaths.


That isn't the case.

I'm legit finding myself... moving, walking and glancing around in a confused manner, while opening my arms questioning within me.

"Where are the heroines. Where is the romance."

Another clear image to properly describe my mind status would be, the chimpazee one. Asking.

"Where heroines."

Well, to be more correct, I think they exist.. it's just that they do not hold a proper 'heroine' position by my definition as... the romance I was expecting is non-existant.

Granted, it.. a short story... not. It's a prematurely cut off story. Not properly planned I suppose. So I should have expected it.

But the premise made me thought the romantic or romantic subplot would have been relevant even in this short novel.

It wasn't.

The lack of it and most of all the way the cover and the synopsis on NU deceived me are the most regretful things, as I wouldn't have started it otherwise.

Of course, it was so short I read it during lunch break. Nevertheless, I feel very disappointed.

Feeling scammed aside, the whole story is quite... lacking after all. After the first few chapters, it's rushed and it feels... aimless. I'm no analytical critic as I usually go with guts, feelings and 'feel, don't think' kind of review criteria.

So I can only say that the 'narrative' feels very 'weakly weaved'. 'Loose'. Without... 'fundamentals' or 'solidity'.

I don't know how to explain it, but the 'world', the 'lore', and the characters themselves feel very 'thin', 'weak'. It's a 'weak' story that made me think, especially the MC, severally times 'why this or that'.

It's not quite 'plot holes', but rather... I don't know. Except that 'weak' analogy I'm quite unsure how to explain it. But it feels a not properly well thought storyline.

So yeah.

I don't think this is a story worth... sharing or recommending, no, nevermind, I would advise to keep expecations in check if I knew someone was starting it. Given it's short it could be given a read, but I wouldn't recommend it probably as I feel at most aggrieved than anything after reading it, even though I had actually quite the good hopes with the misleading cover and title...

I mean, the.. premise? No, the idea itself isn't bad. But this, this feels to me like a 'failed story'. A... piece of writing that wasn't able to become one. A draft, an idea at most. <<less
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The loner
The loner rated it
January 16, 2024
Status: c43
This.. is not what I expected.... not in a good way...

Honestly, earlier premise is quite promising. We have a calculative MC whom able to defeat stronger foes, a little bit spices with heroines, some comedy with the underlings, and maybe some slice of life in academy to slow down the pacing.

Well... what can I say? I don't have much hope seeing it "Complete" with 43 chapters, but the novel's plot can basically summed up in less than 5 sentences.

... more>>

MC regressed after meeting the 'last' boss. MC decided to amass different powers after losing his previous restriction. MC become arrogant and challenge everything heads on even after losing his previous regression ability. MC faced defeat after learning the world's truth and decided to continually regress after regaining his regression ability. end


Oof.. Totally oof... Feels like every bits of interesting premise early on are just thrown into the gutter.. I would actually rate it 1 star, but with my bias for the earlier premise and good illustrations, I think I can still give it 3 stars instead.. <<less
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Drake888 rated it
November 2, 2023
Status: c39
I don't particularly like this and I feel that the overall quality is only average at best. But I am giving it a 4 (above average) because the MC is very driven and I have given the rating to similarly average stories that I actually enjoy. The story does not appeal to me personally and if it doesn't appeal to you, it is not good enough to stay interesting but it is a character-focused narrative and has emotion and intrigue to keep it moving and engaging.

Read this for a regressor... more>> story in a setting with one of those academies where the modern world gets magic and dungeons. The MC is trying to change the future and it seems pretty clear that there will be a harem. There are mysteries and secrets in the plot that challenge the MC's ability to make meaningful changes. There are exciting battles with powers and OP plot armor. But the MC's decisions don't always make sense and he doesn't seem to really reflect on things that don't support the author's story. If it all feels good to you, don't worry about it and just enjoy. <<less
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