The Academy Heroines Remember My Death


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100,000 deaths and rebirths to save the heroines.
The heroines start remembering those deaths.

“I like you. So please, please don’t die.”

…I’m not dying anyway

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아카데미 히로인들이 내 죽음을 기억해낸다.
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TaxingCorn117 rated it
January 3, 2023
Status: --
I wasn't thinking of writing of a review myself, considering the natural bias that could come with it given that I'm the TL, but I really enjoy this novel.

The first chapter was what got me interested in TL'ing this novel in the first place. Reading past that first chapter, the story felt like it was made for me, as it fit all the things I enjoy in novels

Here are some pros and cons that might make you consider reading this novel.


  • A Munchkin MC determined to complete his goal (Munchkin is basically just an Overpowered MC)
  • A Harem with a Genius, a Chuuni, and

    a girl that was introduced, but with how far I've read hasn't been talked about much since then, so I'm not sure how they are yet.

  • Hunter/Dungeons/Status Windows are core parts of this novel.
  • The Academy setting is interesting

  • It's not a novel for everyone, with the core parts of this novel not always being liked due to how commonplace they are in KR novels.
  • The Author feels like a rookie at times, with their writing style getting confusing at times.
  • It's a short novel, only spanning 44 chapters (c44 is more of the authors notes on why they have ended the novel rather then an actual chapter, so in reality it's only 43 Chapters long if you just go based off the actual chapters)
All in all, I'm really excited to TL more of this.
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February 21, 2023
Status: c1
Just leaving this because I hate this trope so much. Mfs bullying you and humiliating you got subdued, cool. But then you just have to go ahead and make them your lackeys then f*cking keeps rewarding them fairly wtf?? Thats such good treatment for some naturally born a**holes. The thing is they keep talking sh*t to him too. Im not saying he should straight up kill them but to do what he did is just... like he couldve taken anyone else. Bro said he didnt want anyone to stab him... more>> the back so he took someone he beat half dead to be his subordinate are you f*cking kidding me? And the thing is usually when this trope happens these scrubs usually become a gag character that keeps appearing, getting rewards, humiliate a bit, potential romance, like for f*ckers whos such a menace to society they sure get a lot of benefits. The novel might be good but I just am so done with this trope man. <<less
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