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Baldo is the strongest swordsmanship that cuts enemies by converting the frictional force generated when the sword is pulled out of the scabbard into kinetic energy. I will accept the rebuttal only in a duel, not in words.

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I Became the Academy’s Troublemaker
아카데미의 발도충이 됐다
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Saclness rated it
January 30, 2023
Status: c12
The plot is going so fast there might as well not be a prologue, at first I thought it would be fine for the introduction.
However, what's with the sudden timeskip?
His father died?! And who the hell is Jessica???
Ok ok maybe the plot isn't that bad...
So the MC has the goal to beat the protagonist with Baldo, cool

Fight Scenes... seem forced...
Suddenly, there were bandits...
Suddenly, people were getting ambushed so fast even Baldi's Basics wouldn't be able to keep up

Nice read if you'd like to see guys getting beat up... Pe*vert.
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January 10, 2023
Status: c5
MC is a guy who obsessed with baldo swordsmanship and he constantly critics novel's author for saying baldo swordsmanship is sh*t and surprise surprise he got reincarnated into that novel world. 5 chapter in and I still doesn't know what is MC parent's name
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