The Abandoned Empress


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The villainess sees herself executed in front of a large crowd by the order of the emperor (her husband and the one she loves). However in the next moment after her death, she is back in the past. Monique is sent back into the past because of her brutal memories of her previous life with a prince who was engaged due to their similar age. When Empress grew and looked at the past, she killed her emotions to live as an Empress and remained one emotion, that was sickening affliction. Where in her next life, she made new connections in order to avoid getting executed again…

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버림 받은 황비
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New Btissam rated it
December 14, 2019
Status: c78
1 the Manhua was good at the beginning, some people says that the characters are well developed but I guess not really Couse I wanted them to be more honest yet nothing happened, the MC had suffered from the prince, (someone said :Arisitia was supposed to marry the crown prince of the kingdom. However, due to the appearance of a mysterious girl whom where she came from is a mystery, and her supposed to be husband married the mysterious girl instead)

Let's be frank here the story is a... more>> ##### wasting of time and energy.. If the MC wasn't suppose to marry him then why did he treated her badly way he made her kneel down and kiss his let to save her father who already been executed.. why did he let his second wife to bully her.. she was blind Cos if love.. but in the second Life she should me more aware of it.. she should not love him and never forgive him.. I'm putting myself in her place.. I would've killed him, but the author have wasted all this feeling all this anger.. I don't give a shot about his reasons.. Cos the MC was doing all the paperwork in her past life she looked proud of herself but she was just shy none understand her.. now she has lot of people around yet she end up with the f###king prince.. he is nothing but a trash.. a trash... I hate it.. really hate it. Those who support the prince go Bach and read the first chapters.. his arrogant attitude.. and hateful character.. if she was a bad person who treated people cruelly.. I would understand but... Whatever.. <<less
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August 8, 2017
Status: v1c10
So this is a really interesting plot with a dark setting. The MC is executed and finds herself age 10 again, basically before she married that disgusting waste of space prince. There isn't much plot development in the first three chapters, with it just giving readers a recap on how the situation led up to her death and eventual time travel. From the summary alone readers can easily understand that this won't be the happiest ride to get on. And this is just a spoiler for anyone sensitive r*pe situations.... more>> It doesn't say it in the tags, but there will be r*pe scenes in the third three chapters, so if you absolutely hate novels with scenes like that I suggest you not read this.

And this is just a spoiler for anyone sensitive to r*pe situations.

It doesn't say it in the tags, but there will be r*pe scenes in the third three chapters, so if you absolutely hate novels with scenes like that I suggest you not read this.


Continuing on, the prince is extremely stupid and annoying. Despite "falling in love" with the classic Asian girl from another world (a.k.a. Our reality) he still marries his fiance from birth, the MC, as the second wife. Now, this is where things get complicated (not that it wasn't before)

He basically treats the MC like sh*t and forces her to take the work load of the Empress despite her not being the Empress (d*ck move). Whenever Gina (the girl from another world) cries he always interprets it as the MC's fault and punishes her by slapping her or physically assaulting her. Basically, he's an absolute d*ck who has done a lot of heinous crimes against the MC. (I hope he dies in a fire). So when the MC goes back in time, she does her very best to prepare for the future and get out of the ridiculous engagement. The problem is that she formed a trauma from her past experience with the prince and, now, whenever she is in close proximity to him she freezes up and can't verbally say anything. This gives the stupid prince the impression that she's arrogant and cold, leading him to hate her even more.


Quite frankly the entire situation is really stupid and I hope the MC gets out of the engagement with the prince and finds a real man who isn't an absolute moron. I do NOT want a reconciliation between the two because what the prince did in the previous life was unforgivable. I don't care if his "past crimes belonged to another him" and that he's technically "innocent of the crimes" he should suffer a hundred lifetimes for his stupid actions. Basically, I hope the prince burns in a fire and isn't the ML in this story.

As for advice on reading this novel, I find it interesting and I do recommend you try it and form your own opinions on the story. So far they haven't uploaded much with it only reaching one entire chapter and the start of a second chapter. If you don't really want to wait for a long time for this story to finish being translated, I wouldn't recommend reading this. <<less
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AbyssalDaemon rated it
March 24, 2019
Status: --
Aristia is a interesting character. Unfortunately the author seems determined to pair her up with her future rapist and the person who ordered her death, while handwaving how much of a complete ass the ML has been.
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evilluvr rated it
July 18, 2019
Status: --
This novel made me so angry I made an account just so I could give it 1 star. The ML can repent his whole entire second life and I will never, ever forgive him for what he did to the protagonist during their first life. I can't believe she didn't even try to get revenge, he literally ruined everything for her over the pettiest jealousy on earth (don't believe people who said he actually had complex and deep reasons) and she ... more>>

still forgives him and falls in love with him at the end?

Don't make me laugh. Even a rat has more self respect. <<less
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sweetmel rated it
June 14, 2019
Status: --
A lot of people seemed to have read spoilers first or after reading the first 2 chapters, because they make it seem as though this story is a shallow one where the MC is an idiot and the ML is a jerk both in the first and second lives.

This is not a shallow story. Although the MC does end up with the ML who treated her badly, it's after a lot of plot and a looong time. For reference, the MC has PTSD and is terrified of the ML in... more>> the beginning, and for the most part lives her life trying to avoid him and is happy with other people she has become friends with. (At 60 manwha chapters she's interacted with him like 5 times, all of which were 1-2 chapters) The PTSD slowly changes, and from what I've heard the ML learns about what he did and there is an entire arc of him regretting, plus the psychology of the ML is pretty interesting and complex and while it doesn't really excuse him for what he did, he also wasn't a jerk in his first life just because he was spoiled or born like that.

Granted, this I don't know Korean and I haven't read the novel, and have only read up to the translated manwha, which as of this review is ~Ch. 60, but I have gotten spoilers from other people.

Plot 9/10 - The base plot isn't overwhelmingly outstanding or anything, as I have seen the "my first life was terrible, and since I have a second chance I'll make it better." But there is a lot of other things that make it interesting and while super complex, is intricate enough to keep the reader interested and is realistic

  • The MC has PTSD after her first life and is frozen in fear first time meeting the prince in 2nd life, which I don't see often
  • The first person the MC talks about her first life to doesn't believe her, which is heartbreaking for the readers but realistically makes sense. Additionally, the problem isn't solved immediately and the two reconcile slowly, over a matter of years and a lot of letter exchanging
  • MC struggles with herself, as she aims to become the heiress of her family and become a swordswoman. However, she has a weak body, and is constantly pushing herself to learn the sword quickly as time feels short to her and various events with the prince that she is now scared of are approaching
  • Other events that I can't describe in detail as they have yet to appear in the manhwa and I've only heard spoilers, but there is a lot of plot

Character development: 10/10 There are characters beyond the scope of the MC and ML, and all of the characters are incredibly well developed. Throughout the story hints are given as the character backgrounds, and you can understand how a character grew up and why they are the people they are now. The spoiler explains the psychology of 3 male characters, including the ML, who appear frequently and are important to the story.

  • Ruve, the ML. (First life) He has always been compared to the MC since childhood and dislikes her to a small extent because of this. He later grows to hate her because her priority is responsibility and she never acts selfish, so that she seems cold and inhuman. Another major fact is that Ruve was extremely close to MC's mother and was there when she died. The MC doesn't really remember her mother, but Ruve thought she just didn't care. Basically, he thought she was cold, unfeeling, inhumane, and even ruthless. (Second life) because MC has PTSD, she is terrified stiff when she meets Ruve and because of this, the initial dislike due to comparison turns to curiosity, and you can see how he changes from first meeting to other meetings, and how he cares about her more as time goes on.
  • Allendis (my personal fave) - He is also a noble kid and approaches MC first, and is kind, cute, sweet, funny, and really caring to Tia. He cherishes her a lot. However, it is implied that this is only towards her, and that to others he is cold, or even aggressive. Hints show that Allendis grew up in a bad environment, where his father considered him a tool and typically disregarded him, and his mother cared more about his brother. It can be assumed that as a child, he tried hard to get his parents attention, including misbehaving, and now has a cynical view. The MC is the first who genuinely cares about him and now is his emotional base, and the amount he cares for her can easily become dangerous. (The MC is not a Mary Sue though)
  • Carsein - he meets her later on, and is a cheerful, pure boy who is a bit spoiled. Their first meeting is cute, but he treats her badly after realizing she is Ruve's fiance. They become friends later though, and she makes him less spoiled, I guess I'd say? And teases him a lot. His background isn't nearly as complex, but definitely shows how people grow up depending on their environment. He is the 2nd son of a loving noble family, hence why he is a bit spoiled and is probably cheerful partly to the fact that it is a family of knights so he does sports and may be friends with various knights. It's not a politics heavy family, so he grows up to be more honest.

Please give the story a chance whether it's the novel or manhwa because it is really interesting and well-written, and time is taken to develop the story and characters. <<less
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Sora-chi rated it
August 20, 2019
Status: --
The best novel that went and sweep, everything that had been done to the heroine, under the rug. Seriouly, the very f*cking best novel that exist. The manhwa had a chapter longer than the novel and at first it was entertaining before someone actually spoiled the ending pair (which make this a whole lot more enjoyable). It was your very best cliché ending folks! ;) Pretty sure ya know what I mean.

Annnnnnd the best of all, like I said previously, they sweep every damnable thing that happened to the... more>> heroine... Somewhere one earth, I guess? Trying to justify it happened in the past, the author did. And tryin so hard to make the ML likeable after those very much like a damn gentlemanly thing he did to the heroine! :D

Whew, tough novel this one is! There's is only one so far that is a very much normal compared to the other 3 target this author showed. Honest to lord, there is one!

So, to those who wanna read this, proceed at your own risk because, whew, this piss me off more than... (no words could describe it). Though, I could assure YOU that ya would be having a blast with ya smartphone or laptop whole reading this ;) Honest! (Though ya wallet gonna suffer afterward). <<less
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nyuneon rated it
February 10, 2019
Status: --

To be fair, I don't think most of the reviewers on here went far besides chapter one. It's uncomfortable and perhaps misleading, especially since there is only one chapter available on here. Luckily for me, I came across the webtoon by chance. And it's pretty good.

The protagonist does not stick with the prince. In fact, from what I seen she has difficulty associating with him and want to stay uninvolved with him as much as possible. Instead, she creates a new path for herself to become the next heir of her noble family-- as a knight. There seems to be a collection of bachelors that will chase after her of their young prepubescent ages.

Furthermore, there seems to be a large focus on her relationship with her father, now that she understands in the life prior that he was undoubtly a caring man.

She has a classic sob story that luckily for her-- won't happen again.

I would def read past a certain amount of chapter to see what it is fully capable of.

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Cle rated it
September 22, 2019
Status: --
I was really enjoying this until the author pulled a 180 on us, the readers. Not only am I devastated about this, but I'm also quite livid as well.

... more>>

After all that the MC had been through, the author goes and pushes the least favorite ship, MC and Prince, together. Why give the MC a second rerun of her life when everything's gonna end up the same way. It's absolutely ridiculous! Like for godsake, he raped her, killed her unborn baby, humiliated her, and killed her in the first life. Don't give that BS excuse saying, "Oh it's gonna be different since this is a different life." He hated her freaking guts since day one. Another excuse that people use is, him not having a mother and his father not caring about him, also everyone around him always praising MC. That doesn't give him the right nor justify all the f*cked up sh*t he did to her. Dude's a psychopath. The author's seriously messed up to put her together with her former rapist. I was hoping for her to become the knight she dreamt of being in the story, but I guess that ain't happening.


All the plot, development, characters wasted.

Don't read this unless you want to waste your time.

I had really liked this at first, but after I found out the ending...I'm gonna have to say nah. 10/10 at the beginning, but 1/10 at the end. <<less
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Leic8162 rated it
May 13, 2019
Status: --
Just finished chapter 53 in manhwa and I am crying here. I think I understood how powerless is she and how difficult for her to avoid her fate.

With that kind of past, I think everyone will get broken like that. She is really strong and determined.

The story is going pretty well. There are some mysteries about her past and his mother. I am really curious about it.
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SuzieBunny rated it
March 3, 2019
Status: --
So. With such a short translation of the novel, people may no understand it very clearly. I you can, I suggest you read the Manhwa (If you haven't) to know more. I'm pretty sure that the English Translation of the Manhwa has gone a bit further now?

So, a small summary of me maybe this:

Arisitia was supposed to marry the crown prince of the kingdom. However, due to the appearance of a mysterious girl whom where she came from is a mystery, and her supposed to be husband married the mysterious girl instead.

... more>> After a series of misunderstandings, tragic events and abuse happening to Arisitia, she was sentenced to death for attempting murder on the Emperor (That dickass you guys can call, but he's my bae). After being excecuted, Arisitia wakes up another time to find out that she has traversed back in time to when she was young. After setting on a trip to a sacred place, she finds out vaguely the reason she's been reborn. From that on, she declared to herself that she would become stronger and to not mingle with the royalty. But it seems like she can't bring herself to hate the Prince.

For me, this was quite a nice story. I loved the interactions between Tia and her beloved father! Her interactions with other people was nice to see as well. The Prince may be a dickass, sucker or a slag you may call, but he's actually my favorite male character in this Novel/Manhwa. Reasons include:

  • I'm a sucker for blue haired male characters, damn it.
  • His growth as a character, he grew up to actually cares for Tia,

    heck he even calls people when Tia had a mental breakdown (The reason was because of fear of the said guy), though that only appears in the raw Manhwa]

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Ying lee
Ying lee rated it
September 29, 2017
Status: --
I tried reading raw one but couldn't make sense of it. Though the story seems to take her back to the time when her father was still alive and she was still young. She had no clue as to why she time traveled back. Also the story here gives us a over view of how things first started but she doesn't go into details on who caused it so far besides the jerk that she liked that was the king.
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