Talisman Emperor


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Chen Xi was a jinx who radiated misfortune the way a torch radiated light, and everyone around him knew it. His entire clan was annihilated when he was young, and not too long after that his parents disappeared. His marriage contract? Poof. Torn to shreds and gone up in smoke before the eyes of everyone in the city, almost humiliating his grandfather to the point of suicide! Cultivation? No time for that, he had a family to take care of!

This is the story of Chen Xi, a youth forced to stop cultivating and instead craft talismans to pay for his younger brother’s tuition… and who, in the process, would rise to become known by all as the Talisman Emperor!

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Phù Hoàng
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pentadrian rated it
October 30, 2017
Status: c221
More like tr*sh Emperor. The novel is a poor man's version of Desolate Era. While there are obvious signs that DE took ideas from this and cloned them, the execution is so much better in Desolate Era. Here, all we have is a mix of MGA and DE. Pretty sucky overall, where the MC is a ret*rd, who despite being handed legacies and treasures of untold power, somehow manages to offend half the World, only for the other half to save his ass. Meanwhile, all the MC does is "Oh,... more>> I'm soo weak! Why am I this weak! *Laughs bitterly*"

The novel is but a series of repetitive cliches, where the MC does nothing but offend people, get some amazing plot armor power-up and rekts them. Sometimes the enemies are too powerful for even Plot Armor-san and boom! We have mysterious allies from absolutely nowhere to save his ass. Sometimes even said allies are powerless and voila! We have even more powerful allies. You get the gist

What's weird is that MC is actually pretty mentally handicapped. It's almost sad to see that. He knew that a super powerful organization was behind him, and the first thing he does is say his real name and advertise he has some ridic treasures. Obviously, suffers said organization's pursuit and all the while, laughing bitterly, proceeds to be powerless, till they conveniently run into an aphrodisiac mist, where the MC then r*pes the enemies. Good job, author, for writing actual shit! <<less
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nobodyimportant rated it
November 26, 2018
Status: c221

The story really isn't good in the first place. It's incredibly cliched,... more>> hasn't even talked about talismans in like 100 chapters despite being named talisman emperor, deus ex machinas the sh*t out of its plot, and every villain is a kindergarten-level young master. It's "incredibly descriptive" in the sense that every single goddamn paragraph in this entire story could EASILY be reduced down into one concise sentence and the story would be vastly improved.

The plot is one straight line down the author's cultivation system with the exact item the MC needs at that time popping up in front of him over, and over, and over, and over again. As far as I can tell, the MC is supposed to be some straightforward young paragon of virtue, except for the fact that he regularly wants to just sit and watch evil baddies walk all over young innocents, until the author manages to force some contrived plot device into the story that forces him to get personally involved.

I'm not sure if I should rate this a 2 for managing to (barely) keep me from dropping it for slightly over 200 chapters, or rate it -5 for wasting my time with this infuriating pile of literary crap. Dropped. Will never read another story by this author again. <<less
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stone46 rated it
April 6, 2018
Status: c226
I decided to give this novel a try after reading some of the reviews that were quite mixed.

At first I was pleasantly surprised to find that the novel was actually quite decent, and I would have said this novel was a 4 star novel.

But around chapter 160ish or so there is a rather anti-climatic moment that happens, while is not a bad thing its just an unsatisfying end to a arc.

... more>>

The 2 clans that have hassled and abused the main character and his family are the main villains for the beginning of the story and its entertaining to seem him exact his revenge on them, but in the end he only gets revenge on 1 of the clans which was the minor of the 2 and the major clan (the one that orchestrated the torment) is wiped out off-screen by his aunt.


Again while this was an unsatisfying end to an arc its not a disaster that would bring down my rating.

There is also a ton of plot-holes because the author changes his mind a lot resulting in discrepancies with numbers and ranks.


Main character gets 500, 000kg of liquid thats enough to rank up his cultivation and a vessel that can withstand a full strength strike from a Golden hall cultivator (which is basically a lvl 4) while the main character is still a void something cultivator (basically lvl 3) then a few chapters later that 500, 000kg becomes 500kg and his vessel can now only withstand a full strength attack from a void something cultivator, 1 whole rank weaker now.


Now these might be caused by translation mistakes (of which there are quite a few, the word sword is used instead of sworn so many times...). But they are discrepancies non-the less and are annoying the see.

What makes this book a 1 star is because at chapter 220 the story takes a rapid nosedive from greatness to a generic tr*sh novel with the same repeated plot.


Main character is chased by a powerful foe who wants his treasures, moments before his doom another powerful foe arrives to do the same. The 2 foes fight and one of them escapes after grabbing the main character.

Both of these 2 foes are peerless beauties btw.

Pretty standard conflict wuxia conflict so far and then BAM they all run into a giant aphrodisiac cloud and the same damn s*upid plot happens that happens in every damn one of these lackluster chinese novels, main character gets laid and after they come to their senses the women hate the main character and violence ensues.


All in all this is just novel with a promising beginning but clearly the author must have ran out of ideas. <<less
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Gsichtselfmeter rated it
November 2, 2017
Status: c21
Disappointing. The author provides a good start with the MC having no luck, having to provide for his brother, having to rely on his fundamentals of talisman crafting. And after 3-4 chapters everything just gets thrown out of the window. Cliché after cliché, insane power levels, plot armor, all the standard hooks. As if the author suddenly stopped having original ideas. This novel definitly cant be described as "Talisman emperor", seeing as talismans stop playing an important role after the first few chapters.

I give it 2* because its written/translated relatively... more>> well and the plot is not bad, its just standard, boring and ive read stuff like this a hundread times over. <<less
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alenotbeer rated it
November 28, 2018
Status: c1300
For a story named Talisman Emperor, there's really not much of a focus on talismans. Sure, our MC started out with talismans and he's connected to talismans in many ways, but throughout the story, MC is largely focused on martial and energy cultivation, on body refinement and sword techniques. Talismans have a role and do pop up occasionally, but a very small, supportive role. Reminds me of another story I've read, Path to Heaven, where the protagonist there also found his first big break through talismans crafting, but would move... more>> on to a more genetic path of cultivation once he had the means and resources to do so. Because I'm pretty sure the author initially wanted MC's core cultivation to be based around talismans, but after a while, realized that it was too troublesome and quietly dropped the idea entirely. MC's primarily a sword cultivator. So if anyone here was suckered in by the title... well, the title is a lie. Rather than Talisman Emperor, it should be renamed Sword Emperor.

The story, post-ascension, is solid. That's about it. There are a couple dropped storylines that the author set up early on and clearly intended to empower our MC, but would exposition'd away or just outright disappeared for no reason in the later chapters. The author also relies heavily on a lot of deus ex-machina to save the day. Like, in one storyline, MC stole the treasures of an entire inheritance right under the nose of a dozen of young masters and faction successors, and then when he beat their whiny butts back to daddy, daddy decides to throw in. Only to be stopped by the seal of the Bai family, a major powerhouse in the mortal realm, because MC happened to be friends with the sister of the Bai Family's patriarch and she gave it to him after they met again. I think she considers him as a son... which is kinda dumb in itself, because MC's situation at the start was very, very bad, and then it got worse. And she... You know what, nevermind. All in all, there's some dialogue and behavior that would be considered unnatural, if not awkward, from almost every character in the story, but pre-ascension, it's still readable.

MC starts out with a good personality. He's a family person, and he's really easy to root for early on, but he's not actually that smart, he does a lot of dumb stuff that just happened to be balanced out by chance, but his heart's in the right place. He's really reckless, but thank God he's really lucky too. He's a "know-it-all" though, because everything new that MC encounters, he would just so happened to hear it from his more experienced companions or read it from a book off-screen. Rarely does MC ever encounters something that actually stumps him. All in all, decent.

The villains are as you'd expect from a xianxia antagonist: proud, stubborn, and incompetent. People in this story cannot work together, unless it's against MC. If it meant screwing over MC, well, then they're like the bloody Fellowship of the Ring. Then and only then, do they learn to swallow their pride and learn the power of teamwork! Even people who didn't know MC before (see def: neutral) or people who were actually supposed to be MC's allies, would, more often than not, work with the villains to crack MC like an oyster because everybody be greedy for treasure-y. At least two love interest would join these alliances and try to kill MC for his treasures, until they are converted via the Bill Cosby Special.

The romance sucked. If you went into this story for the harem tag, you'll be disappointed. There are a lot of beauties who fell in love with him, but MC has slept with two women so far and both were by accident (See above). I don't know why they fell for MC and these love interests almost never have any time to properly develop. They love MC, they want his babies (我要给你生孩子), and... yeah, instant harem, right?

As for the treasures and cheats that are atypical of these stories... they're alright, I guess. The primary ones are pretty useful and often remains viable to MC all the way to the end, or at least to the mid. Others, I feel, are one-trick ponies. MC finds it, uses it once, and forget about it for the rest of the story. Even the really useful ones, like that orb that could supposedly sense fluctuations in space, often the aspect of special inheritance left behind by great people and allows the user to effortlessly enter without being stopped by its defense/forcefield. Holy shit, that's really cool! But I think it's only used twice in the story, total. Darn!

And that's my thoughts on the mortal realm section, which lasted around... 1, 000 chapters.

Then we move onto the immortal realm. The first or second arc, between 1, 000 chapters to 1, 200 chapters is terrible.


This is the part where MC ascends to the immortal realm, but it feels like the story took a massive step backwards. First of all, the author every trick uses in the book to stretch out each chapter, and it's done in a glaringly obvious way, where every character will watch MC challenge the impossible and react... Loudly. Before and after MC accomplishes said impossible task. They repeat information, reveals why said task should be impossible for MC, and gapes like a fish whenever MC does it and praise him to the sky and back. Until next time, of course. Instant three chapters that the author pulled from his butt! It's fun the first few times, but ugh... It gets very old very quickly when the author essentially reuses this trope repeatedly with minimum changes to the situation and dialogue.

The mood of the story also changes, from an adventure/action to a comedy/school life. It reads like a completely different story. Almost every character is flanderized and reduced to just one trait: If you're with MC, you're loyal and pure and awesome. If you're not... well, you're totally irredeemable and also totally boned. The third option are the dumb, impressionable skeptics who doubt MC in everything he does. This problem was present and also kinda bad in the early chapters, but after ascension, it became a lot worse.

And the most terrible aspect of this arc is... MC just joins an academy. Not sect, not kingdom. An academy. What? Typical xianxia terms like apprentices/master/elder are dropped in favor of student and dean/teacher/instructor. Everybody becomes a student. MC is a new student (freshmen), and there are older students (sophomore, junior, senior). Then comes the fights and personality clashes... that all reads like a bunch of high school kids throwing a tantrum and spat. The author implements a point systems and have MC create a cliche of supporters to fight against another cliche of rival students. There's no treasuring hunting in this arc, no adventure, and no sense of urgency. Just 200+ chapters of petty rivalries, grudges, and dumb feuds that makes no sense. Eventually, finally, the MC would leave the academy for some test to be promoted to an "inner student" and almost instantly, the story improved, but after that arc's gone, the author returns MC back to his school-life adventures and petty teenage spats.

Boring af. Especially since MC is in the immortal realm now, he's actually got one of the most powerful faction and a lot of senior brother/sisters there to support/protect him whenever he's in any actual danger. I'm not talking about the academy. I'm talking about the Mountain of God's Eye or however you translate it.

MC himself should be at least two hundred years old, but he still acts like a kid! And so do the people who are supposedly 1, 000s (10, 000s) of years old. Around this time, people starts using words and phrases that are... modern, I guess, but most of the time, really awkward to read and long-winded. The biggest example is this: (陈汐你这个不该降生于世的孽子), which essentially translate to (MC, the bastard who should have never been born.). This phrase is wordy and painful to read, right? And it can easily be condensed into just two words, 孽子 (bastard), but the author insist on using the entire phrase every time members of MC's mother's family confronts MC. It's like the author either fired his editor or the said editor died of a brain aneurysm. Or the author decides that by actually writing good, he can't bloat up his word count and make a few more dollars. But either way, the chapters post MC's ascension are really bad. The ancient setting/mood is non-existence in this arc. For a few times in the story, I thought I was reading a dushi, not xianxia!

Ugh, and I don't even want to talk about how many times the author have a villain goes (He suddenly felt like his dignity have been stung and heartlessly stomped to the ground) when they are defeated or ignored by MC. The answer is all of them. Why in bloody hell is everybody is so arrogant when they have no right to be? Originality goes out the window too, the author literally stop giving a crap about how to name locations. I nearly threw up when I read "Quest Mountain". This arc has everything I hate in Chinese web novels.


Final Impressions: There's no NTR in this story (up to chapter 1300), the harem tag is weak but solid, and MC always wins. In the early chapters, there are a lot of treasure hunts and cheats, and the battles are pretty cool to read. There's tournaments and they do drag on a bit, but not as many as other stories tend to have. However, the dialogue will always be kind of awkward, and this would only get worse. Many of the character's actions are questionable and irrational. I don't think anyone have any style or class. Maybe they had some during their introductions, but the more they appear in the story, the more... vulgar and normalized they seem. Note, this is a story about xianxia and cultivation. And by normal, I meant a normal, modern person. There's no ancient flavor in this story, if that makes sense to anyone.

Post-ascension, the writing plummets hard and there's really no point in reading this story any further. There are better ways of killing brain cells (see name).

I rate this 2 stars. Bad Naruto Fanfic. <<less
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kjoke rated it
September 12, 2017
Status: c45
The plot is rather generic. MC's family is annihilated, everyone ridicules him and suddenly out of nowhere an absurdly powerful legacy including a powerful instructor fall into his hands and henceforth he's part of the heaven-defying-genius-club. The way the characters interact are sometimes somewhat "shounen"-like (for example there's an overly affectionate "older sister"-type). The description of the world and cultivation system feel somewhat rushed.

Overall it's an "ok" read (3/5).
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EvilGenesis666 rated it
March 16, 2018
Status: Completed
Story was extremely good in the first 500-600 chapters, with author introducing a variety of laws, treasures, techniques and other cultivation stuff, which... unfortunately... he couldn't keep up with it. He started forgetting a lot of things which were interesting, made massive inconsistencies and by the ~1300s it started getting boring which turned into a full on chore at ~1900s.

I planned to give this a 2/5 but thankfully the author made an awesome ending which rounded up and explained almost every mystery in the main story and there are 23... more>> more side stories which is are pretty interesting and show the daily life after the MC became the supreme ruler of the universe which almost none of the xianxia novels do.

Conclusion - read the first 600 chapters and if you get bored by then, just read the last 3 chapters and the side stories. <<less
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icjingshi rated it
September 27, 2017
Status: c60
I decided to write this review as I felt there was not much buzz about this book, which is a shame. I think people who likes DE, TMW and similar books will enjoy this. Unfortunately people have also reviewed this negatively because of this comparison as they felt that it is a ripoff of those. I want to say two things about that. (1) This was written before DE or TMW so you might say they ripped off TE, although considering all books are derived from Taoism I would suggest... more>> people read books about Taoism if they want "authenticity#. (2) A lot of people enjoys DE and TMW so comparing a book to it is actually quite good if it is done right.

TE does it right. Is TE a great book. Just like DE, TMW etc I would say no, but I still enjoyed reading them. I have lost interest in Chinese novels for a while and only rekindled my interest when I started reading TE. So much that I started MTL. It has all the same mistakes like the other books with familiar tropes. I do not understand why Chinese writers insist on writing harems when it's pretty much the same "jadelike beauty" with different names. But it has given me some surprises by not going the route I was expecting and I quite like that 400+ chapters in some secondary characters have turned up a couple of times so they have not been forgotten yet in MC's road to excellence (like so many other books).

The translation quality is good. I am what they call a grammar nazi and so far there has not been many things that have made me cringe. Another thing is also the speed of translation as one chapter is posted every day so far.

To sum up I have read pretty much all the Chinese novels that have more than 300+ chapters translated. Add that on top of the whole QI debacle has made me pretty tired of Chinese novels and I stayed away from them for months. So for TE to rekindle my interest, it can not be that bad right? I honestly would have given this 4 stars but for drumming up some support I gave one extra. Normally, unless they are really good, I just don't write any reviews. <<less
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Magicia rated it
May 16, 2018
Status: c123
Two stars because it is written well.

Apart from that, there are clichés upon clichés. A generic Xianxia start with a tr*shy MC that suddenly becomes a heavenly-defying genius because of a powerful and mysterious treasure. It is still good because the MC uses his head in the first few chapters.

But then he becomes a double-standard righteous psychopath who never plans ahead when it matters most!

Most of my problems come from the fact that the MC... well, @Pentadrian said it well: "... the MC is a ret*rd, who despite being handed... more>> legacies and treasures of untold power, somehow manages to offend half the World, only for the other half to save his ass. Meanwhile, all the MC does is 'Oh, I'm soo weak! Why am I this weak! *Laughs bitterly*'"

The most powerful ability of this MC is his offending ability. If offending could kill, the universe in which he existed would have been obliterated long before even when he was born, when the author had only conceptualised this MC in his head. <<less
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tides rated it
April 9, 2018
Status: c261
1/5 stars if u want a good novel to read. 5/5 stars if you want to read tournament emperor. There is absolutely nothing but tournaments in this novel. Very disappointing too because the starting was really good with the cooking and talisman crafting. Also nothing seems to matter after awhile. So much was talked about how the restaurant was 'protected' by a higher power yet it was smashed to bits and all the staff killed and yet nothing happened. The weak and alone MC had to take revenge himself and... more>> even the city mayor tried to kill MC. <<less
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CartmanBruuh rated it
May 13, 2019
Status: Completed
Ok so being completely honest, all the tourneys and arrogant young masters did get boring throughout the novel. But I stuck with it cuz the world building was really good, especially the last 300 or so chapters which reminded me of the world building of martial world. The end of the novel became more about Chen Xi's dao heart then cultivation, so it was quite refreshing and Chen Xi really did become a legendary cultivator towards the end. I also personally loved Chen Xi's relationship with his sect members, especially... more>> with his senior bros and sisters. In general, the novel wasn't terrible, but the quality in the middle parts of the novel could have much better. The ending was surprisingly good for a webnovel too and there's even side stories after the last battle. Also the name "Talisman Emperor" doesnt really hold much in this novel. Granted the Talisman dao is one of his main daos throughout the novel, it's not really used much when he's fighting. I think a more proper name would need to relate to the River Diagram somehow, cuz this WHOLE novel revolves around those fragments. The River Diagram fragments are literally the infinity stones of this novel.


Final boss is the supreme sect leader, who's been controlling every step of his life (even before he was born) until about the end. We can even say the supreme sect leader wrote about 95% of this novel

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January 5, 2019
Status: c138
This is not really a spoiler so I will not tag the spoiler. This is a question and at the same time always make me wonder is the Chinese writer this days don't know math? Even if its a fantasy world 33km mountain or tower or some dept is 33km and the small size city is 5000 km and large size is 50000km you know Beijing size is 16, 808 km² is largest city in km² according to source and this is triple that.... more>> And one tower is 33km in height and the tallest mountain we have is Himalaya and it is 8.8km it means the top floor of this tower will be above ozone layer on earth because earth ozone is 30km in height. And the funny thing is one of the body cultivation can make one person into the height of 33km OMG. Then the funny thing is Li clan occupy 600 hectares (6 km² in actual measurement) of land in pine mist city and at the center of that is 500km lake ROFL, how did it fit? If you didn't believe me read chapter 96 first paragraph. Here is the quote

The Li Clan was situated at the east of Pine Mist City, and it occupied an area of over 600 hectares. Its structure was magnificent and lofty, containing artificial mountains and flowing water, waterside pavilions, and zigzagged walkways were distributed in a well-proportioned manner. At the center was even a lake that occupied an area of 500km. It was a picturesque scene with servants that were numerous like the clouds, and it possessed the atmosphere of a rich and powerful clan.

. So my conclusion is even if you wanna exaggerate the size study some mathematics for at least high-school degree. <<less
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woahchocolatemilk rated it
September 11, 2017
Status: c6
Edit: Read from chapter 1-6, takes around 10 mintues. If you can still stomach this after reading that, its probably the novel for you. If you can't, good on you since this is generic sh*t with an intresting idea that apparently just gets ignored within the first 40 chapters. Granted I didn't read upto chapter XXXX to see its brilliance but I can't be asked to when this novel is filled with inconsistencies, ruining its already sh*t story.

Interesting since the author decided to focus on talismans than other generic path.

However... more>> everything else he does is pretty generic to the bone. Just had to write this review since I just read some utter BS. Our MC is 2nd spirit realm or whatever out of the 10 or something in the world. That means hes barely above the normal man but he gets taken into a test by a Immortal being that transcended the world. The 6-9 th stage golden stage and other crap cultivators couldn't pass it but this complete twat passes since he has a bit of knowledge in dao of inscriptions.

Wait, what?! He only knows the formula of the lowest rank of talisman in the world and he passed. But apparently these immortals who has 10000+ lifespans I presume (since 3/4 rank gives 500 years) never, ever f*cking dabbled in tailsman. Not a single one of the nearly-7000 immortals never f*ckING learnt it, what kind of joke is this when a mortal learns it in 5 years. Its just tiring to read sht like this.

Edit: I'm quitting this shit, just skipped ahead to see the chapters and first paragraphs of chapters up to 20. As generic as they get, such lazy cliched writing. Read any other thing than this, this novel which had a great idea which seems to degenerate into the normal story about fights and stuff, with the immortal master who died but left his spirit mansion behind that only the MC can access, the clan who gets massacred for finding a treasure which the enemies don't even get since it was hidden on the MC. <<less
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WK180 rated it
November 21, 2018
Status: c789
I noticed that a lot of the reviews are complaining about how it's well written but full of cliche. I will agree to this point as I have been reading the series myself, but I would like to point out one thing and that this series is old and started in 2008 so when this series came out the cliche were less cliche and probably still fresh to the readers.
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September 12, 2020
Status: --
I was expecting a good cultivation type novel that focused on the dao of talismans. That’s not what I got. Talismans are a very very minor part of this novel contrary to the title. This title is very misleading it basically tosses talismans out the window becomes a sword cultivator and plays Pokemon. Except it’s not catching all the monsters it’s catching all the women. This should be called sword emperors harem instead.
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smokllya rated it
January 18, 2019
Status: --
This must be something similar to what happens with the Japanese industry of animation. The author just has to insert some fan service, he just has to. Even if it makes no sense, and defies the original intent of the novel, he just has to insert the sword and the killing of every single person who comes across his path.

This just shows that the MC is no different than any other spoiled young master that he so much despises. The only reason he was not acting like them in the... more>> early chapters is because he could not, he was poor, and therefore incapable of doing so.

Is it a wonder why his clan got exterminated? Just look how the MC acts as soon as he got a little bit of power. I can only imagine how shitty his clan treated other people when they were at their peek.

This novel makes no sense, the only reason why he got choosen at the beggining for the inheritance was because of his shallow knowledge about talismans, and that's it. As soon as he got it, he stopped caring about talismans, and the inheritance had nothng to do at all with talismans, kinda makes you think.

At least this novels has not yet developed into the face slapping disease realm, a very well know realm where all chinese writers are forced to attend in their childhood. <<less
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DarkPresent rated it
November 10, 2018
Status: c600
It's not a terrible story, just average I guess? Main problem for me is in how it is written... Since it is translated on Wuxiaworld then I believe that translation is good, so only problem lies in author. Everything is way too overhyped, people are not surprised, they are "surprised to the extreme" or find something "extremely surprising".

It is same thing with everything else, random tr*sh character B attacks MC, his attacks are described as peerlesly powerfull, capable of moving heaven and earth etc. etc.. Suuuuureeee.... So if random tr*sh... more>> from that sect is so great and "extremely powerfull" then what about strongest disciple from that place? Strongest disciple from same place as tr*sh character B is described using same words bcoz it is hard to "hype" him more than peerlesly powerfull. This sort of kills it for me, because you know, when everyone is "extremely powerfull" then it just simply means that they are all on the same level- so all of them end up ordinary.

Descriptions should wary from character to character, tr*sh character B can be called "strong" and then there is nothing wrong with adding word "extremely" when writing about strength of his elder brother (when he is clearly few times stronger). Describing both of them in same way is just dumb writing and author trying to ramp up word count with empty words.

If it was possible I would rate it 2.5/5 stars, I believe it deserves that much, since half points are impossible I gave it 3 stars here. <<less
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September 8, 2019
Status: c356
honestly I was a huge fan of the whole talisman concept however clearly this was a novel that didn’t fulfill that promise. Now to the plot it’s the same old youngster finds grand inheritance, doesn’t offend anyone but somehow his clan gets wiped out and then he takes revenge and moves on and collects beauties who fall in love after eye contact.

The worst thing about this novel is definitely the aphrodisiac part. In other novels they introduce a female and the author cannot make the MC fall in love logically... more>> but wants to facilitate a relationship so they introduce a horny mist that forces them. Now let me tell you that this novel breaks that concept and twists it in a horrible way.


so two females and their crews chased after the MC to kill him and rob him of his treasures. The MC of course got lucky and stumbled into a misty horny fog that made these powerful cultivators like rabbits in heat. Anyways that’s basic. The problem is that, these women are evil. One of them comes from a devil sect that practices in using infants and mortals as a fuel for their cultivation. They drink the blood of dead babies to get stronger. She has mastered many techniques so it is implied she has done this before. Still the author thought it was a good idea to force a romance between such a scummy woman and the MC. Just look at this way, if that female was a male. The MC would never be friends with him just based on the fact that he comes from a baby eating sect and that dude himself has learnt many techniques that require many children as sacrifices. So it’s absolutely disgusting, forgetting about how she tried to kill him. Just the fact that she comes from a shitty sect should have gotten her killed. He then protects her everytime he sees her. Despite her wanting to torture him to death.

Next the other woman is abit better but she tried to kill him multiple times. We all know novels in this genre tend to make women powerful in strength but when it come to chastity they lose all reason and power against the man who took it from them. Romance is forced between the two women and the MC merely because he slept with them when they both benefitted immensely.


overall after this I couldn’t stand the novel because of the blatant hypocrisy. I hate MC who spout righteousness and justice when they discriminate between genders when it comes to justice. How you letting a baby killer enter the harem? It doesn’t make sense for such a morally evil person to just fall in love with the MC after sleeping with him. Like at what point of s*upid must you be to think that someone who kills babies and drinkers their blood will care about who they slept with? Lol. I don’t advise reading this if you dislike when an MC loses reason when it comes to females. <<less
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chekanalia rated it
November 8, 2017
Status: c107
I am leaving a review simply because of the terrible ones. This is a good novel and is very promising so far. Read it and don't let the terrible reviews keep you from a solid piece of work. I like this MC and he is quite relatable. Will update later on....

Update 05/03/18 ch 361

Good translation quality but it is becoming a chore reading this. He was fine at the beginning but MC has now gone down the route of the generic YY MC. Insane power-ups, tournaments galore and jade like... more>> harem beauties.... will admit that the writing quality has dropped since we can kinda guess what will happen from this point on. Will shelve this, since the upcoming tournament seems to be one that will take almost 50 chaps or so given precedent, and pick up once I have enough stacked chps. <<less
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Moxmox rated it
July 30, 2019
Status: Completed
Wasn't good, wasn't bad.

The harem is extremely lacking. As is the mc's interaction with the harem.

The novel left behind a lot of plot holes and unanswered questions.

The tournaments were boring.

It seemed as if most of the novel just consisted of him running away from someone stronger than him. And it continues up until the last 4 or 5 chapters.

Overall... while it's not good, it'll sate your appetite if you're in between other novels.
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