Talisman Emperor


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Chen Xi was a jinx who radiated misfortune the way a torch radiated light, and everyone around him knew it. His entire clan was annihilated when he was young, and not too long after that his parents disappeared. His marriage contract? Poof. Torn to shreds and gone up in smoke before the eyes of everyone in the city, almost humiliating his grandfather to the point of suicide! Cultivation? No time for that, he had a family to take care of!

This is the story of Chen Xi, a youth forced to stop cultivating and instead craft talismans to pay for his younger brother’s tuition… and who, in the process, would rise to become known by all as the Talisman Emperor!

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J-Mitch rated it
November 23, 2017
Status: v2c77
The novel started out as your typically stereotypical Xuanhuan. This is where the main character is the underdog and there is someone out to get him. Only, it was a bit different in making the main character's enemy a family affair. Not only did the whole family suffer, but there was this dynamic that made it seem as if you could almost immerse yourself in the story. It was different than the usual 'main character was a cripple and so was laughed' at sort of cliche and more of an... more>> underlying plot.

That was when it all changed. The only bit of interesting details, including the portion of him being a talisman master -- which is a part of the title of the novel -- was snuffed out. After a few chapters, when cliche after cliche hit you and you still could bear through it as the handling of each cliche was done relatively well, you were then hit with a massive "Old Character and trends, bye, new character and thoughts, hi" kinda deal.

The Main Character seems to get swarmed in such happy coincidences and beneficial events. His skills improve by leaps and bounds, and not only that, it seems that with each new encounter, he apparently had already learned something that could help him solve said problem. And said solution was out of the blue. "What what? When did he learn that? When did he move up 9 levels in body tempering? What?"

The use of talismans seems to become more of an auxiliary skill. No longer something defining to his character. Besides the first five years we're told about, he doesn't learn much of anything after that about the trade, and the skill was only applicable to him for a few chapters before it was chucked to the side--only mentioned here or there. Well, the title of the novel should be Chucked to the Side Talisman Emperor.

If it wasn't for the balanced start, I would have rated it a 2 or maybe a 1.

Doesn't mean I won't continue to read if I'm really, really bored though. Hopefully, the novel does get better if I do continue. <<less
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SayMrrp rated it
October 17, 2017
Status: c78
Generic, but good! Feels similar to IET's novels and I Shall Seal the Heavens, in terms of vibes. The writing's stable.

MC's unlucky... but really lucky??? Uh... XD

MC's brother seems adorable, and the cliches are working out well. The MC's cheat isn't absolutely broken, I think it'll be fun to develop.

MC's learning various crafts, but he's good at martial arts too. Powers up really quickly.

I'm interested as to whether the MC will get some good friends. He has some prospective ones, but... Hmm...
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dwoolfy rated it
October 22, 2018
Status: --
I have to admit that there is a lot of good about this story. First it does not suffer from the whole numbers game that most of your standard wuxia/xainxia stories have. Example: 'MC has 14000 jin of punching force so he can easily beat someone with 13000 jin of punching force...' Second the story is actually quite decent, while a lot of people compare it unfavorably to DE I personally do not see much of a problem. Yes there is some areas where it is a rip-off, but... more>> when looking at DE it also rips off many other stories in the same genre. Authors often take inspiration from stories that they read, and while scenes from one story may have a strong match to scenes from another, it is not anywhere near the worst I have come across. I remember one that is almost a rewrite of Martial World where scene after scene was effectively the same, though with slightly different results and effects.

Now for a big problem... The name does not match the story at all. Yes the MC gets this inheritance from a past talisman immortal, but it seems as if there is almost nothing about talismans in the actual story/inheritance/ ect... First he gets some sort of body refining ability and then he starts powering up. Then he gets some sort of super-weapon that is the only thing resembling talisman usage after the first 20 or so chapters but instead of giving him much of an advantage it is just some super expensive item that seems to be just the right weapon for him to use. It is infinitely upgradeable but also infinitely expensive to upgrade. Everything else in the story so far ch450+ is just more standard wuxia/xainxia skills and combat techniques being thrown at his enemies.

One more plus is that his acquisition and learning of those techniques actually is interesting in that they follow some sort of system. The ever present MC luck is also there but it seems to play a bit less of a role than most of the standard wuxia/xainxia stories. <<less
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Dougmaister03 rated it
May 13, 2018
Status: --
A downright dissapoinment. Another novel filled with arrogant young master and chains of tournament repeated over and over again to progress the plot and one dimensional characters with no defining personality.
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Molenir rated it
April 7, 2018
Status: c163
To sum up this novel in one word. Boring. Seriously. It starts out fairly well. Enjoyed the start with the talismans, the powerup was done fairly well. Then off we go on a weird adventure, with lots of killings, revenge, etc. All that though was ok. Read it all before, but wasn't bad. Then we get to crazy powerups, and wiping out entire families. And now I just am tired of it. Its gone from an interesting MC, to a murderous psychopathic MC who I no longer recognize. Continuing to... more>> read, I find I'm just bored with the whole story. I know whats coming next and am tired of it. <<less
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Varno rated it
March 27, 2018
Status: c200

The beginning was good, though a bit overdone. How many MCs have to be bullied? As many as need be if it draws your sympathy is chinas answeer.

There is a difference in this one. He has brother.

But there is twist!

His brother plays the part of the MCs lost maiden. Forgeten for many chapters and found much later- more mature, more powerful, less dependent on the MC (because he is talented). So he eventually grows up. He can stand on his own, another character to be forgettened; only developed off screen.

As the story developes charcter growth doesn't, they regress becoming immature despite they're increasing or already massive age (excepting the mc).

And that is my only problem worth mentioning, I can see a weak point coming as far as I am and I can see the plot right behind this weak point. So 3.9/5, for now.

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Bakaleaf rated it
January 6, 2018
Status: c176
Good Novel without direction simply your average weak MC became OP later...

It started with a good plot but destroyed after a few hundred chapters I have no idea why the story suddenly got rush but it made me want not to bother reading this as it becomes boring.

Major Spoiler Reason I stop reading this novel

... more>>

The MC has a good plot story where he will get his revenge this and that because of how tragic their life becomes but that all was for nothing as the MC wasn't the one who destroyed his enemies. A super power out of nowhere suddenly destroy MC's sworn enemies I was like what's the point of the story again?

It was title Talisman Emperor but the so called Talisman was barely mentioned although it look amazing when it was first introduce. Now that the so called revenge for his family vanish it was like pretty much very boring... boring... boring NOVEL! (Import thing must be mentioned 3 times)


It's not that bad but there are tons of novel I already read with this kind of setting so I need to drop this novel which have no reason for me to read... <<less
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Stark3 rated it
October 11, 2017
Status: c73
I was initially led into reading the story because of the comparison to DE, which is one of my favorite xianxia novels. Also, I thought it'd be refreshing to have an MC who focuses on something other than the typical sword immortal cultivation route and uses talismans instead.

Weirdly enough, AFTER he gets an inheritance that actually needed his talent in the Dao of Talismans to pass, he makes / uses talismans less and less. For a novel that's titled Talisman Emperor, I've yet to see the MC use a talisman... more>> past the first dozen chapters. (Another review indicated that this trend extends up to ch13x!). He's reverted back to a common template - dual cultivation of body refining and use of swords / sword qi.

Lack of talisman usage aside, the story is pretty generic (with lots of plot holes and shout out loud annoying logic). It also violates one of my pet peeves - making the MC uber powerful too fast. There are other stories that does it a LOT better.

I'll probably wait until the story gets back on track with regards to the talismans, or show something unique. As it is now, it's forgettable. <<less
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SinsI rated it
October 9, 2017
Status: с33
The plot is very poorly thought and has many gaping holes and inconsistencies:

i.e. MC is hired as an apprentice in a restaurant - but all he does is waste incredible number of ingredients to improve his own skills - he NEVER serves in that restaurant even once, despite receiving a huge salary!

clan of cultivators kidnaps dozens of citizens to sacrifice to a monster - and after MC saves them the local authorities never mention it and do nothing against that clan;

Hell, why are they calling MC "jinx" if all... more>> his sufferings are a direct result of the enemy actions and have nothing to do with luck? <<less
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Sheenius rated it
September 29, 2017
Status: --
Expected something totally different. I thought we would see a mortal or at least someone with a shallow cultivation drawing awesome talismans, becoming a walking talismanfortress and slapping faces left and right... but no, its the same story as always! Awesome heritage, awesome spiritmentor, super strong ancient bodycultivation... everything on a silvertablet with no way of failing
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Ignus rated it
September 11, 2017
Status: c43
A decent read if you just want the Xuanhua experience.

I dropped it down a star due to disappointment. Still gonna read it to prevent Xuanhua Withdrawals.

Besides the bad math and timelines that are present in many light novels... Which in this story, pushes power forward very quickly without the feeling of time and effort spent to already be stronger than most of the adults around him. ... more>>

Like MC taking 10 days to perfect multiple top tier skills, raise his cultivation, learn amazing culinary skills, and sense world changing talismans... when before he spent multiple years not improving in anything...


It is other areas that have lead to disappointment. Especially since the story started out so well. The below spoiler all points to the author speeding the story up and dropping the ball of plot a few to many times. Makes one wish the story played out differently. Moments when you curse because immersion was ruined.


    1. MC gets an amazing chef to teach him spirit cooking. Gets a few hours lessons, and then told to do his own thing....
    1. MC gets some strength and a sword, and doesn't even use his talismans incorporated into his fights...
    1. MC cooks food for the 3 nobles, wanders off in fog, kills people, and returns as they finish... Who cleaned the dishes? Why would he wander around when there is a good chance to get lost, ambushed etc... Blatant author adding bad plot for action/MC = cool
    1. MC amazingly comes up with some amazing talisman designs.

      Then drops it, and the shop owner just kinda goes... Ok... No trying to convince him, no trying to learn the talisman technique, no giving MC rank 2 talisman book

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k-r-i-s rated it
September 11, 2017
Status: c131

It's a basic cultivation book. The villains are one dimensional so far.

... more>>

He has some special heritage from a super powerful dead guy and he has to work 'slowly' to gain the heritage. His whole family except for him mom, brother, and dad are killed so there is no family politics which I think is a plus cause it's pretty annoying. His mom has been kidnapped so he has to save her after getting stronger. I think it could be harem though it's only cause two girls are introduced so far. That's just an assumption though.


I think it could be a decent read if you like protagonists who don't rush into everything and are fine with tropes and cliches from other stories.

Edit: c131


Not much romance so far. Looks like it's probably not a harem. Not sure why it's called Talisman Emporer at this point cause he hasn't used them in forever. Still looks like a basic cultivation story. But the guy has become kind of stupid in how he reacts. He doesn't do it in a smart way anymore. He just attacks back whenever he has a chance.

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zedleeftw rated it
August 30, 2018
Status: c324
This novel is okay. It's a rather okay one so far, with the romance being slow and realistic and the MC being a rather morally upright person. It's a rather standard CN LN. Quality of translation is rather high too, since it's in WW, soo all in all it's pretty good. MC is having lots of fun having revenge and some might say that certain enemies die too abruptly, and that some previously minor side character is revealed to be part of a powerful family is a bit confusing but... more>> the story is good <<less
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Galooza rated it
August 21, 2018
Status: c601
This novel deserves to be called a tragedy. Let's get this out of the way: this is likely what led to IET writing Desolate Era in such a similar way that the general sequence of events, dao system, and even their timing is almost exactly the same. The ideas and world/universe are very interesting and probably the sole reason I still read this, though it went bad like many. Overall, it's a very generic story that has a completely underutilized cultivation system and universe which I believe IET also saw... more>> the potential in. A real shame.


Tropes - This is very similar to SOTR in that it takes one trope and makes it the main showpiece of the story. Piss off the "chosen" and slap them in the face over and over and over till you feel like your face has been drug through the mud.



Storywriting - As stated originally, this has a bunch of interesting cultivation ideas and world that were not explained well, if at all. The places the MC goes feel completely random and then he gets into one sect, then another, and on and on. The grand daos are never explained, just that there are minor and grand daos that you come to see over time. And the daos the MC comprehend himself are never explained, he just obtains them. Again, ideas and a world with a lot of potential but no coherency at all between them.



Cultivation - Because the author had no real idea where he wanted to go and ultimately sided with what readers wanted, we see the MC starting with some knowledge in talismans. Then, he completely abandons that and learns the main sword technique for the next several hundred chapters only to reintroduce talismans as the mainstay for this weird mashup that has no coherency. The readers simply wanted more talismans so that's what he chose.



Translation - InVader's translations are very good, but I'm putting this here because there's one choice that doesn't jive with me personally. Likely to avoid the obvious similarity with DE, certain terms were worded differently that do not read well at all. Dao Territory = Dao Domain, Three Dimensions = Three Realms, etc.

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guy smiley
guy smiley rated it
August 7, 2018
Status: c50
Below, is my statements made about it in a Discord chat, that overall sum up my impression/experience. It's not exactly review-ish in its style, but I choose to believe that it accurately reflects my experience of reading Talisman Emperor.

... more>>


there was this son of an antagonist family, who bullied the MC and his brother sometimes, but kinda had this phase of being shunned by his own family cos he was weak, and trodden on by his own brother and stuff

but then we saw that really, he just wanted acknowlegement from someone, anyone really, he wanted ppl to respect him, cos he had low self-esteem

it's very relatable

and eventually, he pulled himself out of his funk, trained himself up, and was all set to challenge his brother for the heirship of the family again, he had his confidence, he had something more than just his family and his upbringing, to buoy him up, he'd become a man

then he recieved news that the MC of the story killed his brother (who was the one he really hated all along)

how was he to recieve acknowlegement now? How could he finally step out of his brother's shadow now?
^ That, is about where I dropped Talisman Emperor, cos there's this awesome setup for a rival character, but then it's completely wasted

MC burned his family to the ground, kills them all, this guy dies a mooks death, the end

wasted opportunity

other ppl also complain about it not really being about talismans, iunno, it also seems basically a generic xianxia besides my hopes for this one rival character

those are all valid reasons to dislike it in general, my reason I feel is a little more personal

also, that character was not written as well as I may have made it seem, to be fair, most of that is extrapolating from his being shunned as his brother took the stage a bit, and his reaction to his brothers death after he'd just come out of this super intense secluded training

author, if I'm honest, did less with that character overall, than I just did

which is not a point in the actual story's favor

eh, give it a try, why not, none of that is particularly far in

^ me, sh*tting all over it for frickin ages, but then still saying to read it :/

(but secretly I'm very curious how others might look upon said character and scenario, now that my interpretation of it has been violently thrust upon them)

I am unsure what chapter I dropped it at, but all this takes place in the environs of the first city. The starting town, if you will, so I doubt it's much more than 50 chapters in. <<less
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prinsewa rated it
July 11, 2018
Status: c321
It's a good story, very similar to Desolate Era in many places. A good point is that the term Dao is not just added to stuff to sound mysterious, there's actually a weight to it. Progressing is not only done by leveling up but also by gaining combat experience which is pretty authentic. Mostly coherent (ish) up to where i've read.

The thing bugging me is the writing style, where you get those pointless praise dialogs and mini-reviews after every action the MC takes. One chapter and a dozens sentences telling... more>> how much this and that the MC is, how right people are for perceiving him that way, how wrong are the others... Feels like being invited to a banquet with the host always by your ear whispering (or even shouting) what piece of the meal you just ate taste the best. Excuse me but I can think for myself! We don't all have the same standards so having forced upon oneself what is good, bad, genius, honest, fair, justice and the likes is very annoying.

It's mostly due to CN author's tricks for word count, in my opinion. Not everything has to be explicitly stated. Once it's done one can only agree or disagree. The repetition will only accentuate that. I believe that implicitly guiding the reader to the meaning and allowing him to consider and appraise by himself is a higher way or writing that shows respect and consideration.

Once again, the story is really good and substantial. Restrain your synopsis-induced expectations and you're up for a nice experience. <<less
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dorn rated it
June 27, 2018
Status: c484
It's surprising this gets so many bad reviews. It's actually very well written. It's the same sort of story as Desolate Era and similar novels. The world is well fleshed out and the pacing is good. The characters are pretty normal for this sort of thing.

It's not a 5 star novel but it's far better than it's rating indicates. If it has a critical flaw it's that the Talisman angle draws in people looking for something new but it's not really anything new at all. If you just want... more>> another decent novel to read though it's quality work. <<less
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October 11, 2017
Status: --
The novel is neither great nor bad. Actually it's quite good. I have almost read till chapter 1000 and apart from few inconsistencies and some minor hiccups the novel is actually pretty interesting.

One major problem which irritates me like bone stuck between teeth, is despite naming it as talisman emperor the MC rarely used talismans.

His fighting style, cultivation method etc are all pretty much the usual stuff. I was expecting somethimg better. Maybe creating arrays in air and shooting it?

... more>>

Although in Ming Realm, (just below Immortal) he does uses runes to re-create his world. Later on the runes are sometime integrated into his attacks.


The novel follows the same pattern of, competition- new world- new sect-competition-new world etc. But despite this, I still find myself interested (or maybe it's the alien language in MTL, which I always skip)

The characters are mostly two dimensional, rarely characters with well thought out motives and functions are present. But hey, this is something you get used to after reading so many Xianxias.

Can't say anything about writing style, grammar etc as MTL is quite difficult to criticize about... Too many mistakes and problems to list down -_-..

CLICHES are there, but they are not something glaring or something simply shoved on your face. It's there but well thought out.

But enemies are the same copy paste mould of each other. Zero brains, 100% percent attitude and a great sect to back them up. And they always find our MC to pick a bone with, and ofcourse get badly beaten up and killed the next time. Then it's the whole sect trying to kill him. Until now the major enemy is some Angel called Ice or something, who I really want to punch. Their are lots of hints about some realm war, so. we can expect some real fighting and power ups.

Female leads are well, female leads. Many of them, stick to MC for apparently no reasons at all and fall in love a few hours later. Fortunately, many of them are supposedly one sided. Supposedly since even I am not sure.

Their are few plot holes, which I am waiting for author to fill up before the novel ends.

Will edit soon after I finish reading it.

Edit: War has almost started with alien race. And it's boring.

Author has a penchant for introducing girls with strong and mysterious backgrounds. Then their mystical babblings, statements which make no sense currently etc. You have his senior sister, someone called AI Wei or something, then wife of some large trading firm, a restaurant owner and so on. They will help MC when he is in a fix. Waiting to see, why the f**k are they doing so?

If it's just cuz they are feeling lucky, well goddam you author.

  1. The enemies are becoming stronger and even more stupider.
Ciao~ <<less
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LegitPotatoXx rated it
September 11, 2017
Status: c44
Talisman Emperor is a basic xuanhuan with a bit of revenge and it will remind you of desolate era and martial world ; if you've read them.

Personally I think that this is amazing and I look forward to reading more chapter in the Future!

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honglath rated it
September 10, 2017
Status: c43
With a typical xuanhuan start that we've already gotten used to by reading it so many times before, it's a joy to go through the lengthy, filler path of vengeance once more!

Our MC this time isn't an alchemist, but a cook. He's originally a talisman maker, yet due to dexterous hands from practice, practice, practice!, years of self-taught cooking due to plot inflicted poverty and enhanced mental acuity due to cheat SOUL POWA!!! increase, he's well on his way to becoming Master Chef.

But then again, cooking is a bit like... more>> alchemy as he tastes his way to immortality with energy enhanced wine and dine...

Anyway, the beginning arc is still fun, except the boring training and learning and digesting the training and learning, and you'll very much enjoy it if you're looking for some light reading, 50-100 chapters at a time.

PS to TL: Really? Stopping the mass release in the middle of a fight?... Meanie. (So yeah, ch 43 ends in the middle of a fight, in case you were wondering.)

Cheers <<less
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