Stellar Transformation


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In a galaxy far away, there is a kid without innate ability to practice internal techniques. So, in order to gain the respect of his father, he resolutely chooses to follow the more difficult and painful path of practicing external techniques. As the years go by, he grows up, but what really changes his life is a mysterious meteoric crystal stone – the Meteoric Tear. This stone fuses with the young man’s body unnoticed, and he seems to undergo drastic transformations as a result. After that, everything is changed. Eventually his father knows that the son for whom he hasn’t really shown a lot of consideration possesses astonishing abilities. And there’s a lot more to come.

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Tinh thần biến
Xing Chen Bian
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107 Reviews

New luisivich
Dec 05, 2023
Status: --
character got lots of inner monologue and you realized that the writer suffering from lack of creativity. Character have to create his own cultivation system and due to the writers lack of creativity- the way he come up with solution is really boring and uninteresting for example in chapter 364 he had discovered "domain" but it was never explain what led to his understanding of domain. And what is more frustrating at halfway of the story the pacing becomes really slow. Too much detail on the fight scene but his... more>> progression and what led to his progression are never explored. <<less
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Mar 27, 2016
Status: --
No offense, but I’m really sick and tired of all the bad reviews. Compared all those novels with fast starts, huge revenge schemes, and s*upid tropes... I like this one way better.

It’s unique and I love the emotional scenes in the beginning (okay, maybe not emotional, but compared to other xianxia it was). Sorry if you don’t like the fact it’s slow, but it’s these types of novels that build up the characters and trudge through mud puddles that I like.

So he makes mistakes, but compared to other xianxia... more>> it makes sense. Other xianxia protags are so s*upid you wonder how they made it out of primary school. They are twisted with a one-track mindset. It’s irritating, and that’s why l love this novel.

I have to admit though, binge reading is better for those who think it’s slow. I personally loved the beginning, but for those who think the beginning is a drab... at least you can binge read all of it (it is on volume sixteen now... so...).

I love how good he is with his family, and how he doesn’t hate his father or siblings, and understood the circumstances. I love watching him grow and how he got to where he is now. I also love how there is no harems, and the female characters aren’t walking b**bs.

Also he gets strong at the beginning because wants to show his family that he can help. He wants his father to be proud of him (thus in my opinion is really sweet). This reason changes later on when that part of life ends. And for those of you think his first reason I'd shallow, compared to all out revenge or wanting to step over everyone else this reason is not anywhere close to being shallow.

And another thing. Compared to other xianxia he can be Considered to have at least high school intelligence. Mga's protag is struggling to form a fetus, and wdqk's protag is somewhere in elementary or middle school. The only reason st's protag may seem s*upid is because of the slow development.

Anyway this is my personal opinion. Again... sure you think it’s slow or you think the MC is s*upid, but think of it like tmw. Slow starts sometimes lead to amazing novels. Fast starts like mga usually lead to repetitive crap.

Hope you read and soldier through. <<less
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May 20, 2016
Status: Completed
I'm still forcing myself to read this train-wreck, because I'm a completionist.

I'll skip the plot-holes and bad writing and go straight to the last battle,
which is where the author had a mental breakdown and spit in the face of readers.

... more>>

Three times in a row, 40 of the wisest, oldest, all-seeing godkings are running after an artifact like a bunch of monkeys without any strategy or thinking, disregarding the political structures built up through many books.

They obey enemies based on no reason and kill allies without reason as well.

It was made clear that either the strongest individual, or the leader of the strongest group will get one of the artifacts and no other person.
The members of a group are only there because they are the leader's followers and must be there.
If the followers somehow get it first by accident, they have to give it to the leader.
If someone outside their group gets it, they get killed.

Then dozens of independent hidden godkings start following orders of established groups,
even though they don't have to,
even though it's clear that they will get no artifact,
even though they'll only survive at best and will probably die.

MC does absolutely nothing to punish the man who tried to mu*der his wife and his unborn child???

jiand lan gives the two most precious items to the man who helped mu*der his wife and tried to mu*der his niece and her unborn child, just because he wants him to be nice to the MC????????!!!?!?!

I'm turning insane from rage at this


How can the ending be so boring and unimaginative and have so many loose ends?


He reaches the level of the strongest by doing nothing and waiting on his technique to complete itself?
He gets many "amazing abilities", no explanation on what they are tho...
He goes off to work on his cosmos and do stuff. What a great description... The end.

What abilities does mixed bird (who comprehended time acceleration as heavenly deity) have now that he's a godking? He didn't even fight anyone.
What happened to the demon emperor kid who MC taught in the immortal realm?
What happened to his other acquaintances like old and new gold punishment lords?
What about his first son? He had almost no development after the first few years of his life.
What about the guy from his clan who inherited his cosmos creation technique?
What happened to all the realms and the people he encountered after more than 20 thousands of years MC spent in the divine realm?
He goes into his cosmos and that's it?!.....

I will never read anything by this author again


i eat tomatoes is the McDonald's of novels. <<less
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Mar 07, 2016
Status: --
dont bother with the bad reviews below, this novel is excellent, no GENERIC revenge plot which almost all xianxia have. MC start slow but if you dont skip and just read through and feel what the authors is trying to convey about whats MC is feeling you surely get hooked. No one calling the MC like “your tr*sh” “tr*sh tr*sh tr*sh” and more “tr*sh” which you read on all xianxia out there. NO s*upid ENEMY only GREEDY ENEMY which lead to their death. This novel focus more on getting stronger... more>> for love than getting stronger to bang that girl on my previous life and to kill that stud who kill me for being too awesome. Most of all NO HAREM, MC is loyal to the girl. Which is good for me cause of my religion being a christian <<less
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May 17, 2016
Status: v9c12
I found this to be unnecessarily slow, dull, extremely repetitive and poorly executed. There are certain decisions that the MC makes that was completely redundant & completely counterproductive just so the author could extend the arc. The author drags story lines out longer than its needed to be and will often reuse old enemies for no real reason except to fight the MC. The story has never once made me want to read more instead I only continued to read because I was hoping I could find something to interest... more>> me. Why is this? I have no idea but in my opinion its because the story is rather bland and has no sense of direction. The MC doesn't even have a goal to strive towards, he simply exists because he can. I first dropped this at V3 then at a few months later picked up again only to drop once more at V5. I picked up again 2 months ago and will now be officially dropping it at V9C12.

I had to stop before I wasted too much time on something I didn't even like. (Too late?) My advice to new readers would be for you to read through the first arc and try to feel the tone being set before you invest more time. <<less
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Dec 04, 2015
Status: --
The MC with a morality! The plot gets more and more interesting as it progresses. The plot has a dab of love, brotherhood, power struggles and its fair share of bullies! Only elephant in the room is the martial progression of MC which remains a bit questionable. Also some tributlation lightning timings which have disappeared in the recent chapters.
Also with Coiling dragon complete by REN seems a good read to add to the IET Universe.
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Mar 03, 2016
Status: --
The author doesn't explain the side character's abilities and only focuses on Qin Yu, Hei Yu, and Hou Fei. Speaking of Hou Fei, Qin Yu and Hei Yu just became best friends with him magically. The character development is also very poor. Qin Yu's character basically stays the same throughout the series. The only thing that changes about him is his arrogance. It just keeps going higher. This novel's plot is also extremely repetitive and gets boring pretty quickly. Power Up > Fight > Power Up > Fight

I feel like... more>> the only reason why this novel is popular is because it is one of the first xianxia novel and Coiling Dragon which is also done by the same author.

tl;dr: if you like stories with extremely repetitive plot, this is your cup of tea. If you don't then just don't read it <<less
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May 13, 2016
Status: --

3 stars, it is very good for a casual read.
... more>>

I'm just being honest, but I think the MC is a bit of sucker, his dad abandoned him because he could not cultivate, yet acts like a s*upid cuckold licking his dad's feet, yeah yeah filial piety is a big thing in Chinese culture, except I do not like childish MCs. He isn't as moral as the author portrays either. Eg. His father gets his arm cut off, MC goes batsh*t crazy, but when half of his family and 90% of the city gets killed while he is out having fun with his girlfriend, including his nephews and nieces, he doesn't have much of a reaction. Qin Yu's character building is too shallow, his emotions are not fleshed out enough and therefore it causes misunderstandings, I'm sure IET did not intend to make the reader doubt Qin Yu, but he just didn't give enough life to him and his family.



+ The MC has received to much luck and help. He received the meteoric tear (which saved his ass several times in the mortal realm), Jiang Lans golden immortal puppet (which saved his ass several times in the mortal and immortal realm), and all the other treasures.

This is the big treasure that I hate the most: An old man named Jiang Lan gave him a realm called the Jiang Lan's realm. Basically he can jump in to it whenever he wants and he will be completely safe. Also, time flows faster in this realm so he can just sit, hide and train for millions of years...

I am completely fine with a lucky MC, such as Yi Yun from True martial world, it only helped him cultivate faster. In contrast, Qin Yu has been saved several times by numerous extremely lucky incidences, has Qin Yu really gone through huge challenges? yeah like cultivating in a safe environment like Jiang Lan's realm or his new cosmos is a real challenge.

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Monkey D Luffy
Monkey D Luf
Feb 23, 2016
Status: --
Guys don't believe the bad reviews, I swear upon the honour of a xianxia readers that this series gets better and better as it moves forward. Initially when I started reading I felt it was damn slow and even had thoughts of dropping it but then didn't, let me tell you I was jubilant, never did I expect this to be a hidden gem, sure it isn't CD but it's still comes close... it's worth a read.

Hope I helped :)
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Jun 10, 2016
Status: v18c45
The LN just got translated completely. I have read the whole LN and I must say. As with all the IET novels, ST starts off strong but stumbles in the middle and completely falls apart towards the end. The author is so FREAKING LAZY THAT HE LITERALLY COPIED THE ENTIRE ENDING OF THE COILING DRAGON IN THE STELLAR TRANSFORMATION (or vice-versa, don't know which one was written first...). Seriously guys, this is one of the most laziest writing I have ever seen in my life. The author literally copied the... more>> ending of the coiling dragon almost to exact same ending in Stellar transformations.

Anyways, the ST is interesting till book 11 (which is somewhere midway) and after that it just gets progressively boring as there is ABSOLUTELY no story. A trademark of pretty much all the IET novels. No overarching story, no interesting side characters to speak off and whatever side characters are there, they are always boring and plain. Even the MC is boring and plain. Seriously, its almost like MC is a plain sheet of paper or a robot. MC has same basic personality that every other IET novels has i.e. honest, hardworking, talented and filial. Nothing wrong with that but if u read CD and then read ST then it will just seem like u are reading the same novel.

ST and CD similarities:
-Same type of MC personality. Literally interchangeable.
-One or two 'pets'. In CD, it was Bebe and in ST it is that eagle and monkey
-Some sort of shitty story revolving around family like revenge for the family or protecting the family.
-The MC in both CD and ST become too OP halfway through the novel. BTW this is an issue with even Desolate Era and Lord Xue Ying.
-MC almost never suffers from any hardships or setbacks
-The story finishes off too quickly towards the end for both CD, ST.
-Literally the same ending with almost no difference
-Side characters which are forgotten later on in the LN because the MC basically becomes too OP compared to his friends.
I could still go on and on. But I think the review has gone on for too long. Anyways, if u have read CD dont read this one. Save yourselves some time. <<less
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Jun 06, 2016
Status: --
One of my favorites!

I see the complaints are that he is too lucky... Come on guys. What hero in any story isn't lucky?

He trained for like a million plus years (accelerated time) to finally marry the only girl he ever loved... The feels man, the feels.

It's a slow start, from a mortal that can't cultivate normally, to a godking that just rocks. It's a long and wild ride.
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Jan 23, 2016
Status: --
Even though the process of cultivation is described very well and is interesting to read, conflict situations with other factions are not. Enemies aren’t too smart and the protagonist is even worse at dealing with them.
While the author is good at writing fantasy elements, the strategies of characters are atrocious and the characters described as smart still act like imbeciles. I felt my braincells dying while reading...
... more>>

Somewhere around the beginning the (described as kind) protagonist learns of an assassin organization that horribly tortures children to become emotionless mu*derers and is disgusted by it. Then he finds out that it’s his father who runs it, but doesn’t do ANYTHING about it, not even complaining.

Also, after ascending from the mortal realm to the middle realm, protagonist (who is described as a good and moral person) is asked by a selfish and greedy family to kill someone for money and he does it without caring who he kills. This is where I stopped reading.

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May 15, 2016
Status: v18c20
Well the first reason I like this novel is probably because is really close to being finished soon xD.

I find the story to be very interesting and it gets me thinking about what ifs in real life as well because of how the story is shaping out.

The main character is very determined in his goals and the finds plenty of means to reach it tho he doesn't forget about those around him. Some characters that are sometimes forgotten and shelved away in other novels show up from time to time... more>> throughout the story [for example characters from the first book], which I think is a good thing. Its not just throwing in characters and then throwing them away never to be seen again like in some of the other novels I've read. Although the MC does use turtle tactics at times when facing an opponent that is too strong but IMO that's the logical way of doing things... who wants to die? lol

I can go on and on, but no one wants to read a huge amount of text, just give it a try. <<less
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Jul 20, 2016
Status: Completed
I'd give this a 5.5.

It doesn't SUCK but it's not exactly great either. I don't know why people recommend it so much. I highly suspect that it's because it's one of their first (if not their first) xianxias. Someone else described ST as "poorly executed" and I agree... it has some really good bits but the writing style and the MC's constant dumb decisions cause all sorts of problems. There's SO much CIS (Character Induced s*upidity).

... more>>

I'll illustrate my point: at one part during the story Qin Yu gets chased by a big shot (Emperor Mu) and BARELY escapes by the skin of his teeth. Just then, he sees an important underling of Emperor Mu who tried to kill him before. If he does anything, Emperor Mu will know where he is and come after him again. The smartest thing to do -- and in fact, what would solve ALL his problems -- would be to stay low key, hide inside Jiang Lan's realm and train until he's OP, then come back and safely crush all of his enemies, including Emperor Mu and co. There's really NO need for any danger. But does Qin Yu do this? NOPE! He throws awsay common sense, attacks this guy in the middle of a gathering of important people, makes a bunch of enemies he doesn't need to make, and then gets chased across planets in yet another life-or-death pursuit! Wtf??? Emperor Mu follows, and sends all his underlings ahead to watch every possible route of escape. WTF did Qin Yu think was going to happen? And absolutely none of thisw as necessary. It was just IET deciding he needed some kind of conflict so he made Qin Yu do something dumb.

There are also more CIS:

After everything he's done, why the f*ck does Uncle Lan give Jiang Fan the last two parts of the Exalted Celestial's Treasure? He mu*dered Uncle Lan's lover along with the other 8 Godkings. He made Zhou Xian or whatever his name is his son-in-law for his own ends. He tried to kill Qin Yu while shamelessly acting like it was a fair decision. He tried to kill Qin Yu and Jiang Li's unborn child. Instead he gets let off with no punishment and Uncle Lan even rewards him...? ret*rded. It's obvious that IET just did this because he'd decided he was going to have someone else get the Exalted Celestial's treasure, but it's completely out of left field and Jiang Fan doesn't even go to Fog City to apologise.

There's also a bunch of other things:

- Qin Yu slaughters a school of cultivators because the son of the Patriarch or whatever killed his master and cut off his relative's arms. Qin Yu is an a**hole.

Not to mention that Qin Yu regularly behaves like an as*hole by randomly being arrogant and often sidestepping questions people ask him for the sake of looking mysterious. There's event a point where

Hou Fei is about to die -- also don't get me started on that dumbass Hou Fei -- but Hou Fei is about to die and Qin Yu waits until Hou Fei, his supposed "brother", cries out for help before he saves him. Just... what? Are you that desperate to look cool? It's not cool, it's just irritating.


If I hadn't read Desolate Era I'd think IET is a crappy author, but he's clearly improved by leaps and bounds. I'm just starting Coiling Dragon and I'm a bit worried because I don't know if IET is going to make as many s*upid plot decisions/Character Induced s*upidity moments as he does in ST... I'm just hoping it's like Desolate Era, which is a very good series.

So long story short, ST is really REALLY flawed and you'll see some serious dumbassery, but even so it has some good bits. Brace yourself! And don't listen to the endless gushing. It's definitely nowhere near 5 stars. <<less
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Sep 08, 2016
Status: v18c45 part3
I really enjoyed parts of this novel, but the author's bag of tricks is very limited. What's more, it has many of the same problems as Coiling Dragon (which was written after this), like giving the hero too much good fortune and no narrative tension. Early on, when Qin Yu is outsmarting beasts like Sang Mo & Cha Hong in the ocean, the story planning seems a bit tighter and there are at least stakes involved, but later, he can just hide in his shell and level up every time... more>> there's a problem. And the idea of being an immortal has no real feeling of romance or gravity, because at every ascension to a new realm, all we see are more smug idiots, only, this time, these idiots are quadrillions of years old... which just means they can punch harder.

A lot of arcs feel kinda phoned-in, too. The mountain fight at the end turns out to have no consequences at all. The bride search 10-year competitions have largely the same effect, and the premise is really frustrating when most of the arc goes by with the bride in question not even telling her father who she wants to marry.

The one area where I think it's much better than CD though is in romance and slice-of-life, as love is actually the central driving force in the series' narrative rather than some boring side-note. But overall, ST is Training Arc p*rn. If you like hearing about how the protagonist went from lifting a five pound rock to lifting a ten pound rock (and as foolish and repetitive as it is, I admit it's a guilty pleasure for me too), you might enjoy it. But if you're really looking to see the hero actually raise his children or teach his disciples or do anything beyond fighting and getting stronger, you'll be disappointed. Coiling Dragon didn't handle that stuff any better, mind you. In some ways it was even worse.

My biggest problem though is how little planning IET seems to follow. With a novel like this where the main character is constantly picking up treasures, acquiring favors, and following a timeline, you really need to write an outline for how plots are supposed to develop alongside each other. Instead, every time the hero goes into some 10 year training meditation or whatever--and god knows why he even comes out--another bad guy with a grudge becomes completely irrelevant, and a loose end is quietly forgotten.

Remember the seemingly-amazing "Nameless" book of Xiumo cultivation skills and other numerous treasures of Lei Wei, or the AI cat Starlet, before the sci-fi angle was completely dropped? Remember the combined fire-ice-gravity ring which he uses like one time in the whole second realm? The Heaven Sundering Sword Technique was also extremely hyped, and he never even used it despite getting a sword that was endowed with the full technique. Remember the lightning talisman from Li'er? Remember setting the stage for some scheme by claiming the existence of the "Zhenyang School"? Remember Xiao Yao, the suspicious friendly guy who wanted to exchange phone numbers? The favors owed from Wu Lan, Ao Wuxu & Ye Qu? Or the "Dark Origin" weapon? I could honestly go on, but Qin Yu gets so many cards up his sleeves and is so comfortably positioned that he uses maybe half of them when he's in danger and forgets the rest entirely. The author shouldn't be giving his characters any kind of weapon or ability unless there's some clever way he can use it later to get out of a jam.

And of course there are the forgotten plots and hidden dangers: Remember Yan Mou & Yan Xin, the two who were forced to swear an oath to carry out revenge on behalf of their boss? Never came up again. Remember Jade Blade Boy and Bai Yi, whom Qin Yu exposed himself to save, and the latter of which swearing to make trouble in the future for one of Qin Yu's opponents? Remember when the narration suddenly foreshadowed that everyone would soon come to see how much of a terror the new Flame Emperor really was? Remember Qin Yu's solo 4X power ascension that was said to have been visible to figures of the divine realm, who were supposed to be alarmed of his coming as a result? All totally forgotten.

Also, unfortunately, the translations are bad. The early ones are in good shape at least as far as grammar and proofreading, but nowadays I think the translating scene is a lot better about not arbitrarily leaving terms untranslated, because of the efforts of translators like alyschu & DB. For example, you don't know what "yuanying" means because it's not in your language, but "nascent soul" is intuitive. But even that's fine--later the translations get a lot worse. They're completely inconsistent with the old translations, so it's very confusing to figure out who or what is being referred to, or how strong an artifact is, and so on. Even if they had their own preferences, they should have left editor's notes as soon as they made the switch. And yet the translators are never shy about leaving notes when it's their unwanted commentary [Translator's note: whatt! I didnt think that would happen!!1]. Readers have to keep their own notes about character names and how strong everybody is if they don't want to get lost--although I recommend doing this anyway.

The translations are also really poorly proofread. Even when they do manage to use punctuation where it's needed, the translations are often really awkward--one example I remember is "an astonishing level of frighteningness" in place of "astonishingly frightening".

Maybe the worst thing of all is when they say, "Okay, Chinese people use 'li' basically the way we use 'miles' so let's just pretend a 'li' is a mile even though it's actually a third the size, so a 350 meter object in IET's novel becomes 1 kilometer in our translation." I mean, yikes. <<less
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Jul 10, 2020
Status: v3c20
This is my first review, I wasn’t planning on my first review being a negative one, however I’ve felt really betrayed by the good reviews on this novel. They lead me to believe the bad scores were because the novel had a slow start, and “I love slow starts” I thought, but the problem wasn’t pacing, it was quality.

If I had to describe this novel in one word would be “inept”, the good ideas are there: crippled MC, mysterious cultivation methods, imperial intrigue, assassination plots. But the author can’t develop... more>> any of these ideas into good chapters, everything just feels shallow or simply falls apart. I won’t go into specifics, this is a review, not a youtube essay about game of thrones season 8.

The world build really leaves a lot to be desired, I’m at this point used to the “I’m just going to describe how things work for the next 4 paragraphs” stlye of world building chinese novels seem the adhere., but at least put some thought into it. I have to slog through uninteresting, uninspired exposition dumps, and even then, I have barely any ideia how this world works, I don’t even really know how “normal” cultivation works in this novel, instead I just have to read how MC is training really hard 8 times per chapter.

Anyway, I can’t recomend this novel, it has nice ideas, but really poor execution. I don’t know if the later chapter are any good, the positive reviews here say they are, but at this point I can’t really trust this writer’s ability to craft a good story. <<less
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Jun 03, 2016
Status: Completed
What can I say. This was the very first Xianxia Novel I started reading, and generally, it is THE FIRST ever Light Novel I read in general - I was a manga-only guy in the past. I must say, it was this novel that revealed the wonders of Light Novels to me.

Great writing by IET, even though I've now expanded in the variety of novels I am reading and realise that during the later parts of the novel, IET got a little fed up with the constant power struggle and... more>> he began skipping through a lot of stuff, somewhat lowering the quality of his writing. Nevertheless, this is, in my honest opinion, one of the staples when it comes to XianXia, along with its prequel, Coiling Dragon, which I, believe it or not, have yet to start reading.

Absolutely recommended to whoever is looking for a place to start with this genre. It's sad yet exciting at the same time that I am here to see it to an end. <<less
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Mar 05, 2016
Status: --
A Good Read Xianxia. Pretty original from IET. NO harem, Good battle scene, Good phasing. I specially like the phasing in this novel, unlike the Coiling Dragon who rely in a ExtremeBadLuck-ExtremeGoodLuck cycle phasing. This one allow time to make the MC build up his strength.

Overall, this novel is a 4.5 star 4/5 going to 5/5 recommended novel. Not IET's best but can always grab the second.
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Apr 21, 2016
Status: --
It does not conform to logic or Science but its Xianxia. What were you expecting? Shakespeare in Chinese? The translator seems to be releasing updates regularly (1-2 per day). The grammar is considerably better than many other xianxia translations. The plot itself is not the best and the protagonist does not encounter too many difficulties. Lucky encounters and incidents abound. This is not a story where a protagonist overcomes incredible adversity, scrambling for power bit by bit. There’s a hint of Romance but nothing substantial. The story is slow in... more>> the beginning. I gave up reading around book 3, picked it back up and then gave up again in book 6. I picked it up again and haven’t stopped following. The plot thickens quickly after a while. While not as good as Coiling Dragon was (or perhaps not yet, seeing as how there’s still a ways to go), its definitely worth a read. <<less
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Oct 11, 2017
Status: Completed
This novel can be divided into 3 main arcs. Each arc belongs to a realm. The lower realm was ok, it was a bit generic and nothing really amazing happened, but it was an enjoyable read and I would give it a 3.5 rating which is above average. The middle realm was freaking incredible, it is the main reason why I would recommend this noble. The Author did an amazing job at giving you the feel of cultivators in outer space (something he keeps doing in his later work) and... more>> I completely fell in love with the whole space theme, I give it a 4.5. Now the last realm was the big negative for this story. Especially coming from the hyped middle realm to this last realm was like falling from the heavens. The contrast between the 2 was really bad. It feels like the story suddenly did a 180 and turned into something else. Its been a while so I cant remember exactly why I disliked it as much as I did, but it was probably the lack of good fights/action and the mediocre love story taking the main stage. The world also wasnt very interesting and considering it was supposed to be the highest plane, it felt very mediocre and small. I give it a 2.5 rating.

Overall I give this novel a 3-3.5. It is a good read if you are looking for something that isn't idiotic like many other novels on this site. <<less
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Aug 26, 2017
Status: Completed
This series is my first xianxia read, a nice start I must say.

This one got a different feeling compared to other typical xianxias out there. No harem, but yet the romance isn't well developed.

Pros: slow start but good background, nice pace between the opening and the ending, the whole story is well-built, and it's completely translated.

Cons: lacks of romantic moments, the ending is too rushed, personality of MC (sometimes he was a good MC and sometimes he sought revenge for the smallest grievances)
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