Survival Rules for D-rank Guides


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In a world where sudden gates appeared, Espers became a national asset. Among them was Cha Jaewoo, an S-Rank Esper known as the pride of South Korea. However, there was a problem—after his awakening, he couldn’t find a guide with a high matching rate. As a result, a nationwide mandatory guide test was introduced.

“Could it be… it wouldn’t come to that, right…?”

“Ha… ”

“Cha Jaewoo?”

Haeyul, who thought it was something that needed to be done anyway, reluctantly took the guide test and recorded an incredible match rate of 97.8% with Cha Jaewoo!

“So, what should I do? I’m just a D-Rank…!”

His partner was an S-Rank Esper who had never received proper guidance and was on the brink of going berserk. Guiding him was like going after a boss monster right after creating a character!

Haeyul considered declining, fearing that his energy would be drained, possibly leading to his death. However…

“If a guide doesn’t appear for Esper Cha Jaewoo, he will eventually be executed.”

“…Am I… Am I going crazy?”

He wondered who he was worrying about in such a precarious situation. But faced with the possibility that Cha Jaewoo might die without his guidance, Haeyul signed the contract with tears in his eyes.

“That… I think I did something like this this morning…”

“Just that?”

“That’s my maximum…”

Afterward, Haeyul, with only a hint of mana, started living under the same roof as Cha Jaewoo and guided him once a day!

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D급 가이드 생존 수칙
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USpostalsystemenvelope rated it
October 10, 2023
Status: c40
This story is frustrating. I can't figure out a better way to start this review besides those four words. This story is so frustrating.

Our main character has deserved that niave protagonist tag, and then some. The relationship between the ML and MC is so bizarre, that it walks side by side with a template toxic relationship because of MC's s*upidity. The only reason why it might not seem toxic is because the ML will give him a Look like this guy is s*upid (he is), and walk back some of... more>> his choices or act different (briefly).

Does this still change the fact that the ML has

Cut his contact with the only place where he could get decently reliable info about his guide status, and cut of his (currently) only guide friend? No. Is the guide friend and association supremely suspicious?

Yes, but I can't stand the fact that if both these characters are villians, that means the ML is doing all the critical thinking for the MC. And at that point, why is the MC in college and not fifth grade?

This review is harsh, but if you can last to chapter 40 without pulling out some hair at the MC's actions, you're stronger than I'll ever be. And as much as I want to actually quote the story, the current chapter format (where everything is just one long length) isn't totally conducive to going back and forth on my terrible mobile browser, where everytime I change tabs they will reload when I switch back. Also, my desire to reread this story is infinitely closer to zero than to any other number, so. We all are going to have to do with just word of mouth.

How is the MC so dumb, you might ask? My response to that is: Well. Reading the first ten chapters should tell you how. Within the first 10, the MC has:

Been swindled into a hack of a contract (twice. He gets threatened by the ML to sign a contract he can't break, and the original contractor doesn't give him any time to process the information he gets for his original contract (before the ML illegally changed it :/) and then throws him to the wolves; Been injured by the ML (ML grabbed him for an emergency guide with no care whatsoever) and forgiven him for it; Been blackmailed by the ML if he had tried terminating the contract (this doesn't matter later on guys <3 he forgives him for this too implicitly [or as I suspect, it's just no longer relevant later on]) ; Apolgizes to the ML because he got caught not wanting to be a guide, and thus felt bad for the ML and felt that he shouldn't wish for that (which is so!!! Hggrgrrgrggr??!!?? The ML already pushed you into a contract you didn't want, and now you feel that the ML is justified in disliking the fact that you want an out? He [ML] has every right to be upset about it, but he can die mad. MC shouldn't feel guilty for wanting to get out of the contract).

And so much more.

Being guilted by the ML is no longer intentional (probably?), but the MC becomes more and more entrenched with the ML to the point of finding excuses for the MLs actions and going along with.. Just about anything. And when the MC breaks away from the ML's instructions for but a moment, because he's an adult and human? He gets slapped upside the head with "Oh, I did something wrong, I shouldn't have disobeyed ML. Now look at what I've done/what has happened.."

Which I—.. C'mon.

He locks you in a house for months, and you feel like you did wrong for going out for fun and not schooling??

I relieve every terrible account I've been told of toxic exes when I read this story. It's just that bad.

Honestly, the consequences to his own actions wouldn't even be so bad, if the MC just used his brain. If the MC is bad under pressure, I get that. But the MC is constantly under pressure, so he's always doing bad.

It doesn't make for an entertaining read, because the MC doesn't have moments of enlightenment that other people would have when they get a moment to breathe. There is no thought of "Oh, why am I letting myself be controlled like so?" it is only "Thank you ML for caring for me uwu" whenever he experiences even a MINOR emotion that edges towards discontent. <<less
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witchcraft rated it
November 10, 2023
Status: c120
This review is more of a very loose content warning instead of an actual review.

If you're looking for a review of the story, I'd recommend leleix and USpostalsystemenvelope. Except leleix says that the ML is a green flag towards the MC. He's not.

Ah, I gotta add: I don't know one bit of Korean. I wouldn't recommend the MTL because the dialogue is very confusing--I don't know who is saying what. Translation of pronouns are wonky. I can't tell who "you" or "me" or "I" is referring to. My understanding of... more>> the story is like 20% accurate. ;)


So, I MTLed around chapter 120. Around 110, the MC's trust in the ML is completely broken and he becomes terrified of the ML. ML tries to "fix" things by erasing MC's memory, but that doesn't work and MC becomes more terrified of ML. Poor MC can't guide ML like before and MC believes that he'll be killed if he loses value. He believes the ML wants to kill MC and all ML needs is a flimsy excuse to do so. MC becomes afraid of even breathing loudly and considering the ML has super senses + surveils the MC 24/7 + confines the MC to his home, the MC is absolutely miserable and terrified all the time.

The ML tries to regain the MC's trust in 2 ways:

#1 ML invites the MC's friends over. Except that they're not the MC's friends--the MC finds out they've been mind controlled (or something) by ML.

#2 When #1 doesn't work, ML has the MC say "I love you" to the ML over and over again as the ML r*pes him.

Because I'm dumb, I didn't get what the author was trying to show us until the MC runs away. I think the author wanted to portray to us the "world" of espers and guides and how twisted it is compared to normal human society and that's why the MC is the way he is--for better contrast between "normal" and not.

If you're interested in that aspect, I'd recommend Necromancer Survival. NS's MC is like the MC in this novel: naive, weak, s*upid. NS's MC has slow character growth but it's there and it's beautiful when it finally happens. The MC's kindness (really, it's just general polite/empathetic behavior...) is his weapon and weakness both because the "not normal" world just sees it as a weak spot or as foreign or as someone looking to take advantage.


...I was going to remove the star rating, but even after refreshing the page, you can't??? Why not! <<less
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Quail_birb rated it
October 8, 2023
Status: c25
Please give this a read 😭 this is so good!

Other than the fact that I'm biased because I love esper and guide stories, this one I actually can't help but love because of our dumb main character.

He's so clueless and I can't even hate him for it. If I was in his shoes, I probably would have done the same.

As of chapter 25, not much has happened or been shared about our ML other than he's an S rank esper in need of help but the only one to help... more>> him is this D rank.

It's interesting to read about how our MC behaves so I'll be putting my tent here for future chapters! <<less
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leleix rated it
November 6, 2023
Status: c76
I wouldn't say this MC is unforgivably dumb. To be fair, he's still pretty young and surrounded by super manipulative and powerful people who don't tell him anything. He's not given a choice in a lot of what's happening, so I feel like most of his behavior is pretty understandable, and it's largely the stereotypically unreadable ML's fault that he's constantly being so embarrassingly awkward. Still, the stuff he sometimes blurts out is very "why won't these intrusive thoughts stay in my head?"--which is relatable, but makes for painful levels... more>> of secondhand-embarrassment.

ML is your usual manipulative sociopath but nice to MC. I feel like the explanation for why he behaves so weirdly initially, and then gradually gets better is pretty logical. The story is developing nicely.

All in all, it's a pretty fun read--if you like guideverse and don't mind the usual cliches. Yog's cleaned up the translation really well, so it's easy to read. But fair warning for the impatient, sexytimes don't really get going until the 70s. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
December 15, 2023
Status: c94
I'm on chapter 94 and after going through more than half of the novel I can say that all these chapters ML is behaving like a scumbag. I don’t know what feelings other readers experience, but for me it evokes nothing but disgust. Only a fool like MC could love such a moral monster. But although MC is very naive, he is at least a sincere and kind person. In my opinion, ML has no advantage other than appearance. This is all.
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SwordDemigod rated it
January 25, 2024
Status: Completed
I have mixed feelings with this novel. The overall story is okay. The drama is well done. The redemption part is acceptable. Frustrating for almost a hundred chapters because a lot of things has been hidden from Haeyul and he's pretty dumb (for most part except near the end). The ML, Jaewoo, is at fault here as well since he doesn't want to share anything that'll be troublesome and endanger MC's life. He doesn't know how to communicate properly!

I think the one who's editing this site should add Psychological tag... more>> to this novel, considering what happened to Haeyul and Jaewoo's childhood.


Haeyul was traumatized when he discovered the truth and the true face/feelings of Jaewoo and other people around him. He nearly died because he tried to kill himself. He also became crazy for half a year, barely maintaining his sanity. Even when the time he recovers, just the name of Jaewoo suffocates him.



Jaewoo is in the border of being crazy because he has a memory about how his parents died since he was a kid! One of the reasons why he's twisted.


Minus one star because of the rush ending. I want to see more interactions between the MC and ML, like going out together watching cinema or eating in a restaurant. I also want to know the reaction of Haeyul's friends when they discover the two of them ended up dating! <<less
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1300W13 rated it
December 10, 2023
Status: c88
I love this story, or maybe I just love something slow paced and innocent since the uke in this story is like a young innocent kid who thinks every little progress you make in a relationship is too fast haha. Overall, I think the translator has done a very good job in making everything really neat and simple to enjoy, but I’m also sad that they decide to stop their journey at chapter 88 TT. TT
I hope a new translator pick this up soon TT. TT
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