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Seon Jae-chan, the intelligence service’s ‘snake,’ a human ampler and success-oriented human specimen, was a guide known for his evil acts committed in the name of unrequited love for Esper Go Woo-jin.

When faced with death, he sincerely repents the past and wishes for Woo-jin happiness. Perhaps it was because of this that Jae-chan woke up again 6 years ago…

The person I wished to lean on and rely on was such a young person.

Woo-jin was much younger and more beautiful than he remembered. Jae-chan made a new plan, this time to become someone who helps Woo-jin and other important people.

[SUCCESS PROJECT] Jae-chan has succeeded in all projects except for his love for Woojin.

Will he be able to complete this project successfully as well?

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성공지향적 가이드
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New amaiscript rated it
April 18, 2024
Status: c111
Mainly, I'm writing this review at this point in time because I want to shout out this series for their take on the guideverse! A lot of other guideverse stories I've read don't get super into detail into the exact mechanics of guides and espers to the point where the guide/esper setting feels like an afterthought, but I'm a huge fan of how this story explains it: Espers accumulate mental strain that leads to sensational overload when they use their powers, and Guides have the power to calm down Espers... more>> by aligning their wavelengths together. It's sweet and simple, yet somehow more detailed than I've gotten from a lot of other series—unless I'm just reading all the wrong ones lol

Also, honorable mention to the first R19 encounter between Jae-chan and Woo-jin because it was actually INSANELY and toothrottingly sweet?? Like I'm not even kidding when I say that chapter had me kicking my feet and giggling, it just felt so tender and intimate despite them not even being together... in a way that frankly wouldn't ever be possible between two people unless they cared for and trusted each other deeply.

Anyways, I'll update this review in the future after more has been released! As of right now I don't feel that I have any thoughts on this series that other reviewers haven't already expressed quite articulately. <<less
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New Alwerien rated it
April 13, 2024
Status: c110
For some reason thought this was finished TL and now I'm left stranded... I might have to succumb to MTLing to the end.

MC is an interesting character. He considers himself a villain but if anything I'd call him an unreliable narrator who was more of a victim of circumstances. Honestly with how sh*t his family is, he could have been way worse. He might not have been a saint, but he actually worked hard to get where he was.

Being from a family with strong Esper tradition, when he turned out to be a Guide, they basically considered him tr*sh. His older brother treated him as his plaything and got off on mentally manipulating him (literally, with mind powers) and both verbally and physically abusing him into forced guiding. His father considers guides something below him and would cover up everything for the brother while MC keeps working hard hoping for some recognition from his family he never gets.

We learn that MC in his first life has later on actually been going to a therapist/counselling/trainer to be able to get better. It even makes sense he was previously obsessed with ML since he was like the bright sun in his shitty life. So it's honestly understandable he couldn't be some happy go lucky saintly selfless person (which his how he views the supposed love interest of ML from previous life, really puts her on pedestal and constantly compares them to call himself unworthy). He trusted wrong people and did various things because he thought he would never have any chance with ML otherwise, ironically that pulling them further apart.


I also seem to have reached the spicier chapters, it's a bit earlier than 120 but maybe 120 will be when ML succeeds at...


actual sex? As so far MC is avoiding it - I was astounded that while he has slept with many in his previous life and seemed planning to do so after rebirth to get backers, everything he did was in fact non-penetrative. With how toxic and power-focused the guideverse is it surprised me he was actually able to find partners willing to respect that.


Overall I'd say this is fairly well written and the psychology behind way they act is quite compelling and makes sense. However if you are sensitive, you should probably avoid this as there is a lot of potentially triggering topics.
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August 31, 2022
Status: --
I didn't finish it so im not credible and my reading comprehension might be different from yours.

The MC was a lot better this time compare to his first life but I don't think he changed at all.

He was hard to take knowing what he did in the past, maybe to the ML it would have been fine since he doesn't know everything like the readers do which is for the better.

But as a reader reading him is like being coerce by your partner to accept their shitty dark past and... more>> you're an as*hole if you can't even though you're just a human being with your own limitations and preference.


Just like how he still thinks he can use his body like he did in the first life. It was quite pathetic for me since he thinks he is capable but then resort in using his body to climb up like he did in the first life but of course didn't continue in the second life because the ML was more present. He was promiscuous and slept around anyone who looks like woojin while hindering any chance of woojin having his own. That would have been okay but he acts like some type of pure beach regarding ML in the 2nd life.

It's like the author did him dirty by making him this strong career independent super capable character image but actually no that's all BS.

I don't find him lovable or excusable. It's not that he was better he just didn't do his underhanded method to get ML's attention this time around. What he is doing in the second life is just what a decent human being should be doing given the information he holds having lived the life once. I don't understand why author's make characters like this and then give them whatever reason to make them pitiful like they had been miserable than others to justify their actions. No reason can be use as justification specially when you know there could have been other solution than his decided decision. I just don't like him and the ML here seems more like a cannon fodder than anyone else. They could have just made this no CP.

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Levilevi rated it
August 30, 2023
Status: Completed
This is soooo gooodddd.

First half is kinda shounen ai because this is a slow burn love story.

The s*x act is start around 120s something.

Jae chan wasn't a bad person at all in his past life. So you can read without regret. His character is very likeable.

... more>>

Jae Chan past lifetime wasn't a bad person at all. At the ending we will see point of view from woojin past lifetime. Actually woojin loves Jae Chan. But they misunderstood each other. Woojin thought Jae Chan hates him. Jae chan thought woojin hates him. Later Jae Chan death became the catalyst which woojin reverse back time just to bring back his love (Jae Chan) to life but woojin himself suffer collective amnesia which he doesn't remember the 1st timeline.

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Clyrsin rated it
July 29, 2023
Status: c209
This story is really good! The ending is really satisfying for me. The plot, the twist, everything is just perfect.


MC always made his past self sounds so evil, but through the ending, we fortunately got woojin's pov. I know he's not perfect and doing anything he could to achieve his goal, but when you read the whole things, I think you would fall for MC too

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YueShagany rated it
October 4, 2023
Status: c66
I highly recommend it!

The romance itself is very subtle, but the changes the MC makes are all well placed and the love he feels for the ML is adorable!He recognizes that he was very selfish and that his love became an obsession at some point, but when he tried other paths the love returned.I find the way of thinking of the MC very interesting, who has no power or status, but knows that the esper leaders are characterless pe*verts, so he seduces them, he seduces them, but ends up being... more>> taken advantage of more than he can control, sometimes he just exists and the espers look like dogs in heat around him. Is how in a toxic work environment like a woman can't dress well and she receives several harassing compliments. This esper environment is the most brutal, toxic and dirty I've ever seen in a novel.

But I liked that the MC student defended him from these shameless esper!I'm just sad that the MC didn't realize that he was being taken advantage of by these people and that he should report these dirty people. He considers himself dirty for having such an irrational love for ML, so he ends up not caring if he is taken advantage of by people like that.

The romance itself is very slow, with kisses and such, but it just keeps stirring and I still haven't seen the smut that it seems to imply!

For now, I'll continue reading with excitement! <<less
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Iamdefinitelynotonincognitomode rated it
September 23, 2023
Status: c63
I am truly enjoying this story, it's so clear that the MC has not done a 180 degree personality at all or trying to make up for everything all of a sudden or just forgotten his love. As he says his ugly feeling and jealousy still erupts from time to time, but more than everything he just wants woojin to be happy. Some parts like thinking that he can climb the positions by selling his body makes the character description and implementation more credible as we know he had a... more>> shitty personality originally.

Well Levilevi says there is s*x in chapter 120 something so we are half way there, I am waiting patiently though.

Also thankyou for your spoiler Clyrsin. <<less
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Prettyuke4lyf rated it
April 4, 2024
Status: --
I may come off as rude. So you're warned

First of all I don't agree with the comments saying MC is the bad guy. It seems like he's one of the sanest time regression (or whatever it's called) MC. Because he's just a normal guy. And about him being selfish and not letting The Male lead meet his previous love interest is just a s*upid analogy. Because MC didn't prevent those 2 from meeting one another. He just didn't do more than he's required. And why should he do that?... more>> He didn't time travel to become a Cupid.

Overall great story and realistic characters. The MC is really cute and strong willed person. And the ML is hopelessly whipped. I'm sure you'll love it for surely <<less
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Shyxpretion rated it
March 15, 2024
Status: c100
Never left a comment before but I HAD to. The MC is too cute nd his personality is too human. He isn’t a mary sue but a complicated human with flaws. I guess the way he was raised contributes to how he views relationships resulting in his low self esteem.

I disagree with ppl who say he didn’t change after going back, even though he acts the same sometimes he still makes an effort nd sometimes he’s just can’t help it.

ML is great, we see him from the MC point of... more>> view but our MC is wearing love glasses nd can’t be trusted. ML is also a man with flaws yet so far we only seen a glimpse of it. <<less
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eardun rated it
October 14, 2023
Status: c50
It's really interesting. I'm currently on chapter 50. The MC is a Guide who is obsessed with the ML, but he dies and goes back in time. He decides to make the ML happy this time, instead of obsessing over him and causing him trouble, and right the wrongs he did before he regressed. He also thinks that the ML hates him, but in reality:


The ML has loved him all along, being the one who reversed time after the MC died

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leleix rated it
April 7, 2024
Status: Completed
This ended up being such a well-crafted story, I was actually crying a bit at the end. In some ways it was a bit saccharine, with all the "sometimes it's the small things that make the bigger difference", butterfly effect, etc. sentiments... but it still got me right in the feels. The translation is great, but I got impatient and MTL the remainder on ridi.

When I started this, I was hoping MC was originally a bad person for real (that is so much more interesting, why do authors chicken out!?)... more>> --but as with pretty much every villain/ess series, he wasn't really. It is partly an unreliable narrator situation, but mostly the mistakes he made were due to youthful immaturity, trauma from abuse, not having anyone to trust, and your usual misunderstandings/miscommunication. I would say the main emphasis of the story is less about repairing that relationship (because it wasn't as irrevocably damaged as he assumes), and more about trying to stop the terrorist organization they were fighting before his regression from fully forming in the first place.

ML's POV at the end was incredibly satisfying and it made the redo of their relationship feel all the more impactful

(though by that point in this timeline, he's such a yandere for MC that you already know there's just no way he truly hated him originally, and it's not as surprising as it might've been earlier in the story.)

And, ok I lied... I wasn't just crying a bit... when he wished to not remember anything as he turned back time because his life felt empty and dull for all those years after Jaechan died... full-on bawling. ^^;


Sometimes it got overwhelming with all the characters, but they were well-written, and they get woven back into the story enough that it doesn't feel haphazard. And the twists were so good! Everything felt purposeful.

If you want a non-rapey guideverse and/or a satisfying regression BL, I would highly recommend. If you're super worried/bothered about the 'stealing' ML from his girlfriend in original timeline or love triangle aspect:


They were never really dating and there were reasons he had to pretend they were. (And they are actually related.)

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Rainypandas rated it
October 12, 2023
Status: --
I really hope this gets a manhwa/webcomic adaptation because the storyline is so good. There was clearly thought put into it and it’s gripping. The romance is a slow burn but the plot and detail in the world building is so good that it keeps you engaged!

Thank you so much to the translator for picking this story, guide/esper stories still seem to be rare compared to other genres.
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KeyonDrenson rated it
April 3, 2024
Status: c51
Really good with complex main characters that feel real, neither of them are perfect and their actions (Even extreme ones) make Sense in context

I will caution that it does deal with heavy traumatic topics; the coping tendencies/ PTSD symptoms are depicted well enough that it can be hard to read in large doses
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