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Mihyang lived for 24 years as if hidden by her friend’s halo.

After an unfortunate accident, she possessed a beautiful young character, she thought she could live there as a starring role instead of a supporting role.


As if to show the ‘protagonist buff’ she discover that her friend had possessed the character fated to become queen…

‘Romance has been gone in this lifetime. If that’s the case, aim for the other side!’

She sought to save her pre-death major to become the first female finance minister. After her efforts, she went to the military office as an administrator trainee,

there she meets Adrian, the commander and ill-fated nobleman.

“Please associate with me, Lady Damian.”

She wondered if she would finally be the protagonist of a romance as sweet as honey.

She is caught up in a terrible event by political forces seeking the king’s place…

Overturning the hilariously cheerful casting of Damian, a busy supporting character who must save love, life, and even the country!

Genre: Romance, novelty, love interest fall in love first, friends, false friends, family, mob protagonist

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조연도 나름 힘들다
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Britnh3 rated it
August 31, 2023
Status: c1.3
Hard to read-there’s a lot of info dumps and new characters being introduced before old ones are fleshed out

nee plot points before old ones are fully conveyed or even hinted at properly

Parts of the translation are also difficult to understand-no point in reading further when it’s a slog to get through

Good luck to people trying to read this - I think it deserves the 2 star rating

As always, want to give a thank you translators
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