Obsessed with Regressors


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Eugenia Biscon was the second daughter of a poor country family who thought she would live a normal life like everyone else after meeting a decent viscount as her prospective husband, but everything started to change after a nightmare she suffered a few days ago.

“Lady Biscon?”

In the ballroom prepared by His Highness the King, Elliott Burns, the hero who had defeated the dragon, appeared there before her, and Eugenie froze as if struck by lightning the moment she saw him. Surprisingly it was a familiar face. No, to be exact it was a face she knew very well, although she had never seen it before.

Elliott Burns was the mu*derer who appeared in her nightmares from few days ago where he massacred all of her family. And now, that same mu*derer was staring at her persistently.

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회귀자들의 집착을 받고 있습니다
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dawna_aiko rated it
February 21, 2023
Status: c5 part2
So far, its sweet, even though there are mysteries that are slowly introduced and solved. To have a brief summary:

... more>>

MC dream of her past life twice. But because she only dream it twice, she didn't think much of it, even though it was a nightmare where her family would get killed by ML. When she really meets ML irl in the ball (to which I'm still confused as to what happened), she realises with reluctance that her dream might be real. She tries to distance herself from ML, but strangely enough, ML keeps going to her, flirting and even wanting to become her fiancee. MC feels that her dreams might really be just dreams as the ML she sees and the ML in her dreams are very different.


This is where some mysteries starts unfolding:


Someone who claims to be prophet comes to the royal family and says that the kingdom will go to ruins. They say that they saw it through their dreams. MC gets kidnapped because of this. It is also hinted that ML also had those dreams, if not that he actually lived through those timelines. MC can also be considered a prophet as well. MC also hears from another person which is her friend's friend that they also have dreams of their future. It's from here that MC realises that she is not the only with prophetic dreams.


So far, it sounds interesting and also quite refreshing. MC is not the only one who has dreams of the past life/future, but others as well. ML also seems to be in love with MC, so I'm curious as to what timeline did he fall and which timeline did MC's dreams fall in. The only thing I do not like is the MC's brother, he is, as she says quite a bit, quite useless. Idk if it's just me, but during and after MC got kidnapped and recovered, he didn't even seem the least bit worried nor curious about her health. It's like he doesn't care :/ anyway, I have high hopes for this novel.

Edit: Dropped at chapter 9.3. The story isn't bad but each chapter is very long. The chapters are splitted into parts, but while reading the parts it still feels long. And because it feels long I feel like nothing is moving on. There are conflicts that could have been solved, but it feels like it's being dragged. The pacing overall feels slow to me. MC also gets a little... Infuriating. She has her moments where she stands her ground, but mostly for some reason she is influenced by how others think. She can get that it's weird when her fiancee keeps adamantly telling her to stop seeing others (friends & opp sex) but because his words "make sense" she doesn't refute any of his words and her thinking just 'stops' until ML comes in to help. Honestly it also feels like ML is just swooping in to save her everytime she encounters problems (which makes sense cause he knows their past life but still._.) it somehow gets boring and tiring to read after all that. <<less
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