How Can You Pay Back The Kindness I Raised With Obsession?


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She possessed the evil witch in a fairy tale.

She was living a lonely life hated by everyone, but one day she found a brother and sister who ate her candy house and raised them.

“Witch Hazel should be executed for kidnapping!”
“You’re going to be executed for kidnapping the younger siblings of the Archduke!”
“If you execute Hazel, I will starve for the rest of my life!”
‌“Ahhh- Hazel cannot go.”

Thanks to the children, it was good that I became the nanny of them, but my employer…
“The Duke doesn’t marry a witch. Of course, not even a nanny.”

It’s okay because I don’t want to marry either. Even more so with the Grand Duke! I’m just going to raise the kids and leave.

‌On the long-awaited retirement day.
“What kind of potion did you use for me? No, I’d rather you use it because it’s a potion”

What I brought out is a letter of resignation, but why is the duke giving me a ring?

Guys, calm down.
“Hazel and brother, when is the baby coming?”
“A nephew who resembles Hazel? Yes!”

Are you repaying the kindness from when I raised you with obsession?

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키워준 은혜를 집착으로 갚으시다니요
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February 2, 2022
Status: c11
If Mary Popins was a korean romance novel. A pair of kids who chased off every nanny they had, run away and end up living with a witch in the woods who teaches them manners. Their overworked and overtired single male guardian finds them & eventually falls for the witch-nanny (in an Brittish drama he would have fallen for a random female side character but this is Korean so we go straight to what the audience wants. Witch-nannys deserve love too)
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etatakat rated it
January 27, 2022
Status: c2
I usually don't write reviews, but I just wanted to balance out the rating which, I believe, is unfairly low considering how far we are in the story. Only 2 chapters are out, but the story so far has been quite whimsical and adorable, and while there are some errors, the translation quality is pretty decent as well. I'm not sure why people are judging this story so low when there's barely anything out so far, but from what I've read so far, the story is very cute and I'll... more>> be looking forward to more. Thank you translators for all your hard work! <<less
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littlecatinitsshell rated it
March 15, 2022
Status: c18
ML makes this novel very difficult to read. I suppose in some ways it's understandable because of how much he cares for the kids, which makes him come off as ungrateful and quick to jump to conclusions. And the flow of the story somehow seems off whenever he shows up, that's just my take on the ML.

But I feel like the story centres so much around her being a witch and all their preventive measures to make sure she isn't being harmful to the kids, that the plot just seems... more>> to be moving at a snails pace, or if there's a plot past her being a nanny at all?

Maybe I'm being more harsh on it because I was expecting alot from the synopsis, but it's kind of a miss at that moment. It's still early on, so maybe give it a chance for plot progression in later chapters if you have the time for that ^^ <<less
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Ivasama rated it
September 2, 2022
Status: c26
Just here for the FL and the kids, it's a frustrating read at least for me. I think she has been put in a very unfair situation that has yet to solve itself in the present chapters and the fact that even then she keeps doing everything with her head tall is something I love her for.

Yes, the ML's and the other people around's doubts and mistrust is natural because of the past and all but I would have liked it if like in other novels they weren't so lengthy... more>> about it.


I was moved when the FL told the ML his faults as an older brother as this is a situation very similar to my family and when she pointed out the fact that they shouldn't be calling the kids little devils being the fact that they were just suffering, little angels without wings


As a child caring centered story this has been such an eyeopener for me, as a little and big sister. Many things I've done wrong and things I can improve on keep on coming to me, so even with so few chapters I truly liked this regardless of the misunderstanding. <<less
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Hanna1990 rated it
February 1, 2022
Status: c5
Idk why the rate is so low, its just the beginning of story. So far, I like the story, and I hope the story willbe more interesting in the future
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
AkaneApples rated it
February 12, 2023
Status: c31
Before magical nanny: your kids refuse to eat any food but chocolate, distrust & force all their hired caretakers to quit, call you names, & misunderstand your actions trying to protect them as confinement & borderline abuse.

After magical nanny: your kids are eating all their veggies, paying attention in their 10 different classes, learning etiquette & manners at dinner, & asking to play with you again in your free time as their only reward - like the sweet, caring, & considerate little angels that you always knew they were deep... more>> down inside. All hail magical nanny (⁠ノ⁠^⁠_⁠^⁠) ⁠ノ

This MC may be slightly overpowered in her childcare stats, but it seems plausible since she was a kindergarten teacher before transmigrating. She got really unlucky with her spawn though, since her body is infamous as the evil witch, & that impression is so strong that everyone, especially the ML, remains wary of her even after 30 chapters. All of the delicious food, thoughtful presents, & free favors she gives out are surely just a smoke screen for her nefarious plans to take over the duchy somehow, wooo so evil.

MC is a good example of writing an emotionally strong character without spelling it out, since she doesn't let the constant distrust get to her & just plays freely within the constraints of the many rules she's given - 'No outside food or items allowed in? Well the rulebook didn't say anything about using a spatial distortion spell to connect the closet door to my cabin in the woods.' Honestly I love her free-spirited, warm, & compassionate character, she's like a soothing agent bc of how much she doesn't stress about the unfriendly & unfair world around her.

ML has yet to do anything to show he's worthy of that position other than genuinely reflect on how bad he's been at childcare after the MC pointed it out. He's a mess of paranoia & constantly pulling out silver utensils for poison checking, not that he isn't somewhat justified for constantly worrying about the kids. It's just been annoying how suspicious he remains around MC, a less gracious girl (me) would have gotten mad & cursed him with wet socks by now. Hopefully he shows some good character growth in the future chapters since it does seem like he can take constructive criticism well.

Overall a fun, light-hearted, & promising story, with somewhat realistically adorable children. 5/5 <<less
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March 14, 2022
Status: c18
the ML is an arrogant tit, I don't like him much. But the kids are nice, MC seems to know what she's doing and even though it's a bit cliché, it's a good read.

currently at ch18, let's see how this develops.
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