The Harvest Mouse Exits the Fairytale Together with Cinderella


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Cinderella married the prince. However, she never expected that their eternal vow of love would last a mere ten years. Prince Charming had fallen head over heels for another woman and even proposed to her.

‘That tr*sh!’

However, day by day, Cinderella withered away, and there was nothing I could do. You see, I was just a…


Mouse! The smallest of mice, the lowest in the hierarchy, a humble harvest mouse.

‘Fairy Godmother.
I’m just a loathsome little mouse. The kind, generous Cinderella took a creature like me in.
What I wish… is to see Cinderella smile once again.’

I thought I had died, but now I’ve awoken, and time has reversed. I’m back to Cinderella’s childhood, when she was mistreated by her stepmother and stepsisters.

“I came on a mission from the Ratzen family.”

But the truth is, I’m not just an ordinary mouse, but a special mouse, part of the harvest mouse clan..?
My family has been searching for me desperately?

If that’s the case, Cinderella, let’s escape together before the prince, with his glass slipper, comes looking for you!

#Mouse Heroine #Not an ordinary mouse but a noble mouse servant #Parenting story #Coming of age #Healing story #Mutual support

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The Harvest Mouse Leaves Together with Cinderella
This Wild Mouse Has Taken Cinderella
신데렐라는 이 멧밭쥐가 데려갑니다
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