I Became the Tutor of the Royal Twins


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An elementary school teacher in her past life, and a private tutor in the present.

Sera Popo uses all her past life experiences in her second life.

She worked as a highly sought out tutor for aristocratic children.

Her goal is to be the owner of her own school!

Then, one day, the Emperor of the Empire sought her out.

“I want Miss Popo to be my siblings’ tutor.”

Water bombs, flour bombs, bug attacks.

What kind of offer did he make? To make her the tutor of a pair of notorious twins with all kinds of vicious pranks!

A very sweet one, of course.

The devil’s temptation shook Sera’s life.

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쌍둥이 전하들의 가정교사입니다
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13 Reviews

Oct 02, 2021
Status: c18
If you have seen those super nanny dealing with troublemaker kids *insert extreme prank, serious bully on teacher, abusing people, or those kind of kid that would make you wonder what kind of karma those parents had made* and still ok with it, you will be alright reading this story.

However, if this kind of kids behaviors make you feel frustrating or you come here to find some fluffiness, so far at chapter 18, the fluffiness is not there (yet?) and there are full load bags of frustration.

ML is 2D character. He does not have opinion, think, speak or do anything at all. Even after he learns from the kids mouth on how they drove teachers out with prank eg put bunch of needle on the chair to really hurt their teacher, the narrative reaction following those story is a bit blank as if he doesn't have existent and opinion at all. A bit strange though, bc we have this FL who is full of opinion and dialogue in the story, but then suddenly join with ML who is so vague as if the author forgot to draw up his personality on storyboard.


I don't think saying children are all innocent and let them do whatever they want is ok. Especially if they physically or mentally hurt people. Even more for adult like ML who let them do those terrible thing to others without trying one bit to stop them at all and proceed to find new people. He was reading storybook to those kids all night, so 'no time to talk' is not an excuse.

so for the story itself, I find the logic and message of this story kind of disturbing. It will be about strong and tolerant MC who can win the heart of the twins follow by winning heart of dashing ML too. But that is it.


According to twins and ML behaviors, it is as if the author can justify their bad behavior by using a poor childhood as an excuse. I know we have lots of ML grown up with abusive childhood by either got too much unwanted abusive attention or got abandoned. They had no good enough adult around them, so they grow up like that. However, these twins got a capable adult like ML whom the twins respect and listen. But this adult has no sense, he is caring but decide to ignore their behaviors and let kids do whatever they want because one day there will be MC who will waltz into twins life and teach them😒. Like really, ML has no backbone? No sense? Don't know why, but this story reminds me of one of a 'prevention tool commercial' years ago where a father staring down at his child screaming on supermarket floor.
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Jun 23, 2022
Status: c20
1 star for heavily repetitive writing:
Chapter20, (this is not a spoiler it's literally in the description) we already know that beautiful young MC is a successful teacher, royal twins bring chaos to everyone near, ML is a handsome troubled man, ML learned about MC from Bennett (?) family. What is the problem? The author wrote about these same things again and again and again without adding ANYTHING! It's chapter 20 for goodness sake!

I couldn't feel any connection to the characters either. I'm done. Dropped.

Translators should put part notations if they're splitting chapters btw.
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Oct 22, 2021
Status: c25
So, you know those horrible children and shitty, permissive parents who make everything worse on Super Nannies, Nanny 911, etc? Or that terrible mom in the Babadook whose kid is a monster because she has no boundaries? Somehow, we are supposed to find them 'cute' and 'attractive' in this story.

I like and approve of the MC having teaching skills as her transmigrator power. It seems far more believable than 99% of the transmigrator stories. Many of her tactics are a bit surface-level, but I have seen legit teachers doing similar.

But... more>> it's very difficult to find the ML attractive, when 99 of the 100 problems he has with the twins are self made, or find the twins endearing when you keep thinking they really need a smack on the bu*t and to be sent to time out. <<less
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Nov 28, 2021
Status: c52
This is a little frustrating in the beginning because the twins are allowed to do whatever they want, but it's cute as f*ck later on. The only things I don't like are how the MC is mentally 50 years old and blushes like a middle schooler with a crush and the fact that the chapters are so short.
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Feb 01, 2022
Status: c61
At this point I really can't read this anymore.

I can understand if she was a teenager or someone who slowly got her memories of a pst life, even being like this after reincarnation is she was 12 years old but not when she is in her twenties and have experience teaching chilfren and living in the modern world I find the way the author want to pair her with the ML way too forced and s*upid that even the 7 year old kids noticed something.

The only part in the story... more>> I do like are the interactions with the kids where she plays an intelligent and professional woman but when the author actually try to make this romantic it actually spoil the story since a 50 years old woman is blushing like a teenager from being looked at and really I find her whole interaction with the prince strange and so awkward. She turns from a grown mature women into a teenage girl so I find this transition spoils the story.

If someone like kids and flyffy interaction after the first bit where the kids act like helions you will get that. <<less
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Dec 16, 2021
Status: c42
I love love love this story. Im gonna keep this short cause I don't have the patience to write a loooooongggg review lol. I love how great the MC is with the twins, and how much the ML cares about his siblings. The relationship between the MC and the ML is super funny. The twins are super cute, and the way they plot against the MC is just😂😂

I 100% recommend this to anyone looking for a cute wholesome story 😳😳
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Sep 10, 2022
Status: c77
Don't pay attention to the negative comments and really a cute work despite a little boring at the beginning with naughty children the story really gets a lot nicer when one of these pranks leads to an assistant the kids really get good around 50 after that it will take more or less until chapters 70 to really get a stir and the start of a novel the story is pretty cool so far I'm hoping more interesting scenes will happen from where I'm writing the commentary. It's not a... more>> flaming novel but I'm reading up to the current chapter non-stop so I can say it's not a tiresome story so take a chance although the novel is pretty slow. I won't say anything about the translator since my language is Romance and the pages translate by themselves when I enter but for me the translation is very good.

Estou usando um tradutor para deixar esse comentário (Brasil) <<less
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Sep 11, 2023
Status: c124
For childcare novels, I understand it will take time for the relationship between the leads to develop because the children are the main priority. In fact, I was quite entertained by the first 60 or so chapters where Sera unleashes her supernanny powers. But once the twins are more or less settled, the story became stale. Why is that so? The leads are quite dull and I am just not loving their interactions. Nothing made my heart pound, and I think that's what romance fantasy novels are supposed to do... more>> right? <<less
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Jul 16, 2022
Status: c102
If you have a knack for novels with lovely children, then you'll at least would want to try reading this. Though, like in some reviews, one may feel a bit troubled with the twins behavior in the early chapters. But, there's a good reason for that so just be patient and try reading further.

Personally, I was first hooked with the novel's cover. Just look at those cutie pies, who would want to skip and ignore that.

About the novel's content, I could say it's very simple and lovely for me. There... more>> are a lot of predictable scenes but it's simplicity kinda clicked cutely in my taste.

Oh, for the romance part, obviously those two in the cover would end up together. However don't expect that it would jump suddenly on the romance department in the early chapters since that's not the focus of the story (just look at the title alone and one could tell). They revolved around the twins so before they begun to take interest with each other, of course, the first mutual thing they focus together was the twins. But fear not, before we build something, we need a solid foundation. So, of course, if you're patient, there will be gradual signs for the romance plot.

Anyways, that's all. Just don't rush yourself reading this lovely novel. Embrace the pacing and you'll at least won't find reading this regrettable. Impatience would do no good, so avoid it as much as possible. Have fun reading. <<less
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May 06, 2023
Status: c182
I really like this kind of story, so when I started reading this novel, I was super excited. Unlike most people in the comments, I didn't mind too much Sera's shyness about ML even though she's 50 years old mentally. I'm not saying it's not a valid point, but this is something so common in novels and manhwas that I've learned to overlook it. How many times does a FL reincarnate or go back in time and not act according to age?
What really bothers me is how repetitive and frustrating the interaction between ML and FL is. Helios is described in the story as a guy who can see through people, but the idiot can't even figure out what he feels within 182 chapters. It's heartbreaking to see Sera deal with the romantic situations the ML creates because of her benevolent and air-headed personality. Distressing indeed. Because she is aware of your feelings and social position.

Starting from chapter 100, the only things that motivated me to read was the hope of a development in their relationship (because like it or not, they are a cute couple) and the adorable twins, who literally carried this story on their backs! Ferre and Rosé are cute and their interactions are endearing.
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Jun 14, 2022
Status: --
As someone also said, I too don´t understand why people don´t like this novel. I know it is frustrating the fact that the kids are such troublemakers till chapter 60 or so, but if you continue reading it is obvious their change after Sera became their tutor. They have become a pair of angels by now. And about the ML, I think it is understandable that he can´t give 100% of his attentions to his siblings temper, I mean, he´s the Emperor, plus he took that responsability at his 20's... more>> if I'm not wrong. Too young yet to be an Emperor and act at the same time as a father to his siblings who just want theit brother to be with them 24/7. Just give it an oportunity and you will not regret :) Plus, the romance is just starting jojo <<less
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Jun 10, 2022
Status: c107
I'm so sad with some of the reviews. Personally, this is one of my most favorite light novels of all time. Out of all the novels in my waiting line, this is the one I always go back to to look if there's an update. It's not boring and very entertaining. It might seem like a cliché type but I really love the ML, he's not a tr*sh kind of emperor, but rather a complete opposite of it.

Very recommended! Don't give up at the first 70 chapters (because of the... more>> two naughty kids) but the twins will get cuter and heartwarming at the latest chaps. I love them sm. ❤❤ <<less
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Mar 18, 2024
Status: c241
One of my comfort reads! 4.5! Half off for bad villain.

The FL and ML are both very likeable people. It does take a bit long to get to the romance, but I'm fine with it because when they do get there it's fluffy. ML is like a permissive parent to the lil ones but it makes sense... He's their older brother and he feels for them because they lost their parents and are so young while he is a grown man.

The children are also cute. They have different personalities, one... more>> as childish as you'd expect for that age and one more precocious. That said the precocious one isn't like a creepy adult... She's kind of like Becky from Spy Family, someone who loves romance/drama.

Story isn't exactly realistic and can be childish at times but is charming and easy to read. My one complaint is the villainess. I don't really like her because she is just one of those typical "oh she's so beautiful and she is infatuated with the ML" girlies. She's not super rude/annoying, but yeah... she's meh like a (Walmart) Soleia from Flirting with the Villain's Dad.

Also keep in mind the original story had longer chapters. This team splits chapters so it gives an illusion that it's slower than it was meant to be.
Now I have no complaints about people who don't like the same things as I do. But... I do think the 1 star ratings are a biiit harsh. I personally don't really believe in the 1 star for stories that are just mid or below average. That is what 2 star and 3 star reviews are for. 1 ought to be reserved for actual burning tr*sh. <<less
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