I Became the Tutor of the Royal Twins


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An elementary school teacher in her past life, and a private tutor in the present.

Sera Popo uses all her past life experiences in her second life.

She worked as a highly sought out tutor for aristocratic children.

Her goal is to be the owner of her own school!

Then, one day, the Emperor of the Empire sought her out.

“I want Miss Popo to be my siblings’ tutor.”

Water bombs, flour bombs, bug attacks.

What kind of offer did he make? To make her the tutor of a pair of notorious twins with all kinds of vicious pranks!

A very sweet one, of course.

The devil’s temptation shook Sera’s life.

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쌍둥이 전하들의 가정교사입니다
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October 2, 2021
Status: c18
If you have seen those super nanny dealing with troublemaker kids *insert extreme prank, serious bully on teacher, abusing people, or those kind of kid that would make you wonder what kind of karma those parents had made* and still ok with it, you will be alright reading this story.

However, if this kind of kids behaviors make you feel frustrating or you come here to find some fluffiness, so far at chapter 18, the fluffiness is not there (yet?) and there are full load bags of frustration.
... more>>

ML is 2D character. He does not have opinion, think, speak or do anything at all. Even after he learns from the kids mouth on how they drove teachers out with prank eg put bunch of needle on the chair to really hurt their teacher, the narrative reaction following those story is a bit blank as if he doesn't have existent and opinion at all. A bit strange though, bc we have this FL who is full of opinion and dialogue in the story, but then suddenly join with ML who is so vague as if the author forgot to draw up his personality on storyboard.


I don't think saying children are all innocent and let them do whatever they want is ok. Especially if they physically or mentally hurt people. Even more for adult like ML who let them do those terrible thing to others without trying one bit to stop them at all and proceed to find new people. He was reading storybook to those kids all night, so 'no time to talk' is not an excuse.

so for the story itself, I find the logic and message of this story kind of disturbing. It will be about strong and tolerant MC who can win the heart of the twins follow by winning heart of dashing ML too. But that is it.


According to twins and ML behaviors, it is as if the author can justify their bad behavior by using a poor childhood as an excuse. I know we have lots of ML grown up with abusive childhood by either got too much unwanted abusive attention or got abandoned. They had no good enough adult around them, so they grow up like that. However, these twins got a capable adult like ML whom the twins respect and listen. But this adult has no sense, he is caring but decide to ignore their behaviors and let kids do whatever they want because one day there will be MC who will waltz into twins life and teach them😒. Like really, ML has no backbone? No sense? Don't know why, but this story reminds me of one of a 'prevention tool commercial' years ago where a father staring down at his child screaming on supermarket floor. <<less
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October 22, 2021
Status: c25
So, you know those horrible children and shitty, permissive parents who make everything worse on Super Nannies, Nanny 911, etc? Or that terrible mom in the Babadook whose kid is a monster because she has no boundaries? Somehow, we are supposed to find them 'cute' and 'attractive' in this story.

I like and approve of the MC having teaching skills as her transmigrator power. It seems far more believable than 99% of the transmigrator stories. Many of her tactics are a bit surface-level, but I have seen legit teachers doing similar.

But... more>> it's very difficult to find the ML attractive, when 99 of the 100 problems he has with the twins are self made, or find the twins endearing when you keep thinking they really need a smack on the butt and to be sent to time out. <<less
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BestieMay rated it
December 16, 2021
Status: c42
I love love love this story. Im gonna keep this short cause I don't have the patience to write a loooooongggg review lol. I love how great the MC is with the twins, and how much the ML cares about his siblings. The relationship between the MC and the ML is super funny. The twins are super cute, and the way they plot against the MC is just😂😂

I 100% recommend this to anyone looking for a cute wholesome story 😳😳
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blahblah123 rated it
November 28, 2021
Status: c52
This is a little frustrating in the beginning because the twins are allowed to do whatever they want, but it's cute as f*ck later on. The only things I don't like are how the MC is mentally 50 years old and blushes like a middle schooler with a crush and the fact that the chapters are so short.
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