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In a world where human and monsters relied on mystical fruits and their inner power to fight for dominance, a lost soul was thrown, given the powers from all the other worlds he’s known. But there was a catch; he had no control over what power he would get! With knowledge beyond that of most, he sails his path to the top of the one piece world!

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Draghnof rated it
July 30, 2019
Status: c21
The system keep getting in the way of the MC and his talent to improve himself seems inexistant.... Thus his increase in power is extremely slow (rarely saw such a low improving MC). And despite that, the MC don't want to do all he could do to improve rapidly :- (

So I drop here, don't want to see a MC who takes 50 years to only be at Super rookie level..... Greatly exagerating here but not so much either.... After 7 years, the MC has only 217 doriki (the weakest... more>> member of the CP9 has ~600) but at max power, he can do an attack with ~400 doriki (but he's unable to continue figthing after :-s) <<less
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Renaxan rated it
July 25, 2019
Status: c814
Great fanfiction of One Piece. There's a lot flaw because author develop his own system, probably based on his understanding so in later story the story would be far different than original. But thats ok, its fanfiction after all.

The story is about MC who reborn into one piece world (altho the isekai element itself isnt important at all). He got his own system, card that take power from all kind of anime character. Still, with his system he's not suddenly op but I cannot say he isnt overpowered either because... more>> in later chapter his power become so broken.

Character, all same from one piece. Although there's some important character from onepiece isnt mentioned at all, and some character got wrong background. Example :


Shirahoshi isnt mentioned at all altho we know she is ancient weapon, no fishman island arc although MC known jinbee. Koby also barely exist although he should be join the war. Water Seven character also didnt exist (Rob Luci etc, author did mention them tho)


Plot, is brilliant. I did like how author comes with his own theory to explain things that not explained yet in one piece. So this fanfiction probably isnt relatable in future. Also because it, hardcore one piece fans should be prepare because this story got his own explanation to some things. Example (some big spoiler ahead so you may not open it) :


Teach has several heart exist in his body to explain his special body condition. Ace and Bonney actually cousin, as bonney use her fruit ability to pause ace mom pregnancy to 20 month (based on one piece info still not explained yet), Ancient weapon are just pseudo nuclear dragon, etc


Cons, First would be the level vague of main character is. Earlier part in novel, author use 'energy power' to describe difference power in one piece. But later on, author use level instead on MC, which didnt serve any purpose to become comparison to his enemies. Not mention author also didnt list how much card MC really have so reader should list it every time MC got new card. Second, how MC broke the one piece storyline but original straw hat pirate still got together.

MC even take robin to his crew which actually really important character on luffy crew for encrypt poneglyph. OOF

Third it would be pace is random and confusing. I didnt really need detailed time but when author said it has been time luffy go to dressrosa when MC goes on some small arc, its actually mean 2 years dude. Welp, there's a lot cons more actually.

However, Overall I did enjoy this fanfiction a lot, really recommended if you love one piece franchise. Its fun experience. MC is likeable for me, and the storyline base almost stick to original foundation except MC system. 5/5 <<less
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Jkllen rated it
May 24, 2019
Status: c22
Extremely good. Slow pace but there's time skip. MC is not overpowered compared to the other fic novels that is already vice admiral level at 15 chapters.

MC needs to increase his proficiency to up his skills so he definitely need to work hard. Similar to GSS but not that overly op.

Anyway, first time doing a review here and I'm not that familiar here. Baboosh~
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Raneday rated it
June 29, 2019
Status: Completed
I must say that this novel was really a interesting fanfic of One Piece

The whole story pacing was written well and it has a lot of good action scenes too.

This novel also gave a different viewpoint to the OnePiece world. Like explaining on what really happened to the void century and on how did the World Government and the Celestials Dragons came to be. But it also shows the other ancient weapons too.
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theevilfish rated it
June 5, 2020
Status: c141
The author is pretty good with one piece lore and weaving his story parallel to the events that happen, making tiny changes here and there that fill in questions that weren't really answered in the show. Very interesting to read and probably even more fun for diehard fans.

The translation could benefit greatly from some editing occasionally you will see entire sentences repeated with slightly different translation so it is kept in following the first. Along with words that are definitely not right and changing certain names Hina will be Tina... more>> and then Hina again. Dumb simple fixes that would make it much better.

His system is a little inconsistent and he doesn't really use it so it's more like the MC trains to get strong instead of getting a bunch of god rolls every time he uses it. Which I am okay with but it feels weird for a novel called super card system to have the system really fleshed out in the first few chapters and then barely mentioned after that. For example I think in chapter 120 he draws a new card he likes and you don't find out anything about it's stats or abilities until chapter 140, it's just equipped and he pulls abilities out whenever it is cool lol. <<less
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Galahad....XxX rated it
April 26, 2020
Status: c128
The translations are amazing and the plot is really good, exciting, funny 😂 overwall its a great novel one of the best one piece fanfics. It is a must read for anyone who likes one piece and especially the last chapters the plot has hit max exciting level for now
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Absolute-Melody rated it
February 13, 2020
Status: c105
One of the best fan fictions I've read. The MC is not s*upid and attempts to follow the logic of the world of One Piece, instead of being bound by the morals of his previous one. He also doesn't become s*upidly OP in about 50 chapters. He finally has the power of a marine captain at about Ch. 100 (which some might say is too slow, but I beg to differ). Ian, who ironically shares my first name, is a likable character who also shares the characteristics of Monkey D.... more>> Luffy, but with at least 4 times the IQ (since Luffy's is about 30 lol). Additionally, the use of other stories in the power system was done in the most apt way possible. The "Super Card System" uses main characters, bosses, and side-characters as the basis for its power system. Side characters are 1-2 star cards, main characters are 3-4 star cards, and bosses are 5 star cards.
Every card can eventually be upgraded to 5 stars. Main characters are not immediately 5 star cards because the main character does not always have the strongest stats but the most potential for growth. Bosses, on the other hand, already start out strong but their growth stagnates since their star level cannot be upgraded. For example, Goku of Dragon Ball would be a 4-star card, while Cell or Frieza would be a 5-star card. The system allows for card draws that can only be done using diamonds purchased from recharging with real life currency (500 diamonds per pull), as well as multi-draws (10 cards per pull). Obviously the real life currency are berries, but the exchange rate is only 1 diamond per 100 berries! Quite ludicrous when considering that the system resembles a gacha-game where most of the draws are garbage. What I love most about the implementation of this system is the fact that Ian is not limited to gaining power from the system, and that the power he does gain from the cards are not immediately mastered, forcing him to master them through hard work and effort. By the current translated chapter (Ch 105), Ian is already a (as GreyCat put it) a "Mini-Mihawk", but he needed to train for at least eight years before he could gain "Advanced Swordsmanship", and afternoon gaining experience defeating pirates, "Expert Swordsmanship" and "Nen" (the primary energy stored in a body that mimics Haki, but is not Haki). I haven't been bored reading this, despite my semi-lacking knowledge of One Piece; I need to catch up. <<less
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Zeikfried rated it
June 19, 2020
Status: c145
Pretty excellent so far. When a fanfiction writer has to work with incomplete source material, trying to live up to the expectations of the original fans is difficult and particularly so since Eiichiro is beginning to flounder in the canon. However this author does his best to intertwine the source material while neither leaning on the canon as a crutch nor going off the rails and turning his story into crack.

The only thing I wish for as of ch 145 is that the One Piece denizens could somehow understand the... more>> origins of Ian (the protag) 's powers.

Hiei's Darkness Dragon is something even 90s girls wet their panties for. The Marines can awe at its power, but they'll never appreciate its history (probably).

And all the other different powers that are coming in the back-burner- I feel the same way about them too. <<less
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Adriatik rated it
April 10, 2020
Status: c123
The novel is great and has a good plot its not rushed and the MC is cool not the usual arrogant one

A big reason to read is also the translation quality the translator is superb at it 👍
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Banana_09 rated it
January 25, 2020
Status: c50
It's a good fanfiction

Other fanfiction have very fast MC that become so strong and destroyed the story' but this one at least until chapter I read now most of it follow the story'
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Infinit rated it
May 19, 2020
Status: c136
A pretty good novel with a well thought plot. The MC is an intelligent guy with normal powers and his system isnt overpowered like give him some cheat power he still has to work for it to work and develop to become stronger, he isnt arrogant and thinks before acting s*upid and provoking enemies left and right. His system is also very great and well thought it helps a lot with explanation.

A great novel to read 👍👍
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Greycat rated it
May 7, 2020
Status: c132
Actually a good story with a strong MC. I wouldn't call him excessively overpowered at this point yet, but it is fun watching him overpower the fodder and fend off the real challenges. And I admit, while his card system is pretty convenience with the powers it's given him, it's balanced by him actually practicing and putting them to surprisingly effective use as his combine them. And, in a rare case, his start actually gives him connections to the setting, rather than just 'here now, time to be the best'.... more>> A surprising motivation behind him.

The story is actually potentially going down a path most of the others, even the canon source, only casually address, so I'm looking forward to seeing if it will commit to this option. Add to that, our MC is actually fairly smart. Not in the arrogant I know it all way, but he does spend time thinking over things before he jumps into them on an impulse sometimes. He's more level headed and calm than hot headed and rash. <<less
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easygoing rated it
March 30, 2020
Status: Completed
I read this through MTL a year or two ago and I still remember how interesting the authors take on the whole series was, powers get a little wonky but unlike just about every one piece story I've ever read, this one doesn't ignore the overarching mysteries of the plot and still tries to resolve a lot of it and does an entertaining job
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berserksloth rated it
October 10, 2019
Status: --
Slow-paced slice of life type, kinda. But the main point, it is damn funny
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Dg2 rated it
January 27, 2020
Status: --

Finished reading this fanfic. Got to say it had some interesting developments along the way. The MC never lost a fight, never kills beautiful women (Sorry bigmom) and never had his plans being disrupted. This MC is the god of one piece, he fights the nobles, the marines, the 4 emperors, black beard and even a freaking dragon. Everyone wants to stop him, but his gambling system is too powerful. Left and right he pulls out 'tr*sh' cards until he believes in his deck and pulls out an OP card to help him out. Only his swordsmanship was developed in detail, leaving all his other abilities to rot along the way. The tower app of his system was dropped, the consumable items was ignored and the hidden features kept appearing. MC needs to fight this guy? Give him 1million and he'll pull out the card he needs. This girl tries killing him? Smack her on the head and make an excuse to keep her alive, before proceeding to abduct them into his group. However, if it is some guy the MC will try his hardest to murder them. There is no real development in characters or powers. Only the plot managed to save it until the rushed ending. Plus his 'sister' awakens from her coma and trains as a marine for 2months and suddenly she is stronger than the MC who is the strongest warlord under the marine headquarters. Proceeding to beat him black and blue until the MC makes an excuse saying, "I wasn't trying to hurt her. Woman are weaker than men so she cheated by using her devil fruit that I gave her in pity." There is multiple loose ends and dropped material scattered in this story. In my opinion, the chinese writers shouldn't try incorporating their national views in with the japanese market. It ruins the charm One Piece had. Instead of the nice relaxing adventure, it is some kind of early warring states of feudal china. I recommend only reading up until Ace gets his fire fruit. Anything further suffers from what I've described. Rating 3.1/5 -Nami is best girl

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ChaoticMind rated it
April 26, 2020
Status: c13
Translation & Edits:

Needs good editor since translation is wack! Wrong choices of words make the flow of the story awkward. It's readable but irritating for me. If you're okay with machine translation and do not care about grammar then you're good to go since the translation is better than the mtls one.


So for the story, I don't know if it's good or bad.
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