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In a world were human monsters relied on mystical fruits and their inner power to fight for dominance, a lost soul was thrown, given the powers from all the other worlds he’s known. But there was a catch; he had no control over what power he would get! With knowledge beyond that of most, he sails his path to the top of the one piece world!

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Date Group Release
05/21/19 translatin_Otaku c21
05/18/19 translatin_Otaku c20
05/14/19 translatin_Otaku c19
05/09/19 translatin_Otaku c18
05/05/19 translatin_Otaku c17
05/03/19 translatin_Otaku c16
04/30/19 translatin_Otaku c15
04/27/19 translatin_Otaku c14
04/25/19 translatin_Otaku c13
04/22/19 translatin_Otaku c12
04/20/19 translatin_Otaku c11
04/20/19 translatin_Otaku c10
04/17/19 translatin_Otaku c9
04/16/19 translatin_Otaku c8
04/16/19 translatin_Otaku c7
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